• neeeeeed heeeeeelp nooow plz!!!!!!!!!

    hi im a boy that buyd bo2 for like 2-3 months aago and today when i started the game it said You are VAC banned. You cannot play online.    i know some persons get it beacause you use hacks or mods. B...
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  • Massive FPS spikes when in game, however when tabbed out it seems to be back to 60FPS stable, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello all,   This is my first time posting on this forum and if i cross any rules please do tell me.   I have recently began playing Black Ops 2 with a friend, and my game seems to run only at 15-16-17 fps...
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  • Hi

    I cant play Zm i have account but i cant , need to comfirme ?
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  • Black Ops 2 DVD

    Hi,   I purchased Black Ops 2 for PC but my laptop doesnt have a DVD drive. Is there a way I can install and play without the DVD's? Can i just copy to USB and install that way?   Thanks
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  • can you please help me?

    hello guys i am having some problem. i am new on steam and my account is limited due to some issues with my credit card i cant make payment to fully activate my account. so i cant send friend request so anyone.  ...
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  • Help with controls

    Hey all! I am new to PC FPS but loved them on PS and Xbox and love them on PC even more but am struggling with the controls. I  have the Razer Mouse with the side buttons 1-12 on them and the gaming keyboard by r...
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  • BO2 popular on PC?

    AW is complete garbage, and Ghosts is boring. The last decent CoD was BO2, so I was wondering if there's still a high enough population playing it on PC?
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  • How to reset emblem to default?

    Only recently I got BO2 and did a crappy emblem. I've tried deleteting every one I did done but to no result. Always shows the last one I do How do I revert my emblem to the default one? Just showing the rank?
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  • LF some chill players for sporadic casual plays

    JAMESY - BO2 PC   KD average in HCTDM, TDM - 3.0 SPM average in HCTDM, TDM - 350-400 SPM; Kill Confirmed - 550-600   Looking for some same skilled players for some casual plays during the weeks(Dominatio...
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  • [FIX] Long load times and missing reticle issue!

    FOR LONG LOADING TIMES By long loading times, I mean the loading of maps in zombies/multiplayer/campaign. Here's a fix which worked for me :   1. Open control panel and follow this path (Control Panel\System an...
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  • Server disconnected - 57475 and level bug.

    When I try to connect to the server, this message pops up - Server disconnected 57475. How to solve this problem? The funny thing is that my level is displayed in the statistics of 12, in the lobby of my level 22. Wel...
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  • Error 57475 :/

    Okay so every time I try join a game it leaves the lobby and says Server Disconnected 57475? If anyone knows how to fix please reply!;)
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  • Gebannt ohne Grund!!!!

    Hallo liebes Activision Team Ich möchte mich bei Cod black ops 2 entbanen lassen weil ich einfach ohne grund nicht mehr Spielen konnte es wäre nett wen ihr mich entbant und ich dann weiter Spielen darf danke...
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  • Bo2 on ps4 & xbox one

    hey.im just informing you guys that if u get black ops 2 on ps4 /xbox one you'll make us gamers happy and a very big profit even more then most ur games you'll be releasing.you guys should do more map add ona and guns...
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  • Black ops 2 takes forever to load in multiplayer and zombies

    It takes 5-8 minutes for me to load maps in multiplayer and zombies, does anyone have this problem. When a match starts in mp, the screen freezes(I can still move the mouse) and it takes a while for them to LOAD the l...
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  • Will my new PC run BO2? and dayz for that matter

    http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-pavilion-g6-1331ea-15-6-laptop-silver-11884802- pdt.html pretty sure ima be getting this but if someone can verify that blops is more than likely to run well on this pc then i might se...
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  • Season Pass invalid on Steam

    A friend as give me a code for the Season Pass of Black Ops 2 but when i enter it on Steam, Steam the code is not valid. So i buy a code on a website and i receveid it but when i enter this code, steam say the code i...
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    I spent $45 on DLC and havent played one single map... No servers play them, most likely because no one bought it... The game has made the most money its going to get... so please release the map packs for free.... I ...
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  • Black Ops 2

    System Info for Call of Duty Black Ops 2: MP VERSIONNUMBER: 45 [43.0.-1.1898228] CONNECTIONINFO : A.-.-.-.E.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.S. NAT-TYP: OPEN BANDWITH: 0Kbps IP-ADRESS: EXTERN:, INTERN: 192.1...
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  • Help plss

    I am banned. Pls de bann me i dont hack anymore pls
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