• Search & Destroy World Record Nintendo WiiU

      what was your quickest game ever?
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  • Acount was wiped any nice hackers?

    So one day im playing good ol blops 2 and some rude hacker wipes everyone in the lobbies accounts and leaves! Then another time im in a lobby and it glitches and messes my stats! Im looking for all unlocks (camos,guns...
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  • Wii U Community Tournament during the end of May

    Basic Summary:  Hey guys I will be hosting a black ops 2 tournament for the Wii u only. I would just like to make it clear there will be no ps360 or pc. Anyone is avaliable on the wii u to join. Hacking cheating ...
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  • Black Ops 3 for Wii U?

    I just sign up with my NNID, lets hope its real.
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  • Why no reason for black ops 2 Wii U DLC? PLEASE ACTIVISION...

    Us Wii U gamers strongly deserve a valid reason why DLC is not out on black ops 2. Please Activison if your reading this give us a valid reason why there has not been any DLC for black ops 2 Wii U. We're not even aski...
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  • Why the Double XP weekend is not on Wii U?

    On the occasion of Black Ops Trailer 3 for this Sunday, he a double xp but the Wii U is leaving or it's me I?
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  • Black Ops II Wii U - Treyarch's Guide to the Wii Remote

    Hello Wii U Wii Remote Community,   I've added a guide up in the announcements section.  I'll leave this thread open for this sticky so you can all participate in the discussuion (announcements can't be ope...
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  • Help with aiming

    I have a question about aiming while playing online. It seems like 80% of the players I get killed by have dead on aim, even when I'm running. I played offline for several months before playing online, and I was doing...
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  • Black Ops 3 Confirmed. Your thoughts?

    If you didn't know, Black ops 3 was confirmed. The reveal trailer can be seen here. I honestly saw this coming, and I can say that I'm pretty excited to see what it brings. I don't think It's coming to WiiU (judging s...
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  • #WiimoteWarrior Elite King's Guide To The Wiimote

      so uhh yeah, this my guide on my personal settings that i run for Black Ops 2
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  • Nintendo Network iD + CoD.com... What Does it Mean?

    BO3 is COMING to the WiiU...   i know, i know...nothing is set in stone but this is by far the most promising thing to happen since the nuketown map addition way back when.   *Credit to "JacksRage84" for f...
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  • How many players online?

    Last night 140,000 bo2 users on ps3 (with my wiimote). How many on wiiu?   And how about bo and ghosts? I will check the numbers on ps3.
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  • Revolution dlc pack to come after double xp weekend?

    We are coming to the end of ghosts life cycle, yet black ops 2 gets double xp weekend? and the last time this happened wii u bo2 got nuketown? Seems unlikely to happen, but does anyone think wii u bo2 will get revolti...
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  • Where is A_Trey_U?

    I'm pretty much guessing that CoD on Nintendo platforms is dead. I don't mean that people don't play it, I just think that we won't get another CoD game. I find it strange that A_Trey_U just disappeared. After doing s...
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  • PS3 call of duty with wiimote

    Hey guys,   I had some nice cod games with the old ofc boys hazard and barry on the ps3 with the wiimote (and the titan one converter).   Although our K/D ratios are nothing to write home about we did enjo...
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  • my controls for my right stick

    I Need help my controls for my 360 are messed up. Can't figure how to switch back. When I push up it goes down and push down and it looks up. Wasn't like that before. How can I chamge this back to up is up and down is...
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  • COD 2015 for Wii U?

    So treyarch confirmed COD 2105 and nobody posted anything here in the Wii U section? Treyarch Studios on Twitter: "COD in 2015 confirmed. We look forward to carrying on the conversation...that is, if we ha… &n...
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  • Nuketown 2025 freeze!

    After receiving Nuketown 2025 game began to show crashes and so need to restart the console! Please fix this bug!
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  • HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, I thought this was really cool and I don't know what it is or how to do it. Please help. It is bugging me a lot. The gun sways. I took a video of a final killcam with the special thing being used.  PLS HELP...
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  • To treyarch

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