• Port Forwarding (is it worth it)?

    I have wanted to do the port forwarding thing since Blops1, but I'm not very tech savvy and afraid of completely screwing something up. I do pretty well at this game and can hold my own in most lobbies without it, so ...
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  • Orbital Care Package with Better Odds: Fix  this crap.

    The only score streak I run is the Care Package with Better Odds. It suits my loadouts and playstyle.   I am sick to death of getting the Aerial Recon Drone over and over.  It's crap,  I hate it, ...
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  • Zombie loadout

    So basically, I've been grinding to try and get the zombie loadout but its just to much effort. So hoping for one of you helpful guys to help me out. Add my psn: huzzy12356789 <- yes I know very creavite username.@ !
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  • Clan Recruitment EvoL

    Looking for people to join our can EvoL. We play for fun and we play to win. We mostly play ranked but if we find good team members we will participate in GB and UMG. We strive to get to know eachother to get better c...
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  • max level clan looking for active members and members who want to participate in clan wars

    Must have 1.3 kd be active and participate in clan wars message tehqloo or xhypa3onicx for more info and try out
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  • I am very surprised about the MK14

    Ok, I know what you have to say.  The MK14 sucks blah blah lol.  Let me finish.    So I was using this weapon very often in Domination and I have to say--it's such a beastly weapon.  I apply...
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  • i have the season pass for call of duty advance warfare for xbox one and i cant install the new asendence dlc pack. it starts to download then it says installation stopped.  can anyone tell me how to fix this problem

    i have the season pass for call of duty advance warfare for xbox one and i cant install the new asendence dlc pack. it starts to download then it says installation stopped.  can anyone tell me how to fix this pro...
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  • Back and Happy :)

    Hi , so I was having some problems of lag at the beginning so I took a long break and finally decided to give it another chance as COD was and will always be my fav FPS franchise , no matter if I can play or not. I sp...
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  • Some weapons are underused

    I would like it if Call of Duty developers would start having daily challenges for some of these weapons specifically. I've seen some really good weapons that nobody uses. Some of these would include the CM901, Uzi, S...
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  • Battle Royale...?

    Weiß eigentlich jemand ob es von dem battle royal eine Rangliste gibt wo die offiziellen Ergebnisse drauf stehen? Www.minizick3@web.de   Nachricht geändert durch MiniZicke1986
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  • Getting Moderated Is Getting Old Now!!!

    So the first few days this was going on I was ok with it and I understand why it's going on. The first few days I was only getting moderated on my first post of the day, but now every post I do is getting it and it ta...
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  • Hardpoint Scoring Change

    Here's a quick idea regarding what I think should be changed about Hardpoint's scoring.   Instead of being rewarded 200 points for being on the HP first, why not be rewarded about 25-30 points (more or less) for...
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  • COD AW Active Roster. How do i mark memebers as active?

    I am the commander of a 7 man squad in COD AW (JELY.) Whenever we play on clan wars, only 3 of us have their wins counted in the clan war. And those members are marked as Active. How I can mark the rest of members as ...
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  • Advanced supply drop issue

    Not 100% sure when this was announced, but there is apparently a patch to fix the issues with disappearing ASD that are earnt through levelling up, unfortunately the 360 will have to wait a little longer.   Xbo...
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  • Rage Quitting

    This game is probably the most Toxic out of all the COD games (Ghosts was really bad too, but I don't consider that a Call of Duty).   How may times has your whole team quit out on you or have you been put in a ...
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  • Kill streak use?

    I took notice that a lot of people don't use kill streaks and just jam up on perks and weapon attachments. Anyone feel this is the way to go? Also, all of the competitive Xbox clans seem to not use them. Thoughts anyone?
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  • World War Toons

    I instantly thought of iHattoriHanzo0 when I saw this. Robert Bowling tweeted this. Looks interesting.   http://wwt.reload-studios.com/home_mobile/   I wonder if it will be on Xbox and PS?
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  • Não localiza jogos (no games found)

    COD: AW no Xbox One, após a última atualização não localiza jogos no multiplayer, mesmo a mais comum como mata-mata. O jogo fica procurando jogos por mais de 30 minutos e não os encon...
  • Regarding Los Angeles clan wars

    Has anyone else had an issue during this clan war with he matchmaking and roster lock being incorrect? I have my clan who has a roster lock of 4 people and another team has 9 people playing or so it seems, When we wor...
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  • To programmers

    I'm having an issue that's really frustrating. I was really excited about advanced supply drops when they dropped the word but I have only been able to get them when I prestige. Everytime I get to the 20, 30, or 40 I ...
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