• clan bo2?

    how to create a clan in bo2?
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  • My league play rank in championship series is stuck

    why cant i gain or loose points in league play? Also i have been stuck at gold 33 because of this in league play championship series my GT: MP9z what is the issue?
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  • My league rank is stuck

    Ive been playing league play for a while and I got stuck. My points cant go up or down. After every game of league i play i try to go to the main menu my game freezes.
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  • Wanted: video editor for my clan

    MY clan is starting a YouTube channel and we don't have an editor and if your interested my GT is: bigmiddleast, P.S we are not a small clan
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  • Booted from games???

    I Have been playing black ops 2 and lately I get kicked from games because a server disconnected and I got put on probation twice because of it is this happening to anyone else?
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  • All the DC's and W/L ratio

    Hello activision/treyarch,   This is actually my first post (read: complaint) ever. I have been playing black ops and black ops II since they came out and still enjoying BO2 alot.   HOWEVER! As you probabl...
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  • Looking for good Zombies Players

    Aren't you just fed up of all the rubbish randoms on the xbox 360 zombies servers? Well yeah me too... Im a 15 year old dude who plays all zombies on xbox 360 looking for good zombies players to play with. Here is the...
  • black ops 2 severs down again

    black ops 2 severs are down again i want to know what are money is used for we pay for the severs and maps so what are they using are money for this is discasful we pay 11 pound for map each time and pay for are sever...
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  • Servers Down?

    I Cannot connect to the xbox live portion of BO2... I have tried everything. I have reset my router multiple times, shut my xbox off and tried it again.... And still cannot connect. It Keeps saying the server is down....
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  • Xbox 360 Clan Battles

    I am a member of Revenge Nation and I am looking for clan battles ovisouly to set up for the clan. If you have a clan and want to be in a youtube video for a clan battle comment below or message my kik: TheAsianXD. Ju...
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  • Any Christian call of duty players out there?

    Hey guys hope you're having a great day but if you see this forum and you're a Christian gamer who plays bo2, please send me a friend request and I'd love to play with you.  My gamertag is: sk3tch3s.  Now if...
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  • Looking for a clan

    IM looking for a bo2 xbox clan I'm down with anything reply or message my gt Nuke cake 456
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  • Looking for good players to team up with.

    I just got the game, but in all other CoD's I'm very skilled. As of now, I'm sitting at a 2 K/D in BO2. Would like to play with other people around the same skill level.
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  • Looking for a squad to roll with

    I am looking for a squad to play BO2 with. I am a somewhat above average player looking for other above average players to roll with. If you are interested msg me on Xbox @ KripkieJunior or on twitter @KripkieJunior
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  • How do i start a bo2 clan?

    does anyone know how to create a black ops 2 clan possibly replying with a link maybe
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  • how to make a clan in b02

    how to make a bo2 clan
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  • I need ideas as to help improve my K/D in Zombies.....

    I have 226,475 kills but with my downs i have 5,774 of them... So i would like to know how many kills i would need to improve and approximately how long it would take (ex. Make it to round 50 20 times) So if there are...
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  • Gamebattles / MGL Team recruiting new players!

    My gamebattles username AND Gamertag is TheRedRounder, and I am The Leader of Rounder Gaming.   Requirements:     15+ of age.           &nbs...
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  • Want a good group that knows the map well and is an average player for origins Easter egg. GT: KwS Duckz

    I have attempted with random people but they didn't know the map well so I am look for people that hopefully know the map and now what they are doing without unnecessary help.
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  • "Fresh Start"

    Did a fresh start and was the worst thing I could have done. Now get to rebuild my k/d just wanted it to be higher than a .86
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