• Can you still stream on BO2

    I know they canned twitch. But I tried streaming on youtube and It kept giving me this error message I'm just seeing if anyone else can stream.
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  • BO2 Zombies

    Looking for any good players to play any of the maps and either get to high rounds, or complete easter eggs. My K/D is roughly 150 and I've completed a few easter eggs but not all of them.   XBOX 360 GT: Wag...
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  • time penalty and camp-counter.

    hi players and treyarch,   remember mw1, there was a campcounter, so the player was idle, after some seconds - boom, automatic kick. why not in black ops 2?, - there are so much campers out there. secondly: plea...
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  • looking for a decent hardcore clan to play with

    Are any decent hardcore clans recruiting? If so post in here. I Have a 470+ spm in tdm and 550+ in domination. I'm also willing to change gamer tag if required. 
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  • aggiungetemi a xbox live BusyGryphon8

    AggiungeteMi a xbox live BusyGryphon8
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  • Clan battle

    we are a well skilled clan and we are looking for clan battles. if you are interested message me on Kik: nipplegazer MY GT: bigmiddleast send me the details of your clan. hope to battle you.
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  • Bo2 xbox 360 Mob of the dead zombies

    mob of the dead come join doing easter egg or getting hells redeemer just gonna have a fun time xbox 360 gt is Cave Wolff Msg for invite
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  • Looking for some more people for my squad

    So hey guys I have this little mini clan called FIRE, it's not legit, but we'd like to find some more members for it.  Kinda just like a "FIRE squad" but we need some more people.  Most of us are pretty good...
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  • Advice for helping editing my clips?

    Hello i have been asked to edit videos for my clan and i am wondering what site is good to edit clips add music make an intro etc, any help is appreciated.   thanks.
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  • I had last kill, round ending killcam is wrong a lot?

    I get the last kill all the time on the game-winning team, I see it in the killfeed, but somehow the final killcam shows somebody else on my team got it in the killcam. This happens way too often. WTF Treyarch?
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  • I wish to join a black ops2 clan for Xbox 360

    i use shotguns and snipers in pretty good at it and I will try my hardest to follow any orders
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  • Looking for decent committed easter egg team

    Wanting keen zombie players to join up and do all 3 easter eggs for Tranzit, Die Rise and Buried on a weekend all whom have mics. Should be fun. -xSplaaash
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  • How many people are playing online (August 2015)

    Hey, I want to buy again BO2 but first I want to know how many people are playing a day ? In black ops 1 the one Im playing atm its not that much anymore ...   thank you for any respond
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  • Tournament clan war xbox360

    clan war 3 people max from your clan allowed xbox360 anygun any weapon competitive rules and competitive maps message Raz3 EliTe for more info, its free to join and no reward
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  • Weird Lobby Question

    I joined a lobby this afternoon and as we all joined the Overflow map, instead of seeing "Eliminate Enemy Players" at the top of the screen as it usually has, it said something like, "Welcome to (my Xbox Live username...
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  • clan bo2?

    how to create a clan in bo2?
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  • My league play rank in championship series is stuck

    why cant i gain or loose points in league play? Also i have been stuck at gold 33 because of this in league play championship series my GT: MP9z what is the issue?
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  • My league rank is stuck

    Ive been playing league play for a while and I got stuck. My points cant go up or down. After every game of league i play i try to go to the main menu my game freezes.
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  • Wanted: video editor for my clan

    MY clan is starting a YouTube channel and we don't have an editor and if your interested my GT is: bigmiddleast, P.S we are not a small clan
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  • Booted from games???

    I Have been playing black ops 2 and lately I get kicked from games because a server disconnected and I got put on probation twice because of it is this happening to anyone else?
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