• What are the requirements to provide the best connection when becoming a host?

    As the title says. i wonder what should i need to provide a "Perfect" connection to everyone when i host a game match.   i have VDSL with speeds of roughly about: 15.04Mbps DL and 1.93Mbps UL with a Ping of 35ms...
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  • Need black ops 2 zombies partner!

    I Can never find anyone to play with and non of my friends play, I am on PS3 my user is NoN_Xistant I do have a mic, I have nuke town, buried and origins so far, so please, look in your heart, PLAY WITH ME!   *N...
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  • starting clan~NEED MEMBERS!!!

    I'm starting my own clan based on sniping mostly, if you are interested...send a message or a friend request to demented_maggot on ps3, thanks! And it doesn't have to be all sniping just anyone who wants to join clan...
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  • Steeds dicconnet fout?

    Wat moet ik doen om dit probleem op te lossen?admin
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  • Erro do capeta ¬¬

    meu jogo ta dando erro tipo um amigo me convida ou volta pro menu ou da erro escrito assim não foi possível  entra nessa  sessão do jogo    ajuda ae na moral mano
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  • black ops 2 probation for leaving early

    is anyone else getting royally peved from this crao. cuase i know i am. i thought it was supposed to be for those that leave early. well what if its not totaly in your controle when you leave, say for friendly fire. o...
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  • ..Server Maintenance

    ..does anybody know when the maintenance is supposed to end? The servers have been bad for the past week.. and they decide to do maintenance during Memorial Day weekend?
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  • Black Ops 2 Server

    Okay for the last few days I have not been able to join anything on mulitplayer for Black Ops2. Ive checked online and it says everything is fine but however I still can not join. Also I switched to playing Zombies an...
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  • Cant Join Online lobbies on Black ops 2 multiplayer

    I recently started playing black ops 2 again after a while and once i loaded up to multiplayer and looked for a lobby to play in i was unable to join any type of certain lobby. i observed what was going on for 20 minu...
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  • please help me

    I have Error "You have been disconnected from the Call Of Duty:Black Ops II servers." please help me I can´t play
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  • server error

    hello i can see its double exp week on ps3 but everytime i play game or do any changes to my classes progress wont save, i made full lvl on scorpion evo and reset it for prestige 1 2 times already, also sometimes im g...
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  • Looking for a player

    Hey I'm just looking for one maybe two people to just chill and play with Multi and zombies No set skill level, just know what you're doing Must have a mic, everyone likes to hold a nice convo  And I would ...
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  • Live Stream Not Working?

    So I Linked my YouTube account to both my Xbox and Ps3 accounts and i always get an error saying and Error occured please try again later, but i tried a day later and still the same error please help
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  • Wanna join a good Qs Trickshot clan well then add Cyber_Goose-_- (Ps3 Only)

    We area Big SnD Clan And Domination We use any guns To Be a Co-Leader Your Kd Has 2 Be At least over a 1:50 Mine Is A 1:69 We Love To Make A Trick shot Lobbies They Usely Join Me When You Tryout You Pick The Gun Class...
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  • hackers ps3 black ops 2

    today my brother and i were playing league play and we played agains some hackers so i made screenshot and hope they get banned for it
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  • BO2 riddled with hackers

    Ive been playing search and about 1 in 3 of the games that I play have people who either have a UAV hack or have aimbot.  Its like ever since black ops 3 became a thing treyarc completely gave up on banning these...
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  • clan

    want to join a clan only good at quick scoping or emptying the game out so team can get trick shot last
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  • Minecraft ps3

    Some plz gameshare minecraft ps3 for the following camos afterlife comics paladin partyrock cyborg dragon rogue weponized uk punk and some bot lobbys . also you will get any map pack u like
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  • HyP Clan recruitment! (PS3) BO2

    Hey everyone its HyP_Ace here telling you about my clan HyP! It's a sniping and competitive clan. We do clan battles a lot! We have a tryout for each category. SNIPERS: YOU MUST DO A 1V1 WITH OUR LEADER HYP_DREAM...
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  • looking for a clan

    i'm prestige 1 level 34, i can't snipe and my k/d is pretty low. so yeah, i am a noob but if someone needs members i can ask some friends who don't have a clan.       i will join EVERY clan. no matter ...
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