• Need players to join HACK_ clan for wiiu.

    Snipers, pistols, and SMG's. Looking for unlimited recruits. If you are interested reply, friend request me@ HACK_chOpPerBoy, or hmu on kik@ InfinitySquad or coconutberryjuice. Thanks guys and i hope to talk to some o...
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  • Trickshotters voor 6 man

    Hello,   I'm looking for advanced trickshotters to play with in a 6 man. Just add me *  Next_YaNi  * I prefer headsets, and enough skill.   Greets YaNi
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  • Does anyone want to join my sniper clan on ps3?

    I Made a sniper clan on black ops 2 and is wondering if anyone is interested in joining? Let me know by replying or sending me a message on the ps3 my username is, TSOC_Dukester123
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  • vF Clan recruitment

    Hi guys im the leader of vF Nation and i am looking for some members. There are 3 divisions Sniping, Pubstomping and MLG. To join this clan in the pubstomping division you must have over a 2K/D Ratio. To join MLG you...
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  • Looking for sniping clan

    I bearly made a new psn andI am looking for a good sniping clan I am good at quickscoping with the DSR and somtimes I hit some trickshots. If you want me to join your clan my psn is Tranitio.
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  • Orion Gaming! [XB1&360]

    Orion Gaming is back and even better than before! What we have to offer: -Community events for all popular games. -Contests and raffles. -A solid group of members who are always down to play. -We feature the Orion s...
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  • Join Defy Sniping and Trickshotting clan!

    Requirements - Must have mic - Must be 12 or older - Must have over 1.0 kd - Must be willing to change gamertag   Message or Friend request me if you would like to tryout (GT: Defy x Ryan). We ask that you,...
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  • KRYPT clan now recruiting for xbox 360

    if you want to join message th1k0 burf5 and he will invite you to a game and see how good you are!!!
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  • Join xFrenzzy_     Clan Today Black Ops 2 Sniping Clan PS3

    if you are will to join the xFrenzzy team friend SUB-xFrenzzyClan or XxRJxX08 Sniping Clan Last Kill Trickshot if we have a six man Search and Destroy
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  • New Ps3 Trickshotting clan recruiting

    Our name is FainT and we now have 16 members (after kicking 11 members)  including myself. We are look for good trickshotters , feeders, and editors. If you think your good enough then comment in this discussion....
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  • BO2/AW Sniping Clan Recruiting PS3, powR

    Hello,          powR is a sniping clan on BO2 and AW. We are everyday active and are slowly growing bigger and bigger. If youd like the chance to join then just add powR_Dy...
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  • Looking for a sniping clan on ps3

    Anyone need a decent sniper in their clan? Add me on ps3 - Dragonizee
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  • foolish-devils [FD]

    Foolish Devils [FD]  is a  new clan on xbox 360 any one is welcome if you want to join up please take a look at are website and let us know   www.foolish-devils.tk
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  • LSDH

    FOR 360 ONLY, mainly on BO2 this is my clan LSDH send the clan tag to FraughtAgate027 on xbox to try out for the clan, also follow me on Twitter @FraughtAgate027 we like to QS.
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  • Black Ops II Clan [PS3] [EU&NA]

    To All Call Of Duty Players (PS3).   If you are looking for a clan a Bo2 Clan(ps3) then join, UNSC we are the United Sniper Clan. We Are a all gun clan, but we mainly snipe. To join message KiritoSAO46 to do Try...
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  • How do I make a clan

    HHow do I make a clan
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  • Team Vipex Recruting xbox36

    Team Vipex Is Now recruting own youtube channel members can have own youtube channel for more info send me a message at xbox360. Gamer tag : GAMERASSASIN14 TNX
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  • Looking for a Clan [PS3, US]

    I'm looking to join an ADULT only clan, meaning one that only allows 18+ yr old members, and that you Must have a mic.  I'm not that good at sniping, so I'm an Assault / Mercenary class.  If you are in this ...
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  • Keep it up BTK!

    I want to thank everyone for the positive feed back and trying out. We've 6 people were able to pass the tryouts this week hopefully theirs more to come!
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  • How to make a Clan Bo2

    How can i make a clan on cod bo2 , i dont have it on MW3
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