• Gamesharing PS3 Minecraft

    Anyone wants to gameshare me minecraft for bo2 dlc's or NFS games?
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  • Multi-player Games and More Kills

    Why does it take so long to get multi-player games going and some you can't get going at all. I tried adjusting the search parameters..that helped a little..not much. Anyone have any advice on this for a newbie and an...
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  • [PS3] Add LmTheHost for daily Private Lobbies.

    We play games such as window wars and michael myers, ground wars, and terminator. We play alot of other things. Add LmTheHost
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  • Deactivation - DLC ?

    Hi, i was just wondering, since i have downloaded Revolution and Vengeance, ive been having huge matchmaking problems! i wait for 2 hours minimum and nothing! i have really fast uncapped and hardly ever get under 3 ba...
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  • Why is Clan Tag "P0N3" prohibited? Answers??? (Apologies if this is in the wrong forum section)

    I've tried using the clan tag listed above. "P0N3" but it denies my action saying "Clan name denied due to prohibited text." Is Treyarch and Activision Anti-Brony, or is there something else I'm not seeing in this cla...
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  • Will the Prestige System make a return in Black Ops 3? I hope not...

    Maybe it's just me, but I feel that the Prestige System in Black Ops 2 really wasn't that much of an effective system in order to give the game more longevity.   I feel as if Treyarch put this system in place t...
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  • Call Of Duty : Black Ops 3 Announced

    Breaking News. The new black ops has been announced.   Key New Features :   Splitscreen players will now be able to play FFA Quickdraw attachment has now been made available for the snipers All snipers h...
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  • Bring Back Demolition in BO3

    Ive had the best fights and the most fun in Demolition. Please keep this game mode in Black Ops! Oh and it wouldnt hurt to stick to somewhat realistic war games. If I wanted to play Sci-fi games i would play Halo or ...
  • Blops III

    new ideas ok bo 3 is set in future so do a remake instead of galva knuckles a super arm with insta kill for round 12 and no sights any more but eye enhance set a thermal eye or a black dot sight or zoom and if you ju...
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  • Black Ops 3 Grief

    I fear grief will not be on bo3. Grief is my favortite game mode but I would really like them to fix all the glitches and the leaderboard/ranking system. I don't understand why the grief glitchers get wins when they g...
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  • When do the black ops 3 forums will go live

    A. Tommorow B In the new few days C Please write your answer in the comment if you vote for C
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  • Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

    I'm thinking most likely a World War 2 era Call of Duty. Here's why I think it will happen.   1. The way Black Ops 2 was with player choice to do certain stuff to alter the endings kind of ends the series. I hig...
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  • What do you think they should do for their next Call of Duty installment?

    Okay, so these are my ideas for Treyarch's next CoD game: DESCRIPTION: Black ops 2 was the first 'futuristic' CoD game. Ever since then, all CoD's have been futuristic, set in like 2025 or something like that. I thin...
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  • Looking for good teamates for pubs 3.2KD

    Add me at my GT : DieteticRobin53 i hold around a 3 KD in all CODS and im looking for a few people to play with! Tired of having bad teamates
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  • Comments

    when I comment on a post it appears like it doesnt send and I dont know if it sends or not.
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  • hosting bo2 open lobbies msg for invite iiDonger (READ DESCRIPTION)

    RULES just straight up trickshot were going to trickshot off of each little side of the map dont be annoine dont piss people off please have fun dont keep killing last dont rage on a trickshot and dont shockcharge don...
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  • need friends to play with

    GT:XxXeRtYxPoW3DxX msg me if you want to play together
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  • Ghost camo

    Why don't you guys make the ghost camo a buyable camo for the people who couldn't get it from the pre-order. I put my code into the wrong account and I can not longer access that account so therefore I cant use the ca...
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  • Official Black Ops 3 Site Link Leaked -Updated!

    Hi, A few minutes ago I was browsing the official Call of Duty Black Ops II site. When I tapped (I was browsing on a smartphone) the menu showed the list of Call of Duty games. Weird thing: Black Ops 3 was on the lis...
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  • Black ops 3

      My black ops 3 Idea isn’t  with the Boosts of advancd cuz this is WW 2 not the modern world   I think it’s cool you start in the chair of the president of the vs in the white house you ...
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