• SWAT (SO) Recruiting - Black Ops 2/PS3 Hardcore & Core

    Welcome to Swat (Clan Tag will be SO9Provided Number) We are a new clan on Black Ops 2. Currently we are recruiting players - But we are not looking for Snipers. If you are Interested message one of the Founders to...
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  • [PS3] [International] KrypTik clan recruiting.

    Hello, my name is Lachlan or KrypTik_Shotz whatever you want to call me. The KrypTik Clan has been around for about a month or so. The KrypTik Clan is loyal, active, trustworthy, friendly and kind. If you would like t...
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  • XGN is always looking for members!!

    XGN is a great group of people a;ways willing to recruit new members!!! MSG me on xbox @ XGN MXForce to get a recruitment spot!!
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  • Need a clan

    Im a good quick scoper needing a clan for my new account add me Twiist_Vortex_HD
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  • Competitive Blackops2 Player, Looking For Active MLG/eSports Clan[Xbox]

    Hello everyone,   First off please forgive the name made this account a very long time ago, been a few clans recently and unfortunately most players are inactive or unsupportive, im a league player mainly dont r...
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  • BO2 Clan

    How do I make a BO2 Clan because I have no idea how?
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  • I need a clan on BO2

    I Am kind of experienced, but especially with a sniper. I quickscope and trickshot. My pSN is Vadariii and my kik is JukeGods.
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  • Looking for a BO2 Clan PS3

    LOOKING FOR BO2 CLAN Hi guys, im looking for a competitive clan on BO2. I can quickscope really well and improving on my trickshot. I also use other guns like assaults and smgs. If I were to choose between gunner and...
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  • F.E.C. (Recruiting Bo2 XB360)

    Hey Guys, its Naz here with some breaking news. Fatal Nation is seeing double. By that I mean we are splitting into two clans. Separately but corresponding to each other. So what does this mean? Now there's double the...
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  • PS3 FuNcTiOn Recruiting! (Prepare for mild reading)

    Hey guys, my clan, FuNcTiOn, is looking for new people. About 7 months ago, we were a large clan. We gamed on PC, Xbox and of course, PS3. We play GTA 5, BO2, MW3, BF3, stuff like that. But, a month ago everybody left...
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  • Any Objective Based Clans...? ps3

    I'm after a clan who plays things like SnD...Dom...Hardpoint etc who plays the objective, trying to get the win instead of camping in a corner or something. I can use snipers, shotguns, lmg's, smg's and ar's. and my o...
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  • Competitive Clan---Join MOST-50 active members a day

    Join Our Clan!!! Make A Profile Then Check Out Our Page At www.facebook.com/mostwantedcod . Message The Page With Your MOST- Gamertag . Be Sure To Read The Rules, Roster And Operations On The Page Under About . Th...
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  • Nova clan recruiting

    I am a co leader of Nova and we are running low on players and we need some more people.   We are looking for people who are good at quickscoping or trickshotting and must be half decent with normal guns it does...
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  • I am making a new PS3 Quickscoping clan called "GriZz"

    The requirements are:   - Put your current psn in the comments - Tell me about yourself (this will help you get in) - Must be experienced and active - Add my psn: xDeAtH_sLaYeRx1 - Must win or come close to...
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  • Clan

    Looking for a new clan?!! (xbox360)
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    Looking for a new clan?!!
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  • TR Clan recruiting!

    Our new clan TR, is recruiting, we just started, we have a good team for starters, really good editors. We are looking for players, and GFX people. We do multicod, sniping, trickshotting, we are doing competitive, cla...
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  • Competitive Clan Recruiting MOST-

    Join Our Clan!!! Make A Profile Then Check Out Our Page At http://www.facebook.com/mostwantedcod . Message The Page With Your MOST- Gamertag . Be Sure To Read The Rules, Roster And Operations On The Page Under Abo...
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  • Basically Clan Recruiting (PS3)

    We are a Sniping/Quick Scoping clan. 1. You MUST have a mic (Quality doesn't matter as long as its understandable) 2. You DON'T have to create a new account, but we would like you to 3. There will be a clan tryout....
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  • Starting new quickscoping Clan PS3 USA  its called OpTiC   Read Alert!

    Hey guys i will be doing try outs for this clan it is a quickscoping/sniping/trickshotter/gunner clan its open to anyone but to get in you need to 1v1 me in a quickscope match out fo 10 and at least score a 6 and hey ...
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