• Xbox 360 - black ops 2 clan recruitment

    our clan is looking for dedicated and talented players to join our clan. You must be of good standard, and you must also have a fairly good mic. Our clan relies heavily on teamwork and you must appreciate this. we mus...
  • S6X Clan

    join s6x clan requirements ratio above 1.0 basically thats all you don't have to be good at sniping or even snipe you can use any gun  change your name to S6X ..... we have a twitter for more check us out and wer...
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  • F.E.C. (Recruiting Bo2 XB360)

    Hey Guys, its Naz here with some breaking news. Fatal Nation is seeing double. By that I mean we are splitting into two clans. Separately but corresponding to each other. So what does this mean? Now there's double the...
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  • Sniper clan recruiting PsyKo

    YO! i'm looking for some good snipers! Age i don't really mind but i don't want any really cocky people that cannot do ****! I play once a day so i will be on if you need me! Also i am looking for 2 co leaders one ...
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  • [Xbox360] GEG is now recruiting

    GLOBAL ELITE GAMING IS NOW OPEN FOR RECRUITS!   What is Global Elite Gaming? Global Elite Gaming (GEG) is a fun family like clan where we all play to have fun and to expand. We have a ranking system and differe...
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  • My clan is DEAD and looking for recruiters. We are snipers and quick scopers. NO SEMI AUTO.

    If you are interested hit up the clan leaders which are soul_eaterx_x666 and zacharygunner200 . The clan members wiil be as follows:   Admin:  soul_eaterx_x666 Admin:  ZacharyGunner200 Members: &nbs...
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  • Need a quickscoping clan(ps3)

    I need a quickscoping clan who play regularly and are good I am a pretty good quickscoper and try to go for feeds. I am willing to make a new account and I am 14 years old and have a mic leave your psn name if you wil...
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  • 3v3 Clan battle Quick scoping

    Hello my name is Hamzah and my psn is hamzah756. We are a clan called [OG] and we are looking for people to battle. We are currently undefeated and are looking for new challenges. If you would like a game please msg a...
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  • Clan?

    Looking for clan.
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  • Why can't I Livestream online Black Ops2

    I need help I can't live stream on Black Ops 2 and its on YouTube
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  • Looking for qs clan with over 100 subs[Xbox 360 bo2]

    Hello my name is Diego i am looking for a clan recently left a clan named fatal because i didnt think they were my cup of tea anyway i am a 14 year old with a kinect mic but my kinect tends to be more quiet than it ec...
    VoiD Vertex
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  • Black Ops 2 Sniping Clan

    PS3 Sniping Clan.  VoiD Sniping Black Ops 2 WE need recorders and quickscopers and trickshotters leave your psn name if you want to join you will need to make a new account VoiD
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  • iCarry Clan Recruiting on PS3! (Black Ops 2)

    Hello everyone, iCarry-VsatZ here, a member of the iCarry Clan. The iCarry Clan is a clan that mostly plays moshpit on League Play. We do not trickshot, that is not our clan type. Instead, we like to go "tryhard." If ...
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  • Need a quickscoping clan

    My K/D with a sniper since i just started is a 1.30 my PSN is EXTREME-SPORTS18  please message me if you think id be agood fit in your clan i also have a youtube i could make another account but i do not have an ...
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  • FuzE clan starting ! PS3

    I'm starting a new clan called FuzE (pronounced fuse) looking to recruit quickscopers, trickshotters and a few editors add me on ps3 DANR_00 and tweet me is you want to try-out Twitter: _AsyluM_ goodluck
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  • Enty Clan Recruiting Xbox 360

    Enty or nT clan is now recruiting competitive gamers and snipers please submit tryout on Xbox live message   Competitive or Sniper   Gamertag   Do you own a capture card yes or no optional   Ag...
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  • I need a Ps3 clan

    Hello, I would like to join a clan. It doesn't matter if it's a quickscoping clan or a tryhard clan. I have a good K/D but I am also decent at sniping and at trickshotting. I play most game modes but usually SND, TDM ...
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  • Looking for a clan

    I'm not that bad of a player but I'm not too great either I'm looking to find a clan to help out and learn from and I've been looking to FaZe and Optic but I'm not good enough so I'm looking to gain skill and friends ...
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    Seeking a partner in starting an all girls clan!! Black ops 2- PS3 ONLY. Please Kik me @brinaeeee, add me on face book Brinae Powell, or message me on here. Add me on PSN @Dodecadork. Clan name still up for discussion...
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  • Looking for a MLG clan!

    Hi I am a dedicated BO2 player looking for a team to play gamebattles and clan battles with. I am 15 years old and will be going into my sophomore year in high school.  I play with a Scuf Hybrid and Astro A40 hea...
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