• This game is pissin me off

    I got one question why can a lvl 30 guy pickup my scarh while I was shootin at him and kill me whit 2 hits?(I got 4 and he doesn't hit my head) HOW? My ping is about 50 -150.   And this vid looks unlegit:
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  • HELP

    Hey, I have my NAT on open and still can't go online! Every time I try to join a match it will load the game and then say it is disconnected! I tried reinstalling and it still doesn't work!
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  • Players!!!

    Suup! Searching for people to play with. i play blops 2 and 3. Im a guy, 19years old and swedish. add  me and write. Steam: Masterbate7
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  • Gebannt wegen Camo Unlocker

    Hallo Call-of-Duty-Team   Ich habe auf der PC Version Camo Unlocker benutzt und wurde gebannt.   Ich wollte mich entschuldigen das ich es benutzt habe aber mir war es zu schwer alles freizuschalten und ich...
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  • Looking for people to play Black Ops 2 with PC :) Uk

    Hey im from UK and looking for some people to play black ops 2 with as I hate being stuck with idiots on my team :/ and also id find it more fun to play with a few ppl that I can talk to etc my age is 21 and I live ...
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  • Kann mich nicht mit den Onlinedienst verbinden...also nicht Online Spielen

    Hi leute ... Hab folgendes Problem...war gestern auch schon so... Will online spielen, kliock auf Online ... der versucht sich  zu verbinden, aber es tut sich ne zeitlang nichts... dann plötzlich Kann ve...
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  • Too many cheaters day by day!!

    I don't know if all devs are so busy with the new games, the number of cheaters are increased day by day. really getting friustrated by these people. reporting every cheater that i see in game, he comes back again and...
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  • Low FPS / Help me

    MINIMUM Requirements for this game:   OS: Windows 7.@ Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHz or AMD Phenom X3 8750 2.4 GHz Memory: 2 GB for 32-bit OS or 4 GB for 64-bit OS Graphics:ATI Radeon HD 3870 512...
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  • Hi!

    Hi guys im playing black ops 2 on the pc if you wanna join me <3
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  • Zu Zweit spielen, Herausforderungen

    Hallo,   wenn man zu zweit BO II auf einem öffentlichen Server mit zwei Steam-Accounts und 2 gültigen BO II-Codes gegeneinander spielt, zählen dann die Abschüsse bzw. kann man dadurch Herausf...
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  • Any live chat?

    I've been looking around for a live chat support att activision for a while now but can't find it. is there anyone that have a link to it? would help a lot!
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  • rendering using OPS II theater doesn't upload the movie to youtube.

    I have connected the my youtube channel, steam account and facebook account to my COD profile (profile.callofduty.com) . and i created a edited video and rendered it. after rendering was finished a message was display...
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  • Cheater

    Hy Guys, why do you nothing about the Cheaters? Its not funny anymore to play CoD. I never will buy a new CoD Game. So, **** OF COD !!!!
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  • Highlight Reel Does Not Upload To My Youtube Account

    My video is under 2 minutes and my youtube account is linked and when it finishes rendering it tells me to go to https://www.youtube.com/my_videos and it does not show up.
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  • unable to connect to online servers in Zombie Mode

    I really want to play zombie mode but everytime i try to connect to the servers it tells me that it's impossible so i can't even use zombie mode. Thats pretty annoying because i saw that other users are having this pr...
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  • I using 3 monitors user interface are streach too far how can i make it smaller?

    I using 5760x1080 and using 3 monitors.  I have a hard time with the user interface because it streches out way to far is there a way i can make it smaller?  Pluse looking at the min map, ammo, can support o...
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  • Looking for BO2 friends

    Hey, Im fairly new to the game (and not great) but Im getting better. Its easier to improve when you have friends to join parties and play games with you. All of my friends are on console, anyone interested in playing...
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  • Cant play MP or ZM online

    everytime i try to enter a online game i get a "disconnected from server"   i have minimal graphics set i have win8 outside of black ops my internet is amazing....im getting annoyed that i spent $50 to play onl...
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  • Seeking Clan

    Hey there,   I'm looking to join a clan, I played BO2 on Xbox but I moved on to the dark side XD   If you are recruiting or simply seeking a good player to join you, send me a message and we shall take it ...
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    Hello i just recently got black ops 2 and i got banned for using the crossbow at level 4 with the PRESET classes and the WHOLE lobby decided to report me because i shot someone with it and they all said get banned kid...
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