League Play is a new feature introduced by Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 that allows you to compete against similarly skilled opponents as a solo competitor or as a league team. Leagues are broken up into individual Series with different rulesets. Placement matches at the start of each Series determine your skill level by matching you against a spectrum of skilled teams.


Your performance in the placement matches grants a hidden skill level that determines your Division placement. You are placed within a Subdivision of that Division, and compete for Ladder Rank in the Subdivision Ladders. Winning a match earns you Ladder Points that help you climb the ladder, while losing a match results in lost Ladder Points. Your goal is to finish with the best rank by the end of the league season.


Let’s take a closer look at some League Play concepts:




Leagues are played in Series, each with its own rulesets and game types. Initially, there will be three Series. Your rank is specific to each one, so if you play in both, you will establish a separate rank for each Series.


Champions Series

A mix of objective game modes that use competitive rules.

Format: 4v4

Ranks: Team and Solo

Special Rules: 3rd person spectating disabled. No Care Package. No Tactical Insertions. No SMAW, RPG or Grenade Launcher Attachments.


Moshpit Series

A mix of objective game modes that use standard rules.

Format: 6v6

Ranks: Solo


Team Deathmatch Series

Team Deathmatch using standard rules.

Format: 6v6

Ranks: Solo




There are six divisions that reflect the approximate skill distribution of the active population in a Series.


Masters: top 2% of the active population.

Platinum: next 18%.

Gold: next 20%.

Silver: next 20%.

Bronze: next 20%.

Bronze: bottom 20%.


You will start in a Division based on your hidden skill rating determined by placement matches. As you play, if you win enough you may be promoted to a higher Division.

Bonus Pool


A weekly Bonus Pool is awarded to you for the first few wins of every week. This is in addition to the Ladder Points earned for those wins. The weekly bonus is reset on Sundays at 12AM PST. Earning the Bonus Pool every week adds a big boost to your ranking in the ladder.




At the end of the Season you may visit the team or solo homepage in game to view the final standings for your ladders. Your highest career Division rank will be displayed in your team or solo homepage and your all-time career best Division rank will be shown in your global playercard.


When the next season starts you will complete placement matches again to re-establish a Division rank.