• Getting a refund on DLC

    On Saturday (15/08) I downloaded the Ascendance DLC. This was in addition to the Supremacy DLC that I already owned. Before downloading it I noticed the following:   In most game types in the standard playlist I...
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  • Why is it so imposible to get HBR insanity?

    I have reached Prestige Grand Master but still no HBR Insanity. Anyone else out there on same boat as me?
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  • Lag

    crippling lag on ps4 servers? Just won two games from the other team forfeiting in the beginning of the match 11 to 14 them. Just wondering if anyone else is having these lag issues. My net/ping are perfectly normal
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  • Looking to play with others

    Hi all, looking to play with players that are serious or just fun to play alongside on cod, been a lone wolf for too long looking to have a laugh I've got headset and mic. add me if you fancy a few games jarcher04
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  • Clan sucht Member auf PS4 für cod aw und zukünftige Black ops 3

    Hey Leute unser clan sucht neue Member auf PS4 . Im Moment noch für Cod AW und zukünftig natürlich auch für Black ops 3. Wir sind eine lustige Truppe. Bei uns zählt hauptsächlich der Spa&...
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  • no games found London, UK

    no games found, seem to be joining lots of germans and french games.
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  • Why can't I use my camo DLC?

    I just purchased a gun camo and an exo suit from the PS Store. It's installed on my PS4, but it's not showing as owned in-game, and when I click the camo in-game to try to get it from the store, it tells me 'no conten...
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  • SVO BUG???

    I was playing tonight and just got the SVO variant Legendary - Return To Sender. I went to make a loadout with it and it says "semi auto" Just like the Linx is. Ok so i wanted to try it out in the firing range. There ...
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  • L3 button sprinting issues only with COD:AW

    So I thought the left analog stick on my PS4 controller was broken.   Many times while playing COD:AW, I'll press L3 to start sprinting and half a second later it will cancel and make me run again.  I have ...
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  • If not cheating is this title broken??

    I run Low Profile and suppressors on all my classes but still see players track my position clearly through walls. How is this possible? I also see a lot of players using unsuppressed weapons and never show up on the ...
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    Today has been pathetic on the PS4 for me. Out of 15-25 games it says are available, it will not put me in ANY. I have only played 1 game in six hours. My NAT is open and my network is fine. I have tried contacting ac...
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  • Advanced Warfare, most childish COD in history

    Clown heads, cat ears, surf boards, brain helmets, laser guns, hovering, jumping around like monkeys---   And, I could go on and on.........   Sledgehammer focused more time on micro transactions than actu...
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    At the moment, it feels like 98% of games I play are extremely laggy, with very poor connections. Nothing has changed networking wise my end, so it must be related to the rubbish connections that AW has been dogged wi...
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  • Matchmaking NOT Ping based!! Regretted buying this game

    Hi, since updating the game I find matches where I get a 2 bar connection , but  BEFORE updating I searched and instantly joined  a lobby where I could get 3,4 bars.  I'm an Iranian hardcore cod player....
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    Hi guys,   I was just wondering if anyone would like to play hide and seek or do some challenges for my youtube channel. Also any interesting Ideas that we could record is more than welcome !   Add me on...
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  • Ranked

    Just moved from xbox to ps4 and need people to play ranked with. Add Kess_312 and lets play!
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  • Cant invite friends to game

    Cant seem to find the invite friends to game option. I have the option to invite friends to party. Can anyone help?
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  • COD AW

    Hi, I just finished the updates for my COD AW I hope it will allow me to play online
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  • Where is our Clan XP???

    Me and my 2 friends started a clan last week and we play together every night...  We haven't earned any clan xp whatsoever... I was under the impression you could level up ur clan just by playing normally togethe...
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  • Next gen upgrade

    I bought the disc based copy of advanced warfare for Playstation 3 on release day and i also bought the season pass.  I recently upgraded to ps4 and bought the Playstation 4 disc based copy of advanced warfare. W...
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