• Need a clan or some good people to play with.

    Sorta tired of being a lone wolf My K\D is 1.40 I don't quickscope but I do play well I have a mic Gamertag is BallisticEnd45
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  • BRING BACK NUKETOWN 24/7!!!!!!!

    Please..... >_< >.<
  • Help i keep getting server not available

    I keep getting server not available  like every couple minutes and since i am not completing matches because of it its saying i could be on probation. I have 5-105mbps service from comcast with direct wire to mod...
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  • 1v1 & Clan

    I am looking for people to 1v1 me in quickscoping.  If you're interested my gamer tag is Aeroknight.   I am also looking for a quickscoping clan, if anyone can reference one to me that would be great!
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  • Bo2 Trickshot lobby!

    Opening Trickshot lobby. -Must know how to trickshot -Must Obey rules. Ign: GoldP90Kills-Msg for invite!
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  • Wtf is going on

    so i try uploading my clip onto youtube for the past 3 days and it has not worked once and it is still saying the servers are down ? wtf is going on help please
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  • i found a fix for bo2 severs

    all you got to do go to local instead of going on xbox live u will got to local set up a game on nuketown and then make it free for all after that set the time to unlimited then make the score go to 80 after that make...
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  • Bo2 Servers still down for me, any fixes?

    Since Yesterday's server crash on Xbox I haven't been able to get on the Bo2 Online Menu, and if I do, It just says i'm level 1 and makes disconnects me from Xbox live 5 minutes afterwards. What can I do? 
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  • Clan Emblem Request

    Hey Guys!     I've been, the leader of a Black Ops 2 clan for a while now, and we have not many, but a good amount of members so that we're not going overboard.   In result, we have 4 members only. ...
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  • Bo2 Servers Still Down?

    Since yesterday's server maintenance, I haven't been able to play Bo2 online at all. All of my other games work with online, just not that one. If I do end up going online, it's for around 5 minutes max because then m...
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  • Online service

    Whats going on
    Park Place Apt
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  • The servers are down

    Do I wait so they come up or what?
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  • WTH

    I got kicked off the game because I got 50 - 17 and people reported me for hacking i guess. If someone is going to be good at the game don't let the bad players kick people of because they are good!
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  • Whats Happening?

    The call of duty servers are offline and have been longer than usual i hope this is only a testing error.  
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  • Need players for a new black ops 2 clan

    i have created a clan called FLUX for BO2 Xbox   there are are no official requirements but I do want to play a few online matches with recruits before accepting them for now it's just for fun but I might want ...
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  • Raz3 recruiting xbox360 clan

    no tryout unless you have a kd that is lower than .95+ if you are interested, message Raz3 EliTe or Raz3 ApolLo or Raz3 PlatNiuM
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  • plz help...League play

    when is it that i get the rank icon for league play? is there a certain day? plz help. Thanks.     XGN MXForce, MSG, POW, SEMINOLE. Always looking for recruits
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  • need people to join my can NIFE

    ok its going down we are a good team and we want to grow we have clips but we cant post on YouTube (WE NEED A RECORD) so if you want to join my gamertage is           &nbs...
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  • hype clan need members, tryouts.

    Need to be over the age of 14 and have to be good be willing to have a name change we are looking for a good comp team TS and feeders. If you are willing hmu.
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  • Guerilla Warfare Class

    No Primary Pistol Perk 1 Greed- Ghost, Blindeye Perk 2 Greed- Hardwired, Cold Blooded Perk 3 Greed dead silence, awareness   You don't need a primary as you can use your secondary to kill off an enemy and t...
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