• League Play Need Urgent Help!

    Hello guys, I have been playing League Play and I have been locked at Gold 22 for two seasons in a row now, when I play and win I just stay there, I made a new account and I have done my placements but it says awaitin...
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  • League play not working? someone please help

    hi i started playing league play like 2 months ago and i got ranked into iron division,i then changed my name after a month and now i cant get any points and i feel i definitely deserve better then iron or bronze i me...
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  • Achievements through hacking??

    I went to play search and destroy on slums, and I found I was in a hacked lobby. We started flying, there was text all over the screen, and I have proof. I can upload it to my player channel, Googly Gamers. At the end...
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  • What is Your Favorite Call Of Duty Game?

    I Want to Know What everybody's Favorite Call of Duty Game is. My Favorite is Black Ops 2 2nd Favorite: COD 4: Modern Warfare 3rd Favorite: Modern Warfare 2
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    Una pregunta en las partidas de liga puedo ganar experiencia para subir de rango a parte de para subir de liga? Y subo de nivel y gano camuflajes para las armas?
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  • X360 BO2 - Sign In status change/Server Issue = Probation

    Completely disappointed that Treyarch/Activision will not fix this issue. I have called both Xbox/Activision and they keep telling me the same thing with no resolve. I have played this game since release with no issue...
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  • How many active players still play BO2 on xbox 360

    Hi Guys   I got a xbox 360 want to start playing black ops2 online is there still alot of active players ?   Regards
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  • Whats your favorite class for SnD?

    Im looking for a great class to use in Search and Destroy while i play with my clan. I want to impress them. Please share your class setups below!
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  • Banido permanentemente

    Eu fui banido permanentemente por usar um emblema ofensivo, venho aqui para recorrer, a suástica usada no meu emblema não era nazista e sim hopi, prpcure se informar antes de banir qualquer suásti...
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  • Can you still stream on BO2

    I know they canned twitch. But I tried streaming on youtube and It kept giving me this error message I'm just seeing if anyone else can stream.
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  • Looking for a clan

    My name is ryan and i want to join a competitive clan that will work hard and also play in tournaments but also play for fun.  My main games are bo2 and mw3 I will also be getting bo3 my bo2 kid is 1.12!! My game...
  • XBOX 360! Clan Recruitment: Kings of Kod

    Kings of Kod Recruitment! Xbox 360!!! Please visit this post in the Clans section of the forums to check out my recently created clan!
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  • help the livestreaming is not working

    the live streaming service is down i think but it does not work I need this now
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  • Black ops 2 clans?

    Who wants to start a xbox 360 bo2 clan
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  • Trickshotting Tips

    What would be classed as good i mean i have been practicing a quad insta swap
  • What does it take to 4 bar?

    My current internet speeds are 50 and 5 my xbox is hardwired. From speed tests on my also wired PC I generally get around 47 down and 4.5 up, with a ping of around 15. My friends that have slower internet connections ...
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  • sponcers

    So me and my clan are very talented and we are looking for sponcers so we can get our name out there. If your interested in sponcering us answer here and I will check or text me on Kik(eli_strker) or Instagram(trap.el...
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  • warum geht der live stream nicht bei bo2

    hallo ich habe heute mal versucht den live stream zustarten leider geht es nicht kann mir jemand weiterhelfen ?
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  • Bo2 needs more weapons

    In Black Opps 2 Online it has a nice variety of weapons, but I would like to see more knifes, more lethals, more secondary
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  • Ban for no reason

    Hi my name is Julie and I have recently been ban from making and displaying an Emblem on Black Ops 2 when I did nothing wrong I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me why i was randomly ban for no reason....
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