• I am starting a clan and we will be going in mlg

    If any body wants to join then message me on my account it is BMApex its does not matter if its lower case. Also we will have try outs so be on your best game or don't try out. If you want ask questions on here
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  • [xbox 360] join RoA clan

    we do quick quickscope and coop games we have clan events to test are skills requirements gamertag age: timezone: active time: and what u do for the clan:   what the clan have - 11-16 per team - Active Forums - ...
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  • Recruiting [Plastayion 3 Clan] Black Ops 2

    New Clan We Snipe And Play Zombies If Your Looking For A Clan Join Pulse Contact Me on My Psn PulseNinja- or On Instagram Send Me A DM @Jamaican.boyflex to message me if you are interested we have a lot of fun and we ...
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  • looking for a clan or gonna make one?

    I am currently looking for a clan on ps3 for black ops 2 my k/d is 1.35 I have mic I am a girl hope that's cool kik me at aiyanna_shakur or add me on psn at Gamer_Gir001
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  • Want to join a clan that will last

    Would like to join a clan.      My KD is 0.76:(          I am looking for a regular clan not quick scoping.      I am good w/ a heavy...
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  • Anyone Want To Join, An All Girls Clan?

    My Gamer tag is QueenRageQuit Message Me You Want! Clan Name Is Girls Do It Better (GDIB) You can check out our facebook page    GDIB       Organization
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  • Black Ops 2 PS3 Sniping Clan

    JOIN RoyaLSNIPING-   Good at SNIPING? Want to be part of a FUN and DEDICATED clan?                   &n...
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  • New PS3 Sniping Clan

    Hello BO2 community. I have just started a new PS3 clan called VeiN. I am the leader of the clan and I am starting recruiting as fast as possible. I am currently the only member, but we will grow swiftly.   REQ...
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  • GIRL GAMERS!!! Anyone want to join an all girls clan?

    Black ops 2 Gaming Message Me If You Want to Join     My Gamer tag is QueenRageQuit Co-leader Is Me, Leaders Are Ominidox And Kaitynnjayy Clan Name Is Girls Do It Better (GDIB) @You can check out ...
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  • xbox only clan recruiting age 15+ (Please Read everything)

    R2H (Rise to Honor) is recruiting Feeders, Trickshotters, tomahawk/Ballistic Knife feeders, Competitive players, Editors, and Graphic/Web Designers. We play any Call Of Duty game on xbox 360/One! We'd like to see if t...
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  • looking to join clan (ps3)

    Hi i would like to join a clan mostly a sniping clan Only thing is I don't want to make a new gamertag. I am a descent quickscoper and I mostly play on the weekends.(I have diamond snipers if that's a requirement.) If...
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  • need a team to pubstomp with!!!

    im looking to maybe make a little clan mostly for pubstomping want to have fun im looking for people with at least a 1.7kd and please dont sit in a corner with an lmg i would rather have skilled people in my team than...
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  • Join Legend Sniping Clan for bo2 (Ps3)

    I'm Legend_Osux. We are snipers and trickshot sometimes. We want guys that are good at sniping. We have around 15 guys in legend & we want to have a bigger clan. Msg me on Kik Cristiaaaanoo16
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  • Phobia Clan Recruitment

    Joining is simple, just ask! Kik:PolkaDottedWalrus Snapchat:Lolipopchick27 PSN:Mottephobia   REQUIREMENTS: •Playstation 3 & Black ops 2 •decent mic/headset •form or communication (pho...
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    Can someone please tell me how to make a clan I am in charge of making a clan for my friends and I don't know how to create it.
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  • Need a clan im a great player and i think its time i join a clan

    Need a clan im a great player and i think its time i join a clan CamelLADadminsiteadminsuperadminNM156 ! Need a clan im a great player and i think its time i join a clan
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  • Legend Clan is recruiting we need feeders snipers editors and more(PS3)

    Snipers- Add Legend_Osux for tryout Feeders-Add Legend_Bearz for tryout Editors just send one of us any of your editing work and we will review it We currently have 12 members and no editors we need editors for you...
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  • Looking to start new clan

    Hello, I am looking to start a new clan of all types, sniping, feeding, trickshotting etc. I am looking for active players to join this clan with me. We are looking to start a youtube channel  to help promote our...
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  • Legend_Clan (Ps3)

    Any clans want to have a clan battle?  Add Legend_Osux we have about 20 players
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  • Legend sniping and smg Clan for bo2 (ps3)

    IM Legend_Mist but something happened to my psn so I'm Legend_Osux now... So were a sniping/ SMG clan. Were trying to get at least 12 people in are clan right now there is 4/12 if u want to join or tryout msg me on ps...
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