• How do you make a clan. BO2-PS3?

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a clan on Black Ops 2 PS3  and if you could give me directions on how to do that
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  • Xbox only Sniping/ Trickshotting/Knife feeders clan recruiting age 14+

    R2H (Rise To Honor) are looking for snipers, Trickshotters, Knife feeders, Editors and Gfx designers. We are NOT looking for competitive players at least not yet. We are a Xbox only clan looking for active players who...
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  • Unknown clan recruiting!

    Looking for a chill clan? add me on ps3, my psn is MemoryUnknown. We are mostly a tryhard clan, but some of us snipe and screw around as well a kill death ratio of atleast a 2 and a mic is preferred, but we can alway...
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  • GXD3 clan on ps3 looking and recruiting

    We are a newer clan that's looking for trickshotters and quickscopers put your play type at the comments meaning quick scoper or  trick shotter
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  • [PS3] eRa recruiting [BO2]

    Re-starting eRa looking for active players who can play both objective and aggressive msg or add either ParadoXx_eRa  or Prisma_eRa Also looking for dominant league play players & snipers ofcourse. - PdoX
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  • I need a Ps3 clan

    Hello, I would like to join a clan. It doesn't matter if it's a quickscoping clan or a tryhard clan. I have a good K/D but I am also decent at sniping and at trickshotting. I play most game modes but usually SND, TDM ...
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  • Anyone interested in joining a clan?

    Propaganda is currently recruiting, we are interested in people who can snipe; quickscope/trickshot. You don't have to be the best we just want new decent members. This is a PlayStation clan. We are planning on gettin...
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  • Clan Battle

    Looking for a clan battle on xbox 360 message: leader - CraZ ToxicZ Co Leader - CraZ Ganjjaa If not message me on this or message me on xbox. My gamertag is xXdeano12Xx thanks
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  • Tryout Mystic Today! [Ps3][Bo2]

    Welcome. Mystic is a returning clan looking to start fresh. We accept both female and male players   REQUIREMENTS 1. You must have a mic 2. You must have a Kik 3. Kd preferably above a 1.0 4. You must make...
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  • C.I.T.O SQUAD new squad now recruiting  - only requirement is have fun!

                             Hi guys. Im looking for members for the C.I.T.O Squad (camping in the o...
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  • How do u make a clan

    how do u make a clan
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  • clan xXx or add me terminator_1402

    i need for clan
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  • Any Xbox 360 Clans ?

    Looking to join a decent clan on xbox 360 games i have :  Mw2                          ...
  • UK clan? 1.20 kd

    hi in looking for a uk clan i have 1.20 kd and am on from 8pm to 11pm ish most nights. Have been in a top uk lan clan and had own competitive clan and am looking for a new home. I am a slayer and also play objective d...
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  • XIL3 Recruiting

    Name and Rank: Sgt. Napalm, Site Name: www.callofdutyall.wix.com/xil3 Message:   Feel free to join XIL3, the membership form can be found at the link above.   Thanks, Sgt. Napalm
    Cpl Napalm
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  • ThUg clan now recruiting for ps3

    My name is Zachary, 18 years old and im the leader of ThUg gaming. we are a brand new gaming team looking for elite players looking to make the pros. must fill out the application below to apply. or add Baseballhero27...
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  • Silent Assassins- Clan recruitment!- Xbox 360- Black ops 2!!

    Hi, my name is ac4man aka chase!! We are the Silent Assassins clan!! We are recruiting members for our clan! You have to try out, but we accept almost any one! When you try out you will face me, or a other clan member...
  • Looking for a team  [PS3]

    Competitive player in need of a decent clan 2+ kd message or add ParadoXx_eRa
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  • C.i.t.o Squad  new clan today re ruiting 360

    Hi guys. Im looking for members for the C.I.T.O Squad (camping in the open) just started today. We don't camp like a dooshbag in a corner we hold our map strategically shotguns held high shouting COME GET SOME!! If u ...
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  • Any black ops 2 clans for xbox 360?

    Hello my names heather, yes I'm a girl. Im pretty good at quick scopin, and my trick shots are coming along well. My K/D is 1.50 im a prestige master also. My gamer tag is ElmosAmazing75 message me if you know of ...
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