• I need help with ballista

    Hey guys. So in multiplayer games i saw guys with sniper and right before they shot me they did a thing with there sniper where it would go up and then back down into the normal position. I was wondering if anybody ...
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  • Looking for people to play buried

    Looking for people to play buried with.Youd be a big help if you know how to duplicate and all that.  want to play anything else im willing to learn. my gt is xNinjaCeceX
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  • GHOST Camo code!

    Hi, I've pre-ordered Call of Duty: Ghosts on amazon 15min ago but still haven't received my Ghost camo code. I don't know where to get it. Can some one help me please?
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  • Looking for a Graphics Designer for your Clan?

    Hey everyone, it's Willow here, and today I just wanted to let everyone know that I currently do graphics design and I am open for commissions. I make YouTube/Twitch banners, Thumbnails (lots of 5), profile pictures, ...
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  • It won't let me stream????

    I'm trying to stream but it says an error occurred while trying to live stream please try again later.   can anyone please help??
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  • Looking for team

    im looking for a good Bo2 team I'm a good Slayer and I can play Obj I run Domination, Kill confirmed, Search & Destroy My Gt Rosarium nT hmu if you wanna play please cause I'm tired playing with people who don't k...
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  • Looking for an OBJ clan

    Yo guys I am looking to join a clan that plays league play or snd/dom/hp and actually goes for the win, my kd is around 2.2 because I play league but I don't go for kd just go for the win, if anyone knows any hit me u...
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  • any one want to do a 6man

    My gt is Dare Parts Add me for a six man Must be 12+ Yes I'm in DareRising
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  • Girl gamers! looking for a clan? come look at GDIB!

    CLAN NAME Girls Do It Better! (GDIB) Co-leaders QueenRageQuit Omnidox Kaitlynnjayy Connect with us:     @Queen_rage_quit_   Click below to visit our Facebook:    
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  • Anyone Want To Join An All Girl Clan?

    My Gamer tag is QueenRageQuit Co-leader Is Me, Leaders Are Ominidox And Kaitynnjayy Clan Name Is Gamers Do It Better (GDIB) You can check out our facebook page      GDIB    Organ...
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  • Like Gamer Girls? Add Me! =^-^=

    Yooooooooo! My name is Ashley, but ya'll can call me Kimi. Im a huge COD:BO2 fan and I play all the time.   If you like gamer girls and love to have fun and would like a pretty cool person to add, im the one for ...
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  • Long Term Issue w/ League Play

    Why have multiple seasons passed and League Play hasn't been updated? We grind all month just for it to stay the same? I've made multiple threads about this issue and I was informed it would be resolved. If I'm platin...
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  • How do these people have a ridiculously high Score Per Minute?

    Im not here to complain or anything, I am just trying to figure out how these 3 people have such a high Score Per Minute. The 3 people are (Tab Slack, Tab VNM and oTzunami) Sorry if the picture quality is bad, I too...
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  • Looking for Hardcore Team Deathmatch teammates, also a clan.

    Hey i'm looking for some active friends to play black ops 2 with. Looking for some chill people to play with. Add me up if your interested in being friends my gamertag is ForsaknValntine, or drop your gamertag here an...
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  • Looking to start Bronze league play team

    Just started on a new account got put into bronze was thinking it could be a fun challange if any other brone players wanted to join a 4 man team, if you are msg me your gamertag on here
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  • How do I invite people to my clan

    PPlease help
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  • Black Ops 2 Zombies

    I've done every easter egg besides Mob Of The Dead theres 2 of us already looking for 2 or 1 more player! have to be mature and disiplined with a mic. if interested contact gt's---> Banned As Well <--- or ----&g...
  • Looking for People to Play with

    Looking for an older group to play with, preferably 18+, im 23. Im pretty much up for anything, pub or league. Plz no drama just looking for relaxed group.   Send me a msg or add me on XBL, i dont really check t...
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  • Looking for people to play with

    Looking for people too play with online and on zombies. gt is xNinjaCeceX
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  • Why is Trickshotting even a thing?

    It's so weird, I don't see it to often, but when I do it does make me laugh. I guess that's the point? Guys jumping in the air with their shotguns/snipers and twirling and usually dying from fall damage (or me killing...
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