• Ranking System

    Since to rank up it is based on round/down ratio. Does anyone know what it is?
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  • Buried Mined Games Easter Egg help-Need 2 people PS3

    I am looking for people to do the Easter egg on Buried-Mined Games on PS3. My PSN is Tubbyteak. I only need 2 more people to have a full team to do it. Me and my freind know how to do every single step so If you don't...
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  • Looking for people to play a decent game with

    Looking for UK only with mics to play a decent game of zombies .. 18+ and UK only please .. Boy or girl .. leave your addys
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  • Question about zombie rank

    Okay so me and my friend have been playing zombies for a while and we read someone's post on here about needing certain kills to down ratio's to rank up to knife and to shotguns, I believe it was 200 for shotguns, my ...
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  • Staff Glitch on Origins

    I tried to to the Origins EE and i manage to complete almost everything and i was left with the final part which is to put the staffs at the crazy place and kill zombies , but apparently i couldn't pick up the ice sta...
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  • Shotgun Emblem

    How many kills in total did you have when you first got your shotguns?
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  • Die rise + mob of the dead players wanted (xbox only)

    add me on xbox 'macky1977' and we'll play some zombies and have a mic
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  • Buried Time Bomb Glitch

    Just thought everyone should know if you didn't by now. When you use the time bomb on buried and you are holding a part, the part that you are holding will stay where you go down.
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  • You are disconnected with the Call of duty Black ops 2 Servers.

    Ok. i'm disconnected. what now?! can you help me?! last time (today) i keep getting this error message! while my wifi is pretty good... i mean... i'm talking with my friend while i play... and it gets like.... it free...
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  • New ZOMBIE Map Idea for future DLC: "Board Run" Please Read!

    Board Run   MODES COMPATIBLE WITH: Tranzit, Grief, and Survival     Setting: A large boardwalk off the coast of New Jersey that is demolished and wrecked from one of the missles sent from Moon. &nbs...
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  • Difficult Game finding system... (not really system but yeah..)

    why is it so difficult. to just click on "public match" and then play UNTIL you ***** finish the game. i really hate it. i only want to play origins with some good players that KNOWS the map. (i'm skull with blue eyes...
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  • Origins Zombies Bug *HELP*

    I was playing split-screen on ps3 with my brother on origins zombies (We always play on Easy), We have gotten the fire staff twice before on the first day we played. but we stopped and came back, we got to excavation ...
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  • So on tranzit...

    When you look at solo leaderbord, some people have over 10downs... how is this done? am i missing something?
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  • M/S vs WarMachine?

    Which is better guys? state some facts, opinions... can we have a damage chart for this please?   For me... M/S baby!!! all the way!!!
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  • shotties

    looking for people with shotties to play with. i have them as well in case you are wondering.
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  • Stat Summary Help?

    Can someone please explain to me what all the stats mean starting from the top and going to the right. I believe some of these are correct:     Kills---Bullets Fired---Downs---Revives Grenade Kills---???-...
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  • Wednesday zombies announcement

    Treyarch just announced live stream on Wednesday with #zombies so I guess new one on the way officially
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  • Where is codeholic's video?

    Wasn't this guy supposed to post a vid this weekend of him getting shotguns without ever passing round 1?
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  • Buried Easter egg mined games-Need 2 more people for it

    I need 2 more people to help me on the Easter egg maxis side for buried. Me and my freind already know how to do every part of the Easter egg we just need help for the 4 player things. My PSN is Tubbyteak. Add me and ...
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  • Tranzit EE richtofen (ps3)

    yo guys me and my brother are looking for two extra players for doing the tranzit ee on richtofens side. Unfortunaly we dont have a mic but we know the steps. We are on ps3. We'd like to do the ee THIS friday or satur...
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