• So about that Exo Grapple...

    Have the developers at Sledgehammer figured out how to apply this ability to all currently existing and future maps?  To be honest, it would be nice to have this Exo Ability within our custom class options and us...
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    Hello There...We Played At Least On Last 3 Clan Wars,And No Rewards Received Yet.... I Contact Activision Support On Twitter,And They Didn't Answer To Me       We Are On Platinum Division Please Someone...
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  • Getting Error code; 80029564 when installing 1.15. Help Please.

    So went online a few days ago to discover that there is a new patch; 1.15. So i went to download it as usual, only to discover after waiting half an hour that the install failed. The error message said to re-download ...
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    U Rubish Mate
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  • COD AW Cant find any MP games

    hi there,   *English is not my native language. Sorry for that.     I prefer just to open a ticket but i cant find the option to just contact a support employee, Everything has to go through forums an...
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  • Join our new clan

    Hey everyone my name is DHG KI11ER and my friend KSI Sliick and I are starting up a new xbox one call of duty advanced warfare clan called anonymous. So if any one is intrested in joining just send me or him an xbox l...
    DHG KI11ER
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  • Ohm not received PS3

    I downloaded the ascendence DLC but i didn't get DLC weapon OHM Consolle: Playstation 3 Location: Italy PSN Name: JustAlien
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  • Domination......

    Was a staple of the Call of Duty mp game modes until this abomination.  No one plays it.  Its a kill streak mess.  Thanks SHG for absolutely ruining this game mode.  There really aren't any counter...
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  • When the update coming today?

    I'm waiting for the update today, but so far nothing. Could you tell me if I have spokenabout this delay?
  • You are worthless (K/D whore rant)

    Here's the hard hitting truth for those who only play an OBJ game for kills.   You are worthless.   When you score 30 kills, but only manage to collect 2 tags in KC or capture 1 objective in Domination,...
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  • Advanced Warfare: Constant 1 Bar Connection

      I'm on PS3, And for the first 2 to 3 games of Advanced Warfare I play, I have a 4 bar connection. But around games 4 and up, I get a 1 bar. It doesn't go up either, It just stays at 1 bar throughout the entire ...
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  • Royalty vs diamond camo

    I remember when the diamond camo was included in BO2 for the first time as the "secret" camo and most people that unlocked it used it. I noticed however that no where near as many people use it in AW but I see alot of...
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  • Spam!!!

    Oh look,the spams back again! See you all in another 2 months when Activision finally figure out how to stop it. For now I'm going to the other far superior non kprean spam sites.   
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  • no more advanced supplydrops after hitting grandmaster

    Is anything going to be done cause after your grandmaster you no longer get advanced supplydrops and its not fair cause stuff is still being added to the game the only option is to buy them I say no fair. Need answers...
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  • SledgeHammer I like your game, but....

    There is a lot of things about your game that I enjoy.  Mainly, the small maps and fast paced game play.  I love TDM matches that don't go 10 mins and end with a score of 23-15 like in ghost.  I like th...
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  • Something I never knew about with the Stinger M7

    If you see two UAVs within the launcher's view, you can lock on to both and split the missiles.  That way, both targets are destroyed in one volley.   I wonder if this works against enemy personnel.  F...
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  • Just my luck :)

    So after a million months and a billion supply drops I FINALLY get the speakeasy! Love the gun  but I want the r.i.p a lot more as I'm not a rusher as such.So anyway I get the gun play 3 games with it. Get anothe...
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  • Balancing/fixing the NA-45

    The na-45 is by far one of the worst snipers in the game period the explosion will rarely kill an enemy or it won't register the round had landed near the area I purpose an idea to fix the na-45 1 have the damage be t...
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  • Why is knifing so frowned upon?

    So in my experience, knifing has to be one of the hardest things to do exclusively. Back in MW2, it was way too easy to get knife kills. I can understand hating that system, it makes sense, and it's bs getting knifed ...
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  • Who wants a trading system for loot in AW?

    I bet that one of your xbox live friends has a weapon or piece of gear that you want and don't have. Well I have the same problem, I really want a trading system in advanced warfare, at least between friends. If anyon...
    Dead Eye 4800
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