• Pro Gaming Team

    Names Zachary, And im looking for a pro gaming team for the ps3 if interested in recruiting me add my PSN: BaseballHero27
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  • Clan Recruitment for XBOX 360

    Hello Fellow BO2'ers, I am a recruiter for the infamous clan ASDF. The name is subject to change as we grow larger. We are a causal/competitive clan. Our goal is to constantly strive for the greater, to always s...
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  • I am making a new PS3 Quickscoping clan called "GriZz"

    The requirements are:   - Put your current psn in the comments - Tell me about yourself (this will help you get in) - Must be experienced and active - Add my psn: xDeAtH_sLaYeRx1 - Must win or come close to...
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    Were now recruiting people to join ACKN clan, tryouts will be hosted this Friday @6:30pm for anyone who wants to join. my PSN- P0Z3_KILL_EM_ALL feel free to shoot me a main I WILL REPLY.
    created by P0Z3_KILL_EM_ALL
  • Read if you edit make intros record or gfz

    we need editors ,recorders and gfx For our recruitment challenge if interested mag me on Psn at Sinx-Mangy (Non xbox live)
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  • I need a clan (PS3)

    Hey guys I need a Clan here is my stats   Style: Knifer Youtube: youtube.com/ItzEmZyyPlayz Age: 14 About Me: I am a Knife Feeder. I am looking for a good clan. I am very active. I like Ramen Noodles. I also m...
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  • xSparX Clan Recruitment(PS3-PS4)

    Hey Guys Im Red_xSparx. I decided To make a Sniping Clan for all th epeople who love Sniping. I need Decent Snipers/Trickshotters who can hit clips regularly. I also need editors for youtube. Editors, send me some...
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  • Clan killer recruiting

    Brand New Clan Killer Contact Me On Kik tobicasas
    created by TobiCasasnovas
  • Clan Recruitment for snipers only

    Hello People looking for people who know how to snipe, tricks hot, and quick scope. If interested leave a comment with   Username : must make a new account when u join also must have   Email : email so we...
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  • Looking for Black Ops 2 clan (PC)

    I am not good at quick scoping but I am learning. I am decent with norm guns I have a .89 KD (Not very high) I am level 32 prestige 2. I am just looking to be part of a group.
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  • Need COD Clan

    If u need members for a clan hit me up im looking for a good quickscoping or competitive clan hit me up at Hype Central
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  • Recruiting Members (Ps3 Or XBOX 360)

    Clan Name: Extra Requirements: Have a youtube channel quickscope / trickshot have a ps3 or xbox 360 Need to see how good you are and most of the team likes you as a friend/teammate Leader must like you to add y...
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  • description in below read for zombie ps3 skype needed

    Skype:hungrycyborg Ps3 GamerTag:ashtondaboss1989 All dlc maps included 4 People to start a game
    created by exitto
  • Anyone want to play with me in zombies black ops 2 ps3 3 people needed skype in description

    Skype needed to play and also have all dlc included
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  • Kings of Kod-XBOX 360 CLAN

    Kings of Kod Recruitment! We are looking for members ages 12-18 who have Xbox 360 and a mic. No kinects! Message dyl_becks on Kik if interested in joining! Girls are welcome too, we have a Queens of Cod sub category...
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  • Revoy Clan Recruiting Now!! (Ps3)

    Revoy Clan looking for feeders & trickshotters. In order to join you must Show me some clips, if you don't have clips then I will 1v1 you. Also looking for Editors & Designers. Kik: Revoy_Senthz  for mor...
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  • Revoy making a ProTeam (Ps3)

    Revoh Senthz here bringing you guys some info about the Pro Team. It will be a League Team. Youll use Assault Riffles & Smg's. Tryouts for the Pro Team will start tonight with Revoy_Quake ( Leader of Pro Team ) . ...
    created by Revoy_Senthz
  • Recruiting For iTz Clan For ps3!!!

    Hey its iTz_Futurez. Im recruiting Quad feeders and Trickshotters. To Join You Just Have To Show Me One Clip From Online Either Trickshot Or Quad Feed.   For More InFormation You Can Contact Me At   Kik: ...
    created by TheKillingDude12
  • Recrutement Clan Français ouvert

    Venez nous rejoindre sur un clan 100% francophone !!!! Recrutement ouvert   ForcesLibresFR [FLFR]
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  • Looking for a clan

    Hey guys! My psn is "Reekblade" add me if you'd like and I am looking for a clan to join, I am not that good of a sniper but of course I can snipe! I am good with machine guns! My kd is around 0.84! And my score is us...
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