• Clan Invite

    Hey guys anyone out there that needs a clan or wants to join our clan is welcome. All you need to do is add llangers22, Ben_snipz_u and Bendock202. We will recruit anyone just try out. Good Luck.
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  • are golden ray gun real

    are it or not?
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  • Looking for an Easter egg team for Richtofen side.

         My PSN name is MSub7_7 I have a good mic and I'm good with every map, and my bank is maxed. The order I would like to do the easter eggs in: TranZit, Die Rise, then Buried. Afterwards I'll do ...
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  • GNTLMN clan recruitment! (Gentleman clan)

    I'm looking for members to join my clan! Add me on psn! GNTLMN-Lancelot Looking for members to help grow. You don't need to be a pro, just someone who knows how to work as a team. This is not a sniping only clan or...
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  • Looking for a Clan and/or Creating One.

    Is there any clans out there? If not i'll creat one and you can reply your PSN. MUST have mic and MUST be over 10 years old. Please do not use a lot of "Language". Thank you.
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  • 6 kills 1 shot dsr 50

    Bonsoir, ce message est d'une haute importance! J'ai fais six kills en une balle au snipe, je l'avais sauvegarder dans mes videos en mode studio. Mais j'y ai pas pensee et je m'ai refresh all... Je n'ai plus mon clip!...
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  • Looking For Good Players To Play With !

    Yo, I'm looking for chill people that are good at the game to play with (Minimum 2.5-3 kd)  . I play multi-team , ground war , domination , demolition . We can also Spawntrap if we get a 6 man . Add me if you wan...
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  • xAwaKe Clan

    Welcome to xAwaKe_Clan.   We are thhe  xAwaKe_Clan.   1. We are a clan that does both Hardcore or Core Matches. 2. Dont have to have a Mic, Communication would help In-game Helps alot. 3. No Hardscoping...
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  • looking for good players

    i am looking for some good players to play with. i want people with mics and people who know call outs. my psn is HaF_Hopeless. I am also in a clan who is recuiting! so msg me on psn if you want to play or get into t...
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    I'm looking for players for cod: zombies, on all maps except Die Rise (only dlc i don't have). Add me at: ll-Lace_Up-ll and we'll play! I'm online almost all day on weekends, and during the week after 3:30.
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  • page call of duty BO2

    Bonjours a tou voici ma page call of duty BO2 sur facebook il y aura des tournois en multi joueur et en zombie je serait connecter assez souvent donc mettez des j'aimes et faire des commentraire mettez un j'aime la ...
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  • Is it worth it to get Black Ops 2 for the PS3?

    Hello all, new member here.   I usually pick up all the CoD games when they release, but this year I have decided to hold off on Advanced Warfare until I acquire a next gen system again. I had a a PS4 but I sol...
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  • Looking for 3 Leagueplay members!

    Whats up you handsome gamers?   I'm founding a clan , because i think i have the potential to be a succesfull black ops 2 pro player. Because I am still a college student , I can only play on Friday , Saturday...
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  • Come join my Michael Myers on Bo2!

    HI im hosting a Michael myers lobby if anybody could join at this Username: spike237 and thx you for your support
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  • Need someone with a recorder

    Hi   i have a YouTube channel called : Clan R4vZ And our recorder is stuck can someone record for us add me kemil12
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  • Recruiting

    Hey! I'm recruiting for a GameBattles and League Play Clan. Im tired of playing with randoms that are used to pubs and then get wrecked. Add Applision and Caressive for tryouts. Must be willing to make new accounts.
  • Battle chatter/sound effects

    Does anyone know where I can find the battle chatter written down into words from the game?     I want to memorize the yemeni militia battlechatter and i'm wondering if I can get the exact transcripts?
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  • Black Ops 2 - Sniping And Trickshotting Clan Recruitment

    Hi, if any of you guys would like to join ProTo here are the requirements. - You need to make a new account - You need to list your psn - Tell me a little bit about yourself, this will help you get in. These are t...
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  • BO II League Play ONLY

    Hello Lads, Im a Very Competitive Gamer. I play roughly 4 hours everyday. I only play league. So if your a sniping clan dont bother trying to recruit. Although i might join to play around for a whiles Im a British...
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  • League play question

    So, i'd like to know if the ranking league play still appears on public profile...
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