TOXIC - XBOX ONE COD CLAN BO2 & AW. We will play any other COD but the main ones are BO2 and AW Join my TOXIC clan, you can be lmg, smg, sniper, editor, anything, there are no weapon restrictions, minimum age 13,...
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  • Looking for active Bo2 Xbox 360 Sniping Clan!

    Hey everybody I am a bo2 player on the xbox 360 looking for sniping clan. Im primarily a quickscoper and have gotten quite good at that. I do a little bit of trickshotting but its not my strongest skill set. Im also a...
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  • Camo has disappeared

    My dragon camo has gone. I have been playing on xbox 360. For a while i did not play cod. I realised that my Cyborg camo is still here but my dragon camo is gone.... Someone please help me. Yes I did purchase them
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  • Looking for a good clan

    I am 14 years old and plays a lot of Xbox. I really want to be a part of a family and a good group of people. I am good at quickscoping and decent at trick-shotting. My gamertag is BL0ND34L1F3. Let me know if you are ...
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  • Anyone Looking To Join An Girls Clan?

    My Gamer tag is QueenRageQuit Clan Name Is Girls Do It Better (GDIB) You can check out our facebook page    GDIB       Organization gdib
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  • Will Black ops 2 come out on the xbox one???

    I want an xbox one and i really like black ops 2
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  • Why is dropshotting frowned upon?

    Just wondering like.
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  • i randomly got the elite camo and playercard one day and my question how did i get the elite camo and player card.

    i randomly got the elite camo and playercard one day and my question how did i get the elite camo and player card.
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  • My problem

    Hi, I want to tell you here, what is happening to me, last few months. When i started playing BO2 on x360, i didn't care if i'm playing good or not. When i started, XPing snipers, i saw what the BO2 doing to me. I u...
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  • And the new COD 2015 is...

    ...A game made by Treyarch..but got your attention didnt I. Look guys, I need you to read this...The franchise is screaming out for Treyarch now...especially after so many dicky reviews from the fans for the last two ...
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  • Black Ops 3!!!!

    So its announced guys..black ops 3 is for real. So heres the big deal..its Treyarch..its Black Ops 3..Its not WAW2!    So what do you guys think....     ...And more importantly, do we want e...
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  • Looking for more people to play with

    I've played this game since it came out and I'm decently good at it , I'm here to ask for more people to play with because when I moved to my new adress no one seems to still play this with me, so If any of you'd like...
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  • Need a sniping clan

    I am trying to find a sniping clan. I am active a lot, im pretty good at quick scoping not so much trickshotting though, my gamertag is TomsTheBest5, i am 14 but not a squeaker. Actually i dont even talk that much. If...
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  • Join Eray Gaming

    Message me on Xbox 360 @ Eray Synzz for a tryout into Eray Gaming
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  • need help

            buy xbox360 got free black opsII  but  i can't use code to download the game, show me problem like this           sorry ,so...
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  • Need Help Getting Booster Banned

    OK I am here to get this booster called xSKULL x SnIpEz banned off using cod for the following reason of: Boosting I don't know if this is the correct place to say this but here is some screenshots of him boosting h...
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  • Help!!

    I Have a problem. When ever I get on or change a mode (Campaign, Multiplayer, or Zombies) on Black Ops 2 XBOX 360, my profile automatically signs out. It is really annoying and happens every time I get on. If you have...
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  • Late to the party - looking for tactical advice

    I'm brand new to BO2 and the CoD franchise in general. The game is two years old and I'm kind of holding my own right now, there's so many more experienced (like years worth) players out there I'm contending with but ...
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  • Looking for players that want to pub stomp in Black Ops 2 Xbox 360

    So I'm looking for a group of players to run pubs with me on black ops 2. I currently have a group of friends I sometimes play with in the evening, but they are usually on only a couple hours a day and I can't play th...
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  • Why can't i get the shotguns zombie rank?

    I have been trying to get shotguns for about a week now. i have blue eyed skull and knife.I have been playing every single day, grinding zombies to get it. I'm currently on round 57 on buried so i cant give you all my...
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