• Playing Solo Vs Playing In Parties...

    what type of player does it label you as?  does it make you better?  does it make you worse?  
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  • Booster Gets Busted (Part 1-3) #WiimoteWarrior

    4H and I hold ourselves to a higher standard of gaming and morals.  we've been around since 2008 and been known to stop "support pwnage" script kiddies as well as take the unofficial role of Glitch Guardians to p...
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    We need to be treated equal we are the same we as people who play on xbox 360,PS3 and PC so why dont we get the god dang dlc it makes me so sick i cant believe it we got ONE MAP TWO YEARS LATE WE WERE PROMISED DLC BUT...
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  • Acount was wiped any nice hackers?

    So one day im playing good ol blops 2 and some rude hacker wipes everyone in the lobbies accounts and leaves! Then another time im in a lobby and it glitches and messes my stats! Im looking for all unlocks (camos,guns...
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  • Black Ops 3 for Wii U?

    I just sign up with my NNID, lets hope its real.
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  • Help with aiming

    I have a question about aiming while playing online. It seems like 80% of the players I get killed by have dead on aim, even when I'm running. I played offline for several months before playing online, and I was doing...
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  • Search & Destroy World Record Fastest 4 Round Shutout EVER Nintendo WiiU

      what was your quickest game ever?
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  • Wii U Community Tournament during the end of May

    Basic Summary:  Hey guys I will be hosting a black ops 2 tournament for the Wii u only. I would just like to make it clear there will be no ps360 or pc. Anyone is avaliable on the wii u to join. Hacking cheating ...
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  • Why no reason for black ops 2 Wii U DLC? PLEASE ACTIVISION...

    Us Wii U gamers strongly deserve a valid reason why DLC is not out on black ops 2. Please Activison if your reading this give us a valid reason why there has not been any DLC for black ops 2 Wii U. We're not even aski...
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  • Why the Double XP weekend is not on Wii U?

    On the occasion of Black Ops Trailer 3 for this Sunday, he a double xp but the Wii U is leaving or it's me I?
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  • Black Ops II Wii U - Treyarch's Guide to the Wii Remote

    Hello Wii U Wii Remote Community,   I've added a guide up in the announcements section.  I'll leave this thread open for this sticky so you can all participate in the discussuion (announcements can't be ope...
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  • Black Ops 3 Confirmed. Your thoughts?

    If you didn't know, Black ops 3 was confirmed. The reveal trailer can be seen here. I honestly saw this coming, and I can say that I'm pretty excited to see what it brings. I don't think It's coming to WiiU (judging s...
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  • #WiimoteWarrior Elite King's Guide To The Wiimote

      so uhh yeah, this my guide on my personal settings that i run for Black Ops 2
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  • Nintendo Network iD + CoD.com... What Does it Mean?

    BO3 is COMING to the WiiU...   i know, i know...nothing is set in stone but this is by far the most promising thing to happen since the nuketown map addition way back when.   *Credit to "JacksRage84" for f...
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  • How many players online?

    Last night 140,000 bo2 users on ps3 (with my wiimote). How many on wiiu?   And how about bo and ghosts? I will check the numbers on ps3.
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  • Revolution dlc pack to come after double xp weekend?

    We are coming to the end of ghosts life cycle, yet black ops 2 gets double xp weekend? and the last time this happened wii u bo2 got nuketown? Seems unlikely to happen, but does anyone think wii u bo2 will get revolti...
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  • Where is A_Trey_U?

    I'm pretty much guessing that CoD on Nintendo platforms is dead. I don't mean that people don't play it, I just think that we won't get another CoD game. I find it strange that A_Trey_U just disappeared. After doing s...
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  • PS3 call of duty with wiimote

    Hey guys,   I had some nice cod games with the old ofc boys hazard and barry on the ps3 with the wiimote (and the titan one converter).   Although our K/D ratios are nothing to write home about we did enjo...
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  • my controls for my right stick

    I Need help my controls for my 360 are messed up. Can't figure how to switch back. When I push up it goes down and push down and it looks up. Wasn't like that before. How can I chamge this back to up is up and down is...
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  • COD 2015 for Wii U?

    So treyarch confirmed COD 2105 and nobody posted anything here in the Wii U section? Treyarch Studios on Twitter: "COD in 2015 confirmed. We look forward to carrying on the conversation...that is, if we ha… &n...
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