• Bo2 Minitage!

    Hey everyone Dipxs here wanted to tell you all that I just made my first little minitage. Its on my youtube channel and id love it if you would take a little moment to check it out. Dipxs - YouTube
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  • Call of duty Zombies idea

    Can Treyarch develop a to put another playlist option for a different version of Zombies. A version where there is a cheat menu of toggled options of cheats that modders and hackers usually play with. Then turn off th...
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  • Please Penalize Rage Quitters in BO2.

    This has become to common and it is a bad habit, a selfish habit because you are leaving your teammates a player down.  I don't care if you are getting your butt handed to you, stay in the game.  As for pena...
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  • How to Unlock Guns! Cómo Desbloquear armas?!

    I recently bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and I'm playing on my Xbox 360. I just got a new xbox live free account BUT I won't get my xbox online yet, just wanted to ask how to unlock "all" weapons for my local multi...
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  • Connection Issues?

    Anyone else having problems getting connected to a game?  I get in a lobby but when the game starts it times out.
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    add me if you wanna just quickscope in lobbies and **** people up ill play with anyone   mw2 mw3 or bo2   my GT is Dyonde
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  • New Clan need people!

    I want to create a clan I have the name already and want players I'm 15 I have a mic KD: 1.15 Level 39 Prestige 1 Favorite Weapon: MSMC, DSR, and M27 I am looking for confident players willing to start a brand n...
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  • Core vs Hardcore

    Now I play both, generally Hardcore for kill confirmed and tdm, and then Core for a bit Dom and mosh pit . It generally takes me a few games of going -ve in  Core after playing HC to get use to the different styl...
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  • Je ne peu plus mettre de marque de clan

    Bonjour les gens je rencontre un soucis sur call of duty black ops 2. Il se trouve que je ne peu plus mettre de marque clan quand je tape une marque de clan comme xGx (nom de mon clan) il me dise nom de clan interdit ...
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  • Custom classes changeable?

    Can someone send me the link to edit my classes?   Can you still do this?
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  • CE Digital Camo Question

    Hello, I just wanted to ask after Call of Duty ELITE was shutdown is it still possible to redeem the CE Digital Camo Code recieved from the Hardend or Care Package Edition? If you know please respond thanks!
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  • Team OMIT Recruiting [US][360]

    Team OMIT [Order of Monarch Illude Trepidation] We are now recruiting new members to join the new world order to become the best and achieve greatness. Our clan accepts anyone with exceptional skills and communica...
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  • looking for players to play hc tdm

    I've started playing bo2 again and want players who are decent to play with. I'm on a new account (currently got a 5.2 kd). My old acc had a kd above 4 and 12 wl.  If interested send me a pm. I haven't changed my...
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  • Clutch Freaks (cF) Recruiting!

    Clutch Freaks , Contact me on xbox 360 ( L o v e L y cF ) or Join my group on facebook 'Clutch Freaks (cF)' or just Clutch Freaks. if you are interested,? We play ( Black Ops 2 )  You gotta be good , my K.D i...
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  • Looking For A Competitive Clan! [XBOX360]

    Hey guys! Im Daniel and im 12, im a very competitive gamer since I can remember, Im looking for a competitive clan that's not new and has a good amount of members! Here are some of my stats:   K/D: 1.32 (And Gro...
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  • League Ranks Updating??

    Wondeeing when legue rank were gonna be updated. It been a couple months and im stuck with platinum even tho i got master rank 13. going to stop playing the game if they do not update.. Its the only part of the game i...
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  • Across map tomahawking clan

    Hey I'm looking for a team of people to go across map tomahawking or any other across map weapon. Just message me if you're interested GT: LemonPartyxOrg
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  • Does anybody wanna do MOTD easter egg?

    Sadly I don't have a mic but if you guys have 1 that would be essential My GT TEQ MaTTyboy56
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  • I need a good BO2 clan on Xbox 360

    I need a good clan with a cool name and a few members. Dont want a clan with barely anyone in it. If your interested in recruiting me then contact me on Skype Skype Name: RileyHYMCMB Please READ my bio!!!
  • Regular pub stompers - 3-D 14.00WL here

    Hey lads, looking to play with a regular set of pub stompers on BO2. i used to play the game all the time with a clan and we owned the game. I have a 2.80KD with a 14.00 WL ratio (over 80,000 kills so this proves its ...
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