• Black ops 2 redacted?

    Everytime i try to log in it says "login failed"? I reallyyyyyy want to play multiplayer with real people instead of boring bots   Cheers, misscallofd_ (;
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  • Game crash at tranzit

    Hey I bought the season pass for black ops 2 today for steam, well since I bought it my game keeps crashing whenever I'm on the bus in TranZit .... Can someone help ? I tried a few things already but it doesn't work
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  • Problems with weapons

    When i start to play multiplayer some parts of weapons disappear it is windows10 the problem? i run black ops 2 70 FPS
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  • Hosting Events to win free prizes events are free as well

    New event at bo2event.tk prize $10 steam or a random key check for more info Limited Slots Ends Today   Event sponsored by pcgamingforum.org
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  • Black Ops II sound problem

    I recently purchased Call of Duty Black Ops II (while it was one sale) and launched the game, but as it was doing the first time setup there was an XAudio2_7.dll error. I know it's a directx error, but some tutorials ...
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  • Why Was I VAC Banned?

    I Was banned today and I have no idea why! I've only been playing for a few days now, and I was enjoying it, until I was banned! Please answer this, I've never done anything on this game like hack or other exploits. P...
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  • it says registration failed

    Hellon everyone today i downloaded black ops 2 on my pc and for no reason when i am registering it says " registration failed" and i have a good internet connection and the online but is on so anyone can help me plz ?
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  • Really?! Enough with the HUD & Walling Hacks! BO3!!!???

    I've about had it with the Trolls with HUD hacks and the few with Wall hacks trolling the lobbies. It's like detection other than some spaz AimBotter is completely missing these hacks. So how do I know, one of our fri...
    created by Momba1
  • How can I get better at BO2?

    So I just started off a couple hours ago, got some guns ect and ranked up to 11 I think. I haven't really got a class I like yet and with a minimal amount of guns I don't know what to use :/ My K/D is 0.5 which I know...
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  • Alguien que haria todos los Ester Eggs conmigo?

    Recien e conseguido este juego (Pero ya lo habia jugado antes en XBOX ) Y me gustaria hacer toooodos los EE con 4 personas, Quien se apunta?
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  • Kinomodus nimmt nicht die ganze Runde auf

    Hey Leute, ich habe eine kleine Frage: Und zwar habe ich in manchen Runden (für meine Verhältnisse) richtig gute Kills gemacht und wollte sie mir dann im Kino noch einmal angucken. Doch dann habe ich gemerk...
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  • I have been permanantly banned :(

    Can any treyarch people help me I need to record for youtube and I cannot afford to buy the game again, please I have learnt my lesson. So I used a mod loader for just private match trickshotting for fun but I really...
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  • League rank bug

    My rank in league is bugged because i´ve played a lot of times(wins) and i can´t rank up(this happened  when i made my five games). i don´t know how can i fix it PLZ HELPPPP I WANNA PLAY THIS G...
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  • CD code dupliqué

    Bonjour j'ai acheté Call of Duty Black ops 2 neuf sur PC et on me dit que le code pour jouer au jeu est déja utilisé. Comme les vendeurs refuse de reprendre le jeu je me tourne vers vous !
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  • freeze at console in Karma

    Having gone through the web and forums I have not been able to find an answer for my issue of the game freezing with just hands showing at the console and the note D or left arrow but nothing is happening when I press...
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  • why always say "connection interrupted"?

    hi all guys, i dont know why only in this black ops 2 when i'm join a game all people lag, me too and say me " connection interrupted".   My nat is Open, My ping is around 50>78 in game (always) and in all ot...
  • Black Ops 2 Low FPS!

    Hello everybody. I have a question .. When im starting playing CoD Bo2 Zombies then I have only low FPS. My Graphics are the lowest and my PC is on full Performance, but I have still have low FPS (25 FPS) Anyone can h...
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  • Banned for no reason

    Hello, i've been perma-banned from blackops 2 for no reason. Someone accused me of cheating, and the rest of my team defended me because I was innocent and just got lucky on a shot. and i've been playing fps's for yea...
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  • Please help me!

    I have some challenge coins from the Hardened edition but i dont know if and how i can use the code (PC)
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  • black ops 2 giocare con amici

    minchia ma va che sto gioco fa davvero cagare il cazzo.. altro che buttare soldi per black ops 3 mi compro qualche gioco per il cellulare a sto punto.. come cazzo è possibile che non si riesca a giocare con ami...
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