• All easter eggs? (PC)

    Anyone interested in doing Easter eggs on all maps on the PC. If you are then add me on steam. Steam name: STickIsPro or leave you name and i will add you
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  • Buried Easter Egg

    I only need about 2 people to help with the Buried EE. (since you need 4 people to do the Timebomb step). I dont have any specific preference on who joins. as long as they are there just to have a good time, I don't n...
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  • Zombies host migration.

    I'm sure some people would've talked about this already, but there definitely should be host migrations for zombies. In Black Ops zombies, when the host quits, it therefore ends the game for everyone! Why not just mak...
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  • origins easter egg

    looking for decent player or players to help me get the origins EE. i've tried a million times on solo but can't nail the G-strike throw. no squeakers please, hit me up in a message and we'll get er done.
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  • Zombies, M.O.T.D or Tranzit

    yoooo, any1 up for good game of zombies?? i only need to pop the weasel and tower of babble for my last achievements, need 2 players to help out on ps3 please, 
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  • Looking for people to do play zombies with and do the origins easter egg on psn

    Hi everyone im looking for 3 people or even just one or two people to play zombies with and to hopefully do the origins easter egg with if u are interested my psn is iW00DZz the Os are zeros and when u send me a frien...
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  • Shotgun players r frauds!

    I have 2 friends that have shotguns that i met randomly and the past few times playing w them they backed out bc they had to many downs! Oh my precious kd is gonna drop 3 points whaaawhaa whaa.. If u keep ******* back...
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  • BO2 Zombies Kills/Downs Calculator

    I don't know if people play BO2 Zombies Still but this is a spreadsheet I made that automatically calculates your Kills to Downs ratio in Zombies. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory. Try it out if you want and let ...
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  • Things Each Rank Says

    One Bone::: - Hey guys, this is my new account.  Don't judge me.  - What is juggernog?   Two Bones::: - Ready up   Skull::: - I've been trying to get my knife for weeks now but I can't seem...
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  • Zombie easter egg crew Xbox 360

    Hi,   Im looking for good players to do the easter egg on Tranzit and Mob of the Dead with. I also need some  achievements on the other maps so message me for a game.   Name: Soldaat Koepoep
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  • How can I avoid being banned (read description)?

    Greetings. A while ago I played a game of grief on town, and at some point in the game one player used some kind of cheat which changed the round to 128 (or somewhere around that number). Then he placed all of us insi...
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    A lot of people wonder alot on how to get the shotguns and is well known fact that kill ratio its on big factor into getting them kills divided by downs give you your kill ratio. Anyways alot of players have been gett...
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  • WTF?! Latest XBOX update has crashed entire XBOX.

    Just had an in game update and now everytime i log into xbox live through 3arc the whole XBOX freezes (im not the only one) needs a complete shutdown and reboot just to get back to home (no longer able to access onlin...
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  • How to get the perma perk Cashback

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7w3zC4xI3Y - You can watch the video or read whats bellow!   Dont read this if you watched the video (Same stuff)   So after the recent patch, Treyarch have added a new perm...
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    Looking for players who know what theyre doing because i cba with all the random bad kids nowadays GT - Rex Mucky
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  • Looking for Legit Zombie Easter Egg Crew! (PSN)

    What's up guys, after 2 years of not playing COD I have decided (maybe) to buy BO3.  After I heard that PS4 gets DLC first I got excited so here I am. I have a YT channel with almost 900 subs and would like to do...
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  • Does anyone want to play Bo2 Zombies-Origins w/ me? PS3

    I'm asking this because whenever I play online everyone leaves when we get to round 15, so I want to find someone whos willing to play until much higher rounds.
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  • Never Getting Shotguns Now...

    Well, since we all know a part of the ranking is KD, I know I'm never getting shotguns now. I'm currently ranked in the top 60 of Turned, but that came with consequences. As it turns out, every time you die in Turned,...
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  • 99 revives this morning

    Was playing survival on town today with a guy with a knife through the skull and a couple of lower rank split screeners. Had 99 revives and WHAM lost connection to XBOX live.  Man was I disappointed I did not mak...
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  • PS3 Buried Easter Egg

    Who wants to get the Buried Mined Games EE? Going to work on the Maxis side. Need some players who have mics, a must, and have decent skills. Please add me and message with the words MINED GAMES included, so I'll kn...
    created by madddog5054