• Looking for a new Black Ops 2 Clan?

    █▀▀█ ▒█▀▀█ █▀▀ █░░█ █░░█ ▒█▀▀▄ █▀▀ █▄▄█ ▀▀▀▀ ▒█▄▄█ ▀▀▀ ▄▄▄█   Join today!       Hello everyone, my name is iWillowBay. Today I would like to bring to your attention, the commencement of the ne...
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  • I need a clan ? (XBOX 360)

    OK so I need a clan not a sniping one but an actual clan!!    Please HELP      So I have played Call of Duty since Cod 4 as a little kid im 13 now and ive been a solo on cod for 4 years and e...
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  • [Xbox360] [Black Ops 2] Clan recruitment [MONY]

    Hello! I am HyDr0KT99 Temporary leader of [MONY] Clan. We are a Sniper Team and also love to knife on FFA and TD We are made up of 7 players currently. We plan to have scrimmages with some clans. Anyway, if you ...
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  • i am in need of a active clan. i am a decent player and okay at sniping. HMU

    My gt is WhteKnight07 I get on through out the weekend and may play through the week. If i join your clan I'll definitely be a dedicated player.
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  • KoG Asylum (XiledGaming) Recruitment

    KoG Asylum (Xiled-Gaming) Is currently Recruiting     Xiled-Gaming is the largest gaming community their is on the web today, with well over 80,000 members signed up on the website and well over 60+ clans in...
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  • bo2 (xbox360) New Clan

    im starting a new clan [BUS] Brutes ultimate snipers if you want to join msg me on xbl      TenurialBrute94     or add me on skype      &nb...
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  • Looking For A Clan (Sniping Or Reg. I dont really care)

    Im Just looking for a fun, active clan i'd like for it to be like a legit clan, not just some buddies playin'. I have a 2.05 Kd, 6 Nukes 80 Unstopables, I'm good at quickscoping for like a random 1v1, 2v2 etc. If i ...
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  • Recruiting for Clan Momentum Gaming Nation

    If you are Interested in trying out for [MGN] or Momentum Gaming Nation just Message me on Xbox 360.. once you message me then will 1v1 and then ill see how good you are, My GT: is DMiZ PRODIGY
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  • Looking for Bo2 only sniping clan Xbox 360

    Hello I'm looking for a Bo2 sniping clan on Xbox 360  I can quickscope and I'm decent at trickshotting. I'm not the best I'm still working on it but im decent. So yeah feel free to leave your clan below thanks 
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  • Looking for a girl clan that I can join. Or just any clan.

    As you read the top that's what I'm looking for. I play on XBOX 360 only. I play COD BO2. MY GT is RoyalxHell
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  • DOGZ are now recruiting members.

    DOGZ was created in 2011 and started from Modern Warfare 3 and have moved on to Black Ops 2. We are an unbeatable clan 100% of the time when 4 or 5 members are playing. you can be our 6th and so on.   If your n...
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  • Now recruting for RisK Clan

    My gamertag is Cupricwasp or WeirdEmporer17 msg for try outs
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  • Looking for Xbox 360 Sniping/Trickshotting Clan!

    I am a sniper on Xbox who's looking for a good clan to join. Some of the desired attributes are: having a YouTube channel, Skype, short clan name (ex. FaZe, Nexus, Ares, etc.) and a friendly environment. Now, those ar...
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  • Are there any recruiting trickshotting clans?

    Im looking for a good active trickshotting clan for bo2 or mw2.
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  • Active Clan

    Im looking for a good active trickshotting clan for bo2 or mw2.
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  • ZFG is recruiting!

    Hey, we are recruiting! Message ZFG Repulse or ZFG snipes on Xbox for info (trickshot, QuickScope, feeding)
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  • Looking For A Active Black Ops 2 Clan On Xbox 360

    I Need A Active Clan With People Who Communicate Play Together Etc Add Me On Xbox GT- Supaa x Savage
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  • Blackops 2 Clan Recrutting [XBOX 360 ONLY]

    We are looking for snipers, gunners, and really good players. Out clan name is [WaUs] WaUs Stands for(We Are UN Stoppable)  also i am looking for players who will be active. [XBOX 360 ONLY]   We have: Weekl...
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  • [EVK] Black Ops 2 Clan Recruitment.

    Evoke Gaming What Is Evoke? This is a competitive gaming clan from snipers to assault rifles and even shotguns. How To Join? Message me on xbox live gt:xXxMandiexXx You will be put into a 1v1 with one of the recru...
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  • Looking for a clan to join.

    I am in search of any black ops 2 clan that will take me. I am 16. I have a working mic and I play bo2 regularly. Want to know anything else add me. IAmAsianXD Another thing I want to add is that I have just start...
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