• 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & X1 & PS4 & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

      Club Name: The 4 Horsemen Club Tag: 4H       About The Club     We at 4H, have a committed ourselves to a higher standard of excellence. We pride ourselves on choking the life out o...
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  • Need a clan (xbox360)

    HI guys I'm looking for a clan I have been in a few my main game modes are SnD and league play I also have a very good mic so if anyone one is interested my username is SCHAR HEIGHT
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  • Bo2 Xbox Clan

    Hi I'm starting up a Sniping Clan on Xbox, 1v1 is required (Just to test your skills) We will go into tournaments but mainly SnD, don't need a Mic Should be able to test skills the clan name is Lyfe. My Gamertag is A...
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  • {PS3} Universal Clan Now Recruiting!

    Hello guys this is Universal_Shotz- here and I am starting a fresh new clan on Call of Duty for the Playstation. I will soon go to Xbox if this clan gets big enough.   What this clan will be is mainly a league c...
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  • PS3 FuNcTiOn Recruiting! (Prepare for mild reading)

    Hey guys, my clan, FuNcTiOn, is looking for new people. About 7 months ago, we were a large clan. We gamed on PC, Xbox and of course, PS3. We play GTA 5, BO2, MW3, BF3, stuff like that. But, a month ago everybody left...
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  • Bo2 Sniping Clan XBOX360

    Hi I'm starting up a Sniping Clan on Xbox, 1v1 is required (Just to test your skills) We will go into tournaments but mainly SnD, don't need a Mic Should be able to test skills the clan name is Lyfe. My Gamertag is AP...
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  • Mensen gezocht voor clan

    Heey, ik ben alain. Heb net een een clan aangemaakt, genaamt ClawZ. je hooft niet heel goed te zijn. je moet wel een apart account er voor aanmaken. Ik heet ClawZ_ReZyX en op de ps3.
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  • Clan suche.

    Hallo. Ich suche einen Bo2 Clan auf der Ps3 . Hat jemand einen clan ,den ich joinen könnte? MfG
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  • Xbox 360 - black ops 2 clan recruitment

    our clan is looking for dedicated and talented players to join our clan. You must be of good standard, and you must also have a fairly good mic. Our clan relies heavily on teamwork and you must appreciate this. we mus...
  • S6X Clan

    join s6x clan requirements ratio above 1.0 basically thats all you don't have to be good at sniping or even snipe you can use any gun  change your name to S6X ..... we have a twitter for more check us out and wer...
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  • F.E.C. (Recruiting Bo2 XB360)

    Hey Guys, its Naz here with some breaking news. Fatal Nation is seeing double. By that I mean we are splitting into two clans. Separately but corresponding to each other. So what does this mean? Now there's double the...
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  • Sniper clan recruiting PsyKo

    YO! i'm looking for some good snipers! Age i don't really mind but i don't want any really cocky people that cannot do ****! I play once a day so i will be on if you need me! Also i am looking for 2 co leaders one ...
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  • Starting new quickscoping Clan PS3 USA  its called OpTiC   Read Alert!

    Hey guys i will be doing try outs for this clan it is a quickscoping/sniping/trickshotter/gunner clan its open to anyone but to get in you need to 1v1 me in a quickscope match out fo 10 and at least score a 6 and hey ...
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  • [Xbox360] GEG is now recruiting

    GLOBAL ELITE GAMING IS NOW OPEN FOR RECRUITS!   What is Global Elite Gaming? Global Elite Gaming (GEG) is a fun family like clan where we all play to have fun and to expand. We have a ranking system and differe...
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  • My clan is DEAD and looking for recruiters. We are snipers and quick scopers. NO SEMI AUTO.

    If you are interested hit up the clan leaders which are soul_eaterx_x666 and zacharygunner200 . The clan members wiil be as follows:   Admin:  soul_eaterx_x666 Admin:  ZacharyGunner200 Members: &nbs...
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  • Need a quickscoping clan(ps3)

    I need a quickscoping clan who play regularly and are good I am a pretty good quickscoper and try to go for feeds. I am willing to make a new account and I am 14 years old and have a mic leave your psn name if you wil...
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  • 3v3 Clan battle Quick scoping

    Hello my name is Hamzah and my psn is hamzah756. We are a clan called [OG] and we are looking for people to battle. We are currently undefeated and are looking for new challenges. If you would like a game please msg a...
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  • Clan?

    Looking for clan.
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  • Why can't I Livestream online Black Ops2

    I need help I can't live stream on Black Ops 2 and its on YouTube
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  • I am making a new PS3 Quickscoping clan called "GriZz"

    The requirements are:   - Put your current psn in the comments - Tell me about yourself (this will help you get in) - Must be experienced and active - Add my psn: xDeAtH_sLaYeRx1 - Must win or come close to...
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