• Ps3 Zombie Player needed

    My two friends and I play zombies a lot and have beaten a few easter eggs but are unable to beat the 3 that require 4 players including Shangri-la. I know all of the steps, we just need a fun person with a mic to help...
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  • Black ops 1 EE's xbox 360

    Im looking for some people to do all of the EEs. I only recently bought the other three map packs for bo1. I've completed all other EEs in black ops 2 so I'm used to working as a team. please have a mic add or msg ...
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  • Glitchers in Zombies

    What do you guys think of people who glitch constantly in Black Ops 2 zombies? Especially on Buried, Literally, every game I go into, there is someone glitching with the paralyzer or tramplesteen. I am surprised that ...
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  • Zombie PLayers wanted

    Changed this forum because of people's complaints. I am just looking for some good people to play zombies with who have mics and won't leave when they go down or midway through a game. My favorite map is Buried but I ...
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  • Black Ops 1 Zombies?

    So i have heard from a few people that Black Ops 1 Zombies is pretty good, but I have never played it. I was thinking about getting it sometime and was wondering what you guys thought. Do people still play Black Ops 1...
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  • The worst people to play with

    Here are the worst people to play with in Zombies: 1) Noobs I do not say it's their fault they are bad, but it stays annoying to revive someone constantly, just because he's too bad. 2) Map Noobs People who are ne...
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    Hello guys ,   im starting a zombie clan with some good skilled players with mic ps3 wisper me when u interested 
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    Hello guys ,   im starting a zombie clan with some good skilled players with mic ps3 wisper me when u interested 
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  • Zombies as a standalone game

    I was responding to a thread that got deleted...not sure why but since my post had little to do with the thread and more to do with a comment, I'll post it in a new topic.   wridtrvlr wrote:   I know there a...
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  • LF BO2 zombies 360 players

    I have season pass, know every map and have watched videos so I am aware of how almost every easter eggs works, my prefered maps are Origins and Alcatraz but I can play every map besides Nuketown. I will get hold of a...
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  • Lf skilled player to play cod bops2 zombie tranzit

    Hello lf a skilled player to play with zombie tranzit , buried , to reach high levels im skilled no glitches please if intrested add gladiatorferarri ps3
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  • Anybody want a game on either black ops 1 or 2

    Anyone want a game on black ops 1 or 2 zombie can invite or add my gamer tag  macaskillno1.
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  • Most spoken words in zombies "revive me, I have a raygun"

    Got a good laugh this weekend when a guy pointed out to me that the most spoken words in zombies are "revive me!  i have a raygun".  I paid attention and boy was he right.  Terrible weapon but the kids ...
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  • Ps3 Zombie players?

    So i've been on this forum for a while and it feels like Ps3 players dont actually have a place to go to when it comes to zombies, so i thought id make my own damn thread about it, long story short, add "LVLizzy" on p...
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  • Where can I find the "power" of a weapon?

    Is this published anywhere?  For example Python seems to be a 1 hit kill til 22.  Executioner to 32. Galvaknuckles til 13. ETC.  Is there a list anywhere?  Thanks in advance.
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  • Buried mined games looking for players

    Hello im looking for 3 other players to help me get the mined games trophy on ps3. I have a maxed out bank and have memorized the entire map along with the steps required to do it (richtophens way). I need 3 other pla...
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  • ps3 codbo2 easter egg lfg

    Psn toxt96100618 Tower of babble RICHTOFEN side plz and invite me I'm experience and I know how to do it.
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  • Looking for 360 zombies friends

    I've been out of the loop for a while, and I would appreciate it if I could get some friends to play tranzit and origins with on 360. My gt is prophet ck thanks in advance
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  • Xbox 360: Need 2 players for origins easter egg

    Hi all. I've attempted to complete the EE 3 times now and it glitches at the part where you put all the staffs in the robots. They teleport but I can't pick up the wind or ice staffs. Apparently it needs everyone to u...
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  • GAME THEORY: The BOII Zombies Story happens in Stuhlingers mind

    Shhhhhh..... it's game theory. Let's break it down for you! Please note that all which follows is simply a theory. I don't personally think it's the truth, but I think it's a fun possibility to toy with, at least as ...
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