• I Am Looking For A Clan PSN Only

    Hey if you are reading this its because I am looking for a clan to recruit me I am a good competitive player I am good with Snipers and SMG's I really like Fun and Competitve clans and active clan members and more tha...
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  • great player, in need of a clan or other good players to grow with/slay with

    Hey guys!! I am a slayer on xbox 360. I have a 2.95 k/d. I am a great quickscoper and smg/amg player. I can do good alone but I have friends that I'll play with sometimes and we will never lose (hardcore domination is...
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  • New Sniping Clan Zenco now recruiting for bo2!! (Ps3)

    I just Started a new sniping clan called Zenco, If you want to join msg me on Kik or on Ps3. I want guys n girls that are good at sniping n get feeds. You do not need a mic to join.If you do join the clan I recommend ...
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  • [PC]Clan"FlaZ"

    PC Clan öffnet! Der Clan soll "FlaZ"heißen und ist ein [PC] Quickscope Clan. Was du können musst! Hier sind ein paar Fragen die du beantworten sollst.   Mein Können: 100% Quickscopen ...
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  • Italian Clan [ita]

    Cerco clan italiano , il mio ruolo di solito è lo sniper... I'm Searching an italian clan, my role is sniper ...
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  • Creating a new clan!

    Yo guys I'm creating a clan called Ascension for xbox 360, I'm looking for experienced players that like to play league/try hard on pubs. 
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  • Clan?

    Looking for a sniping clan on Xbox 360 from the United States gamer tag (King Spawndex)
    Spandex Fawn
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  • Looking For Players To Join Our Clan!!! Level or KD doesn't matter.(PS3)

    Im Xrebellion-Rush, the current leader of the Xrebellion clan. I want you to join our clan. Requirements: None- KD ratio and level doesn't matter, our clan aims only to have fun and win competitive matches when poss...
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  • [xbox 360] join RoA clan

    we do quick quickscope and coop games we have clan events to test are skills requirements gamertag age: timezone: active time: and what u do for the clan:   what the clan have - 11-16 per team - Active Forums - ...
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  • how do you search and get into a clan?

    I have been trying to join a clan but i just dont know where i do it from!
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  • [Xbox 360] Need a clan?

    [QyB] is recruiting! QyB was formed by DarkChaotix1 with co-leaders of Cannonizer and M34ny 59. We are an all around type of a clan.  QyB stands for: Quit your B*chin.   Requirements: Mic 1.0+ kd Decentl...
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  • Slayer?

    Anyone looking for a slayer for their clan
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  • Recruiting proffesional Quickscopers and skilled smg players.

    VyBz clan is searching for clan members. we got 6 people in the clan now.   What do you need to pass for the clan?   - No hacked stuf / ratio / weapons. - Good ratio with a own gameplay. - the ratio will...
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  • HyP Clan is Recruiting! (PS3 BO2)

    Are you tired of carrying your team? Tired of losing your games because of randoms and noobs? Well look no further!   HyP clan is a call of duty black ops 2 ps3 clan. The leader is HyP-Dreamz Co-leadersare;...
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  • HyP is recruiting ! (Bo2 PS3)

    Are you tired of carrying your team? Tired of losing your games because of randoms and noobs? Well look no further!   HyP clan is a call of duty black ops 2 ps3 clan. The leader is HyP-Dreamz Co-leadersare;...
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  • How do I register my clan name?

    Any one know how to register my clan?
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    Add your name Below and depending on your Skill/KD And Game choice's we will add you to a clan that will invite you on ELITE from out large list that needs you and you will be a pro KICK ASS member of . Ps3 And Xbox ...
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  • Revolution of Gaming

    Hello all, I would like to tell you about Revolution of Gaming. Revolution of Gaming has been around since 2008 is an online gaming clan made by gamers for gamers. We are a multi-platform gaming community, with differ...
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  • Xbox 360 Sniper/Trickshot Clan

    Hello i have a clan that will be call AWPr and i already have 3 people and we do training weekly(We will when we get a full team). We are a serious clan and we want mature people to join. Please contact me if you wan...
  • black ops 2 xbox 360 water clan recruiting sniper, trickshots,

    Hi,   if you want to join the water clan put your xbox gamertag down and if you have skype if you want you can put that down too my xbox gamer tag is g4ming Lewis I'm the co-leader of the clan if you want to spe...
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