• Clan Recruitment for XBOX 360

    Hello Fellow BO2'ers, I am a recruiter for the infamous clan ASDF. The name is subject to change as we grow larger. We are a causal/competitive clan. Our goal is to constantly strive for the greater, to always s...
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  • zGoDz_...... Recruitment bo2 (PS3)

    you must be able to get over 15 in the 1v1 and this is a sniping clan
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  • How can i make my own clan ?

    Please help me, i dont know how can i make my own clan 2015
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  • NoVa CLan (PS3) Recruitment (also whatch the video in this post)

    HEYYY I'm thinking of making a cod clan called NoVa Clan if u wanna tryout add xcj8o8x on ps3/ps4 if you wanna join tell me what you wanna be in the team 1.Trickshotter/player  2.designer/graphics  3.editor...
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  • clan recruitment  (prestige killers) xbox 360

    We are a clan that uses all kind of guns.We play on the xbox 360. The clan is called prestige killers. If you want to join you have to be at least 12.If you want to join email me at ac4man@yahoo.com or message me on x...
  • Looking for people for a Clan (PS3)

    So let me get straight to the point. I'm looking for a few people to join my Squad, a group of people to game modes such as Domination, Search and Destroy and League play somewhat competitively but also having a laugh...
  • I need a good clan

    i am a competitive player with a mic i am a pretty decent player at call of duty message me if i can join a clan my xbox gamertag is: bluedew27
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    I need member for a clan that i have SkyZ clan (ps3)
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  • I need a clan (PS3)

    Hey guys I need a Clan here is my stats   Style: Knifer Youtube: youtube.com/ItzEmZyyPlayz Age: 14 About Me: I am a Knife Feeder. I am looking for a good clan. I am very active. I like Ramen Noodles. I also m...
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  • Desperately Looking For A "True,Loyal" Clan (PSN)

    Hey I really want to join a loyal and trustworthy clan. Heres my COD info 1.K.D 1.13 2.Good at Quick Scoping & Submachine Guns 3.Mostly Active 4.Yes I have a mic 5.Im straight up honest 6.Like to have fun ...
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  • just making a new clan.

    Hey guys I just made a clan called TFG (those freakin gamers) , and I need help getting people in it too. If yall want to join or try out just add me ArcAngel_Shady on psn. Id like the k/d ratio to be at lease 1.00. N...
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  • "Team Legacy" Now Recruiting! Multi Platform Team Looking To Grow!

    Hi, we are a newer competitive/sniping/trickshotting team looking for members, co- leaders, recruiters, and editors! We Are A Multi Platform Team Looking For Serious Gamers! Xbox GT- tL xHydro . PSN GT- HydroWarrior12...
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  • Looking for a clan

    Hey guys! My psn is "Reekblade" add me if you'd like and I am looking for a clan to join, I am not that good of a sniper but of course I can snipe! I am good with machine guns! My kd is around 0.84! And my score is us...
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  • Looking for a clan (PS3)

    HI,I am looking for a decent clan that has around About 4+ members and that are active,I am a really good player at Dom and most of the time get vsat,i mostly run support score streaks but if boerd I run high score st...
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  • Looking for a clan

         I am pretty experienced in clans and communities. I have held every rank possible. I have been a leader to multiple clans as well. The main point in this is I'd like to have more people to pla...
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  • Need clan.

    I need a clan with some cool people in it I'm good at qs and regular play
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  • Looking to join good sniping/trickshoting Clan.

    I'm Revoy_Denthz & I'm looking to join a good sniping/trickshotting clan, msg me on Kik if u want me to join ur clan. Revoy_Denthz I play on weekends only & don't have mic,
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  • looking for a sniping clan

    im a xbox 360 cod player. i have a kinect not a mic. Im prestige 3 pretty good sinper 7 out of 10. im looking for my first clan with player who give respect. my gamertag is sneakmaster141 i only play on xbox
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  • Looking For A Clan

    I Need An Active Clan More Than 10 People. I am a feeder. I Hit Clips Almost Every Week Txt me on psn m: TheKillingDude12   OR kik: Rafaelnun11
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  • Awesome Quickscoping Clan (PS3) Bo2

    This Clan Is Mostly About Snipers Everyone Is Active REquirments  Most Score 15 on a 1v1 With me MUst Have a Mic If Not Skype MUst Be Active MUst Have Kik Few Rules Trust Me You Would LIke It Here ...
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