• How do I make a clan?

    Now that elite is gone how do I make a clan?
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  • Final Day For Recruitment [Xbox 360]

    Hey guys my name is Naz. I'm the leader of RISE and we are doing final calls for recruitment. Looking for all kinds of players and different K|Ds. No less than. 5 and also have a mic. Be prepared to tryout on the spot...
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  • Looking for a clan Bo2-PS3

    Im looking for a decent clan, not too many member and not too little, about 3+ would be fine. I'm not good at trickshots, and I'm kinda good at quickscoping. My psn is: LegendaryMemo, msg me if interested  in me...
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  • New Black Ops 2, Clan Xbox 360, Sniping Clan Named Energy (zNrG).

    Join the new sniping clan named energy. It was just started today and we are looking for more members to join. I will be making a YouTube channel, Instagram, and possibly Facebook for this clan. Requirements: *Must ...
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  • Hi

    JJoin my clan it's called YOLLO
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  • I am making a new PS3 Quickscoping clan called "GriZz"

    The requirements are:   - Put your current psn in the comments - Tell me about yourself (this will help you get in) - Must be experienced and active - Add my psn: xDeAtH_sLaYeRx1 - Must win or come close to...
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  • Join Viirus Uprising [Ps3][Bo2]

    Welcome to Viirus Uprising we are a brand new clan founded on July 20, 2015 Ps3 Exclusive Clan now recruiting ~ 10 Members So Far Competitive Sniping and Gunner Divisions     Requirments1. Must have a...
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  • Looking for a BO2 clan [xbox360]

    Hi everyone. The title does a nice job at describing exactly what I'm looking for. My buddy and I are quickscopers primarily, although we stand as just competetive COD players and we're looking for a clan that could a...
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  • Montage Editor Looking for Work.

    Hello, My name is ccenturionnMC and I am looking for a person/clan to edit montages for. I have never edited a COD montage before but I have extensive Sony Vegas Pro knowledge and can achieve almost any effects you a...
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  • [PS3] BO2 Clan/Party for EVERYONE

    Hey I need some players to play with me, the clan is called COD4ALL. There is no age requirement or requirement to be from certain location. Doesnt matter if u have mic or if u dont have one. Doesnt matter if you a...
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  • Looking For BO2 Clan (xbox 360)

    Title pretty much says it...looking for an xbox 360 clan   Im 18 I have a mic I dont snipe I remember most of the comp strats (usually a master for league, ive done local lans and icn/gb tournies wen BO2 was...
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  • Xiled Syndicate Gaming (Recruiting) XBOX 360 / ONE

    Xiled Syndicate Gaming (Currently Recruiting) Xiled Syndicate Gaming is a new gaming community on the web and has been moving forward with its recruiting process, the community is for ages 13 years of age or older w...
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  • Any CLANS recruiting (PS3 - BO2)

    I'm looking to join a decent clan (UK or English speaking). I primarily snipe and have a decent 1.24 KD. I've only had my PS for just over a week but used to snipe on Xbox and clan.   my PSN is RaBBi-Optix and I...
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  • New Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Clan!

    This new Black Ops 2 clan known as OpZ is recruiting new members! Anyone can join! It doesn't matter what type of gun you use as long as your higher than Level 30 on any prestige! We like to have lots of fun and we ha...
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  • how do you make a clan

    I've been looking all over the place and I can't find out how to make a clan
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  • xbox only clan looking for Editors, Feeders, and Trickshotters recruiting age 14+

    R2H (Rise to Honor) is recruiting Snipers/Feeders, Trickshotters, tomahawk/Ballistic Knife feeders, Editors, and Graphic/Web Designers. We play any Call Of Duty game on xbox 360/One! We'd like to see if this clan can ...
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  • NuKe Clan Recruiting (PS3)

    The Nuke Clan is now recruiting!!!   We are a Trickshotting/Quickscoping Clan. We are looking for the best players.   Requirements: - you will need to make a account Nuke--......- if you get recruited -...
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  • Clan wars

    Who ever has a clan on PS3 send me messag for clan wars my psn name is ElysianComets_
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  • new clan: Sneaky [SNEK]

         Sneaky is a ps3 laid back clan. the only guidelines are no swearing, be mature, and dont be a cheap player (LMG's, claymores, camping, ect.) I prefer snipers, but am ok with just regular playe...
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  • [PS3] [INTERNATIONAL] Join DiME Sniping clan!

    YOU HAVE TO HAVE A 0.8 K/D! THERE IS NO TRYOUTS! JUST FILL ALL THE REQUIREMENTS! Join DiME international sniping (and knifing) clan. DiME is a clan for everyone who just wants to have fun sniping, trickshotting and b...
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