• Xbox 360: Need 2 players for origins easter egg

    Hi all. I've attempted to complete the EE 3 times now and it glitches at the part where you put all the staffs in the robots. They teleport but I can't pick up the wind or ice staffs. Apparently it needs everyone to u...
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  • Please Zombie players Wanted!! (XBOX)

    ok so I got on bo2 again and its so addicting and I really need 3 good respectful friends so we can play together with a mic im 13 and no im not a sqeaker im very mature and ive played cod since Cod WAW so I have hea...
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  • Zombie PLayers wanted

    Changed this forum because of people's complaints. I am just looking for some good people to play zombies with who have mics and won't leave when they go down or midway through a game. My favorite map is Buried but I ...
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  • Where is codeholic's video?

    Wasn't this guy supposed to post a vid this weekend of him getting shotguns without ever passing round 1?
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  • 7 more months

    I want to be at my best when this thing drops. Besides nightly runs to 25+, what would you all suggest we do to be at our zombie best when this b!tch unleashes??  I'm training/practicing with my son  every n...
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  • To All Whiners About Splitscreen on Zombies

    You guys need to seriously stop whining about people playing splitscreen in Zombies. If you guys think that splitscreeners suck, then just back out of the game and join another one, it only takes about two seconds. An...
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  • Zombie Easter Egg reset

    So in the past I had completed all the easter eggs on Richtofen's side. All my icons on the world map are blue. I finished the last easter egg on buried, however, I didn't press the button at the end since no one else...
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  • What is the best COD game with zombies?

    Hi guys.  Other than my childhood years, I have only been playing video games since Black Ops 2 came out.  Im not interested in multiplayer modes like team death match, search and destroy, etc, but I love th...
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  • zombie players wanted ps3

    anyone got ps3 with mob of the dead add me or invite me RapidGunz1990
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  • Made in China.

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  • Mob of the Dead freezing issue.

    So, I know I'm not the only one having this problem. I have tried playing Mob of the Dead on both of the accounts on my PS3 and it always freezes a few seconds into the solo cut-scene. Treyarch, is there something wr...
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  • Just want to play with people who want to have fun

    Im looking to join, or start, a clan that are mainly zombie players on PC.  I would love to complete and try to figure out more Easter eggs.  I find the groups I join are full of at least one or two players ...
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  • Zombie Ranking System Explained

         In this thread I will be explaining of what I believe how the ranking system in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 works.        First off, I would like to say thank you in ad...
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  • CoD BO II: Shotgun level held up by warnings/complaints?

    Hi, I have CoD BOII zombies. My kills to down ratio is 170.  I'm like 3881 in the world for kills with close to 655,000 Kills.  I routinely play games to round 30 and my highest 4 person game is round 41 in ...
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  • How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

    I told you guys I would figure it out, and I made sure I figured out the other variable so you guys would know as well     You need a minimum of 30K Kills (secret variable) You need a minimum 180 KD ( I h...
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  • Black Ops 2 Zombies Easter Eggs

    i'm a zombies player on Playstation 3 and I have never completed/attempted an easter egg on Black Ops2, I would REALLY like to try and complete them for all maps (Tranzit, Die Rise, and Buried) If anyone would like t...
  • PS3 Zombies origins Easter Egg!

    Hey guys,   I dont know if its a problem making a new thread, i just joined the community. I wanted to ask if anybody want to add me on PSN : JWZ_Griek073   Im getting really tired of all noobs who quit m...
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  • Blacks Ops 2 Zombies Origins Easter Egg PS3 only comment psn names!

    Hey Guys just starting a game of origins on ps3 looking for some people with mics to come and do the easter egg shall be some fun you wont regret joining my lobby comment PSN names and ill add you so we can play quick...
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  • Need help with origins Easter egg

    Im looking for a group to help with the Easter egg I know all the steps and the map very well if interested message me GT: alphatrash5427
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  • Pre-2015 zombies warm ups

    looking for some Easter egg hunters who want to have some "warm up" games before the new title finally drops. im really excited to actually have one of the storyline titles come out since it will be the first since I...
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