• Tryouts for Terra Sniping/Trickshotting Clan bo2 (Ps3)

    Tryout for Terra Clan. Looking for active guys to join. We have about 12 members, mic is not necessary.we have a YouTube channel. Tryouts start today!! TRYOUTS is only for a few days... kik: Terra_Orbie psn: Terra_Orbie
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    Viet Gaming is always on the lookout for fun loving, mature gamers. We have a rich history dating back to the early 2000s when we were primarily a PC clan; however, our XBOX team was conceived in 2013. Currently, the ...
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  • ApEx clan ps3

    Just starting out with the whole clan thing just looking for people wanting to play for fun maybe some league play Add me on Psn KoCkTiMuS_pRyMe
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  • New Venal Clan Sniping/Trickshotting bo2 (Ps3)

    New Venal Clan, it is a Sniping/Trickshotting Clan. Must tryout, u will 1v1 me, scores up to 30, to join the clan u must either beat me or get above 25 kills. If you join we recommend u to make a kik or Skype so we ca...
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  • [PS3] XII Sniping and Trickshoting Clan Recruiting

    Hello everyone this is XII leader here and we need more members. To join just contact us at one of the info places down below thanks. We look for feeders and Mainly trickshoters. How to is we will look at videos and p...
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  • xbox only clan looking for Editors, Feeders, and Trickshotters recruiting age 14+

    R2H (Rise to Honor) is recruiting Snipers/Feeders, Trickshotters, tomahawk/Ballistic Knife feeders, Editors, and Graphic/Web Designers. We play any Call Of Duty game on xbox 360/One! We'd like to see if this clan can ...
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  • Need Bo2 clan (ps3)

    i'm going to start off by saying that I have been looking for a clan for a while now, I am 15 (16 in less that ten days) I do not have a mic and my k/d has been horrible for a while now, I hope that's not a problem, I...
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  • Dezertik recrute

    la team Dezertik recrute si sa vous interesse contacter moi ou ajouter moi PSN Dezertik_WeeeZy
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  • Sakura now recruiting! (Xbox 360)

    Sakura is a competitive and sniping clan, we are brand new and currently looking for members. we have certain requirements to try out; you must be active on the game, you  must have a mic and you also need to be ...
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  • [Xbox 360] Black Ops II Clan - KAOS is now recruiting!

    Greetings Players, KAOS is recruiting players who are dedicated to playing Black Ops II. KAOS currently contains 10 Players in the Quickscoping subdivision & 2 Players in the Gunning subdivision. We are roughly ...
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  • Bo2 clan FuRy recruiting (PS3)

    New Bo2 clan FuRy recruiting (PS3) Tempfifa21 02-May-2015 06:11 if you would like to join a clan add me FuRy_Powerr or message me on kik @jaydenpower28   Averag 
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  • New clan for PS3

    Hey guys i am looking to start a new clan, the first to join will be CO-Leader. My psn is littlerenez_03 my kik is edwin_lopez03. Try outs are included only to see that you are cape able of playing well. Your not requ...
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  • (Ps3) Sniping/Trickshotting clan. Pure is now recruiting!

    Pure Clan is now recruiting! We are a new Sniping/Trickshotting Clan that was just created! We do have training set up to better our sniping! To Join: You must be able to get 20 kills against Monstah in a 1v1 on Nuk...
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  • Impulsive Recruiting (PS3) (EU)

    Sup guys, we're a brand new clan looking for some European recruits. We only play League and will do some scrims soon.   To join we will have to test you first. Add Impulsive-Nanoxx or Impulsive-Deejay
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  • clan

    hey i want to start a clan but i cant figure out how to can someone help
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  • Join Xiled Syndicate Gaming (XBOX 360 / ONE)

    Xiled Syndicate Gaming is currently recruiting   XSG is a new gaming community that is still in the building process but so far the website is up and officially running, looking for some dedicated people who woul...
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  • Terra Clan Recruiting feeders and Trickshotters!!!

    Terra clan needs ACTIVE feeders and trickshotters. We have a YouTube Channel and a emblem.we currently have 14 members , Mic is not required. Msg Terra_Orbie on psn or kik. We are a sniping/ Trickshoting Clan.
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  • AccU Sniping is RECRUITING! BO2 PS3

    What's up my fellow gamers is Social here telling you that my clan Accurate Gaming is recruiting on our sniping side! In order to join you must have the following; A mic Must be able to get 15 kills against our bes...
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  • Looking For A Clan? We Got You Covered!

    Hi. My name is Jackified aka WikidGamer152 on Xbox Live. I am looking to make a BO2 clan and a BO3 clan on PC. But for now, I have a forum to apply to become a clan member. This is a completely new clan so you don't h...
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  • Looking for a clan??? Join before tryouts end!!!

    Hello, I am BlackMamba. I am an official clan leader, and I have to decided to open tryouts, since I have been detecting a lot of good players are looking for a great competitive clan. We do not go to big gaming compe...
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