• Need Help Getting Booster Banned

    OK I am here to get this booster called xSKULL x SnIpEz banned off using cod for the following reason of: Boosting I don't know if this is the correct place to say this but here is some screenshots of him boosting h...
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  • Help!!

    I Have a problem. When ever I get on or change a mode (Campaign, Multiplayer, or Zombies) on Black Ops 2 XBOX 360, my profile automatically signs out. It is really annoying and happens every time I get on. If you have...
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  • Late to the party - looking for tactical advice

    I'm brand new to BO2 and the CoD franchise in general. The game is two years old and I'm kind of holding my own right now, there's so many more experienced (like years worth) players out there I'm contending with but ...
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  • Looking for players that want to pub stomp in Black Ops 2 Xbox 360

    So I'm looking for a group of players to run pubs with me on black ops 2. I currently have a group of friends I sometimes play with in the evening, but they are usually on only a couple hours a day and I can't play th...
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  • Why can't i get the shotguns zombie rank?

    I have been trying to get shotguns for about a week now. i have blue eyed skull and knife.I have been playing every single day, grinding zombies to get it. I'm currently on round 57 on buried so i cant give you all my...
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  • im already placed in league with out playing

    Season 29 started and I'm already placed does this mean there is no more sub divisions
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  • I need legit Zombie Killers

    ive been trying to play some serious Zombies but unable to get anything going most guys leave early being dicks or just cant play the game . My Game tag IIIIOGHOSTOIIII on 360 pls I know there are good player out ther...
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  • Anyone looking for an editor?

    Hello,      I am 16 and have a lot of fun editing montages and creating intro's   I will do it all for free and I will not self advertise on your videos but a shout out would be nice once in ...
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  • Zombie players wanted!

    Ok so I got back on black ops 2 today and Zombies was just so addicting meanwhile all my friends are all busy with stuff especially EXO Zombies anyways I have all map packs and I'm 13 and I live in Australia so if you...
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  • League play best ranking NOT replacing

    Hi, I was concerned because my league play best ranking didn't replace. It's supposed to replace after every single season and it didn't. This was my first season in Master's Divison and I finished rank 8. I'm very bo...
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  • know your black ops 2?  first one to answer these gets points:

    1. what year is mob of the dead zombies based in? 2.name all the maps with the colosus statue. 3.what sniper holds the most amount of bullets? 4.who is the main "evil" guy in the campaign.   theres your quest...
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  • Need a custom class suggestion (preset: 17)

    Hi,   Tomorrow I am going to a friend and having a Black Ops 2 Cargo tournament with custom preset classes of 17. Everyone will be grouped into 2s, So there will be 5 teams, 2 playing at the same time on the xbo...
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  • Looking for alright players to play HC TDM with

    As the title says.   Add me IGN: TDM Trev   Short clip of me playing   Solo TDM - YouTube
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  • Will we ever know?

    Alright guys. I have returned to xbox after quitting on december 2013 due to real life tasks. I got black ops 2 in december 2012 and was hooked on zombies immediately. I bought the season pass and everything. But I ca...
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  • I have connected my youtube account to black ops and it posts my theater vidoes to it but i cant download on my pc to them to edit  them how do i download my theater videos?

    please help?
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  • What I would like to see in the next Treyarch game for dlcs

    I think it would be cool for their the last dlc of their next cod game that it would consist of old maps from their previous cod games and reimagine the maps for the time period. I dont know about you guys but I think...
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  • Looking For Good Players For all Zombies Easter Eggs (Maxis)

    I am currently looking for 3 other players to help with the zombies easter eggs on the maxis side. Including: Tranzit, Die Rise, and possibly Buried. Requirements: experience in zombies, a mic, and a good attitude.
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  • Zombies leaderboard banned?

    So, i log on to zombies yesterday, and discover i have been banned from being on the leaderboards ( i can play online just fine). i dont know if this is a glitch or not, because i have read the policy and have not bro...
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  • Updates for Black Ops 2 in 2015

    When are the updates coming out for Black Ops II in 2015 for all platforms?
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  • I cant download the game on xbox 360

    Hello dear comunity, i have a big problem, and the xbox support do nothing with it. I purchased 1 week ago the game: Call of Duty Black Ops II from xbox store, but i cant download it to my console, it is downloading t...
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