• Black Ops 2 Wii-U Update!!! (Please Make This Update)

    Make an update in black ops 2 for changing the medals to how it was in black ops 1. Like when you get first blood, there is a picture but in black ops 1 there are just words. Change black ops 2 to how it was in black ...
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  • activision and treyarch need to release wii u map packs!!

    shouldn't matter if there is a smaller community on wii u. You should support all your customers equally. I know people won't even buy cod on the platform just because of less maps..Wii need more maps lol
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  • Horrible Lag after Nuketown fix

    So it looks like Nuketown is now working for TDM, but the lag is so bad on any map the game is almost unplayable.   I'm not sure, but it looks like the logic for finding a "BEST" game and so on is broken. It loo...
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  • DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

    Hi Everyone,   Ever since I downloaded the recent DLC update, I am unable to move and/or control my sentry guns once they have been placed. Same goes for the guardian, I cannot move it after it has been placed. ...
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  • "Best" search not working?

    Ever since this latest double-xp "update" searching on "best" doesn't work. There are games out there, but not close by (ping time). It was fine before the update, just wondering if anyone else noticed the issue?
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  • Zombie - Your best match

    I've re-bought this game after the free DLC but I have to say I don't like to play the multiplayer mode anymore, I prefer to play Zombie (TranzIt most of all) My record is only round 17, many times I've surpassed tha...
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  • DLC

    When do you think that we will get our BO2 dlc guys? This forum was dead so I made this.
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  • Titan One = Wiimote + cod on PS, XBOX and PC

    UPDATE:     I knew of both the controllermax dongle and the titan one dongle (and the   dispute between the two).     Initially I choose (and purchased) the controllermax dongle because of ...
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  • No Nuclear Medal?

    I went 36-0 on Raid, but didn't get a Nuclear medal which is a 30 kill streak. I only got the Brutal medal which is 25. What gives?!?!
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  • What are the plans for the wii remote?  I say make it like Ghosts.

    I'm assuming Treyarch is monitoring this board.  If so, please consider making the wii remote control just like it does in Ghosts.   Maybe leave this sentry gun fix, but as far as how aiming is handled, ju...
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  • So is Nuketown even in the TDM rotation?

    Been playing for a few hours...have yet to see Nuketown.   Game has aged like fine wine though...god damn. Popping fools with that sexy FAL with a swiftness. Feeding off the tears of Wiimote kids.
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  • Letter of Resignation

    COD on WiiU has been nothing short of disappointment. I know most of you won't care, but as of today i offically am moving to the PS3 for BO2. This means less playing time for me but I don't care as now I can get my h...
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  • Revolution DLC pack

    Does anyone know when this is coming or if this is ever coming out? I have heard speculation, but is there any word? My guess is that they will release all DLC for BO2 at a random time, and it will be free or a mandat...
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  • Wii U To Receive Full DLC For Black Ops 2 On August 15

    Well not really, and I know that most of you will be upset at this post, but this will grab Treyarch's attention (and has your's). In the comment type DLC in protest. If everyone who reads this does that, it could mak...
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  • Your favourite tactical weapon? .

    Shock charge is the best IMO. You?  .
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  • ATU - Update for Mote and Nuketown on MP playlist?

    Just curious if there will be any such updates/patches?
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  • Die Rise Map

    So I hear Die Rise is in the map select screen? Does anyone here think this could mean anything? I sure hope so. I would love another Zombie map.
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  • Run faster, buffs and nerfs in new patch

    I wanted to start this thread to see if anyone else notices the differences.   1. You run faster - or seem to. 2. Lag is still there in a big way - only now it comes faster instead of in slow motion like before...
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  • Wii U Getting Revolution Pack In the Morning [legit]

    Just what it says, including Die Rise and Peacekeeper
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  • Mote settings for buggy patch

    Don't know if this will help anyone:   I decreased the dead zone for hip fire to nothing.   The biggest issue I found was the "Camera Sensitivity" setting - I had this way up before and reset it to 8. It c...
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