• How do I make a clan in 2015 with windows

    Can someone help me because I really want to make a clan in cod bo2, but whenever I try to go on elite it's like there is no website for it. I try to look up tutorials on youtube, but they are all with elite.... Plz ...
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  • Join our clan

    Hey guys my clan is looking for members and we have a clan website just go to XrossEmpire click join use your Psn, steam or Gamertag for your name when it ask for recruiter put in Trafficriv After that enjoy.
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  • KoG HellHouse (XiledGaming) Recruiting

    KoG HellHouse (XiledGaming) is recruiting     Xiled-Gaming is the largest gaming community on the web today! With over 80,000+ members and over 60+ clans within the community. If you are looking to game with...
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  • looking for a xbox 360 clan

    I'm currently looking for a competitive clan I have a 1.89 kd my gt is XxXeRtYxPoW3DXx
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  • looking for a 360 clan, my live name is the name im using now

    xbox 360, k/d down atm cos my brother used it up until now
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  • LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TOO START A CLAN ON PS3 active people lets go get this done !!!

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  • Looking for players to start a clan bo2 ps3

    HI, I am looking for some good players at bo2 on ps3 to start a clan.You do not need a mic or anything just ur kd to be above 1.00.My kd on bo2 is currently 2.68 and my most used weapon is the scar h. I've had a lot o...
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  • Starting new clan

    Clan name is Shank but shortened to ShNk, it's a new clan, open to all levels. Please join!   You do not have to put Shank in your name if you do not want to. But, you can, otherwise, make it your clan tag. &nb...
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  • hype clan is recruiting gamertag Hype Vaiin

    Hype clan is recruiting gamertag Hype Vaiin
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  • (PS3) Looking for clans to scrim with

    add me on psn : youcantlift  
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  • Looking for a good clan on ps3

    Hi, I am looking for a good clan on bo2 ps3 that is really active,has a lot of members and the ppl are active. My kd is currently 2.65 and my most used weapon is the scar h. I mostly get vsat and emp systems depending...
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  • Need a Black Ops 2 PS3 Clan

    Yo, I need a ps3 black ops 2 clan, my psn is Gann_Hylia
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  • 786Clan (7C) Now recruiting for serious competitive and casual players ps3! kd doesnt matter!

    Hey everyone I'm Eternal leader of 786Clan and today I'm looking for members to restart my clan 786, I'm currently looking for serious players who love competitive play like myself and casual players too!   Our ...
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  • Bo2 all gun ps3 clan Born To Kill (BTK_)

    Hey everyone we are recruiting add me BTK_Legion on ps3 or simply just reply. We are an all around gun clan not just one specificly. We should be recording near the end of february!
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  • RiseToHonor (R2H) recruiting age 15+ xbox 360

    RisetoHonor is recruiting Snipers/Feeders, Trickshotters, Editors, Designers, and Competitive players. We are xbox 360/xbox one only clan. We are Multi Cod. (Cod 4-AW). We have a ranking structure in this clan. You'll...
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  • Xbox 360 Black ops 2 Clan

    Yo. We are looking for some good players for bo2 on Xbox 360 for our clan. Need to have a mic, must talk in english and it's important to be with alot of experience. Our clan is based a lot on league games and we take...
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  • ps3 clans

    anyone know of any ps3 sniping clans that are recruiting?   in not interested in the top sniper clans as i just started.   am good at sniping. do have clips.   if anyone can help would be much apprec...
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    my PSN:XciTe_ZOne or email:bionicuprise123@gmail.com  we will talk and send me your best edit because i need a editor for 200 subscriber montage and were 25 away are youtube@https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGMBo...
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    HOLAA , bueno busco clan para jugar competitivo o online en un clan , me gustaria que el clan sea serio y con un nivel necesario , también podriamos crear una cuenta con el nombre del clan y  vuestro nombre ...
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  • Looking for players to join Kool x clan on xbox 360

    Hi, i am looking for players to join my clan kool x, you need a mic and have to be 5+ my gamertags are: Kool x frenzy and Skilledfire42
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