• Legend sniping Clan for bo2 (Ps3)

    Anyone out there want to be in a sniping clan, This is the clan that you should join or tryout for. I get 3+ kill feeds so I'm look for player tht could do the same. My kd currently is a 1.70. Game modes well play is ...
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  • any sniping clan i can join or tryout for bo2 (Ps3)

    I really want to join a sniping clan for bo2. I'm really good at sniping I get feeds and I have a positive kd.i can trickshot but im not the best at it, I play mostly everyday, I have a mic but its bad, Msg me on ps3 ...
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  • I need a trickshot clan for bo2 ps3

    it doesnt have to be a clan but i want to trickshot, but its impossible without a team.
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  • Genesis_insomnia is my psn

    i need people to joint the genesis clan its for sniping and we need a good amount of players you have to have a headset be good speak english i also have youtube add me if you want to check it out
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  • 4v4 Clan Battle?

    Hey everyone my name Is Ruthless_HotShot ,co-leader of the Ruthless clan. So far we are undefeated 6-0 and need a real challenge!!! Thanks ^~^
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  • aR Clan RC

    aR is a pse competitve and sniping clan if anyone whould like to try out for it please massage Cxndition_aR the leader of aR clan. P.S you must have a kd over 1.96 or higher cause the mamber in aR kd over 2.10 and 3.5...
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  • Join our clan

    Hey guys my clan is looking for members and we have a clan website just go to XrossEmpire click join use your Psn, steam or Gamertag for your name when it ask for recruiter put in Trafficriv After that enjoy.
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  • Legend sniping clan (ps3)

    Legend is a quickscoping clan. You don't need a mic to be in the clan. You'll have to make a Legend_ psn. Add Legend_Mist you'll probably have to 1v1 him to see how good you are, or msg him on Kik Cristiaaaanoo16.
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  • I'm looking for a good quickscoping clan

    I'm a pretty decent quickscoper
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  • PS3 looking for a sniping/quickscoping clan

    I just moved from xbox to ps3. I currently play stretch but want to learn claw. I am a good trickshotter but haven't hit any shots due to not having a 6 man to help me. I also have a youtube channel. My PSN is MVP-NIN...
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  • BlackOpsII: Girls Clan Recruiting!

    Hello, I'm the Founder/Leader of iSx we're an all girls clan & We're currently recruiting ladies for BlackOp2, MordernWarfare3, Ghosts & GrandTheftAuto5. Basically we're just a tryhard clan that love to have f...
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  • Want to join Xbox 360 clan

    im looking for a clan to join i know I'm not extremely good I'm looking for a clan that takes the game kinda serious but not to serious because after all it's a game and is meant for fun message me on Xbox killa1998j ...
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  • Rekall Gaming tryouts

    come try out for our MLG team add me Rekall-SnowZ
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  • Come join

    I am starting a clan and would like people to come join me Clan name is ~Red Nation assassin killer~ (RNAK) You will have to Try out   1.need to be active at least 4 days a week 2.need a Mic 3.at least 1....
  • Looking for clan! Ps3 (BO2) (MW3) (BF4)

    Hello, My name is Angel_of_Pandas and I'm looking for a clan that is not only all about gaming but is civilized and treats people like family and has fun together aka Game Night or just in general gaming. I have been ...
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  • DiRE Clan [PS3] Looking For Editors And Recorders.

    We have about 30 members now, all from across the globe. We already have a YouTube channel with a few videos. Any recorders and editors interested add me on PSN: DiRE_ShadowShot and also need to get the phone/tablet a...
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  • Bo2 Clan

    Hey my name is Eray Synzz and I am the clan Eray Gaming on the Xbox 360. We will accept anyone as long as I think you are good enough. If you are a beast competitive player, you will automaticly join. If you aren't th...
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  • bo2 league play moshpit clan recruiting PS3

    Hey, if anyone is wondering whether to join a moshpit only team for ps3 then you are welcome to join the clan following these requirements: over 2 KD ratio headset/skype to communicate   if you have these requ...
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  • How do I make a clan

    Im wamting to make a clan but I'm not sute how so if someone could help me out it would be great
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  • Looking for a clan~! (PS3)

    Hi, I am looking for a Call of Duty clan. I am 14, I play Bo1, Bo2, and Mw2, and my K.D ranges anywhere from .7 - 2.0. I am not the best at objectives, but I am decent a KC, SnD, and CTF. I'm okay at DOM on Bo2. I am ...
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