• Why call of duty won't record my games with bots?

    Well.. i try play a match without any bots.. And i hit the record button, and its record, but, when i put bots on match the game won't record! Why?!
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  • black ops 2 connecting to online service error.

    I press play to play black ops 2 which tells me connecting to online service and Then it tells me that servers are not available try Again. Then I tried again and it's the same thing. FIX FAST Please.
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  • PLease help me

    Guys I just uploaded my 300 kill gameplay on blackops2 please help me and support me by subscribing and sharing it please Mawigi - YouTube it will mean alot
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  • Black Ops 2 Multiplayer (PC) doesn't start after changing graphic settings?!

    Hello, A few weeks ago I was looking for the best graphics settings at my PC for black ops 2 multiplayer, but I don't know what I did fault, but when I pressed 'Apply', everything was black: Error. Since that momen...
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  • Can't connect to Black Ops 2 Multiplayer...

    For the past few months I have been unable to play as it won't go past the twirly treyarch logo at the title screen of the multiplayer game. I have tried verfifying my cache integrity and tried port forwarding and al...
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  • Will my laptop be able to run Black Ops 2?

    I'm planning to buy Black Ops 2 on Pc and I'm wondering if my laptop would be able to run it.   My laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad W510 Nvidia Quadro FX 880M (1GB) Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU X 920 @ 2.00GHz 16GB RAM ...
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  • Looking For People To Play With

    Hi, I am very new to black ops II, and I just want some people who are around my level who I can play with. I am 13, and some people may find my voice annoying. But, if anyone is around level 20 and they are not ...
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  • Cheaters caught- reported to pcdev but nothing being done.

    As the title says I have reported these players but they're still in game. Video's and steam profiles below, most recent first.   Same person different name:   [Removed by Moderator]   AND   [R...
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  • bannned from call of duty black ops 2

    Listen to me carefully. I would now like to fix  My Account What is this thing that I get ban for what I do not use Hacks and  my k / d low. fix it  now !!
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  • Black ops 3

    Da es die Kategorie "Black ops 3" nicht gibt erstelle ich hier mein Beitrag ... Ich habe mir heute black ops 3 vorbestellt und als ichden key eingegeben hab kam da irgendwas mit "complete" jedoch klickte ich wirklich...
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  • Xbox One Controller Issues and Solution

    I recently got Blops2 for PC so I wouldn't have to reconnect my 360 and I had some weird symptoms in the multiplayer and zombies main menus.  First, my ingame cursor would act sporadically after about 10 seconds....
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  • Unhandled Exception Caught Error

    Hello. Ever since I bought this game I've had this issue where upon startup, the game crashes to desktop with this, "Unhandled Exception Caught" error. I've talked to a bunch of Activision's ambassador's and tried the...
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    Looking for players to start a clan for BO2 (PC) will move over to BO3 when it comes out. I have been playing by myself for ages now. Now I am trying to do something about it so let me know if you want or need someone...
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  • Banned for modding offline????

    Hello, my real name is Ahmed and I would like to report that I was VAC banned for modding offline lobbies. These lobbies were between me and my friends ONLY. I have never gone into an online game with mods turned on. ...
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    I spent $45 on DLC and havent played one single map... No servers play them, most likely because no one bought it... The game has made the most money its going to get... so please release the map packs for free.... I ...
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  • Kein VAC ban

    Ich wurde grundlos gebannt aber es ist kein vac ban bitte helft mir was ist da nur los.
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  • Can i run black ops 2?

    Please tell me if i can play on my laptop. also please suggest what settings to use. thanks in advanced.   SPECIFICATIONS: Screen: 15.6-inch diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1366x768) Processor: In...
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  • Problem 57375

    I have played Black ops 2, 2 days ago fine. Yesterday i go to play i get this error.   i have done everything it says to do on other forums but i have no idea what to do nothing will work.   I have this on...
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  • im ban cause a random guy invite me and he hack money and ammo??

    about a week ago a guy just randomly invite me and hack the lobby like 4hours after iv been ban?? wtf i was dude the hell i pay 99$ for the zombie pack and now i cant play anymore shiit men? steam dont answer me for s...
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  • HELP!!! Account resettato senza motivo!!  Ban why??

    Giovedi 30/04/15 mi sono ritrovato con l'account resettato senza motivo,Ho l'emblema che avevo prima e la stripe ma sn lv 1 anche se ero lv 43 prestigio 4.Mi sono ritrovaato con l'account resettato.. senza nessun pavv...
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