• Looking for XB1 clan

    I am prestige 15 looking for a umg/mlg clan. I'm letting u know right now clan wars means nothing to me. I am only in this for competitive gaming. Any clans interested message me at GT: Volt Hades
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  • eSport Redakteur gesucht! (GER)

    Moin, wir suchen dich als CoD eSport Redakteur!   Was würdest du machen? Du würdest, mindestens einmal in der Woche einen Artikel anfertigen müssen. Wo würdest du es machen? Du machst das...
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  • Looking for 3 players for ranked play (ps4)

    So im looking for 3 players for atleast ranked play i follow competitive and i like it alot and i wanna have fun with ranked play and get the cool gear and have fun not deal with pubs and the bullshit so my GT is DC-S...
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  • EU Xbox1 player LF3 for ranked play

    I am a UK based player that needs 3 good players to play ranked play.   HMU: TheMaNiac hT
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  • How to play the Support role in eSports?

    I've been playing competitive Call of Duty since the middle of CoD: Ghosts. I am a Support player and I get told by different team mates that what I'm doing is wrong and some tell me I'm doing the right stuff (when th...
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  • Looking for players for Ranked Play (PS4)

    Hey, I am looking for players to play Ranked with me. You will need a mic, dosen't matter which as long as we can communicate while playing My problem in ranked is that alot of times people from my team gives up too...
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  • Ranked Play Team

    I am trying to put together a consistent and good team of players to do some ranked play and do some umg's. This is going to be an Xbox 360 team. I am ranked Masters in Ranked Play. My GT is are see aye. I will be on ...
    RCA oG
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  • Problems with ranked play

    The biggest problem i have is who i am playing. I am in bronze, mainly because i dont play with others very often and i am always being matched with players in diamond and masters, and they are never on my team either...
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  • Ranked Play Team, need 2

    2 masters looking for 2 players to run ranked with, and maybe grind this next season to grand masters. It doesn't matter what division you are in, just be good. Mature, laid-back but we play competitively, so if you'r...
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  • rank play getting booted from games

    I was playing a little rank play tonight i was party leader of 4 got into a game of hp. game just about to start and my xbox lost connection to the internet has anyone else had this happen to them it happen twice toni...
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  • Zoned Gaming LF Gamers

    Zoned Gaming is looking for players to start making teams for it's gaming group. Note this is not a community, not everyone will be accepted. We will do our best to try and get you, the teams, and Zoned Gaming into th...
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  • First Competitive Community Channel

    Hi all,     If you're into competitive esports (as I assume you are otherwise why would you be here ?) then you need to check out...     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bcopum46HHo    ...
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  • Looking for a SND GBs Team PS4

    Hello I'm Invalid. I'm looking for a SND GBs team to play with. I have both a UMG and MLG account, so either one works. I play more of an OBJ / Bomb Planter role, but I have decent slaying power. I feel like my timing...
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  • 4v4 Scrims PS4

    Eclipse eSports     Eclipse are looking for 4v4 scrim teams for BO3 and BO5 on S&D, CTF, UP & HP     Add; Jodes18 S-E-N-U-E-L aLeXaNdRoSxD
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    im da goatx123
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  • Anyone host 8s?

    As the title says just wanting to know if anyone hosts 8s on a regular basis. Or where to go to find them? used to get msgs all the time on ghosts people playing 8s no one does on aw. cheers
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  • (Xbox ONE) Looking to start a game battle/umg team.

    Im looking to start a competitive team on the Xbox one.  I am looking for SKILLED younger players.  What I am looking for-- Younger players (15-17) Knowledge of rules Knowledge of map callouts Experienc...
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  • PS4 starting a ladder team for umg need 3 players

    hey guys my gamertag is castleman616 and im looking to do a umg ladder team, i need 3 players, that are dependable and wanna play, i would like to start this asap, so please get back to me if your interested!!!
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  • Salvo Gaming

    Who thinks their team has what it takes to play for Salvo Gaming, yes the same Salvo Gaming you saw playing out of Champs bracket in UMG Nashville and MLG Columbus under Clan Lucky Strike, leave your contact informati...
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  • Salvo Gaming

    Salvo Gaming is now accepting amateur players into the organization. We are an eSports org that has sent teams to both MLG and UMG events playing out of the Champs bracket. If you are interested in signing up check ou...
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