• How do these people have a ridiculously high Score Per Minute?

    Im not here to complain or anything, I am just trying to figure out how these 3 people have such a high Score Per Minute. The 3 people are (Tab Slack, Tab VNM and oTzunami) Sorry if the picture quality is bad, I too...
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  • Long Term Issue w/ League Play

    Why have multiple seasons passed and League Play hasn't been updated? We grind all month just for it to stay the same? I've made multiple threads about this issue and I was informed it would be resolved. If I'm platin...
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  • Looking for people to play zombies

    Looking for people to play zombies with.I usually only play buried but if you want to play anything else im willing to learn. my gt is xNinjaCeceX
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  • I can't Un-mute Players - Xbox360

    Okay so today "03/05/2015" I went back on Black ops 2 you with a few friends to notice that when we went into a search and destroy game I couldn't hear no one which I thought everything had there mics out until I aske...
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  • Looking for Members for our Clan!

    We have a new Trickshotting/Feeding clan and we recently got hacked. We have gotten our channel back, which is AqWa Squad... we restarted our roster and we are looking for Members and Co-Leaders! To join simply search...
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  • Looking for a Graphics Designer for your Clan?

    Hey everyone, it's Willow here, and today I just wanted to let everyone know that I currently do graphics design and I am open for commissions. I make YouTube/Twitch banners, Thumbnails (lots of 5), profile pictures, ...
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  • Looking for league play teammates (xbox)

    Hi to all,   I am looking to be a part of an active 4 man team on champions series. If you are interested in joining you must have a mic/know callouts/ be platinum+ / be 16+  ( and be active regularly ) I...
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  • League Play is BS

    I enjoy League Play overall but I hate losing games simply because someone on my team quit. This is something that may be to late to fix for BO2 but hopefully if they bring back League Play tat they will have a system...
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  • I need a guide to help me with Origins!

    I just need someone to walk me through origins and tell me everything to do and show me around help appreciated
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  • lag issues since 2 weeks

    Dear guys,   i am having big trouble in b02 multiplayer and the most heavy lags i have ever seen my hole gaming-live when i run toward an opposite player bullets go right throuh him with no harm, also st i cant...
  • Dear Moderator: FIX the forum

    Dear Moderator, For goodness sakes, this is the 21st century with self-driving cars, routine trips to outer space, and houses that open up with a cell phone.  Running a forum is not rocket science.  There a...
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  • Should I get the PC version or the xb360 version?

    Alright, here's the dilemma. Blops2 is on sale for $20 on xbl right now. All my IRL friends play blops2 on xbox. However, I don't like the xbox version for a few reasons. 1. Capped at 60fps 2. Fov capped at 65, I usua...
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  • Looking for a Black Ops 2 Clan- Xbox 360

    I'm looking to join a clan... All my info is here and the questions I have are here as well...       Are you guys into Major League Gaming?     I'm a grown ass man lol     First ...
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  • Looking for some people for regular 6man(s)

    Hey just looking for some people to play with really. Thanks! Have a good day
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  • Need people to play zombies with 360

    Just need some people to play good ol' zombies with on xbox 360, because most randoms always die or just leave right a way so it it very hard to find people to play with.. Must have at LEAST Origins DLC, but all is pr...
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  • Looking for people to play with

    Looking for people too play with online and on zombies. gt is xNinjaCeceX
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  • Need a player for multiplayer and zombies?

    I Am not the best at multiplayer or zombies, but I'm easy to get along with. I have a mic and play everyday. My gt is Logaanmeister25
    Logan Meister
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  • nuketown 2025 !!!

    hey guys anyone want to play the nuketown playlist with me i just prestiged but im getting 60 + most games and ive got a few 100 + games tonight so if u want to play mssg enveii btw i dont have mic but i can hear people
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  • Looking For People To Stream With

    I am looking for people to play COD with while I live stream. I stream to Twitch and create videos on Youtube. Please be 16 & up and have mic. I play zombies & multiplayer and have all the DLC. add me on 360 G...
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  • Want to start something epic

    Hello people in the Call of Duty community. Me and a few other people are starting a clan called Team Kane. We need members to help us. The comditions to be on the team are that you need to be at least 14 years old, h...
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