• Looking to start a team.

    If you are interested add me. Gt: LilTNBC. Holding try out . Team death match. Top players will be picked.
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  • computer help

    i want to go into pc gaming and want to start pc gaming.Games only cod, bf,and minecraft,and steam games,but im not a computer specialist.but i want to be able to play and record various pc games,so i went online and ...
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  • Does anyone have some tips on sniping in Bo2 on a pc?

    So basically, i have played a lot of CoD back in the day, and i was pretty decent at it. Now i got myself Bo2 (shared from a family member) And i wanted to start playin again. BUT: I like playing snipers. Even  ...
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  • Few Pc Questions

    I am switching from console gaming to PC gaming I am thinking of buying a computer and want to make sure the specs will be good enough for Black ops 2 & 3   Specs AMD Triniti Quad Core 3.8GHz nVidia GTX 75...
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  • Cannot Resume Story...

    Hi,   Today I launched the game, but I cannot see Resume Story button/option - I can only start a new story. So is this a known bug, what exactly happened?   thanks.
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  • How to create a clan?

    Hey,   I'm new at black ops and want to create a clan with friends, but I cant find out how to create it. On youtube I saw a video about cod elite, but the site doesnt exist anymore?   Greez Jesse
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  • Black Ops II Multiplayer Stats

    Hello guys, I was wondering how many players are usually online nowadays in Black Ops II. because I don't wanna buy the game to find out that there is few players who are still playing. And are the lobbies hacked like...
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  • Need help with Black Ops 2 steam data Query

    Hi   i have buyed Black ops 2 yesterday but cant play. The game start normally but when i press play then comes the connection to server screen and below is data retrieval.   It remains in data retrieval ...
  • I got banned from Black ops II

    Hey i got banend from black ops 2 Whit out reason or i dotn know reason for the bans i haven't use enyhacks so can u tell me the reason for the bans ? u guys have to unban me :/
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  • A Community Apology

    Hello Call of Duty players,   Recently my account has been banned from playing CoD:BO2 online. I have proudly played on Steam for over 10 years and now it is forever scarred with a "game ban" on record and foreve...
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  • ps3 to pc

    can i move my online ps3 player to pc pleese need help
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  • ps3 to pc

    can i move my online player from ps3 to pc pleese need help
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  • Why call of duty won't record my games with bots?

    Well.. i try play a match without any bots.. And i hit the record button, and its record, but, when i put bots on match the game won't record! Why?!
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  • black ops 2 connecting to online service error.

    I press play to play black ops 2 which tells me connecting to online service and Then it tells me that servers are not available try Again. Then I tried again and it's the same thing. FIX FAST Please.
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  • PLease help me

    Guys I just uploaded my 300 kill gameplay on blackops2 please help me and support me by subscribing and sharing it please Mawigi - YouTube it will mean alot
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  • Black Ops 2 Multiplayer (PC) doesn't start after changing graphic settings?!

    Hello, A few weeks ago I was looking for the best graphics settings at my PC for black ops 2 multiplayer, but I don't know what I did fault, but when I pressed 'Apply', everything was black: Error. Since that momen...
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  • Can't connect to Black Ops 2 Multiplayer...

    For the past few months I have been unable to play as it won't go past the twirly treyarch logo at the title screen of the multiplayer game. I have tried verfifying my cache integrity and tried port forwarding and al...
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  • Will my laptop be able to run Black Ops 2?

    I'm planning to buy Black Ops 2 on Pc and I'm wondering if my laptop would be able to run it.   My laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad W510 Nvidia Quadro FX 880M (1GB) Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU X 920 @ 2.00GHz 16GB RAM ...
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  • Looking For People To Play With

    Hi, I am very new to black ops II, and I just want some people who are around my level who I can play with. I am 13, and some people may find my voice annoying. But, if anyone is around level 20 and they are not ...
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  • Cheaters caught- reported to pcdev but nothing being done.

    As the title says I have reported these players but they're still in game. Video's and steam profiles below, most recent first.   Same person different name:   [Removed by Moderator]   AND   [R...
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