• AsAp clan recruiting!

    Hey,guys AsAp is now recruiting quickscopers,trickshotters,and competitive players. If you're interested in joining please message me on any of these for more details about the recruitment   Skype:ovoxo.sebastia...
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  • Looking for A clan (ps3) psn name:lightningRR

    looking for a clan (ps3) Psn name:lightning
    ecu lol
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  • Looking For A Clan Xbox 360

    Hello, I'm NRG well my gt is Losing My Focus so if you would like me to join pls, contact through xbox. I play WaW,MW2,MW3,BO1,BO2,AW. If your clan plays any of thoses pls let me know, also I play BO2 The most. I'm a...
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  • reasonable decent Xbox 360 player looking for clan

    Hi friends,        I'm looking for a clan to begin playing with on Black Ops 2. I play any game mode core or hardcore. I'm reasonably decent at cod with a 1.05 K/D. I'm looking for a for fun ...
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  • Female gamer looking for a clan :D

    Is anyone in a clan that accepts girls? If yes please leave the name of the leader so I can contact him/her.
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  • Lookin Fora Clan

    First Of All   I've Been asked to join A lot of Clans but I want to Join Someone's Clan That is Great I'm a Very Good Sniper any Tryouts?
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    Hi I am Jack or RazR Buzz and I am the leader of a small but slowly growing sniping clan and I am interested in getting more members I would love if you could contact me through xbox:amazlng147. or through email:jmanb...
  • Need clan for Ps3 CoD Black ops 2

    I'm not a really amazing player, but I'm not real bad either. Mostly just play to pass time. Looking for funny people to play with. But would also like to take time for serious game time. Let me know. Crash_Bickell
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  • Looking for trickshotters/snipers to recruit message me on Twitter at kr_games00

    Msg me on Twitter @kr_games00
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  • !!KcM Tryouts Recruiting!!

    Welcome to the KcM clan post. We are looking for loyal, active members that are willing to join. We are now recruiting and you can send us a friend request at KcM__Tryhardz or KcM__Pato You can also Kik us at OsmanTo...
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  • Female Gamer looking to join clan?

    I'm a 20 year old player from England, I'm Prestige 5 and looking to join an all girl clan if not then a clan that accepts girls? please get in touch by messaging me on my psn horizxns23 thanks.
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  • Looking for a clan, or someone to help me get better at Trickshotting

    I've tried to make my own clan with my friends, but it didn't really work. I want to try either join a clan, or meet a few trickshotters who can help me get better. If anyone wants to help me, that would be awesome! O...
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  • Need Members For Trip Clan (ps3)

    Trip Clan recruiting, if interested add Trip_Getko (leader) or Trip_Zap. We are a good clan looking for good members (PS3)
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  • Join the Revolution - Mature players only.

    Hello all, I would like to tell you about Revolution of Gaming. Revolution of Gaming has been around since 2008 is an online gaming clan made by gamers for gamers. We are a multi-platform gaming community, with differ...
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  • OmeN Clan - PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox 1

    Hey,   OmeN is a clan started by my friend and we have 5 members. We play Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2 and Advanced Warfare mainly. Not all our members have next gen and dont want to waste our money on the Bla...
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  • Add Senthz-  (Ps3)

    i play Bo1 bo2 & bo3, I Snipe & trickshot but not going to snipe in bo3 for awhile. Il be playing bo3 mostly on weekends so add me if u wanna play Tdm. Bo2 im a feeder & trickshotter. My psn: Senthz-
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  • 3rB

    ;;;;     C
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  • AnArchy Clan We need members.

    We need more people so we can go pro send us videos of your game play and we will review your requests . Thank You an have A great day Email [removed by moderator for your privacy]   ..............................
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  • king_dom34

    Can I join a clan plz add me on ps3 if u want me to join
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  • L3RN Is Recruiting!

    Hello My Clan L3RN Is Recruiting, Im VWKiD, I Will Be Recruiting For L3RN Today And The Next Two Weeks Only After 2:30 Till 7:00 Most Days, Add L3RN_VWKiD For More More Info! We Are PS3 Only And We Will Be On PS4 Too ...
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