• New weapons out...thanks sledgehammer!

    1) Lever action rifle (2 shot kill) 2) Sten SMG 3) Laser SMG       I personally really want the lever action rifle. It looks so beastly!   NEW LEGENDARY LEVER ACTION "GRIT" Gameplay! - COD AW...
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  • What the heck happened to my AW map packs?

    Why did my paid for and downloaded AW map packs all of a sudden stop working On my PS3.  I've uninstalled/reinstalled and redownloaded twice now. I'm put only into lobbies with the original maps. This has been go...
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  • Finally unlocked ASM1 Speakeasy!

    I've been wanting to unlock the Bal Obsidian Steed/ ASM1 Speakeasy and I finally unlocked one of them:D
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  • how do i redeem Soundtrack

    i cant find the place to redeem Advanced warfare soundtrack HELP!!!
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  • that game and console upgrade from the 360 to the one.

    is it still going around that your game's stats, guns, and exo-uniforms will get transferred for free to the next-gen consoles like the PS4 and the ONE, or no it don't anymore?
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  • Can't find a local lobby or good connection lobby in Middle Eastern Countries

    Hi all     When Advanced Warfare came out, I barley can find a local lobby, which is in my case Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the only way to get a local lobby is either you have a bad connection or a party of 3...
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  • playability

    I recently bought COD AW on PS3, yesterday I played it and it functioned just fine. Today I tried to play an online match but I just couldn't find any. It's as if there are no people left playing this game and I alway...
  • Grand Master Prestige Appreciation Day

    I've been grinding toward Grand Master Prestige ever since I read the news about Grand Master Prestige Appreciation Day. It sounded like a great deal - 10 Free Advanced Supply Drops? That's a $20 value!   I've g...
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  • Fette Frage bezüglich Helm

    Wie bekomme Ich oder wie heißt dieser Helm
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  • Level 30 ASD

    Hit level 30, match summary showed I unlocked a A.S.D and I never got it, I did however get a regular supply drop. Please help? @
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  • Can you help me

    I had an update yesterday on my xb1 then I want to play Advanced warfare i went  go on to live but it keeps say I am not allowed the one question is I do not cheat on games if it is the case I would like to see t...
  • Looking for trainers

    im looking to be trained on AW to be better on Xbox one Gamertag: MrPerfectT4rget
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  • Xbox one, can't access the store

    I bought AW Day zero ed yesterday for xbox one. When I was going to check out the DLCs I just get the message that my profile is not allowed to access the store. I have been roaming around the internet for several hou...
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  • Scapegoats of Duty

    The following are the most common scapegoats that you hear about   Panic Knifing - To know someone genuinely panicked is often based on guesses and never the full truth.  When someone clearly got smacked fi...
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  • New Maps

    Hey Guys..........   I was just wondering what your advice is in relation to new maps in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I know you can buy the maps online but I just wanted any advice possible before I purchase some....
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  • Psn banned. Season pass.

    Firstly,I'm banned for a rage induced team killing spree I went on. I had been team killed for the bomb on and four times in a row,and I saw red resulting in a permanent ban to my 27th prestige account. Anyways that's...
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  • Verbesserte Vorratslieferung nach Level 20 nicht erhalten!

    Hey   Ich war vor ca. 3 Stunden Prestige 11 und Level 19 mir haben 105 EP gefehlt für Level 20 aber da ich kein neues Spiel starten wollte habe ich einfach eine Hose verkauft. Danach wurde ich 20 und mir wu...
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  • You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

    This topic involves the Grand Master Appreciation Day that has recently hit the interwebs.   For those who are unaware, SHGames is commemorating the players who put in their hours and dedication towards Advanced...
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  • start over

    Will the done button in Advanced Warfare "start over" or to reset statistics?
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  • Anyone else just bored of AW?

    I played Friday night for the first time in months, enough to earn about 7 supply drops. I was just so bored of the gameplay. Constant Tubes with Danger Close. It was just a boring miserable experience. The supply dro...
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