• Join the zGoDz_ clan (bo2)

    Contact us on kik-lilflopperwhopper or skype-Damoosyboy Yout need to 1v1 of U.S. and get over 15 kills
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  • Looking for ps3 clan (mw2, b02).

    Any sniping clans or just plain runnin and gunnin will do just looking for some friends and competition. If you're interested in me, I'm happy to do a 1v1 to see what my skills are. To contact, please message me on K...
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  • join zGoDz_...... clan msg me at  zgodz_exotic

    kd must be at least 1.00   psn   fav gun
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  • Recruiting for PhEaR clan

    [New clan] [PS3] {Message me on kik for questions} <10 kills required in 1v1, we are up to 15 people so far, if you want to join, just ask.> My name is PhEaR_EniGmA, I am looking for Quickscopers, Trickshotters...
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  • Need a competitive clan

    I am looking for an competitive clan. Add my psn: martin_has_swag or my skype: afkmartin  I am 16 years of age
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  • Need a logo designer for PhEaR clan

    We, the PhEaR clan, are looking for somebody who can make us a unique logo, make good thumbnails for videos (if needed), or just anybody who is good at making emblems on black ops.... kik me @ Dylbellz or dylbellz22 o...
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  • MOVED!

    Apologies       ~MOVED TO BO3 PS4~
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  • Good Player Looking For PS3 League Play Clan

    Hello, I'm iiNexius on Youtube and PS3. I haven't played competitively or in league play since Black Ops 1 but I'm still a good player to this day; at least I would think so since I'm always top of the leaderboards wi...
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  • looking for a big clan

    I am looking for a quickscope/trickshot clan that has a lot of people (ps3)
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  • MLGF clan recruting

    looking for new people ,has to be active for clan vs. clan .I need 5 trick shooters 5 quick scoopers and 5 regular gun use people .you may text .e on my psn @ OvoxoZafara email me ovoxozafara@gmail.com category you ar...
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    !                                    ...
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  • XP Clan In Need of Members!

    ---------- XP Clan ----------  Hello, I am the Leader of XP (xBaplaa). Basically, the XP Clan is a bunch of people who are willing to go into An XP Bot Lobby. You might say, why do we need a clan just for XP...
    created by xBaplaa
  • (Ps3) Xiled Renegade Gaming Recruiting

    Xiled Renegade Gaming (Currently Recruiting)   Are you tired of joining or clan or community and it is not what you expected or people just seem not to get along with one another and it is just soully based off ...
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  • Mxgic Clan Ps3

    Mxgic Clan Is Recruiting If u wanna join add me on kik hunters209   Name Change Is Required Ages 13 and up MUst have a mic If Not Then Skype We are Curently 12 Member And Info Will Be shared When u Add me...
    created by TXx_Hunter-S_xXT
  • Looking for ps3 CvC

    looking for a clan battle sniper or mlg game messege me on SwL_Hostess or add me 3v3 or 2v2
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    I am good at qs and am a very good regular player. kd of 1.36 am willing to join clan will 1v1 if needed. cool people who play regularly.
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  • Wolf Clan recruitmen

    Hello I m making a clan the wolf clan posisions co leader   sniper leader(2 leaders) knifing squad leader 1 leader machine gun squad 2 leaders you only can join 2 squads and if your wanna be a leader it st...
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  • XiLE clan recruiting on ps3

    We are looking for some players to join our clan. We're not a sniping clan but the tryout requires to use one. The tryout will be a 1v1 against either me or one of the other clan members. To be able to get in you have...
    created by fer1025
  • DrEam clan recruiting

    We are a all around clan. We will have categories for certain stuff. Required to join clan Kd ratio Age Name (just first name) What your good with What you can do for the clan What category you want to be in ...
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