• Members wanted

    Looking for PS3 Black ops 2 players.   Hit me up BIG-ROME47   if you want to join the clan email me at jgenarelli@yahoo.com   I have some members already however looking to expand. I need your email ...
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  • Ratio of 1.70-2.00 (Looking for people to play with)

    Well, I am looking for people that play Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I have a ratio of 2.00 but when I spend time without playing I loss skill and it goes down then after a while it comes back up so yeah. By the way, &nb...
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  • Still Looking

    Still Looking for clan Members for Blackops 2.   I have had a decent response already.  I am in the process of making a face book page for us to communicate.  Please email me at jgenarelli@yahoo.co...
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  • COD Ghosts vs BO2

    Hey guys. I'm just wondering whether I should buy BO2 with a PS3 that may be given to me. I have a PS4 at the moment but there isn't much action regarding new games etc. being released on the console. Also, what other...
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  • ExacT Sniping- Looking for QS' and Trickshotters

    If you would like to join our PS3 clan, ExacT, you need to be able to TrickShot and or Quickscope.  You need to have a mic You need to be able to hit clips. You need to play quite often.  You need to h...
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  • Clan recruitment (mic needed and new account)

    I have started a new clan called P4YL you will need to make a new account if we accept you and u will need a mic umm after we accept u and if u make a new account it needs to be P4YL_ and then a word u choose to try o...
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  • Looking For a Clan

    As the title says, I'm looking for an active clan that isn't all that bad. I'm alright at the game, I don't n00btube, use shotguns, or LMG's. My PSN is: Chanyeoul. If you want to test to recruit, just add me and we ca...
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  • Clan for playing league

    Add Its_Finetz. Needs - You need to be able to create another account - You do not need a microphone - You need to be able to work well as a team - You need to be able to be good at S&D, Hardpoint, TDM, Just...
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  • recruiting players (english)  (Mic Needed)

    we need more people for our clan   PSN: Fatal-_-Money   New PSN account will be needed
  • black ops 2 probation for leaving early

    is anyone else getting royally peved from this crao. cuase i know i am. i thought it was supposed to be for those that leave early. well what if its not totaly in your controle when you leave, say for friendly fire. o...
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  • TrUe Clan Now Recruiting Members!

    Hey! I'm the leader/founder of a clan called TrUe, unfortunately we are low on members so I tuned for the Call Of Duty forums for an answer. If you snipe/rush/knife then your exactly what we're looking for! The recru...
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  • Os iba mal el online el viernes 20 de febrero¿¿¿¿¿

    A mi me sacaba todo el rato de las partidas y a mis amigos y ponia algo de que los servidores no estaban disponibles y tambien luego tuve k esperar 5 min por "salirme" de muchas partidas y cuando llegaba a 0 se volvia...
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  • looking for clan to join

    ign killshot1993 1.18 kda not the best but not the worst
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  • i need a clan to join:)

    ifn killshot1993
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  • PrizmGaming

    Hello There its xAnoYz Leader of PrizmGaming I am going to start this clan today so if you would like to join please add xAnoYz on PS3 and be online today 8 PM UK Time on BlackOps2. You have to have some decent gamep...
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  • You have been disconnected from the Call of Duty Black ops II Servers

    I have been trying to play bo2 all day and i keep on getting "You have been disconnected from the Call of Duty Black ops II Servers" Is there a way to fix this!?!?!?
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  • Modders have ruined Black OPS 2 on PS3

    Only posting this because I have never seen so many modders on this game before, I usually run into them maby 1 or 2 times in a 8 hour session. Black OPS 2 on PS3 has been my favorite CoD in the series, I have been p...
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  • Please fix fast!

    There are many problems to be had this day. I have been trying to play for the majority of the day and the Black Ops 2 servers continuously kick me off, resulting in many probationary time waits. I've noticed however ...
  • Disconnection from BO2 servers

    Up until now, my game has been generally stable, but when I logged in today I started getting kicked 4 out of 5 times I went into a lobby. I was getting pissed, but I actually hit my first 5 man on screen. So I was ha...
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  • PS3 Community Update (11/6/14)

    Hello PS3 community,   We are listening to you and we’ve been busy working on updates based on feedback from the community.   Stay tuned right here for all the latest info and be sure to follow @Trey...
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