• Looking to make a zombies team

    I'm a really decent player when it comes to zombies, done all the easter eggs know everything about it and can hold my own. BUT It's becoming extremely difficult trying to find a game with people who have micro...
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  • Black ops 2 all Easter eggs Xbox 360

    need two players to do all zombie Easter eggs. must have a mic. gamertag - monkey man 2712
    created by monkeyman2712
  • Black ops 2 zombies, any dlc map (Xbox 360)

    Looking for decent players to play any dlc maps. I have a mic and I play nearly everyday Gt:AstralXBL
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  • Zombies anyone?

    Looking for people to play zombies with. Gamer tag is S0GDRAGONHUNTER
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  • Zombies Easter Eggs

    Is there an order in which the Zombie easter eggs need to be completed??? I cant find anything anywhere that tells me if they need to be completed in a certain order or not.
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  • Black ops 2 zombies 2 player only online match?

    Hello zombies community   I have a problem,   me and my friend want to play black ops 2 zombies online (to count towards leaderboard) but we would like to only be us 2 playing and not another 2 random (and...
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  • Need players for Easter Egg 12-14-12 6:00 PM

    3 players needed just to get the easter egg done with. Let me know your gamertag(XBOX) if interested.
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  • PS3/Xbox players for all Easter eggs

    add me and we will sort it out. I have done all easter eggs on other accounts Psn- common_last_name Xbox- PropelledTrash   would love to do bo1 and bo3 Easter eggs aswell
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  • Currently paused on Town Round 60

    I wonder if I will get the World Record of round 85 Town w/Hellhounds
    created by DFTOtv
  • Anyone on Steam looking for a zombie buddy or two?

    Hey, I've just recently moved from console to PC.   I'm looking for some people to play BLOPS 2 (maybe Shadows of evil too?) with.   I've got all the maps but none of my current Steam friends play it. ...
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  • Hellhounds gone? Max AMMO???

    Hi Guys,   Normally im playing zombie survival with some friends on Xbox with Black Ops 2   Haven't been playing it for a while (xbox broke) now i borrowed xbox from my friend to play again!   But n...
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  • 170 KPD still no shotguns  wtf!

    I guess I can now confirm 170 kills per down ratio does NOT give you the shotguns rank.  Does anyone actually know how you get it?  Frustrated because I played a bunch of solo games to increase my ranking qu...
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  • ADFGX Cipher, MOTD (Mob Of The Dead) @Texilion

    First of all, Habibi Gaming got it wrong and was under the influence of taking Telixions work because he thought it wasn't a big deal and he was a small channel, Telixion was doing better than him at the time, and he ...
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  • Zombies anyone?

    Inv if ur looking for a zombie player :) bumbllebee (Xbox)
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  • [PS3] BO2Z Clan

    This is basically a recruitment, but not really, for my BO2Z clan. The reason it is here and not in Clan Forums is because I don't hardly use it for Multiplayer use, but to show I play survival modes.   I start...
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  • BO2 Zombies Origins

    I am looking for good people to play with on Origins that know how to build and upgrade at least 2 staffs. My gamertag is derpy_assassin12 and I play on PS3.
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  • Black Ops 2 Zombies rank keeps resetting?

        Hello my name is Jake or Stxncxd. I have discovered a problem with my Zombies Game Play. I finished the 3rd Zombie rank and was promoted to the skull with Knife, i hadn't played for a week or so, an...
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  • Hardest to Easiest Zombie Maps

    -Hardest Moon FIve Shangri-La Tranzit Call of the Dead Shi No Numa Der Riese Verrukt Ascension Nuketown Zombies KIn Der Toten Nacht Der Toten -Easiest   Also some tips for Five, Moon, and Shangri-La...
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  • Does anyone want to play Bo2 Zombies-Origins w/ me? PS3

    I'm asking this because whenever I play online everyone leaves when we get to round 15, so I want to find someone whos willing to play until much higher rounds.
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    Zombies really needs to be it's own platform. It needs to be it's own game because let's face it, sure multiplayer is good but the only reason people play treyarch's games are because of ZOMBIES! Imagine it Call of Du...
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