• lag issues since 2 weeks

    Dear guys,   i am having big trouble in b02 multiplayer and the most heavy lags i have ever seen my hole gaming-live when i run toward an opposite player bullets go right throuh him with no harm, also st i cant...
  • Dear Moderator: FIX the forum

    Dear Moderator, For goodness sakes, this is the 21st century with self-driving cars, routine trips to outer space, and houses that open up with a cell phone.  Running a forum is not rocket science.  There a...
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  • Should I get the PC version or the xb360 version?

    Alright, here's the dilemma. Blops2 is on sale for $20 on xbl right now. All my IRL friends play blops2 on xbox. However, I don't like the xbox version for a few reasons. 1. Capped at 60fps 2. Fov capped at 65, I usua...
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  • Looking for a Black Ops 2 Clan- Xbox 360

    I'm looking to join a clan... All my info is here and the questions I have are here as well...       Are you guys into Major League Gaming?     I'm a grown ass man lol     First ...
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  • Need people to play zombies with 360

    Just need some people to play good ol' zombies with on xbox 360, because most randoms always die or just leave right a way so it it very hard to find people to play with.. Must have at LEAST Origins DLC, but all is pr...
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  • nuketown 2025 !!!

    hey guys anyone want to play the nuketown playlist with me i just prestiged but im getting 60 + most games and ive got a few 100 + games tonight so if u want to play mssg enveii btw i dont have mic but i can hear people
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  • Looking For People To Stream With

    I am looking for people to play COD with while I live stream. I stream to Twitch and create videos on Youtube. Please be 16 & up and have mic. I play zombies & multiplayer and have all the DLC. add me on 360 G...
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  • Want to start something epic

    Hello people in the Call of Duty community. Me and a few other people are starting a clan called Team Kane. We need members to help us. The comditions to be on the team are that you need to be at least 14 years old, h...
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  • Any, girls gamers out there who wants to join an all girls clan..

    Message Me If You Want to Join     My Gamer tag is QueenRageQuit Co-leader Is Me, Leaders Are Ominidox And Kaitynnjayy Clan Name Is Girls Do It Better (GDIB) @You can check out our facebook page &n...
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  • Looking for a clan

    I am a 14 year old boy and I like to play a lot of Xbox. I want to be a part of somthing and I thought a clan would be perfect. I am above average at quick scoping and decent at trick shotting. My gamertag is BL0ND34L...
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  • Black Ops 2 Origins - XBOX360 Players Needed

    Looking to complete the Origins Easter Egg Achievement. I know how to do all the steps and would like similar players. Looking for skilled players with a mic. If anyone sees this today, 04/21/2015, we could play tonig...
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  • Xbox 360 Buried Easter Egg, Looking for a team. GT: TB Notch

    Im looking for an experienced zombies team to do the Buried Easter Egg Rictofen Side (since its easier). Message my GT: TB Notch. Must have a mic, be somewhat mature but still able to have a good time, and preferably...
  • Black Ops 1 Easter Eggs

    Hey guys, I have just recently got BO1 dlc and wanted to do the easter eggs on all the maps. NOTE - Please be experienced with doing the easter eggs and know how to do them. Please also be experienced enough not to di...
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  • I don't get this game!

    i Do understand the basics, i'm just shocked how bad i am. Ive played since the release and what am i doing wrong??? I have horrible aim and it seems like everyone 1 hit kills me out of nowhere! Snipers are extremely ...
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  • Xbox/PS3 League play

    Od you wanna Play League Play with me add me on Xbox or ps3. Xbox : Get Tyconed Kid (Master Rank 25) PS3 : B4x2t4rb0y (Not in division yet) I can speak English and Polish , leave your GT and rank in the comment als...
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  • XBOX ONE CLAN BO2 AW and more - TOXIC

    TOXIC - XBOX ONE COD CLAN BO2 & AW. We will play any other COD but the main ones are BO2 and AW Join my TOXIC clan, you can be lmg, smg, sniper, editor, anything, there are no weapon restrictions, minimum age 13,...
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  • Looking for active Bo2 Xbox 360 Sniping Clan!

    Hey everybody I am a bo2 player on the xbox 360 looking for sniping clan. Im primarily a quickscoper and have gotten quite good at that. I do a little bit of trickshotting but its not my strongest skill set. Im also a...
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  • Camo has disappeared

    My dragon camo has gone. I have been playing on xbox 360. For a while i did not play cod. I realised that my Cyborg camo is still here but my dragon camo is gone.... Someone please help me. Yes I did purchase them
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  • Looking for a good clan

    I am 14 years old and plays a lot of Xbox. I really want to be a part of a family and a good group of people. I am good at quickscoping and decent at trick-shotting. My gamertag is BL0ND34L1F3. Let me know if you are ...
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  • Anyone Looking To Join An Girls Clan?

    My Gamer tag is QueenRageQuit Clan Name Is Girls Do It Better (GDIB) You can check out our facebook page    GDIB       Organization gdib
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