• Looking for a PS3 clan

    Hey I'm looking for a PS3 clan. I mostly play domination S&D and sometimes team death match. I also play league play sometimes. I'm just looking for people to play with and help me become a better player. If inter...
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  • Need a editor ps3 only

    you need to add me on PSN: XciTe_ZOne then send me a 1:30 montage of your best edit Email:Bionicuprise123@gmail.com. and are channel at@http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGMBoT7ixOWcNftBYVi5CgQ
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  • [US] [XBOX] cF feed/trickshot clan is recruiting! [NEW]

    Hello, I am Scotz cF, the leader of cF or Cold Front clan! Here is some information that you will need to know before anything - *AT CF WE DO NOT TOLLERATE DRAMA AND CURSING* Requirements -   A working mic &n...
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  • anyone recruiting anyone for a black ops 2 clan on Xbox 360 send me a message on information for joining my gamertag is codipeachthking

    anyone recruiting anyone for a black ops 2 clan on Xbox 360 send me a message on information for joining my gamertag is codipeachthking
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  • Chrome clan recrutement ps3

    I Don't care how old you are but I'm 14 years old. I want to make a sniper clan named chrome. I don't care if you can trickshot or get feeds. If you like to have fun with friends and like to snipe join. Me and my frie...
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  • Black Ops 2 Sniping Clan PS3

    Hi there, my names Alex and I'm starting a sniping clan on Black Ops 2 for PS3 only. I'm looking for other good (quickscopers/feeders/trickshoters) to play with, to join add me on PSN: nightrattler123 You must have ...
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  • 150 Subscriber RC PS3 sniping clan

    Add me on PSN:XciTe ZOne and show me your best feeds or trickshots to join XciTe Sniping ARE CHANNEL @https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGMBoT7ixOWcNftBYVi5CgQ
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  • BTK all gun PS3 clan Recruiting for BO2

    Hey everyone its the Founder of Born To Kill, just letting you know we are still up and running with around 15 members and were still looking for new members so add me BTK_Legin on PS3 to tryout! Thanks
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  • Looking for a competitive team

    i am looking to join a competitive team that will help me get better at black ops 2. i like to play the objective and i want to join a cal that will play other clans and tourneys. my GT is NoVa BoomNoke
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  • I play Bo2, Cod 4, and WAW, and I am looking for a clan

    I usually play at least every weekend I play on Xbox 360 and I am a beginner sniper I would say i am a bit better than the average sniper, anyway I am looking for a clan message me on Xbox if i can join or try out, gt...
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  • tS Clan recruitment ps3

    Not very much to say as I just started this clan about 20 minutes ago. Recruiting all players of all skill caps. Thanks, and add tS-Mp40 if you would like to join.
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  • Defy Sniping and Trickshotting Clan

    Requirements - Must have mic - Must be 12 or older - Must have over 1.0 kd - Must be willing to change gamertag   Message or Friend request me if you would like to tryout (GT: Defy x Ryan), ot leave you gamertag...
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  • Looking for a clan that recruits new players!

    Hey people, I just started playing BO2 on the 360 about a month ago. I am not really a noob, I don't camp lol, but my KD is like .82. I am working on quick scoping as well hehe, I am just looking for a clan that is ...
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  • BuscoClan¡Ya!

    Busco Clan Soy Bueno Si me quieren comunicar dejo Mi Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Brayan.losdelsur.bandalos Y Mi Twitter:  TexHW (@T3XHW) | Twitter
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  • Looking for clan members BO2 PS3.

    Now that they went and basically removed Classic mode from AW I am moving back to BO2 since Ghosts is unplayable.  In doing so I plan on losing most of my clan members.  Looking for some players,  KD do...
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  • My clan

    Everytime i try to use a clan tag it says it's prohibited or something is there any way I can fix it and put a clan
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  • RRTS recruitment

    I am looking for people who would like to join my clan RRTS. If you are interested in being in RRTS then you must be able to quickscope to get into the sniping division. If you would like to join message me on xbox. M...
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  • Looking for a clan

    looking for a competitive and laid back clan, my kd is 1.94 hmu my gt is MrSickWitIt
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  • XiledGaming (KoG HellHouse Recruiting)

    Dear All Black Ops II players,   Looking for a community that has a strong core structure an has been around for a few good years now?  Well XiledGaming has been around for over 8 years now with well over 8...
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  • Hey I'm am starting a clan called MOB its is a cool snipers clan tht will push u to the boundaries join so ur skills can be tested

    look up joker23160 for more answers to this awesome clan
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