• Looking for a Multi-CoD feeding/sniping clan

    Im looking for a good multi cod sniping clan. I perfer a clan where all the members have at least more the a 40% accuracy with the balista and DSR. My stats on bo2 is that i have a 1.36 kd, 49.21% accuracy with balist...
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  • PrizmGaming

    Hello There its xAnoYz Leader of PrizmGaming I am going to start this clan today so if you would like to join please add xAnoYz on PS3 and be online today 8 PM UK Time on BlackOps2. You have to have some decent gamepl...
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  • Sign-in Status Changed

    Hello, I have been a long time COD Black ops player forever and never had this problem up until a month ago. Internet is working fine and only get logged out while in the middle of a game with the message that says "S...
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  • tranzit easter egg zombies team

    looking for a team to do the tranzit easter egg with, dont have mic though, msg me on xbox if you want to do it gamertag is fatality h3ro
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  • League Play - What a joke! So many people DDoS'ing!

    So here I am, first season I've managed to get into Master rank. I haven't palyed much beforehand, and always played with a mate.   But now i'm trying to play by myself, and it is unreal how many people are out ...
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  • Rest Empire (Xbox 360 Sniping Clan) now recruiting

    Rest Empire is currently recruiting all trickshotters, feeders, editors, and gfx designers for our clan. If interested in trickshotting or feeding you must try out (keep reading for those details). If you're intereste...
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  • How do I get my recent gameplay back?

    I was playing on FFA and I was doing really good with a sniper and i got a few feeds i also got a trickshot. So the host of the game got madnor whatever and rage quitted/dashboard while the final killcam was playing s...
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  • looking for zombie player

    Looking for anyone to play zombies with but have to have a mic gt is jonesmic004
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  • Need zombies players!!!!!!!!

    Im looking for 3 good players to play with and get the easter eggs, achievements, and high rounds for all maps add me if your interested my gamertag is LilTrap918. (All players need mics)
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  • qs

    Looking to join a quick scoping clan
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  • Black Ops 2 6 Man Trickshotting

    Hey, I need a six man to trickshot with. My Gamertag is Jakcoolman, add me if you want to trickshot
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  • SnD clan

    Hello I'm starting a SnD clan! You don't don't need to know call outs we will make our own! Msg me for details - XxDiscreeetxX
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  • league play

    looking for people to play with on league play so if u want in comment on here or add ksicokeboybaby on xbox
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  • Looking for a tactical HC clan, KC, S&D, Dom...

    I only play hardcore and my KD is 1.00 even. Im sure that probably sucks but im looking for a hc clan that goes tactical on various missions. i am a follower not a leader so im good at receiving orders and carrying th...
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  • anyone play hc dom?

    let me know, looking for some more players
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  • Looking to join a quick scoping clan

    Hi I'm looking for a clan one with a good name I'm currently making a video for clan tryouts it may be up around February 11 or 12 I have to edit it) I'm 12 years old I have a mic and am decent at quickscoping my k.d....
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  • My disc broke help

    Hey guys im here because my disc broke if anyone can help my gt is RIS3 CHROM3 im an avid feeder in bo2 so i need to get it before the dead line of my next minitage thanks
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  • Suche Leute zum Zocken |GER|

    Heyho, Ich suche aktive Leute zum Zocken. Ich bin nicht der beste. Bin von knapp einer Woche von PC zur XBOX gewechselt. Wer auch Leute sucht zum Zocken einfach adden. Headset sollte vorhanden sein. Xbox :&nbs...
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  • Bo2 Minitage!

    Hey everyone Dipxs here wanted to tell you all that I just made my first little minitage. Its on my youtube channel and id love it if you would take a little moment to check it out. Dipxs - YouTube
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  • Call of duty Zombies idea

    Can Treyarch develop a to put another playlist option for a different version of Zombies. A version where there is a cheat menu of toggled options of cheats that modders and hackers usually play with. Then turn off th...
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