• Try out for Visionz

    Try out for Visionz clan Ps3, add Visionz_Flame if u want to try out.
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  • Primal Clan recruiting players 15+ xbox one and 360

    We are Primal clan, a multi national gaming organisation with hopes of becoming huge, we've already secured ourselves a sponsorship with Cinch gaming, go check out their stuff, and are looking for more. If you think y...
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  • tS Clan Ps3

    We are a relatively new clan with about 5 members that actively get on. Message me on psn if you're interested: tS-Mp40
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  • Derp From Above (dfA) PS3

    Derp From Above is a clan looking for members that enjoy playing Hardcore Search and Destroy. We especially enjoy using stealth to eliminate our enemies. Message Potatus-_- if you are interested (PSN)
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  • (Ps3 Bo2)Join powR Today! Sniping clan.

    Do you want to finally be part of a sniping clan that isn't total trash and won't fall apart after a day? Look no further! powR is a sniping clan accepting semi pro snipers. I am the leader, powR_Dympz, I play 8-10 ho...
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  • Pro Clan(ps3)

    "Pro" is a pub/league clan.  We specialize in both guns an snipers . Are skilled and Sharpe . In order to join this clan you must have a 2.00 +k/d , Head Set , age 16 + , and a 1v1 with the clan leaders . We ch...
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  • I am wondering

    How do you make a clan?
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  • Looking for a loyal clan!

    I'm looking for a clan that have a sniper division and a competitive division. I'm loyal and would like to join a clan that is on YouTube and will do anything to get to the top. I'm always active I can qs and ts. I'm ...
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  • PS3 Omega clan. Recruiting

    So a friend of mine just started this clan and now were looking to recruit. We are looking for people who can do callouts, understand gamemodes, and have a mic, and also make a new psn. We both have a kd of 1.50+. If ...
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  • Looking For A Sniping Clan ( PS3 )

    Hi guys! I am looking for a sniping clan. I have a gold dsr-50 and a gold ballista. I just want to get into a normal clan that I dont I have to change my gamer tag. If you want me in your clan just add Tranitio. ( Im ...
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  • Girl Clan : looking for girls only! :)

    Hey Girls, looking for some players to start a clan and play some blackops 2!   My Gamertag is XxpepypenguinxX message me if your intrested
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  • Recruiting

    hello,            I'm the clan leader for "snap" for ps3 I'm looking for really good black ops 2 players if your not good then don't add me we have three of the best at ca...
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  • Autistic Is looking for Members

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, the Autistic Clan (PS3) is looking for members. We play most cods like Bo,Bo2,Mw2,Mw3. We are a pub stomping team that looks to have fun while kicking ass! We can mod MW2 and prestige Glitc...
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  • Primal Clan are recruiting age 14+ for xbox one and 360.

    We are Primal clan, a multi national gaming organisation with hopes of becoming huge, we've already secured ourselves a sponsorship with cinch gaming and are looking for more. If you think you've got what it takes to ...
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  • Looking for a clan - UK

    Hello, I am 16 and an XBOX 360 player I am seeking a clan that play Black ops 2 most of the time and are a structured one My gamertag is Vital Ollie My K/D ratio is 1.41 I play TDM, Domination, Demolition, Headq...
  • XBOX 360| WKL Clan is Recruiting| Join Now

    The leaders gt: WhteKnight07 WKL is WhiteKnight Legion If you'd like to join then friend and message ^^ him and he will talk to you. Thank you   [WKL]WhteKnight
    created by WhteKnight
  • Primal Clan are recruiting 15+ xbox 1 and 360.

    Primal Clan are recruiting, we play competitive mainly and also trickshot, requirements are as follows: Age:15+ may make an exception if you're mature. Gamertag change almost immediately, we need to know your dedica...
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  • XBOX 360| Need BO2 Clan| Good Player|KDR is 1.74

    My gt is WhteKnight07 Hit me up if I can join or tryout.
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  • looking for a clan, k/d is 1.55 can change my name anytime, age: 16 and british

    Looking for a clan on 360 and xb1 mainly play league and ranked, snipe and trick shot a bit too. Need a clan with a good name with the majority of members have changed there name, shows commitment. Message me asap R2H...
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  • Need a Qs/Trickshot Clan Bo2

    Hi We are a Trickshotting clan on the PS3. If you would like to tryout add me on ps3 or reply here. To Join you must know how to canswap, instaswap, and hit a 2 piece on bots. We are looking for 20 trickshotters. 4 mo...
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