• Expect Clan Merge(sniping clan)+Tryouts

                                        Hi My name ...
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  • Legend Clan is recruiting we need feeders snipers editors and more(PS3)

    Snipers- Add Legend_Osux for tryout Feeders-Add Legend_Bearz for tryout Editors just send one of us any of your editing work and we will review it We currently have 12 members and no editors we need editors for you...
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  • Newish PS3 BO2, Ghosts, AW Clan HLWF (HellWolves)

    Hey guys, my name is Wolfysharpfang, but you can call me Wolfy. I started this clan back in October or November last year, and it's gotten mild membership requests (only 5 or so, which 3-4 of the original don't even t...
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  • seeking pro clan for bo2 zombies (ps3 only)

    Hello, i am looking for a ps3 black ops 2  PRO zombies clan, as i am tired of getting stuck with noobs. I am max rank on zombies and play quite often. my psn is: God_Of_Tranzit
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  • DeZire Clan (PS3 Only)

    DeZire Hey whats going on guys my name is Blood-Heart-115 I am making a new clan on BO2 and I want more people to join but here are some of the requirements you of course have to be on PS3 and you must be +15 years ...
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  • Dezire Clan Join PS3 Only

    Hey im still looking for good talented quickscopers or smg's the requirements are +15 boys and girls and yes we could do clan wars and league and yes we could be competitive and fun and also it would be helpful if yo...
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    Op zoek naar een nederlandse actieve clan ? Join ons dan , geen kd grens en geen minimum level.  Voeg mijn ign toe en ik nodig je uit een potje te spelen en dan join je ons ps3 ign: Riccos3401.   Graag ...
  • Blackops 2 Clan Recrutting [XBOX 360 ONLY]

    We are looking for snipers, gunners, and really good players. Out clan name is [WaUs] WaUs Stands for(We Are UN Stoppable)  also i am looking for players who will be active. [XBOX 360 ONLY]   We have: Weekl...
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  • Legend sniping and smg Clan for bo2 (ps3)

    IM Legend_Mist but something happened to my psn so I'm Legend_Osux now... So were a sniping/ SMG clan. Were trying to get at least 12 people in are clan right now there is 4/12 if u want to join or tryout msg me on ps...
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  • comment creer un clan?

    voila j'aimerai creer un clan, mais je n'y arrive pas car le site http://elite.callofduty.com ne fonctionne pas et marque erreur. comment puis je faire autrement. merci
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  • Looking for a 360 clan!

    Hello to anyone reading this, I'm looking to a join a casual clan mostly reg-gunning not so as much as sniping. I've been playing COD since BO1 and BO2 is still my favourite COD. I've recently made a new account which...
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  • [xbox 360] join RoA clan

    we do quick quickscope and coop games we have clan events to test are skills requirements gamertag age: timezone: active time: and what u do for the clan:   what the clan have - 11-16 per team - Active Forums - ...
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  • Expect sniping clan now recruiting (PS3)

    EExpect is a sniping clan on PS3. We are really active and we play everyday. a mic is not mandatory but it is recomended. If you don't have a mic we understand but try to get one soon. We have a website and a youtube ...
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  • I need a sniping clan

    im 14 have a mic and am a decent quickscoper I have done a few trick shots but only hit them in private matches message me on xbox the name is TakaWalka if interested
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  • New Ps3 Trickshotting clan recruiting

    Our name is FainT and we now have 16 members (after kicking 11 members)  including myself. We are look for good trickshotters , feeders, and editors. If you think your good enough then comment in this discussion....
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  • Looking for people who would like to join my sniping clan called *DONE* (ps3)

    DONE is a black ops 2 sniping clan. If you are interested in joining my clan, please email me @ [Removed by Moderator]. my username on ps3 is Hiatalvi   Message was edited by: OGHuxtable Due to privacy reasons, ...
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  • Looking for a new Black Ops 2 Clan?

    █▀▀█ ▒█▀▀█ █▀▀ █░░█ █░░█ ▒█▀▀▄ █▀▀ █▄▄█ ▀▀▀▀ ▒█▄▄█ ▀▀▀ ▄▄▄█   Join today!       Hello everyone, my name is iWillowBay. Today I would like to bring to your attention, the commencement of the ne...
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  • Phobia Clan Recruitment

    If you're interested in joining phobia contact me by;   Kik:PolkaDottedWalrus Snapchat:Lolipopchick27 PSN:Mottephobia   Requirements: •PS3 •Bo2 •Mic/Headset •Form of communic...
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  • F34R PS3 Clan

    Want a clan to have fun and chill out. Join F34R. U don't have to be a sniper. Add me at PSN: F34R_Emboiii for more details.
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  • Anyone Want To Join, An All Girls Clan?

    My Gamer tag is QueenRageQuit Message Me You Want! Clan Name Is Girls Do It Better (GDIB) You can check out our facebook page    GDIB       Organization
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