• What's going on

    what's going on on PS3 every time I join a match I'm spectating or my weapon doesn't spawn on my hands or choosing weapons from my custom slot takes for ever to load to let me chose which weapon I want to use and ever...
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  • Needing new friends. Help.. :/

    Hello CoD gamers, I'm new on this stuff and I need as well a good mentor who will still help me become better on my reaction kills. I just want friends in a way badly cause I am really nearly getting low on my k/d and...
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  • ps3 clans

    i need a clan to join on ps3 im prestige 13 level 24 my kd i 3.29 and i really want a clan to chill with Advanced Warfare PlayStation 3   add my facebook jus'shy young add my psn FearzZ_Magic
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  • Would anyone like to join my clan?

    Would anyone like to join my clan? New to clans and fairly new to gaming but on every night clan is forcedsuicide676... thanks
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  • because I do not find games on ps3?

    I have a problem with call of duty on advanced warfare ps3. before buying all the dlc could play safely in almost all of the same modes, then I bought all the DLC in the game and I started to have problems matchmaking...
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  • Venomous Clan Tryouts

    Vemomous clan tryouts starting now! ;D   Hello you sexy people. We are a fairly new clan looking to recruit members.      We play the Hardcore game modes. You will be required to make a Venomo...
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  • Anyone wanna join my clan?

    Hey I just started this clan on the ps3. If you want, you can text me at anytime.I have the psn app and my psn is JacrispyYT. ( I know I have another forum down below). Please anyone can join on ps3.
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  • hey help

    Hey i cant log in into the online play match keeps saying password or email combination incorrect does anyone knows how to fix these issue
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    I am wrapping up my weapon challenges   I have to get 2 paladins with maaws, 3 paladins with mahem   I am good at the game so I can definitely be counted on to help in return.   I also have to do the...
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    I keep getting paired with people that have no interest in doing the easter egg or lack skill. I am stuck on the jump puzzle. Who wants to run this together? PSN =  FLJCKYOLJ subject= ZOMBIES EASTER Thank y...
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  • Meu prestigio gold sumiu

    Ola, nesse sábado dia 7/11/2015 no periodo da tarde, eu estava jogando call of duty aw online, eu sou prestigio 9 Gold, mas após a tela ficar preta e em seguida algumas travada meu prestigio diminuiu, el...
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  • Starting a clan

    If anyone wants to join just add me at JacrispyYT.
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  • Cuenta de cod: aw baneada

    Hola buena soy el usuario lDrako_hh, hace tiempo estaba buscando una partida de dominio cuando me metieron en una lobby hackeada, la cual estaba dando niveles, yo intenté salirme pero estaba puesto un hack para...
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  • im looking for a clan

    hey im looking for a clan, id like a clan that is a more "casual" clan i do have a mic, but i prefer not to use it too much, as i am living with a couple of other dudes who dont like too much noise , i am prestige 3, ...
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  • any good clans out there still

    hey,ive been looking for a clan for a good 3 to 4 weeks now im a good player and i play any gamemode im prestege 1 level 50 if you have a clan i can join add;sick-_-snipez-_-. thank you hopeing to see some of you guys...
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  • aw

    who has a clan i can joinn im prettty descent
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  • Gold clan tag

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    I need help! I'm the leader of a clan and we are level 10 but I don't know how to activate the yellow/gold clan tag!!
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  • Any descent clans still playing?

    I have been trying to find an ideal clan for advanced warfare and maybe even later for bo3 on the ps3 But no luck.   so anyone know an active semi competitive clan which Isn't full of children, that uses mics an...
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  • PS3 aw

    whats up people. I play advance warfare on PS3 and I'm looking for people to play with till I get to prestige master and you can join my clan. AGK* All Gun Killaz PSN: cboii023   peace out
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  • attention please

    not all of us will be moving on to BO3; rather, i plan to keep playing AW until at least christmas (at which time i'll be getting the ps4).  unfortunately, i've been having a terrible time lately with latency/lag...
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