• PS3 Zombie Group Black Ops 1 & Black Ops 2

    So i'm looking for some people to play zombies with we can do anything from Black ops 1 easter eggs to black ops 2 grief it's mostly for fun   requirements: PS3 PSN , beable to play up to rounds around 30-50ish...
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  • Need players for black ops 2 easter eggs (PS3)

    Please leave your psn below if you would like to do some easter eggs.
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  • Trying to start a zombie clan!

    Hey, I am playing on the 360 and recently I have been playing a lot of games buried. I have only finished 1 game with four people and we normally get 20+ rounds. I am looking for players that know their way around aro...
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    I just wanted to tell u that u wont get a down if u leave the game immediately after u have gotten downed by the Zombies.This only work if u have Afterlife
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  • Looking for bo2 zombie players (PS3)

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone wanted to do any zombies together and its fine if you dont have all map packs. Just have a mic and be at least skull rank I will accept new accounts with their other account sk...
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  • Need Very Skilled Players (PSN)

    Hello, I am looking for 3 other people or more who are very skilled at zombies. This means you have gotten to at least round 40 and you have all maps and you have a mic. No age limit I honestly don't care as long as y...
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  • Looking for zombie players

    hey guys I play Black Ops 2 (I have all the dlc's) I am looking for good zombi player. I have the shotgun rank. I do not actually care what rank you are but I would rather play with skulls. I have Black Ops 1 as wel...
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  • Zombie Ranking System (COD BO II) Easter Egg REALLY cracked!

    There exists 1000's of these threads already.  None of them definitely tell you exactly HOW and exactly WHAT you must do for each ranking in the Call of Duty, Black Ops II (2) Zombie system.  You've read vag...
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  • Easter eggs and more!! 360 BOps 1 & 2

    any 360 players that like to do the easter eggs esp call of the dead, moon, buried and origins, like the others ones too just not as much.. or if you just wanna have a good fun game or go high rounds after doing easte...
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  • Kino Der Toten: BO I Players

    Any of you out there that like to play that map?  It and Five is all I currently have.  I'm no expert at it at all but right currently every time I die, the game ends so I'm looking for some people that can ...
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  • Zambies!!!

    zambies!!! Getting online in a min Xbox suckas.
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  • need a very skilled zombie player on xbox360

    hi if you have all dlcs for bo2 and want to play with me add me GT: its toby57                       &...
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  • trying to get a little zombies clan together

    i'm trying to get a small zombies clan going. at the min there are 5 of us and we like getting to high rounds(a few of us have been 100+) if you think you're good enough to join send me a message GT: its toby57 You ...
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  • Mob of the Dead

    looking for people who are good at mob of the dead know how to get golden spork, hells redeemer, and do all that stuff... wanting to play for a while as well I also know how to do EVERYTHING on this map and origins so...
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  • Need a Good Zombies Player - Origins [Xbox]

    Hey need a good zombies player, Preferably a Knife or Shotgun rank, [not needed] who can play with me, and my two mates. We are all British and have Knife, Shotgun and Skull rank. You need to be able to host the game....
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  • Buried EE need richtofen side host (360)

    i already completed all the EE's multiple times but i have the 3 maps done under richtofen and i dont wanna mess up the order and obviously i cant start the EE by myself  so was looking for a team to play about 5...
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  • Looking for Zombie players on PC (BO2)

    Sup kids! I went back to zombies after a 1-2 year brake.. Before that brake I was a pretty good Zombie player, I played about 10 hours a day through 9 weeks which made me pretty good and my record is round 52 (2 playe...
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  • Mob of the Dead 2-4 players

    GT: AStralXBL UK 43 0 till 10 every week day all day on weekends
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  • Looking for good and frequent players on Xbox 360 BO2

    If you play frequently and are a good player add my GT: I Jwithy I ( upper case i)
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  • Zombies! Xbox 360

    Hello im DALLAIRE1998, Looking for serious people to play zombies with on a regular basis. -5pm-12am on week days -All day on weekends Add on Xbox GT DALLAIRE1998 also add me on skype username DALLAIRE98
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