• Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Elite Clan

    Hey Im a member of an elite clan. we are looking for  more members to join, we do quick scope/no scope, work as a team, and also work on our elite rank.  we are looking for players with at least a 1.00 ...
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  • Silent Assassins- Clan recruitment!- Xbox 360- Black ops 2!!

    Hi, my name is ac4man aka chase!! We are the Silent Assassins clan!! We are recruiting members for our clan! You have to try out, but we accept almost any one! When you try out you will face me, or a other clan member...
  • Who wants to clan battle ?

    The Odyssey clan is looking for competitive clans after beating KSI.  send me a message at Odyssey Omega Xbox Live if interested on playing us.
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  • NXL Clan Xbox 360 Sniping Clan Recruitment

    Hey guys it's NXL Shadow (or ShadowGhostHunt) here and I am recruiting for my new clan. We are a primarily sniping clan. This means that if you are not good at sniping that you should keep practicing until you feel th...
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  • Looking For A Competitive Clan! [Xbox 360]

    Hello! My name is Fawkin123, also known as Its Frostiic on Xbox Live, im currently looking for a competitive clan that is active and has a decent amount of members. Ive been gaming since I could remember starting out ...
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  • clan

    how do u make a clan
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  • Add me magnusironfist5 I play all cod looking for online friends!

    my gamer tag is magnusironfist5 looking for online friends to play cod so add me!
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  • Xbox friends & black ops 2 players

    I just signed up for this site. Not lookin for anything in particular but it'd be cool if some people added me on Xbox: Fr3sh Da G4wd im not the best player ever but I'm decent and can get scorestreaks. Either add me...
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  • I am kind of new to Bo2

    I am pretty new, ive only been playing for about 3 days so if someone wants to add me and play with me and give me some tip or tricks that would be geat.   Gt: ChrisTroyer109
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  • Won't let me live stream

    I'm trying to live stream on my game and it keeps saying that the feauture is disabled due to age restrictions of my profile but there is no profile that has anything of the sort it was gonna let me do it the other da...
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  • Decent-Good player looking for a clan

    Im a good player looking for a clan that has decent amount of members my gt is XGN Ember. If i could join XGN on a different squad i would maybe take it if i can join ksi i would take it but i want a clan that require...
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  • Decent player looking for clan (xbox360)

    HI my GT is DaBleefinator but you can just call me Jacob.  I'm fairly decent at Black Ops 2 and that's the only COD I play.  I have a KD of 0.95 (due to trying out quick scoping for the first time) I'm 18 an...
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  • I need a clan

    Is there any good sniping clans, I'm good at quick scoping and will happily do tryouts.NAMECHANGE IS MUST
  • Clan discussion (Please read???)

    If i make a clan called SwaT on bo2 for xbox 360 who will wana join if you do please msg me you're gt on this topic please. If i get good enough players i can and will make a pro (MLG) team and do tournaments. We will...
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  • Want to play bo2 (xbox 360)

    Anyone want to play anything? Add me Xcar0n
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  • Looking for clan Please read and comment back

    So im looking or a clan that does clan tryouts i want one that is a good clan like skill wise and has a good amount of members i want the tryouts to be a little difficult so i can test myself and see if i am a good pl...
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  • Looking for ZA Clans (xbox 360)

    I'm 14, i play bo2 and bo3 daily. Im really good at quickscoping and using smgs and i also have all the dlcs. I'm really chilled, and willing to use my mic. please msg if you are interested. Email: stylrboys@outlook....
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  • xbox 360 clan AGN recruting ask GT bmxer154 13+

    plz join this is for are community we will be moving to bo3 soon so join and where going to have clan battles too
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  • Need help beating origins egg

    ive been trying to beat this for a long time now but can't remember the steps. I need a great player who has beaten the game to help me out. My gamer tag is THATGUY53031
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  • Improvement tips.

    Hey my names Brittany. I've had CoD2 since its first come out. There are moments when Im good and then the next I can do horrible. I'm decent when it comes to hardcore but core is a bit harder lol. My K/D is 0.38 whic...
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