• KrAze Recruiting (Clan Recruitment)

    Hey guys TeenRican here and I am recruiting for my new sniping clan "KrAze Sniping" We are looking for feeders, trickshotters     I just created the clan today and there is only 3 of us so far, If you are...
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  • Turn off medal notification?

    Is there a way to turn off the little symbols that pop up during gameplay such as "comeback", "raining death", "triple kill" etc? They get in the way of me seeing enemy players. Same thing with guns laying on the grou...
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  • Looking For a BO2 Clan! [XBOX 360]

    Hey guys! Im Daniel, Im a very competitive gamer since I can remember, Im looking for a competitive clan that's not new (Can be new, I would like to just know some more things about the clan) and has a good amount of ...
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  • Black Ops 2: Xfinity Gaming [Xbox 360] (Recruiting!)

    Hey CoD gamers! I recently decided to start a League Team on Black Ops 2! I want competitive players who are mature and active! No squeakers! Also, you MUST have a microphone/headset in order to communicate better! We...
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  • Does anyone still play BO2

    So I have been playing AW and I have grown tired of the game due to all of its problems. I was thinking about switching back to BO2 as this was one of my favorites. Does anyone still play it. If so how long does it ta...
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  • clan in black ops 2

    i want to create a clan in bo2 but i can find the call of duty elite to do it, can anyone say me where i go or wath i can do??
  • Clan Recruitment - Xbox 360 - Quickscoping - SMGs -

    Hey! I'm PerfectBagel, the leader of the blu bulletz clan. We are an aspiring Competitive Quickscoping clan. If your interested in joining you have come to the right place.     Application:   * = req...
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  • Clan Recruitment (XiledGaming) KoG HellHouse

    Dear Fellow Gamers,     XiledGaming is a multi-platform gaming community for multiple games and consoles. The community has been around for almost 9 years now and has over 80,000+ members to date on the sit...
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  • To those who complain about spawn killing

    Ive played with tons of different types of players good, bad great horrible.  And "spawn killing" has always been a topic.     First you must define what spawn killing actually is, there are a number o...
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  • Why can't I get the trained up achievement?

    Im one achievement away from perfecting black ops II and the last one I need is the trained up achievement, but no matter how many combat training games I win, the achievement doesn't pop, can anyone help me? I know F...
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  • How to make a scratched black ops 2 disk work?

    I really don't know how to fix this, I tried using the banana thing but it wouldn't work
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  • Looking for some people for regular 6man(s)

    Hey just looking for some people to play with really. Thanks! Have a good day
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  • Looking for a Legue play team

    Add Me now Killer0307
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  • Easter egg zombies

    looking for player for zombies black ops one and two doesnt matter need all dlc and looling for serious players who actually so stuff easter egg hunters/players needed : gamer tag- xXsoulreaper09
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  • Looking for new ZOMBIES PLayers

    I am tired of playing with little kids that leave as soon as they go down. Trying to get a high round on Buried Co-op but its impossible when people leave constantly because someone won't drop their own life to revive...
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  • I got thrown into a modded lobby :( Help!

    I was in a lobby with the gamertag "sharablelight" on xbox live. When it started we were all moving really fast. When you got a kill it gave you all your scorestreaks. I have 45 days played this has never happened. I ...
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  • Looking to join a quick scoping  and trickshots clan

    Looking to join a quick scoping clan - more 5 levels im prestige 5
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  • Which CoD was the best for sniping?

    Which CoD was the best in your opinion for sniping in general? and which CoD had the best maps for sniping? also in which CoD did you enjoyed sniping the most?   For me its CoD2, CoD4, WaW, MW2.   Black Op...
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  • Black ops 2 TheShadowUTUBE Banned??????????

    i have been banned for no reason and my mate said someone had logged in to my account from somewhere else and started hitting clips.(probably Aimbot). i logged into my account and i was prestige master when i was pres...
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  • Looking for a Multi-CoD feeding/sniping clan

    Im looking for a good multi cod sniping clan. I perfer a clan where all the members have at least more the a 40% accuracy with the balista and DSR. My stats on bo2 is that i have a 1.36 kd, 49.21% accuracy with balist...
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