Hello Snipers! Welcome to a new form of clan recruitment I'm trying out!  Anyway, SyBr is a Black Ops II sniper clan that is currently looking for anyone that can quickscope. We take any ...
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  • How do I make a clan or join one??

    Someone please explain in detail how to make a clan on Black Ops 2 for the ps3.  Or at least to join one, Im completely lost.
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  • Looking for a Clan [Ps3]

    PSN : Mystic-Royaity KD : 1.39 Prestige 2 lvl 17 Kik : Whatwhuut Mic : Yes   Willing to make another account and looking for a pubstomping clan or just a clan to play with. I'm online at least everyday so I...
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  • Clan Recruitment! (PS3)

    Wanna join a good clan that does all guns? its here we do have a couple requirements for the clan must not be annoying prefirably a mic decent kd Too try out add the leader:MeGa_illusionz or me:MeGa_PuLSeZ or...
    created by tmac9911
  • Clan Recruit! (PS3)

    Hey Gamers! Been searching of a black ops 2 clan? Add me on PS3 :tmac9911 NEED THE FOLLOWING: must be 13 or older dont be annoying 0.90 kd at least mic is required Partially  active make sure to have ...
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  • Looking For A Clan (PS3)

    Hey! I'm Tmac and im looking for a quickscoping clan! I am a prestige master with a 1.00 kd ratio I do have a turtle beach mic headset IM 13 and would love a clan with mics! add me on PS3:Tmac9911 or just put a r...
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  • pubstomping clan? add me on Ps3. PSN= Perlative

    Think about making a pubstomping clan for Bo2 on ps3. Looking for players that can hold atleast a 2 KD ratio, and a mic is preferred. I play pretty much anything, not really into league play though. My psn's are xL-Fr...
    created by AlwaysDropping
  • Visual Clan

    Join this clan (ps3) quick scoping, trick shotting, we are a clan that want to be the best! During that we become a family,And to achieve that We NEED YOU!!! So if your looking for a clan join here! Skype name: Visua...
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  • Looking for clan

    Can I join a clan on Xbox 360 bo2
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  • Clan Reqruitment - Prox Sniping/Mlg Clan For Xbox 360

    First, My Gamertag Is LeGiT DisCaRD. Don't Worry I'll Change it! Either Msg Me or Send a Friend Request for 1v1. If You are a sub,assault, or Lmg player we could still 1v1 or I could think of something else. my name W...
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  • RyZe Reserve-Xbox 360 Clan - Black Ops 2

    RyZe Reserve Yo, RyZe Shift here. I have started a fesh, new clan today with 1 member, myself. Our Twitter is @RyZe_Reserve and my personal one is @RyZe_Shift. I reply to you almost within 12 hours, and even faster th...
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  • Search Of A Sniping Clan!

    Hey guys! I'm tmac I'm a alright quick scoper and trick shotter! I'm 13 and have a mic. would like a clan with mics! PS3 Black Ops 2, msg tmac9911 when I can try out! Thanks guys peace! 
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    Looking for a black ops 2 clan.   Prestige 1 lvl 16   Have a mic   13 yrs old   can quickscope   can snipe   uses assault rifles   Best Sniper= DSR 50, Ballista ( hate people ...
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  • Ls3 clan

    This is Ls3_Streaks, I am the co-leader of Ls3 and we are looking for great snipers. A little bit in the future we will extend to other guns, but for now we're just looking for snipers great ones. Trick shots are in t...
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    So u wanna join a clan?Coon clan is one of the best clans out there All u have to do is Reply and ask to join.We have all different types of classes 2 slots open for sniper 5 slots open for assault 7 for submachin...
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  • New team name?

    Me and my team needs a new name for MLG/GB. Team 2k unfortunately has been taken. I need some ideas. Thanks (:   Serious names only!
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  • Clan Xbox 360

    Hi, I just wanna be in some clan, I have never been in a clan.   GT: juancardona99   Thank u
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  • Clan war

    im looking for a clan war for Friday night anyone down? QS only
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  • Looking for a Clan

    Hi!   I'm just looking for any clan to try out for. I have experience but never been in a clan. Please add me or message me   GT: XRockerGirl75X
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  • Shadow of Veterans Recruiting

    Newly formed BO2 Clan. Must have a 1kd or higher. Be a recruit today and earn your way up the chain of command!
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