• Help!

    I need a clan or at the very least people to help me pub stomp, or team up on league. I'm very competitive, I can snipe, and my k/d is quite impressive (2.88) . GT:Marteencito
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  • Micheal Myers

    Micheal Myers Lobby (Open) Micheal Myers Lobby xbox 360 is now open. Join by messaging me on xbox. GT:xTrG Th0Ngzz OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpe...
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  • Do you love awesome videos

    Check out my channel I have sniper + run and gun gam plays n 6 nuked outs on my channel bo2 ffa best sniper in the world: http://youtu.be/ufFYTftFtM0
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  • i am in need of a active clan. i am a decent player and okay at sniping. HMU

    My gt is WhteKnight07 I get on through out the weekend and may play through the week. If i join your clan I'll definitely be a dedicated player.
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  • Hype is recruiting if you can change your name then send me a request. gamertag hype Vaiin ,     and please go check out are instagram we juss made it hypenationz

    Hype is recruiting if you can change your name then send me a request. gamertag hype Vaiin ,     and please go check out are instagram we juss made it hypenationz
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  • League play looking for 2 people

    message me on xbox 360 , we are very competitive and hoping to get a high win streak. My gamer tag is Killer0307
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  • Found a hacker in BlOps2 S&D

    Hopped on BlOps2 for XBox360 this morning to kill some time and came across this player ( "KoVaMoDz V12" ) messing with matches.    I was surprised to find this in my theatre's recent games because the las...
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  • BO2 Teammates (League/Public)

    I've went back to playing Black OPs 2, but I need some good players to play League AND Public matches with...   I usually hold around a 2.5 K/D, so I'm fairly decent.   Add me if you'd like to play! GTR: B...
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  • bo2 (xbox360) New Clan

    im starting a new clan [BUS] Brutes ultimate snipers if you want to join msg me on xbl      TenurialBrute94     or add me on skype      &nb...
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  • Need people for Buried zombies

    I need to people that know what they are doing to help me and a freind do the buried easter egg. Msg me on the 360 if you want to do it with us.
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  • KoG Asylum (XiledGaming) Recruitment

    KoG Asylum (Xiled-Gaming) Is currently Recruiting     Xiled-Gaming is the largest gaming community their is on the web today, with well over 80,000 members signed up on the website and well over 60+ clans in...
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  • [Xbox360] [Black Ops 2] Clan recruitment [MONY]

    Hello! I am HyDr0KT99 Temporary leader of [MONY] Clan. We are a Sniper Team and also love to knife on FFA and TD We are made up of 7 players currently. We plan to have scrimmages with some clans. Anyway, if you ...
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  • BO2 DLC Uprising Troubles

    So I tried to license transfer the DLC Uprising from a friend. I downloaded it and the maps wont show up! I have re downloaded it three times and I cant even see them in local play. Is there a solution to this? Also, ...
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  • The next Call of duty

    Hello people what do you think about the next Call of duty
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  • Clan starting

    Hello I am REAPERXKILLER and I am starting a clan, there will be sniping and more. I would like to start off with 15 people but that can change. If I have any takers we can talk about the clan name. REAPERXKILLLER sig...
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  • KrAze Recruiting (Clan Recruitment)

    Hey guys TeenRican here and I am recruiting for my new sniping clan "KrAze Sniping" We are looking for feeders, trickshotters     I just created the clan today and there is only 3 of us so far, If you are...
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  • bo2 6man trickshotting msg for invite iiDonger

    for trickshottters only make sure u hit a good shot and not a 180 or 720 ok guys just common and msg me for a invite iiDonger thanks if u join and we could use a clear out if u want to
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  • livestreaming is not working will some one tell me why

    i tried to go to the black ops 2 and its not letting me live stream please reply on this post whats a madder why aint it working?
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  • #ClanSearching

    #Looking for a clan with good and loyal People and real team players with a good fighters mentality and suport   Text me @ my Xbox360 acc :  ( wessaaa1992 )     Let me  know i cant...
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  • Ranking de liga esta bugado !

    Boa tarde a todos gostaria de saber se alguém também esta com problemas em relação ao ranking de liga como estou pois o meu esta estagnado nao importa o quanto eu suba sempre fica no mesmo Black...
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