• Black Ops 2 Sniping Clan

    PS3 Sniping Clan.  VoiD Sniping Black Ops 2 WE need recorders and quickscopers and trickshotters leave your psn name if you want to join you will need to make a new account VoiD
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         Hi, we are the 5K Clan.  We are looking for new members who can snipe, quickscope, and trickshot to join our clan for PS3.  We would like for you to have either MW2, BO2, or AW, but ...
  • wie kann man hier nen clan anmelden

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  • Expect sniping clan now recruiting (PS3)

    EExpect is a sniping clan on PS3. We are really active and we play everyday. a mic is not mandatory but it is recomended. If you don't have a mic we understand but try to get one soon. We have a website and a youtube ...
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  • ps3

    I'm looking for a clan. my specialty would be support I guess. My name on the game is IMdatGUYthatRAN
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  • [Xbox360] Recruiting members for Blackops2 Clan

    We are looking for snipers, gunners, and really good players. Out clan name is [WaUs] WaUs Stands for(We Are UN Stoppable)  also i am looking for players who will be active. [XBOX 360 ONLY]   We have: Weekl...
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  • Looking For A Clan

    I need a clan to join !!!
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  • Join our clan

    Hey guys my clan is looking for members and we have a clan website just go to XrossEmpire click join use your Psn, steam or Gamertag for your name when it ask for recruiter put in Trafficriv After that enjoy.
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  • Looking for clan!!!!

    Hello everyone I am currently looking for a Black Ops 2 clan. I am a good cod player and am easy to get along with. I have the newest legato and can promote the clan. It would be preferable if you already had a channe...
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  • [xbox 360] join RoA clan

    we do quick quickscope and coop games we have clan events to test are skills requirements gamertag age: timezone: active time: and what u do for the clan:   what the clan have - 11-16 per team - Active Forums - ...
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  • Clan tryouts

    I will be holding clan tryouts for our clan Carnage Army Version 2 (v2 is our tag). The reason its version 2 is because I started with my firends sometime back the eventally they all left and it was just me and my bes...
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  • how to creat a clan on bo2

    how do i creat a clan
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  • RyS3 clan recruiting [ps3][usa]

    Hi everyone im the leader of RyS3 we are a domination and s&d clan ive just started this clan we currently have 3 members including me i have clan battles setup once we have enough members ages recommended 17+ i a...
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  • Hazardous Gaming Recruiting! Competitive Clan [NA & EU] [PS3]

    Hey guys, Hazardous Gaming is a new competitive clan on PS3 for Black Ops 2. We have members from the USA, UK, The Netherlands and Belgium. We're looking for new active and competitive members to join the clan. To j...
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  • Looking for 3 leagueplay members (ps3)

    Whats up you handsome gamers?   I'm founding a clan , because i think i have the potential to be a succesfull black ops 2 pro player. Because I am still a college student , I can only play on Friday , Saturday ni...
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  • Looking for a Team.

    Im looking for a clan/team, I am very competitive. I play xbox my gt is, Insanus Froggy. Message me for more info.   Message was edited by: insanefroggy
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  • sniping/competitive clan recruiting age 15+ xbox 360

    Rise to Honor is recruiting Snipers/feeders trickshotters, competitive players, editors, and Gfx  designers. We are xbox 360/one only. We are multi cod.we hope to get somewhere in this gaming community and would ...
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  • MY CLAN!☆

    I find 15 players my clan. Clan name (ITS) .Nickname must start (ITS _ *******). If you want to join, please contact me via psn. My Account is (ITS_ukko) and can accommodate up to 15 players. We play hardcore and core...
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  • Black ops 2 sniping clan

    BliZz3rd Clan PS3 only we need quickscopers trickshotters recorders we will have a youtube channel black ops 2 clan and soon to be ghost will have team emblems you will have to make a new account
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  • [360] [shot] clan

    Shotgunners clan only shotguns allowed join this clan by zombie fiend01
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