Last week, the Call of Duty Endowment announced a $250,000 grant award to St. Louis-based Corporate America Supports You (CASY).  The grant marks the first of our 2014 awards to Seal of Distinction winners, who followed up on their initial $30,000 award last year with strong plans for scaled operations to help more vets find high quality careers. 

With the help of 2014 Call of Duty Endowment funding, CASY is expanding its services by:


  • Adding staff to support high-need areas, specifically California, Texas, New York, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Missouri
  • Strengthening partnership with State National Guard Bureaus and Reserves.


CASY performs job placement-focused outreach to the military and veterans community in a highly effective, disciplined and efficient manner.  Staying connected to the community it serves brings CASY 300 new candidates a week – even without marketing.  Among our Seal recipients, CASY holds the distinction of being one of the most efficient in terms of cost-per-veteran placed – typically less than $500 per placement.  With more robust funding, CASY is poised to help many more veterans find jobs.  I look forward to their success.