• Help!

    Recently i made a sub-Account because my sister was complaining i was changing too much of her stuff. So i made the sub account and tried to play an online game (after allowing access to the sub account by disabling t...
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  • Busco amigos ps3 COD AW

    Necesito amigo para jugar en cod aw mi id de psn : ENRIGAMING2112
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  • como hago para unirme a un clan para ps3 ?

    hola como me puedo unir en un clan para ps3
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  • Multiplayer not working

    Everytime I try playing online it doesn't work even with zombies it will load like it's working but then the game freezes on the loading screen and it crashes and says "error image file 31" Please help!! I really want...
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    I recently brought 10 Plus a bonus 3 Supply drops and when making this purchase the supply drops don’t appear and it was a bit odd as i have brought supply drops before and they all work. Please help Because it...
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  • Advanced Warfare freezing randomly Any help?

    Recently I have been experiencing problems with advanced warfare where the game freezes after a game or just randomly its happened a lot and I have no idea how to solve it. It happens at random times and my guns dis...
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  • Primary Weapons Issue?

    Hello! I think I've posted this already although I can't find my original post (I'm a little new to this site). Basically I'm seeing the star/asterisk that implies that there's new equipment available against my prima...
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  • New bug?

    Just wondering if anyone else is having or has had this issue since last few days....for the last few days in public multiplayer matches after i get killed it hesitates a second or two to show the kill cam and then wh...
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  • Should I Buy Advanced Warfare ? (please read)

    Back in February I traded in my Advanced Warfare as I found it very glitchy and it just felt broken. Now that I am positive that I am not moving onto next-gen anytime soon I am thinking  about getting it back so...
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  • EM1 Needs to Go...

    Call of Duty AW is the best CoD I've played in a long time. Ghosts just didn't feel right. BO2 was awesome but it was alive for too long and we needed something fresh. AW delivers ALL i've wanted in a CoD game. Advanc...
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    I have seen various videos of people opening advanced supply drops and sledgehammer games does not live up to their name fully. They said there you wont get the same weapon in any supply drop and that there will be at...
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  • Multiplayer

    Hi ! I dont play Call of duty AW for 6 months .   I update my game and what i got ??   I cant faind any online games ...   Game not found i see all time when i search servers to play . I can play ...
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  • DLC Broke my game.

    Dear Activision and Sledgehammer. Everything was working fine with match making and gameplay. I downloaded the Ascendance DLC and everything was still fine. I downloaded the ATLAS GORGE map and now matchmaking wont wo...
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  • Headphone mic question

    I know COD has been around for awhile so forgive me since this is the first one I've played. I have no headset and have noticed when I see clans with the bracket tag, I'm in for a beatdown. Well my question is if they...
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  • ps3 Exo Survival Riot

    can anyone with exo survival map riot unlocked host a lobby so i can unlock zombie stuff. Any help would be appreciated Gamertag is Baynzee feel free to add Thanks
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  • I don't respect people who drop 60 bombs on Domination...

    I don't respect people who drop 60 bombs on Domination by camping in a corner with an LMG and end the match with like 1 cap. How is that impressive? It's always funny when they end up losing and they trash talk their ...
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  • No reward !?

    My clan just won last clan war (Copenhagen) and I was hoping we would win Centurion gear but we won nothing. Why is that?
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  • There was a problem with your CoD Account. Please try again.

    Anyone else having this issue on PS3?Anyone have useful info with this issue? Tried everything I could find online with no results.
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  • Some things I'd like to see happen....

    1.  Have some purpose to different variations of the special class.  For example, if you have an elite stinger, it should be able to lock on to targets faster, or be able to one shot kill a paladin, or negat...
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  • Need support pls

    Ok so every clan war that's on my members can not get enough games of the game modes required so we can win.  Most people are always loaded into MOSHPIT, so lets all rally and get SHG and Activision to make the M...
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