• Need help with Guns and map packs

    So i bought personaliztion and map packs for a profile on my 360, however i want them on a diffrent profile. Is it possible to copy them from one to the other? or do i have to buy them all over again?
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  • I need a clan

    Is there any good sniping clans, I'm good at quick scoping and will happily do tryouts.NAMECHANGE IS MUST
  • Clan

    Join my clan, the name is Fatez. You dont have to be Active everyday, but you need to atleast play on the weekends
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  • Error with EMblems

    I cant save any emblems it says error whenever I try
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  • Im looking for a group to do all the Zombies easter eggs

    Im looking for a group to do all the zombies easter eggs.   Requirements: - Must have all the dlc maps - Must have a mic - Must be a decent player - Must be active   If you would like to do the easter...
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  • Newbie/Cheating

    Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on the forums, and I must say I'm rather... disappointed. I came to the forums really to vent about the cheating/hacking going on, but I used the search filter to look up ...
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  • I've played this game since release and got banned for no reason!

    Since the release of BO2 it had been my #1 game and I have spend a lot of money on it. earlier today I get randomly conole banned and want to be unbanned as soon as possible
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  • Mexico lobbies/ unbalanced play

    As of late we have been experiencing a lot of  unbalanced matches, and it usually happens when the the lobby has players from south of the border. Not ranting ,but is there anything we can do to even up the play...
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  • Looking for some people to trickshot with

    Hey guys, hope you're having a nice day.  Anyway, I was wondering if some people would like to trickshot with me a friend.  We are kind of new to trickshotting, and aren't too great.  It doesn't really ...
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  • Hacked lobbies, Messed up score per minute

    Hi, a few minutes ago matchmaker putted me in a hacked lobby where every kill gives me a ton of score , after that match my account's score per minute in team deathmatch is messed up now and I don't want this much of ...
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  • Problème de season pass !!

    Bonjour à tous je m'apelle Marceau Renault et mon Gamertag est Wwchoupaz25wW. Je met ce message sur le forum du site officiel pour avoir une action la plus rapide possible seul les admin de BO2 peuvent m'aider ...
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  • Looking for a zombies crew to do easter eggs

    Hello i am trying to get some players together to do some cod bo2 zombies easter eggs. If you are interested in joining please make sure you meet the requirements need. You can see the requirements below. BE DECEN...
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  • BO2 zombies clan prep for BO3 zombies 2015 (OPEN TRY OUTS) ZOMBIES CLAN

    Hey, I'm starting a zombie clan on Xbox 360 for perep for black ops 3. This is the official zombie clan of siixaz twitch.tv I will be hosting tryouts on Friday, saterday and Sunday. The tryouts will be streamed on twi...
  • Help! My league rank isn't going up or down!

    Hi, and thanks for reading this post. I have been playing league for a little while and I am Iron Division 99. I play really good like 25-8. It say +100 ladder points but my points still stay at 300. And I have a B...
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  • Looking to make/join league team

    Hi guys and gals I'm looking to make a competition league team On xbox 360. If your interested please add MischiefMonster on xbox live So we can make a team.
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  • One final Double XP?

    Anyone else think that Treyarch is going to do one final Double XP with Nuketown 24/7 on Black Ops 2 for the week before Black Ops 3 launches like they did for AW. I hope they do because im still trying to get to pres...
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  • Any down to do the easter egg on BO2

    I Trying to do the easter eggs for Tranzit, Buried, And Die rise. But if you need help on origins or anything else I'm willing to help.if your interested just let me know or send me a message on Xbox 360My GamerTag is...
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  • issue with emblem ban

    hi, i have been banned for apparently having a racial emblem when it had no similarities to anything racial, it was created in relevance to the Indian good luck charm the "swastika" so i would appreciate it if i could...
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  • Can you still stream on BO2

    I know they canned twitch. But I tried streaming on youtube and It kept giving me this error message I'm just seeing if anyone else can stream.
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  • BO2 Zombies

    Looking for any good players to play any of the maps and either get to high rounds, or complete easter eggs. My K/D is roughly 150 and I've completed a few easter eggs but not all of them.   XBOX 360 GT: Wag...
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