• Confusing Havoc DLC...

    I bought AW for PS4 with the Havoc DLC but it's kinda confusing. I redeemed the code and got 6 different downloads all slighty different is size: 3 downloads around 5.6 GB 3 downloads around 1,2 GB   I can dow...
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  • Consistency

    This connection tonight has been an absolute joke. I played 5 games last night of tdM and kill confirmed with a k/d of 1.85 2.5 2.25 2.3 1.65. Great better than normal for me.  Tonights 4 games were .27 1.17 .14 ...
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    When I first started AW, I hated the exo functions. That was because I sucked and hadn't mastered it. If you don't like exo, go into classic mode and see how slow paced the gameplay is. All other COD's are slow and ...
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  • So many Twitch Reverse Boosters

    It sickens me that almost every twitch player at the top, with alot of viewers uses a reverse boosted account. It makes viewing boring as hell when they play tommy no thumbs. They even admit it, and say it is because...
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  • If I were to describe the ASM1 as...

    A 3 shot kill, perfect iron sights, extended mags and advanced rifling  by default SN6...would I be wrong??
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  • 1V1 Guys?

    PSN: White_Wild_Lion Normal guns not quickscoping!
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  • Ranked play teamates

    We need people to play ranked play when some friends got on anyone up for some good ranked play?   Add teddy_bear_2009 or JPV1904
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  • Supply drops

    Does anyone else hate getting the same weapons that you remove from your armory. I rather not get a supply drop at all, instead of having to remove the weapon again.
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  • Need Help with CoD Account Not Logging on PS4

    Hi needing help have struggled any answers in the support questions, so now trying forums, basicly i can login in fine to my account online my PS4 PSN is linked to AW now but when i try login onto my account in game s...
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    Ok,so i have a very big problem with the connection...and I am sure it's not my connection because I dind't have this problem in Black Ops 2 or Ghosts or Black Ops 1 ...but in AW i play a match for 3 -4 minutes lag fr...
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  • Game Not Working?

    My game will not go past the start screen. It's like my controller stops working. I have no issues with other games or features on my console. I've tried resetting, unplugging, and deleting and downloading the game ag...
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  • moderating the forums !!!!!

    why all of a sudden the forums are getting moderated more now !!!! i thought the idea of forums is to be able to be honest & get things off your chest about the game !!!! i've had a few of my answers withdrawn &am...
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  • Online services won`t work?

    Hey, i have tried to connect to the online server on advanced warefare for at least 3 weeks now. But i keep getting the same message over and over again! "The call of duty: Advanced warefare services is not available ...
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  • Skill based match making and system hacks.

    Ok so by what I'm reading nobody is a fan of sbmm and haven't been since the start so why in hell haven't sledgehammer changed it? I don't claim to know all the ins and out so anybody that can explain their thinking t...
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  • Ranked play scoring system suggestion

    Currently a scenario it is possible to encounter in ranked play as a "single player" is as follows: Game 1 8 players are selected to play SnD on Detroit. 7 players spawn in and one times out. The team with 3 playe...
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  • I Didn't buy the Season Pack did you ?

    I was reading a post regarding the new COD due out in Nov 2015, and lots of talk about going back to old school COD, with no Exo and kill streaks and perks are balanced and thought out. Also Maps which encourage run a...
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  • PS4 NAT type errors

    Is there a fix for these NAT type errors? The only solution that sometimes works is to try joining like 10 times until it works right.
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  • Score streak problems

    I don't like how score streaks don't stack and when you change classes they go away. There has been times when I change classes before going on a streak and die to have all my score streaks go away.
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  • Add PS4 Friends Thread

    Since many people do this, I decided to make a thread for it. This thread is for if you want to find people to play with on ps4.   Well, Here's Mine.   PSN:Oreo-_-Milkshake KD:1.15 I prefer people with m...
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  • Garbage system

    You call these fair games? I get tons of these games, here's some proof. [img]http://i.imgur.com/hCkwXFi.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/5Bo7TX4.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/OZ8ePsA.jpg[/img]   These g...
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