• Girl gamer wanting ZOMBIE players co-op

    I am tired of playing with little kids that leave as soon as they go down. Trying to get a high round on Buried Co-op but its impossible when people leave constantly because someone won't drop their own life to revive...
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  • GAME THEORY: The BOII Zombies Story happens in Stuhlingers mind

    Shhhhhh..... it's game theory. Let's break it down for you! Please note that all which follows is simply a theory. I don't personally think it's the truth, but I think it's a fun possibility to toy with, at least as ...
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  • Committed "Zombies" Fanatics Wanted

    Hello. If there is anyone who still peruses this old forum I would like to reach out and say I am one of very few people who still wants to play zombies, old and new. While solo zombies is fun in it's own way I much p...
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  • Ps3 Zombie players?

    So i've been on this forum for a while and it feels like Ps3 players dont actually have a place to go to when it comes to zombies, so i thought id make my own damn thread about it, long story short, add "LVLizzy" on p...
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  • zombie players with mics comuniction is key18+ any maps

    looking to find some good zombie players on xbox360 and who want to do easter eggs  people who know what they are doing on it, or can like it up I have all of the maps I also play Bo1 and waw
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  • What do you like the most about this game?

    Is it RAY gun? The box? The perks? The points? Shooting zombies in the head and watch it splat all over the wall?   Ever since games arrived online, i have only played a handful of solo games, just love co-o...
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  • XBOX: Need players to help complete ALL zombie achievements on black ops 2 except easter eggs.

    Need company for fun and help with the achievements on all maps on black ops 2 except for the easter eggs. Once I complete a couple of achievements I will consider helping you complete an easter egg if you need that t...
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  • What improvements and/or modifications do you want to see in Treyarchs next game?

    Personally I think it would be nice to see more diversity amongst the perks. In Black Ops 2 they gave double tap a much needed upgrade. I think they should follow up on that in the next game by giving all the perks ...
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  • extinction(cod ghosts) vs exo survival (cod advanced warfare)

    Whats the best new gamemode or suck they both and is zombies still rocking. Let me now.   I personnaly prefer exo survival but  ZOMBIES will stay the best gamemode FOR EVER.
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  • What you want to see in Advanced Warfare zombies

    First off, if you didn't know, zombies are included in advanced warfare. They are present on the disc as a easter egg bonus round on the survival gamemode, and will be included on a larger scale in future dlc. So that...
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  • Share Dlcs bo2

    Hello i need anyone from them i can share bo2 dlcs pls (psn Name: XoZ_PrEsTiGeZ / skypename: eddiktaylor ) thanks @
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  • Ps3 addys please

    Looking for people from the UK only .. Need people to play a decent game of zombies with.. I'm a female 21 .. Leave your addys if you have a mic and are 18+
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  • Black ops 1 easter eggs. Ascension-Moon

    Looking for players to complete all the easter eggs on black ops 1, I have done them several times on a different account. I have all day to do it, if you dont want to do ascension that's fine. Ascension is just for e...
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  • Rankology - Zombie Ranking System (Updated!)

    Zombie Ranking System Post your stats any time you get to a new rank or if you are new to the thread.  Thanks!  Nom nom nomm... [Most Recent Updates] Lost new calculator in server crash, need to start over.....
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  • Shotguns Rank: Info Needed :)

    YO. Basically if anyone can help i wanna know what sort of K/D ratio you need + other stats.. ATM i have about a 450 K/D and **** all headshots, revives.. etc.. etc.. My rank is only a skull (no dagger). I have 40+ r...
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  • An important reuqest for Developers of Call of Duty Zombie series.

    Dear Developers of Call of Duty Zombie series,        First of all, I'm deaf, please don't mind my English since it is my second language and I am not even sure if this is right place to make...
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  • zombies 2015!!! ideas? maps? perks? drops?

    a few ideas for 2015 treyarch cod zombies: 1) A campaign for zombies, lets find out how the zombies started, how the four main characters met, there is so much that could be explained they could easily make  ...
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  • buried ee mined games - richtofen. ps3  need 3 ppl

    Hey     .   I'm looking For A great team for buried ee richtofen side. If u wanna join. U need to have done both trazit and die rise ee on richtofen side And done  the navcard's a...
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  • Can you rank up in Custom Games?

    Fire Crackerz
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  • "You have been Disconnected"?

    As soon as I got on my ps3 and played black ops 2 zombies custom game, my game freezes for a sec than kicks me out saying "You have been disconnected from the black ops II servers" It isn't my internet, because I have...
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