• Looking for a ranked team [PS4]

    I'm looking for a ranked team who know what they're doing. My preferred role is Objective although can be an AR slayer (although I'm certainly not the best) I'm 17 and live in the UK.   1.65 K.D   ...
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  • Looking for ORG on PS4 to run my team

    My team (Ares Retaliation) is looking for an org with a team that can support us funding wise so we can compete in LAN events. You will have to go under our name tho. We pretty much need a team of people to manage us ...
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  • Competetive players needed! (EU)(PS4)

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    I have been in various teams but they have never worked as the tactics or the play style was not for me. So I decided to start my own team, I have one player so we are 2 atm and are looking for 2 more. I personally am...
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  • [PS4] Looking for a 2v2 partner!

    Hey i'm looking for a 2v2 GB partner that have at least some GB knowledge. Im looking for someone who can be online in the afternoon and evening times in europe. I'm 16 my self and would either like to play with someo...
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  • Need 2 For AW Ranked - PS4 - UK

    Me and my mate need 2 for ranked team if interested add me on psn - KrypticUK
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  • [PS4] Adapt Gaming Now Recruiting Competitive Players

    Adapt Gaming   Within in this clan you will find other members of the Call of Duty community that are wanting to team up for competitive play lists such as Ranked / League Play and also UMG / GB's. Once joined ...
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  • Looking for GB/ranked team

    I would like people to play with on ranked, and I would like to play GB with someone as well. I usually play AR, I'm 17 and I would like to start playing CoD more seriously. If you're interested add me on PSN AmmoXSli...
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  • [PS4] looking to start/join a team

    - I'm 17 - Live in the UK - Obj Player - Prefrably ASM1 - Although can Bal if needed - Decent slayer although certainly not the best - Have a mic (Turtle beach P11's) - Little rusty since I've been playing BO2...
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  • FLAG Tournament Charity eSports

    Charity eSports™ was established to host Charity Tournaments for various Charitable Organizations throughout the year. To bring gamers and clans together to support real world causes.   Today, Charity eSpo...
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  • Time for compedative cod to evolve

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    Hello my name is Studra and advanced warfare was my first cod and I've been following compedative cod and notice how pathetic it really is in terms of being well compedative. The rules and gameplay mechanics are so du...
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  • Need a partner for GB 2v2s

    Hey Everybody, I'm looking for another person that's interested in trying some GameBattles 2v2s on ps4. Or maybe even 3v3 if that works too. I'm looking to get into them for fun and to improve my skills. Id love to ...
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  • [PS4] looking to join/start a serious team for world league

    looking to join/start a serious team for world league. i am trying to go pro and this is a grate opportunity for me to go pro but i do not have a team  PSN: kerminator09
    created by kerminator0
  • Reruitment needed, PSN(PS4). Looking for a good team that uses real world tactics online.

    COD Games playing - Advanced Warfare (23 hours, Completed on VETERAN, almost prestiged LEVEL 48, 2 Wins away from being in Silver League in online esports)           ...
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  • ]PS4] Looking to join a serious NA team for BO3

    i am 17 years old and live on the east coast of NA, i am looking to join a Serious competitive team for BO3 that is willing to play GB's and compete in the BO3 World League, Message me on twitter if interested https:/...
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  • F/A looking for team on ps4 AW,BO3, even ghost

    Age:25 Obj /sub slayer/ bal daily player psn whodamastrshonuf THOG_Gatsby twitter @cadillacboi2474     the Insane Clutch ASM 1 Killing Streak - YouTube
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  • Looking to start/join a serious team(ps4)

    Hi all, I'm a support/obj player from the UK and I'm looking for a serious team. Although I may not get the most kills I tend to go atleast even and my in game knowledge makes up for my lack of slaying( playing cod s...
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  • Looking for a serious team

    Looking for a competitive team. 15 years old  (turning 16 in november) Have a mic. Very serious because I am trying to go pro. I could be able to go to Lan if I find a stable team Message me psn: iVisiblo
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  • Looking for a gb team or dubs partner (PS4)

    I'm looking to join a good team of 4 or a dubs partner, I use benq, kontrol freeks, astros, & play claw. I'm good with callouts as well. My role is AR support/slayer if you're actually good & serious about com...
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  • PS4 looking for good players for UMGs

    I am 17 looking for good people to play GBs with. I am trying to go pro. The requirements are: not to be negative. have a mic know callouts be 15 and older must be on 5 days of the week and play 4-6 hours (we can...
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  • Survey for all levels of E-sports players! Please participate!

    Hello,   I am a master‘s student from Šiauliai University in Lithuania and I am writing a thesis on e-sports culture and education. I myself have for many years been a games (mainly online) and that&...
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