• Clan Xbox 360

    Hi, I just wanna be in some clan, I have never been in a clan.   GT: juancardona99   Thank u
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  • Clan war

    im looking for a clan war for Friday night anyone down? QS only
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  • Shadow of Veterans Recruiting

    Newly formed BO2 Clan. Must have a 1kd or higher. Be a recruit today and earn your way up the chain of command!
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  • Black Ops II Knife Clan

    Need Black ops 2 knifers. Use anything at disposle to get as much kills as possible. All people are welcome to join, no name change, starting over or some type of high standard of prestige. This is only based on the a...
    Joker Beyond
    created by Joker Beyond
  • Looking to mass recruit

    Hello . The newly formed NRG Gaming Network are looking to mass recruit on all Call of Duty games on all consoles. Message me on Skype: Lewis Gemzii or on Xbox: AdvancedNinjaZX. We are looking to make a fun team for C...
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  • Looking to set-up a clan

    looking to set-up a Black Ops 2 clan       No Noob-tubes, Camping, ect   just straight-up Gaming (Mic's Preferred but not Necessary!)   No Age Requirement or any other stupid loops to jump...
  • Need decent sniping clan

    Need a decent sniping clan- no headset for ps3, only ps4- Willing to do black ops 3 if it can get me into a clan, though i don't play much- PSN- Arc_Snipez, (no social media, just email)
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  • ZeTa Clan Recruitment

    Looking for someone to join ZeTa Clan. Anyone can join! Must be 13 and above must have a K/D above 0.50. For more info. contact Slicer Logan (On Xbox One!)
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  • CooN clan Tryouts

    created by LUKE_SKYDOCK
  • Looking for a Clan

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a clan who still takes bo2 seriously, I am a former competitive player and I have attended LAN once, my KD is 3.21. I am British but can team with Americans and I can also speak Fre...
    I Lewis I
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  • Looking for a Clan Any Kind (360)

    looking for a clan for the 360 my Gt is RogueMathias16 I am 16 K/D is 2.56 I have a Headset
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  • Looking for a Aw or Bo2 Clan to join (360)

    im looking for a Aw or Bo2 clan my Gt is roguemathias16 im 16 K/D 2.56 i have a headset
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    RICE CLAN! ~ JOIN A TEAM! WE ARE NOW RECRUITNG! WE ARE COMPETITIVE!   Requirements Below: Age Limit: 14+ *Must Have A Mic* Game: "`Call Of Duty`" Console: Xbox | PC Fun 1v1 VS ~Despair~ Keep Your K/D ^Positive...
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  • I am looking for a Clan to Join (Xbox 360)

    I am looking for a Clan to Join for Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360, I am 15, I don't have a Mic Yet, My K/D is 1.00 (I know I suck) My main Weapons are Lsat, Hamr, and SkorpionEVO. I am just Looking for a Clan to have Fun with.
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  • Black ops 2 PS3 clan

    Hey. Looking to start a bo2 clan for the PS3 as I've seen alot of people looking around for one recently so thought why not start our own. Message iMoabu- on PS3 for more info, preferably KD of 1.5 or higher, thanks.
    created by IMoabu-
  • Trying To Join BO2 Clan

    Looking for a black ops 2 clan.   Prestige 1 lvl 16   Have a mic   13 yrs old   can quickscope   can snipe   uses assault rifles   Best Sniper= DSR 50, Ballista ( hate people ...
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  • Logic Gaming Clan(Ps3)

    New clan looking for members I have 14 members so far.we do quickscope and so on add me on psn @Logic_Ambitionz if you want to join ps3 only
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  • Algun clan?? Miickael2015 mi id

    Algún clan???? MIICKARL2015
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  • Sniping clan

    I'm looking for a sniping clan. Or to start a new one.
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  • Im looking for a ps3 only clan that is active for black ops 2

    im active play lots of zombies .. I dont consider miself a pro but i think i can catch up if i play seriously.. well thats it .. if you want me on your clan add me on Pat_2002
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