• Join the Revolution!

    Hello all, I would like to tell you about Revolution of Gaming. Revolution of Gaming has been around since 2008 is an online gaming clan made by gamers for gamers. We are a multi-platform gaming community, with differ...
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  • Upsurge Clan Recruiting

    Hello, Recently me and my friend has started a clan called ''Upsurge'',  It currently has about 10 members already, The clan is a Trickshotting, Feeding, and quick scoping clan, We are looking for active and loya...
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  • looking for a decent clan

    Hey guys, whats happening?.   i am looking to join a clan on black ops 2, i can use any gun but prefer to use sub machine guns like the MP7.   i have a headset so can talk to team mates.   and i w...
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  • Xiled Syndicate Gaming (Recruiting) XBOX 360

    Xiled Syndicate Gaming (Currently Recruiting)   Xiled Syndicate Gaming is a new gaming community that has been open for  a few weeks now and surely gaming members on a daily basis, We gamers who opened the d...
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    Viet Gaming is always on the lookout for fun loving, mature gamers. We have a rich history dating back to the early 2000s when we were primarily a PC clan; however, our XBOX team was conceived in 2013. Currently, the ...
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  • Impulsive Gaming recruiting and looking for editor (PS3) (EU)

    Sup guys we're a new competitive clan for BO2 on PS3. All of us are from Europe but we're also looking for North American members so we can expand a bit.   We're mainly looking for competitive players but we're...
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  • Need Clan (KD 1.53) (xbox 360) (No snipers!)

    GT: DoYouEvenReport
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  • Starting a new BO2 Clan {PS3}

    Recently I've been looking for a Bo2 Pubstomping clan on PS3 and I couldn't find any.. So I decided to create one myself.. I want our clan to be about gamers who love to get on call of duty and love to destroy the e...
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  • Need clan memebers

    Contact me at kjassin to get information
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  • Terra Sniping Clan Recruiting bo2 (Ps3)

    Hey guys it's Terra_Orbie, we are looking for a few more guys to join our clan. We also need a editor for the YouTube channel tht we'll be making soon. We look for feeders/Trickshotters. Recruitments below.   ...
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  • TP Gaming is Recruiting

    TP Gaming is a top cod competitive clan. We just started and are now recruiting. Were looking for members that are often online and are good at competitive or league play.   TP Gaming is competing in future to...
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  • OXY Clan Recruiting

    Hello guys. Are you looking for an active clan? Well you've come to the right place! Here in the OXY Clan we have clan meetings once a month. We are a friendly community and we are a sniper clan. If you're looking to ...
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  • [Xbox 360] [USA] Join 1437!

    Thanks for taking the time to check out 1437's Clan page! We're a clan located in the United states, but we recruit internationally. http://1437.shivtr.com/         &n...
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  • How do I start a black ops 2 clan without CoD Elite?

    Any help would be very much appreciated
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  • Looking For Xbox 360 BO2 Clan

    Okay I have 2 clips (3 if counting hitmarkers) so im good at quickscoping. I have 73 subs on youtube. Im looking for a clan that has at least 10 people or more and have to change name when you join. Thanks.  &nb...
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  • eCg Clan recruiting PS3

    We are a clan that is recruiting anyone That meets our requirements. Requirements- 1.05 KD Mic recommended active have kik New account We mainly play almost every game mode like S&D TDM Domination Etc. ple...
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  • Xbox 360 bo2 can recruiting

    we will be recruiting for Psycotic stratigy.In the future I will buy us control freeks and jerseys .We are competitive clan must be 15 or older and I will try u out our first clan war is Friday message (getsome5532) f...
  • New Ps3 Trickshotting clan recruiting

    Our name is FainT and we now have 16 members (after kicking 11 members)  including myself. We are look for good trickshotters , feeders, and editors. If you think your good enough then comment in this discussion....
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  • ~ BlackOps2 *Ps3*Clan Recruiting~

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM15xRJiAjs                              ...
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  • Need a clan.

    Im looking for a clan, if anyone has one that's open let me know.
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