• Die Rise Easter Egg on Black Ops 2

    Looking for one more player for Die Rise Easter egg who has done the easter egg already and knows all the steps. Last night I was attempting this and we got to the last step and for some reason, the mahjong tiles we d...
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  • Nightmares mode

    I don't play nightmare mode I think they should add an rank system onto it beacuse I fell bored when I play it what do you zombie suvivers think good idea ??? Let me know
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  • Bo2 zombies

    Lookin for bo2 zombie players to have a few games with, no noobs or quitters, xbox360 send me a friend request: x solo boss x
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  • Looking to make a zombies team

    I'm a really decent player when it comes to zombies, done all the easter eggs know everything about it and can hold my own. BUT It's becoming extremely difficult trying to find a game with people who have micro...
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  • Black ops 2 all Easter eggs Xbox 360

    need two players to do all zombie Easter eggs. must have a mic. gamertag - monkey man 2712
    created by monkeyman2712
  • Black ops 2 zombies, any dlc map (Xbox 360)

    Looking for decent players to play any dlc maps. I have a mic and I play nearly everyday Gt:AstralXBL
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  • Zombies anyone?

    Looking for people to play zombies with. Gamer tag is S0GDRAGONHUNTER
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  • Zombies Easter Eggs

    Is there an order in which the Zombie easter eggs need to be completed??? I cant find anything anywhere that tells me if they need to be completed in a certain order or not.
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  • Black ops 2 zombies 2 player only online match?

    Hello zombies community   I have a problem,   me and my friend want to play black ops 2 zombies online (to count towards leaderboard) but we would like to only be us 2 playing and not another 2 random (and...
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  • Need players for Easter Egg 12-14-12 6:00 PM

    3 players needed just to get the easter egg done with. Let me know your gamertag(XBOX) if interested.
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  • PS3/Xbox players for all Easter eggs

    add me and we will sort it out. I have done all easter eggs on other accounts Psn- common_last_name Xbox- PropelledTrash   would love to do bo1 and bo3 Easter eggs aswell
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  • Currently paused on Town Round 60

    I wonder if I will get the World Record of round 85 Town w/Hellhounds
    created by DFTOtv
  • Anyone on Steam looking for a zombie buddy or two?

    Hey, I've just recently moved from console to PC.   I'm looking for some people to play BLOPS 2 (maybe Shadows of evil too?) with.   I've got all the maps but none of my current Steam friends play it. ...
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  • Hellhounds gone? Max AMMO???

    Hi Guys,   Normally im playing zombie survival with some friends on Xbox with Black Ops 2   Haven't been playing it for a while (xbox broke) now i borrowed xbox from my friend to play again!   But n...
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  • 170 KPD still no shotguns  wtf!

    I guess I can now confirm 170 kills per down ratio does NOT give you the shotguns rank.  Does anyone actually know how you get it?  Frustrated because I played a bunch of solo games to increase my ranking qu...
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  • ADFGX Cipher, MOTD (Mob Of The Dead) @Texilion

    First of all, Habibi Gaming got it wrong and was under the influence of taking Telixions work because he thought it wasn't a big deal and he was a small channel, Telixion was doing better than him at the time, and he ...
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  • Zombies anyone?

    Inv if ur looking for a zombie player :) bumbllebee (Xbox)
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  • [PS3] BO2Z Clan

    This is basically a recruitment, but not really, for my BO2Z clan. The reason it is here and not in Clan Forums is because I don't hardly use it for Multiplayer use, but to show I play survival modes.   I start...
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  • BO2 Zombies Origins

    I am looking for good people to play with on Origins that know how to build and upgrade at least 2 staffs. My gamertag is derpy_assassin12 and I play on PS3.
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  • Black Ops 2 Zombies rank keeps resetting?

        Hello my name is Jake or Stxncxd. I have discovered a problem with my Zombies Game Play. I finished the 3rd Zombie rank and was promoted to the skull with Knife, i hadn't played for a week or so, an...
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