• Looking for a clan

    looking for a competitive and laid back clan, my kd is 1.94 hmu my gt is MrSickWitIt
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  • XiledGaming (KoG HellHouse Recruiting)

    Dear All Black Ops II players,   Looking for a community that has a strong core structure an has been around for a few good years now?  Well XiledGaming has been around for over 8 years now with well over 8...
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  • RiseToHonor (R2H) recruiting age 15+ xbox 360

    RisetoHonor is recruiting Snipers/Feeders, Trickshotters, Editors, Designers, and Competitive players. We are xbox 360/xbox one only clan. We are Multi Cod. (Cod 4-AW). We have a ranking structure in this clan. You'll...
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  • Hey I'm am starting a clan called MOB its is a cool snipers clan tht will push u to the boundaries join so ur skills can be tested

    look up joker23160 for more answers to this awesome clan
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  • Ps3 Clan

    Anyone Wanna Make A Clan for ps3? Msg Me on Psn: Anderson41011
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  • PS3 uF-_- Clan Now Recruiting!

    Hey all the uF-_- Clan is now recruiting and if you would like to join Send me a friend request on psn @ uF-_-Bear   uF is a pubstomping clan so you will do matches of legueplay, snd domination and kill confir...
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  • Sniping Clan RECRUITING (Xbox 360)

    Looking for a sniping clan? Well, here it is. BeTa Sniping is recruiting members for our clan. We are a both competitive and layed back team so almost any player should fit in nicely, and we play nearly every game typ...
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  • PrizmGaming

    Hello There its xAnoYz Leader of PrizmGaming I am going to start this clan today so if you would like to join please add xAnoYz on PS3 and be online today 8 PM UK Time on BlackOps2. You have to have some decent gamepl...
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  • Revolution of Gaming

    Hello all, I would like to tell you about Revolution of Gaming. Revolution of Gaming has been around since 2008 is an online gaming clan made by gamers for gamers. We are a multi-platform gaming community, with differ...
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  • Im making a clan join it add me ps3 mRAKakid143

    JOin me only quick scopers
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  • How do I make a clan in 2015 with windows

    Can someone help me because I really want to make a clan in cod bo2, but whenever I try to go on elite it's like there is no website for it. I try to look up tutorials on youtube, but they are all with elite.... Plz ...
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  • want to get of trying to find a "ELITE" clan.. come to MLG and send a request off too NeoN Alliance to join our COMP team, we also have a RC out for snipers.

    sign up for our clan here on mlg then get trailed through master league games> http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/ps3/call-of-duty-black-ops-ii/team/neon -alliance to join our sniper check our RC>> htt...
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  • Need players to join HACK_ clan for wiiu.

    Snipers, pistols, and SMG's. Looking for unlimited recruits. If you are interested reply, friend request me@ HACK_chOpPerBoy, or hmu on kik@ InfinitySquad or coconutberryjuice. Thanks guys and i hope to talk to some o...
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  • Trickshotters voor 6 man

    Hello,   I'm looking for advanced trickshotters to play with in a 6 man. Just add me *  Next_YaNi  * I prefer headsets, and enough skill.   Greets YaNi
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  • Does anyone want to join my sniper clan on ps3?

    I Made a sniper clan on black ops 2 and is wondering if anyone is interested in joining? Let me know by replying or sending me a message on the ps3 my username is, TSOC_Dukester123
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  • vF Clan recruitment

    Hi guys im the leader of vF Nation and i am looking for some members. There are 3 divisions Sniping, Pubstomping and MLG. To join this clan in the pubstomping division you must have over a 2K/D Ratio. To join MLG you...
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  • Looking for sniping clan

    I bearly made a new psn andI am looking for a good sniping clan I am good at quickscoping with the DSR and somtimes I hit some trickshots. If you want me to join your clan my psn is Tranitio.
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  • Orion Gaming! [XB1&360]

    Orion Gaming is back and even better than before! What we have to offer: -Community events for all popular games. -Contests and raffles. -A solid group of members who are always down to play. -We feature the Orion s...
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  • Join Defy Sniping and Trickshotting clan!

    Requirements - Must have mic - Must be 12 or older - Must have over 1.0 kd - Must be willing to change gamertag   Message or Friend request me if you would like to tryout (GT: Defy x Ryan). We ask that you,...
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  • KRYPT clan now recruiting for xbox 360

    if you want to join message th1k0 burf5 and he will invite you to a game and see how good you are!!!
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