Looking for players to start a clan for BO2 (PC) will move over to BO3 when it comes out. I have been playing by myself for ages now. Now I am trying to do something about it so let me know if you want or need someone...
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  • Can i run black ops 2?

    Please tell me if i can play on my laptop. also please suggest what settings to use. thanks in advanced.   SPECIFICATIONS: Screen: 15.6-inch diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1366x768) Processor: In...
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  • Kein VAC ban

    Ich wurde grundlos gebannt aber es ist kein vac ban bitte helft mir was ist da nur los.
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  • im ban cause a random guy invite me and he hack money and ammo??

    about a week ago a guy just randomly invite me and hack the lobby like 4hours after iv been ban?? wtf i was dude the hell i pay 99$ for the zombie pack and now i cant play anymore shiit men? steam dont answer me for s...
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  • HELP!!! Account resettato senza motivo!!  Ban why??

    Giovedi 30/04/15 mi sono ritrovato con l'account resettato senza motivo,Ho l'emblema che avevo prima e la stripe ma sn lv 1 anche se ero lv 43 prestigio 4.Mi sono ritrovaato con l'account resettato.. senza nessun pavv...
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  • Black Ops 2: Cannot Connect to Online Services!

    System Info for Call of Duty Black Ops 2: MP VERSION NUMBER: 44 [43.1726.7.1759941] CONNECTIVITY INFORMATION: A.B.C.-.E.-.G.H.I.J.-.L.M.-.-.-.Q.-.S. NAT TYPE: OPEN BANDWIDTH: 758Kbps IP ADDRESS: INFO CURRENTLY NO...
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  • Sono stato bannato per AFK

    Non ho ricevuto nessuna allerta, ho letto tutto quelle che si poteva sui ban e si vacban ed ero daccordo con il contratto stipulato con il gioco e con valve. Non credo sia giusto da parte vostra dire che il ban sia l...
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  • Black Ops II is not working

    Every time I try to play call of duty black ops II it says Call of duty black ops II has stopped working it used to work but stopped working recently
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  • Black Ops 2 Disconnects at Random Times.

    This is getting extremely frustrating, and at this point, I don't even want to play this game anymore if I'm inevitably going to disconnect. I've tried to look everywhere for a solution to this, and an activision rep ...
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  • Lack of Details

    Hello,   Before jumping into conclusions on whether I read "Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines," I want to get something straight. 1. This is a post about a ban 2. I am not looking to appeal or attempt t...
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  • Looking for people

    I am looking for people to play with in a party! Comment so I can add you on steam!
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  • Banido ou erro.

    Bem ontem eu fui tentar entrar no BO2 e n estava conseguindo falava que os servidores estavam desativados, então eu fui jogar o zombies porem quando foi no online recebi uma mensagem falando que estava banido per...
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  • Black Ops 2 Clan PC

    Hey Guys!   I want to join an Black Ops 2 Clan on PC to get an golden Clantag but i dont know if i can join a Clan on PC or how to create 1.   Does any 1 know if i can create or join an clan on PC or if t...
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  • HELP !!!!

    Unable to join game session, how to fix it, it frustrates me !!!
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  • Zombies DLC Recordings

    Hello I'm dutch and need someone to record and have a lot of knowlege of Black Ops Zombies II My channel is AppleGoldGaming - YouTube
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  • New orbital hack coming out. Please detect this hack.

    Hello Dear Community.   i heard that a new Call of Duty Black ops 2 PC hack is coming out. it's uploaded on MPGH 'not now' Why do i know it? - i got the coder in Steam. The hack looks like this. http://prnts...
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  • Massive FPS spikes when in game, however when tabbed out it seems to be back to 60FPS stable, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello all,   This is my first time posting on this forum and if i cross any rules please do tell me.   I have recently began playing Black Ops 2 with a friend, and my game seems to run only at 15-16-17 fps...
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  • Black Ops 2 DVD

    Hi,   I purchased Black Ops 2 for PC but my laptop doesnt have a DVD drive. Is there a way I can install and play without the DVD's? Can i just copy to USB and install that way?   Thanks
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  • Como ago para jugar online!!! lo compre en steam para jugar con amigos y no puedo!!!!!!!! ayudaa!!!

    Como ago para jugar online!!! lo compre en steam para jugar con amigos y no puedo!!!!!!!! ayudaa!!!
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  • help me support!!!

    help me what should I do to make me ban on cod bo 2? evidently have been reported to cheat but it is not so I cheat do not use them just want to go back to play call of duty black ops 2 please !!
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