• Sniping Clan RECRUITING (Xbox 360)

    Looking for a sniping clan? Well, here it is. BeTa Sniping is recruiting members for our clan. We are a both competitive and layed back team so almost any player should fit in nicely, and we play nearly every game typ...
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  • [PS3] [BO2] Join UNSC today!

    UNSC Recruiting! must be active 3 times a week at least must be level 5 to join no microphone necessary no K/D ratio requirement(s)   if you would like to join plz contact me and send me a friend request o...
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  • {PS3} Universal Clan Now Recruiting!

    Hello guys this is Universal_Shotz- here and I am starting a fresh new clan on Call of Duty for the Playstation. I will soon go to Xbox if this clan gets big enough.   What this clan will be is mainly a league c...
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  • iCarry Clan Recruiting on PS3! (Black Ops 2)

    Hello everyone, iCarry-VsatZ here, a member of the iCarry Clan. The iCarry Clan is a clan that mostly plays moshpit on League Play. We do not trickshot, that is not our clan type. Instead, we like to go "tryhard." If ...
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  • looking to join a clan

    really want to join a clan find me my username is gabinator11 im really good.
  • looking to join any clan (PS3-BO2)

    hi, i am looking to join a clan. i have no headset yet i am very active i do have a psn account: CloneUnit412 i am lvl 44 currently if you would like me to join, let me know. if you require anymore info plz let ...
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  • [PS3] [International] KrypTik clan recruiting.

    Hello, my name is Lachlan or KrypTik_Shotz whatever you want to call me. The KrypTik Clan has been around for about a month or so. The KrypTik Clan is loyal, active, trustworthy, friendly and kind. If you would like t...
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  • PS3 Need a competitive clan BO2

    HI,Am a really good player at cod and competitive,am looking for a really good clan that has good players in it (bo2).Mostly I want a clan that plays Dom or Demo. My Profile: Psn: zTrueGamer-- Guns I mostly use: Sc...
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  • LF XBOX 360 Clan

    Looking for a clan on Black Ops 2 for XBOX 360. I'm getting back into Black Ops 2 and intending to get Black Ops 3 when it comes out. So I would like to be in a clan intending to move over too. I would like to be with...
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  • Need a bo2 clan (KD 2.55)

    I'm 16 years old and i love to play bo2, it's my favorite game of all time! My PS3-GT is: ScuaR-EpiiC. Add me and contact me on watsapp, i will send you my number when you added me.       KD: 2.55!
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  • Celestial Reign(cR) Recruitment

    Hello guys! It's Pheonix here, so I decided to make my very own Xbox Competitive team/teams; What I mean by "teams" is that I plan to make this team (Celestial Reign) A Reg Gun Clan, and I plan to make my other clan (...
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  • Select Gaming Sniper Clan!!

    No time to talk ... if you are good at sniping and are looking for a clan then select is for yu. you will be given a 1v1 with me or some of the other members you will not need to have a mic but its better if you have ...
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  • Clan battles 9/14/15

    Im hosting a clan wars playoffs on this date provided if u want add Finest_Grizzly on ps3 for registration in the playoffs
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  • (PS3) i Need a clan

    I really would like to join a black ops 2 clan i'm good at quick scoping add me on psn: Barsam123
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  • Recruiting for the new Red_x clan ps3

    Hey guys it's Red_xMarksmen and I'm starting the red_x clan and I'm recruiting new members     in prefer to get in the clan I would like to now alittle about you what cod you play. YOu our would have to ...
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  • clan

    how can I make a clan please let me know
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  • How do I start a clan on xbox 360 without elite?

    I need help BADLY!!!
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  • Now Recruiting for PluGiN Sniping!!! (Xbox 360 and xboxone only!)

    If you want to join then send a friend request to FUTPRO567 On xbox live! Hope to see you in PluGiN! If you want to join you will be put through the minimum of two games (first against the co-leader of the clan then...
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  • Crazed has been reborn!! Now taking in new members

    Hello COD family, We have restarted crazed and are looking for new members. We have a sponser lined up in October to get controllers and new headsets. We are hosting tryout all of today. For more information please...
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  • I need a new clan ps3

    im a sniper or pretty much anything I can trickshot I do have a mic ill do anything I can to help out in the clan just add my psn Apex_NightFury if u want me to join your clan
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