• Want to complete all easter eggs in tranzit

    Need a team that's good with working without mics or working with a person without a mic. I've done all that I can alone but gets boring. Also looking for a good team of players to play in other maps like origins.
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  • Zombie Ranking System (COD BO II) Easter Egg REALLY cracked!

    There exists 1000's of these threads already.  None of them definitely tell you exactly HOW and exactly WHAT you must do for each ranking in the Call of Duty, Black Ops II (2) Zombie system.  You've read vag...
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  • Need help with BO2 zombies easter eggs and other?

    Hey, I want to get the BO2 zombies achivements. Like the easter eggs and that stuff, so if anyone need an extra guy just message me.   I am 19 years old from norway and my gamer tag is XzLassassinzX
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  • bo2 zombie players ps3

    I'm looking for decent players . Feel free to add me sazbones2013 I've got nuketown and mob of the dead and grief. Have a mic too
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  • Kino Der Toten: BO I Players

    Any of you out there that like to play that map?  It and Five is all I currently have.  I'm no expert at it at all but right currently every time I die, the game ends so I'm looking for some people that can ...
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  • Black Ops III

    I take it this is officially announced.
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  • Black Ops III Zombies Story Thoughts

    Ok with the announcement of Black Ops 3, I'm all aboard the hype train. Knowing that Call of Duty likes to do series' in 3s, I'm willing to bet this will be the last black ops. That being said, I think it would be coo...
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  • Looking for good and frequent players on Xbox 360 BO2

    If you play frequently and are a good player add my GT: I Jwithy I ( upper case i)
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  • Looking for origin help

    Hey guys I am trying to do the easter egg on origins on ps3 and need some help.  Sorry but I dont have a mic, but if you do use it or if you have the ability to skype while playing on the ps3 that works too. ...
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  • Zombies Achievements 360

    looking for another player to help me complete some of my remaining achievements on black ops 2.   These are:   Full lockdown- In Mob of the Dead Brutus completes his patrol Kung Fu Grip- In origins, free...
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  • Black Ops 3 Zombies Will Have A XP Progression System

    They didn't say much about Zombies at the E3 reveal, but here are few quotes from Mark Lamia:   “Black Ops 3 zombies will have its own full player XP-based progression system.” “The full p...
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  • Black Ops I, maps

    I apologize for this being slightly off topic for the forum but I don't believe there is a forum on something this old.  Can someone tell me what zombie maps I would get if I buy Black Ops 1?  I can't really...
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  • Xbox 360:Ascension or Buried Easter Eggs, Looking for a funloving team of zombies player

    Im looking to get a group together to either run the Ascension Easter Egg in Black Ops 1 or the Buried (Rictofen Side) Easter Egg in Black Ops 2. I just require that you have a mic and are generally a good and fun per...
  • Looking for zombie players for easter eggs and fun (ps3)

    Hi guys I'm looking for a few zombie players with whom I can complete easter eggs with or plain just have fun or try do some challenges. Requirements: Must have a mic Must speak English My psn is Lone_S...
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  • Looking for players to play zombies with Xbox 360

    HI I am looking for people to play zombies with I am pretty active I am 13 I have a mic it dosnt matter if you do I perfer you do if you want to be my friend and play add or message me my GT:GamerLife28
    War Masterz
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  • Looking for Xbox 360 call of duty players zombies

    HI I am looking for call of duty players yo play zombies I am 13 and I have a mic you don't have to but I prefer it I am pretty active so if you want to play anytime im on add or message me GT:GmaerLife28
    War Masterz
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  • Looking for players to complete all the easter eggs on bo2 for ps3

    Hey guys I'm looking for a few good players to complete all the easter eggs for bo2. I'm usually on Friday and Saturday nights. My gamer tag is ThE_aNgRy_WoP. I've already completed the maxis side on tranzit and ...
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  • Looking for group to play high rounds45+ transit zombies ops2 ps3

    lm LFG high rounds 45+ no glitches and people that are good at reviving other team members add me Smokey420_710 put ops community in the subject
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  • Zombies! Xbox 360

    Hello im DALLAIRE1998, Looking for serious people to play zombies with on a regular basis. -5pm-12am on week days -All day on weekends Add on Xbox GT DALLAIRE1998 also add me on skype username DALLAIRE98
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  • I got perk ideas! (just posting 4)

    Guys i have ideas for sodas! ___________________________________ -Quickbrew- 3000 -weapons become lighter (lmg turns as heavy as a AR AR as an SMG and Ps and smgs get 2%+ More walkspeed) 2-repair barricades faster-...
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