• Black Ops 2 Low FPS!

    Hello everybody. I have a question .. When im starting playing CoD Bo2 Zombies then I have only low FPS. My Graphics are the lowest and my PC is on full Performance, but I have still have low FPS (25 FPS) Anyone can h...
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  • Banned for no reason

    Hello, i've been perma-banned from blackops 2 for no reason. Someone accused me of cheating, and the rest of my team defended me because I was innocent and just got lucky on a shot. and i've been playing fps's for yea...
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  • Please help me!

    I have some challenge coins from the Hardened edition but i dont know if and how i can use the code (PC)
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  • black ops 2 giocare con amici

    minchia ma va che sto gioco fa davvero cagare il cazzo.. altro che buttare soldi per black ops 3 mi compro qualche gioco per il cellulare a sto punto.. come cazzo è possibile che non si riesca a giocare con amici...
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  • PC - Black Ops 3 Beta is in your Steam library ready to download

    Yes they've made it available to Steam PC users if you have Black Ops 2 PC only: If you own Black Ops 2, Ghosts, or Advanced Warfare on Steam, you get access to BO3Beta | Charlie INTEL
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  • I'm banned from bo2 Why????

    I came online today and i saw that i was banned on black ops 2 I have so many bought and I 'm not even good at the game but they see me my streaks as a hacker low I get them barely I barely k / d ratio is also low so ...
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  • How do i make a clan

    i do not know how to makea clan
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  • My aim

    Can anyone help me with my aim and dying less
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  • Newbie

    HI..I am a newbie to this type of gaming. Any tips for staying alive and getting some kills for a newby? Also..why does it take up to an hour sometime to get a multiplayer game going in COD 2? In Titanfall you can get...
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  • Black Ops 2: Cannot Connect to Online Services!

    System Info for Call of Duty Black Ops 2: MP VERSION NUMBER: 44 [43.1726.7.1759941] CONNECTIVITY INFORMATION: A.B.C.-.E.-.G.H.I.J.-.L.M.-.-.-.Q.-.S. NAT TYPE: OPEN BANDWIDTH: 758Kbps IP ADDRESS: INFO CURRENTLY NO...
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  • can i run it

    i3 m380 2.53 ghz ram 4gb AMD mobility radeon HD 5000 series windows 10 64bit
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  • Anyone wanna play origins and free samantha with me?

    I've completed it on my old account, I just would love the help on my new account
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  • VAC ban on record

    black ops 2 you can ban me for no reason. I would like to bring me back to the game. i dont paid for the game for Nothing i Want to play.   And if I do something wrong you ban me Again.   Deal????
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  • Please help me i got banned for no reason

    i was gonna install a hack to joke around with a couple mates of mine on a custom game just us three so i downloaded this hack i double clicked it and my comp like fully flipped out so i uninstalled everything i mean ...
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  • Emblem error

    When I try to create a emblem shows me a message "There are no items available in this category" everytime this message appears and I don't know what I do Can you help me?
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  • Hacked Cammo

    Hello Guys, ive been playing acl Ops 2 for 1 day or 2 now and ive been having fun trying to unlock cammos, now my friend asked me to use my account for 5 mins to show me something, i had no clue at the time, so he say...
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  • Anyone here?

    HI..anyone here? I couldn't even get a multi player game going today..tied off and on all day. I am beginning to think I wasted 35 dollars. If anyone has any tips or tricks for staying alive longer and getting more ki...
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  • An Hour to Get a Multi-Player Game Going?

    It takes about 2 minutes to get any type of multi-player game going in Titanfall. It takes about an hour and lots of looking to find a multi player game on BO2. I paid 15 bucks for the Apocalypse DLC but it looks like...
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  • Does anyone have some tips on sniping in Bo2 on a pc?

    So basically, i have played a lot of CoD back in the day, and i was pretty decent at it. Now i got myself Bo2 (shared from a family member) And i wanted to start playin again. BUT: I like playing snipers. Even  ...
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  • Zu unrecht gebannt

    So ihr super intellegenten 1. Ich habe nicht gehackt 2.Wenn man schimpft is das so schlimm 10000 andre schimpfen auch aber da wird nichts unternommen also unternehmt was oder es gibt ne Klage oder so ihr werdet schon ...
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