DJ Milkman on the Main Stage: The House of Blues on the famous Sunset Strip gave fans a different environment in which to experience the game. Live sets were played while people battled on the dynamic multiplayer maps.

DJ on the main stage at HOB.jpg

Intense Free for all Match: Students from UCLA were given the chance to play multiplayer free for all. Since prizes were being offered, players took the matches very seriously.

Setting Pick 10 for MultiTDM.jpg

MultiTDM from above: The Multi-team Deathmatch arena offered players the chance to show off their skills in three person teams while the rest of the crowd cheered on their friends.


Setting Pick 10 for MultiTDM: Players familiar with the franchise were met with a new create-a-class system. This new system offered more diversity, but players were able to immediately feel comfortable with their Call of Duty skills on the new maps.


MultiTDM from above.jpg