• Are you looking for competative clan ,click here (x360) !!!!

    Hey guys Fatal RePlaYzZ here , I am bringing the Fatal clan back AND BETTER THAN EVER , fatal was originally a community clan , but I was to bring it back as a competitive clan !!!! We are a [360] clan !!   REQU...
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  • Looking for a Clan [Ps3]

    PSN : Mystic-Royaity KD : 1.39 Prestige 2 lvl 17 Kik : Whatwhuut Mic : Yes   Willing to make another account and looking for a pubstomping clan or just a clan to play with. I'm online at least everyday so I...
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  • New clan join here PS3!!!!!

    message my email FunnyBoy734@gmail to get more information on joining the clan
    created by Arctic_HeadShot
  • Looking for a clan (xbox360)

    yeah average sniper, good at the other weapons too. I´m looking for any tipe of clan...   Connect here or xboxlive H33C LEGAZY
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    Hello New clan (Xbox 360) looking for snipers capable of hitting clips. We are named NoVa and we have a YouTube channel. Message me if you are interested in joining. GT: AdvancedNinjaZX
    created by RuSHxAdvanced
  • Looking for 2v2 clan war PS3 black ops 2

    Hey is there is anyone who wants to play 2v2 ps3 black ops clan war please message my youtube FunnyBoy734 or my email-FunnyBoy734@gmail.com
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  • Clan War!!!!! PS3

    Does anybody want to have a clan war this weekend? Add me HYP3---REFLEX
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  • Black ops 2 PS3 clan

    Hey. Looking to start a bo2 clan for the PS3 as I've seen alot of people looking around for one recently so thought why not start our own. Message iMoabu- on PS3 for more info, preferably KD of 1.5 or higher, thanks.
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  • Looking for a sniping and pubstomp clan

    I am good at every thing I have the record for most kills in hardpoint one game 90-2 clan needs to have Skype I don't have a mic My psn is detix-swarmz Kik zorah_dilluzionz Skype Bruinswag_55
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  • Starting a new BO2 Clan {PS3}

    Recently I've been looking for a Bo2 Pubstomping clan on PS3 and I couldn't find any.. So I decided to create one myself.. I want our clan to be about gamers who love to get on call of duty and love to destroy the e...
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         Hello Snipers! Welcome to a new form of clan recruitment I'm trying out!  Anyway, SyBr is a Black Ops II sniper clan that is currently looking for anyone that can quickscope. We take any ...
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  • New clan on rise [PS3]

    There is a new quick scoping clan that needs more snipers to tryout add me xToxicxMercinary
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  • Looking for all girls clan on ps3

    Looking to start/join a girl's clan for playstation 3.Any one interested leave your psn and I'll add you. Rules : 16+ Must have a mic And speak english
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  • Random[RNDM] Gaming Clan [PS3] [BO2] [Any Weapon][LIVE STREAM]

    LIVESTREAM LINK: http://www.twitch.tv/sports_sniper    <---- ONLINE This is a new clan currently founded by A_Random_Native and A_Random_Titan. Here is what the clan is about: Playstation 3 B...
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  • Looking for a Clan

    Hi!   I'm just looking for any clan to try out for. I have experience but never been in a clan. Please add me or message me   GT: XRockerGirl75X
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    Looking for a black ops 2 clan.   Prestige 1 lvl 16   Have a mic   13 yrs old   can quickscope   can snipe   uses assault rifles   Best Sniper= DSR 50, Ballista ( hate people ...
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  • CLAN

    How do i make a clan?
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  • S&D clan eLlt3z-_ now recruiting!

    Hello! I'm the founder and leader of a new clan called eLlt3z-_ and I'm looking for skilled bo2 players on PS3 to join me to take over the game by storm. i'm from finland but i speak english quite well.   Requir...
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  • How do I make a clan or join one??

    Someone please explain in detail how to make a clan on Black Ops 2 for the ps3.  Or at least to join one, Im completely lost.
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  • Clan Recruitment! (PS3)

    Wanna join a good clan that does all guns? its here we do have a couple requirements for the clan must not be annoying prefirably a mic decent kd Too try out add the leader:MeGa_illusionz or me:MeGa_PuLSeZ or...
    created by tmac9911