• Most Played Game in Xbox community

    Got my monthly newsletter from Xbox and it says the most played game is BO2 , I for the most part don't go usually put in the older titles when it comes to the cod series. Reading this however I just may give it a go ...
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  • Name the movie gif

    Tell me what movie the gif is from and leave your own. Easy? We'll see.
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  • The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

    I tried making threads on the offical Bungie forum but that forum is hot right now that it's tough getting anything to linger long enough to garner attention. Since there's a good bit of you guys here that play Destin...
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  • What are the origins of your Gamer Tag?

    LETS LEAVE OUT THE CLAN PORTION IF YOU HAVE ONE.   This is the story about your personal gamer tag.   Mine has changed several times but still means the same thing: Fifty2Fifty, Fifty250, now everyone jus...
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  • Slightly morbid thread I suppose. Ha.

    I replied to a post earlier that I decided to involve how many days an average person living to 80 yrs old spends on earth. I used a calculator, e.g. 365 X 80 = 29200 days (not counting leap years). To me that doesn't...
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  • Old system alternative

    This week I upgraded my gaming system from a PS3 to a PS4.  Since I really have no need for my PS3, I decided to donate it along my all of my games to a local children's hospital. I could have very easily sold it...
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  • Black Ops 3 Beta confirmation email?

    I recently pre-ordered Black Ops 3 and followed instructions and entered my code etc. but i didn't recieve any confirmation email .   So my question is basically, did anybody recieve an email after they registe...
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  • new shooter

    Hey dudes) I have recently come across a new shooter. Have somebody played in it? looks good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3A51dJW7dY
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  • What's your longest dry streak?

    My overall KD was a 1.21, but for some reason I keep getting into the most unfair lobbies and I have not had a 1 KD in my last 28 matches. I somehow keep getting killed even though I can not find ANYONE. :I
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  • X32 turtlebeach ?

    my favorite turtle beach headset met an untimely demise to my wife's new puppy. I went and bought a set of x32 because they are wireless and less chance of becoming a dog treat. The sound isn't as good as my other set...
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  • Looking for an xbox live preview member

    I would like to find an xbox preview member that would send me a friend request and preview program invite. So if you don't mind taking 5 minutes out of your day to send me an invite I would greatly appreciate it.
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  • Domination in a nutshell.

    When I play a game of Domination with random teammates, this is what happens when I play. ~RUGGED SAVIOR
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  • #1 Slacker in the World for the week

    I am proud to say that as of this week I am the #1 Slacker in the world.  I spend more time in this forum than playing Advanced Warfare.  I also spend more time on this forum than actually doing my job (whic...
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  • What next gen console games would you like to see remastered?

    I Know for me once I started on my xone I never looked back at my 360 or PS3 ,,,,, I will get a ps4 just not sure when. But with hearing about Gears of War 4 actually made me wish for Gears of  War for next gen c...
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  • Official NHL Hopes, Dreams, and Broken Hearts Thread

    Just wanted to make a hockey lovers sanctuary within the CoD Forums........ so I don't derail too many threads this playoff season.   So what team do you die hard for and then be realistic with who you think will...
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  • Personal Review of Every Console Call of Duty (from 2007-2014)

    Call of Duty 4: Campaign - One of the best campaigns I've ever played.  From those intense sneaking missions in "All Ghillied Up", the awesome AC-130 mission, to the epic finale, this game had it all. Multiplay...
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  • Black Ops 3 Available on 360 and PS3 and WiiU

    This really disappoints me. I was hoping for a much better experience on the current gen systems. All this will do is cheapen our experience for both systems. I understand not everyone can afford a current gen, but co...
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  • What's in your GIF arsenal?

    TEH OT   Have you heard? GIFs are a thing these days apparently. You know, those Great Instances of Flash Its mostly present here in TEH OT but other areas of our forum .Gifs are present and needed.  GIF ...
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  • I'm Back

    Had a few months break.   Traded XboxOne. Got a PS4 (my 2nd one after trading for XboxOne, ha). Been playing Borderlands Handsome Collection past month. Great game's. Always enjoyed Borderlands games.   Lo...
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  • Call of duty black ops 2

    Any Info on this game is good
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