• ive playing activision games for a while i love the graphics and stroylines i also love the marvel universe games but from the marvel universe i love spiderman and i would also like to suggest a spiderman 2099 open world game with story missions and side

    ive been playin activision games for a while i love the graphics and storylines i also love the marvel universe but form the marvel i love spider man for is acrobatics and interactions with enemies but i would like to...
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  • My new game won't save. What can I do rather than return it and pay 20 to replace it when I paid 20 for it brand new. What a gip.

    What a gip
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  • Can't Launch, memory requirement is red

    Just installed The Amazing Spiderman on steam on windows and it comes up with a screen the asks for screen resolution, etc. and at the bottom is a red bar that says memory requirement. Below it is a launch button bu...
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  • Will we get a sequel to TASM?

    What do you guys think? Beenox has been quite quiet the last few months (overlooking the WiiU release) and now with the next gen consoles coming out Q4 2013/Q1 2014 one could think that they can finally deliver justic...
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  • Dear Activision

    [This is an open letter to Activision and any developer team they pick. Open, because I'd like other fans to weigh in, so that the devs and Activision can see how the fans, as a whole, feel. I'm not talking to the fan...
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  • PP and Random Crime DLC Petition

    Sign this ONLY if you would like them to add a Comic Red/Blue suit, Peter Parker skin and to update the game so that there are random crimes (with no limit).   If you DO NOT want these things, or want OTHER thin...
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  • Most wanted feature?

    What's your must-have feature for The Amazing Spider-Man?
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  • Next Spider-Man: The Core Gameplay

    I think, without a doubt in my mind, people play video games to take a walk in a character's shoes. Escapism. Don't get me wrong, there are quick "I'm just killing time" games, and "I want to have fun with my friends"...
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  • vita version

    Does anyone know if the vita version of The Amazing Spider-Man will have installed all of the dlc that was released in the consoles?
  • Requests For the Devs

    Conversations regarding requests for developers should be placed in this thread. Please note that while we may pass these suggestions on to the developers, it does not necessarily mean that they will be implemented in...
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  • Ultimate Spider-Man 2013 (Rumor)

    I was on Youtube yesterday and found a video that said that there was a rumor going around that in 2013, ANOTHER Spider-Man game will realese called Ultimate Spider-Man. Synopisis for this game is unknown at this time...
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  • What's going on with Spider-Man Games?

    Personally, Spidey is my #1 favorite hero of all time. When they made Web of Shadows, I bought it, and it blew my mind how awesome it was. So why have they lowered the standerds for Spidey Games? I mean, just look at ...
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  • Next Spidey game ideas

    Hey. This blog is about The ideas from Spidey Fans like you for The next Spider-Man game! Share your ideas,storyplots,gameplay elements,suits,& what Beenox should do for more spidey games. SO START SHARING IDEAS
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  • Quick Time Any1

    will this game have any quick time events because the previous beenox spider-man games didnt, and for me that was a big let down. i mean both games were so amazing (pun intended) but the quick time events were my fav ...
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  • How come no one liked Web of Shadows?

    I don't get it. I see a lot of negativity aimed at this game. I thought it was one of (if not) the best Spider-Man game I ever played. But not that many people were into it and then they never made a sequel and skippe...
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    Amazing Spider-Man DLC Requests     What I want:   -Optional Day/Night Cycle -Unlimited Crime -Story DLC -DLC that lets you cross bridges to get to other islands in NYC (Larger Map) -Costumes -DL...
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  • PS3 Save game Problem

    I didn't have a single bug in TAS till now. Yesterday I finished chapter 7 but now I can't continue my save game. There is no "continue" option in the main menu, I can only start a new game. I always copy my save gam...
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  • Alternate Costumes

    Do you think there will be any? If so which would you like to see? UPDATE: Check out which Alternate Costumes have been revealed on the HeroHQ Blog!
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  • camera

    so i beat the game, got bored, made a new game.  got all my suits and apperently my old pics.   every time i take a pic it says "memory full delete photos to clear space" or sumthing.  its not prev...
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  • The Amazing Spider-Man Game engine

    Hello i wonder which game engine is used for The Amazing Spider-Man game? Was it unreal engine 3 or beenox has some special engine? Thx
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