• Terra Clan Recruiting feeders and Trickshotters!!!

    Terra clan needs ACTIVE feeders and trickshotters. We have a YouTube Channel and a emblem.we currently have 14 members , Mic is not required. Msg Terra_Orbie on psn or kik. We are a sniping/ Trickshoting Clan.
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  • AccU Sniping is RECRUITING! BO2 PS3

    What's up my fellow gamers is Social here telling you that my clan Accurate Gaming is recruiting on our sniping side! In order to join you must have the following; A mic Must be able to get 15 kills against our bes...
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  • Looking For A Clan? We Got You Covered!

    Hi. My name is Jackified aka WikidGamer152 on Xbox Live. I am looking to make a BO2 clan and a BO3 clan on PC. But for now, I have a forum to apply to become a clan member. This is a completely new clan so you don't h...
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  • Looking for a clan??? Join before tryouts end!!!

    Hello, I am BlackMamba. I am an official clan leader, and I have to decided to open tryouts, since I have been detecting a lot of good players are looking for a great competitive clan. We do not go to big gaming compe...
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  • ClashOfDutch! Een nieuwe clan op de PS3 (New clan on the PS3)

    Hey iedereen, Ik ben VerliNL1 of Jordy Ik heb deze clan opgericht op 26-06-2015 en ik wil deze clan graag groot maken En dit is niet zo'n standaard clan die heel serieus speelt in de game, in deze clan gebeuren ook...
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  • Please Help Me

    Guys I just uploaded my 300 kill gameplay on blackops2 please help me and support me by subscribing and sharing it please Mawigi - YouTube it will mean alot
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  • Ps3 Sniping clan Recruting

    Just add me Xcite_Zone and ill talk to you and 1v1 you and see if you are good and if your a trickshoter you can join too you just got to show me your best trickshot you can do and your in the clan and are youtube is ...
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  • League Play Team (PS3)

    Hey guys a new league season has started on BO2 and I was thinking of actually creating a league play team I was currently ranked gold 45 for that season and here are some recuirments. (You must be ranked silver or hi...
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  • Sniping and trickshoting team named Elder Rising is recruiting for players

    We are a clan that is making a comeback and have a solid team so far and we are looking for me to join! Msg me on Xbox at The bang BANG or DM me on Twitter at either @ElderPooky or @Pooky2534, we have a Twitter too @E...
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  • Any adult clans on xbox360?

    Recent college graduate looking for a clan or group of people to play with (preferably not competitive - just chill). If there is anyone fitting this description, go ahead and add me. My extremely mature GT is FlugalH...
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  • Join ValorZ! (PS3) (USA)

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  • Recruiting! :D (Playstation 3 players only)

    I am currently recruiting members for Brutality Gang (Clantag:BANG). Message me (Brutal_Mobster) if your interested. New PSN account creation will be needed. We can talk amongst eachother for a new name for yourself i...
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  • (ps3) Make a new clan

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to make a new clan with. I'd like someone who is experienced so lead it with me If you're interested please kik me at : TaCoMaNFoRDaYs so we can talk
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  • (Ps3) Pure Clan is now recruiting!

    Pure Clan is now recruiting!   Pure is a Competitive and Fun Clan   This is a new clan that was created just today. We only have 2 Deadly Members so far: Pure_Monstah (Leader) Pure_KaRmy (Co-Leader)  ...
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  • Looking for an oustanding sniper for Chicago Crew (clan)

    If you are interested just Kik me or shoot me a text Kik: captainamerika13 Number: 7208837295 Hmu, looking for snipers DSR/ Ballista trickshotters and quickscoperz Hmu, to begin your tryouts for Chicago Crew.
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  • [XBOX 360] All-Girl Clan ~ NOW RECRUITING 13+ Mics Required!

    GDIB (Girls Do It Better) is an Xbox-based and exclusive all-girl recreational clan that specializes in first person shooters and objective-based games.     All-Girl Clan on XBOX looking for new recruits and...
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  • Join Pure Gaming. We are a competitive clan (PS3)

    Pure Clan is now recruiting!   Pure is a Competitive and Fun Clan   This is a new clan that was created just today. We have 6 members so far. The two leaders are: Pure_Monstah (Leader) Pure_KaRmy (Co-Leade...
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  • New Clan just started. Based on Transformers Decepticons

    Hi, I've recently made a clan called the Decepticons and i'd like for people to join. This is just a fun clan with no 1v1 to get in. If you join I'll give you the list of Decepticons and you can pick one out. Add me o...
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  • [PS3] Tragiic Clan Looking For Members!

    FIrst of, here are the clan requirments: K/D .85+ Level 20+ Quickscopes and SMG's ONLY (Quickscopers Preferred) NO Marksman Rifles (SVU-AS and XPR-50) Must be online 2-4 times a week (If you have school and can o...
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  • Looking for members for the Toatem clan please join

    If you want to join the Toatem clan. email me on this email and we will give you some information. our email is toatemclan@gmail.com. We are an all rounder  under clan but mainly quick scoping. Also check out my ...
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