• [PS3] Welcome to Noia. Free RC.

    Noia Clan is a rather elegant and simple sniping clan.The Official release of the clan will be in July. There is no judgment for age, just fourteen and older. There are 8 more recruitment slots left in the roster unti...
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  • DarkGamers Clan recruiting[Xbox360 Only]

    The DG Clan is going to be recruiting for as long as possible.       To join you can be at any age, Skype account needed, and higher then level 20 (unless you have prestiged)     Division's ...
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  • great player, in need of a clan or other good players to grow with/slay with

    Hey guys!! I am a slayer on xbox 360. I have a 2.95 k/d. I am a great quickscoper and smg/amg player. I can do good alone but I have friends that I'll play with sometimes and we will never lose (hardcore domination is...
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  • Looking For Clan Members

    Can be any type of player. Has to be able to get through tough situations, like a member you don't get along with. We are a family, and have strict rules. Only requirements are, that you have over a 1.10 K/D, and are ...
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  • Se recluta para clan oNeL (xbox 360)

    se reclutan si te quieres meter aqui el gt TlangoLto
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  • KoG Aslyum (XiledGaming Community) Currently Recruiting: XBOX 360 ONLY

    Xiled Gaming Community (KoG Asylum) Are you tried of playing by yourself and or tried of them annoying team mates that always team kill and doesn't contribute to the team at all? Well I am here with a solution! C...
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  • how to begin a clan

    hello i have got a quation   how to make a clan
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  • vF - Valor Force (XB360 and PS3 Clan)

    Starting up a new competitive clan on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Black Ops 2 ONLY.   We will mainly be quickscoping/trickshotting but I will allow other weapons at certain points.   Requirements- •...
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  • Come join XiledGaming! (XBOX 360 ONLY)

    Join Xiled-Gaming Today!   Xiled-Gaming has been around for over 9+ years with over 85,000+ registered members. If you are looking for a community who actually has a lot of members and a chance for you to move up...
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  • BO2 Call of Duty Clan (Prime Shot) [XBOX 360 ONLY]

    If your looking for where you can use a shotgun or a sniper you can join the PRIME SHOT team! We mainly accept Snipers, and Shotgun-ers! You can be of any age, you have to be atleast Level 20 or higher! If you are int...
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  • Join Tragiic Clan (PSN Only)

    Hey there people do you like winning and playing competitively then this is the clan for you if you want to tryout for this barely starting clan then here are some requirments Must Have Mic Or Maybe Not But It Will ...
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  • Black Ops 2 PS3 Clan PuRe Recruitment

    I am starting a new clan. If you want to join you will need to tryout with me. You can reach me on: Devin21223, zZ_BeastyBoyz_Zz, or SKLZ_LEGENDz   To qualify you will have to be able to quickscope and trick...
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  • looking for clan

    K/D: 1.05 Kills:13459 Wins:538 Headshots:1283 Unstoppables: 2 Kill chains: 2 Deadliest weapons: M27, MTAR, and SWAT-556 Favorite weapons: sub-machine guns My GT is leprkon56 Wanting to join active clan where ...
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  • Join Team HyPnotic ~ [PS3]

    If you enjoy winning and being a sweaty try hard this is the clan for you! This clan was founded on April 23, 2015 and we all have a strong bond and act like a little family. Ps3 exclusive clan and we are now recrui...
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  • Bo2 ps3 Sniping clan recruiting!

    All you have to do is create a new account and make you name Terra_Example my name is Terra_Muscle. So once you've created your Terra account send me a friend request (Terra_Muscle) and i will essentially see if you a...
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  • Terra Sniping Clan Recruiting (Ps3)

    Terra is a Sniping Clan & were looking for active guys that are good quickscopers n feeders. We have 10 members, we also have a Youtube channel. If you  want to join our clan msg me on ps3 or Kik. Psn: Terra_...
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  • [PC] Searching for a clan

    B.O.2 Gamers,   Simple as that, add me on steam under the name of ''DutchSandwich'' if you want to coop online. I dont place my stats here, because they aren't telling you my player level, I'll suprice you wit...
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  • I am searching for a clan (ps3/ps4)

    hello I am looking for a clan (PS3 / PS4) My specialties: shotgun and sniping, quick coping You can contact me by skype: ber3ckless by mail: emiledelanghe@hotmail.com thank you ber3ckless
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  • Bo2 clan Synth recruiting (PS3)

    New Bo2 clan Synth recruiting (PS3)02-May-2015 06:11if you would like to join a clan add me Synth_Teeqo or message me on kik @jaydenpower28  
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  • I am looking for a clan!

    Hi all! I am looking for a clan to join.. Im female and currently level 39 I use a Vector K10 so i wont be able to join a clan looking for snipers etc. If you want to ask any more questions then please ask. My PSN...
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