• Need people to help me with zombies easter eggs

    I need 3 people to help me with zombies easter eggs, im on xbox, gamertag: TomsTheBest5. Message me only if you have a mic and are good at zombies.
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  • Need players to Die Rise Easter Egg :)

    I dont know how to do this easter egg and i wish to do it. My gamertag is Astrety   I only did origins easter egg so if you guys can help me to do all easter egg it would be appreciated !
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  • Zombies ee help needed (PS3)

    I need help doing the Die rise, Buried and Origins easter eggs for Richtofen side. Im looking for people who have mics and are chill and laid back and wont rage quit or anything. Also must be a team player and know wh...
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  • Bo2 easter eggs for bo3 (on Playstation 3)

    hello looking for players to do the all 3 important easter eggs to get richtofen ending on Saturday afternoon or night (pacific time zone) just leave your psn bellow don't mind if you don't have a mic just mind if you...
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  • Anybody want to join my team of 8  (ps3 no mic needed)?

    I have a lot of confidence in my plan so that communication isnt nessicarry. Just give my other thread a look if youre interested.
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  • PS3 EE

    Now that I hear that BO3 is looking at your BO2 EE I realize that I haven't done one. At all. So if your on Ps3 and have a mic, then this discussion is for you. If you don't have either one than we have no reason to c...
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  • Need 3 zombies players

    Need 3 zombies players on xbox 360 to help me with the tranzit easter egg, I will do whatever side you know the best. Gamertag: TomsTheBest5
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  • How to find serious players? With mics?

    Before anyone tells me to "search" the forums, I already have and have found nothing.   Lately, I've been having the hardest time trying to get good matches in. I mainly play Tranzit, but lately, I have been fo...
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  • Stat Summary Help?

    Can someone please explain to me what all the stats mean starting from the top and going to the right. I believe some of these are correct:     Kills---Bullets Fired---Downs---Revives Grenade Kills---???-...
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  • Black ops 2 Zombies Easter eggs

    add Zpatzz on psn if anyone wants to do any blops 2 zombies ee
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  • Richtofen Easter Eggs Looking For 3 Players (PS3)

    Hello looking for 3 patient players that have Die rise and Buried. Must have mic and live in the United States to not have big time differences please message me and send a friend request to schedule a time and day to...
    created by rest_in_peace908
  • Looking for people with mics for ee zombies

    loozing for people with mics for ee SteinJ420
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  • Whats really going on in black ops 3 (theory)

    I must warn you this may contain spoilers. Even though I believe this is what’s going on that doesn’t make it true and could very well be wrong. Over the past few months I have done a lot of research on u...
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  • Anyone have a mic and wants to play Zombies: Origins?

    I have been trying to play origins online but soon figured out its a bad idea as if someone goes down they insta-leave, so I was wondering if anyone has a mic and wants to play origins?   GT: coolfunkDJ1  ...
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  • End Game Easter Egg- Richtofen

    I have all easter eggs done for richtofen and I'm trying to get a group of people together to activate the box in the courthouse on buried msg BerrySama on xbox 360 if u have all easter eggs done
    created by B3RRYBOMB3R14
  • Easter Eggs for PS3 ALL MAPS

    Looking to complete the Easter Eggs on all the Black Ops 2 maps. I have a mic, bank, and computer to know what to do incase i get lost. Mob of the Dead Die Rise Buried Tranzit Origins And MOON and FIVE on Bl...
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  • EasterEggs?

    I'm looking for players on ps3 black ops 2 to do all the Eastereggs with me on zombies. Looking for people who are good and have mics. Add me - BluntMan7319
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  • 2 days off work. lets rock some EE's people

    Im a full time worker and ive just been told i have the next two days off work "**** YEAH". what to do on a day off ?? I know. Save the world from zombies.   Ok so ill be online  on  Tuesday 16th Sep. ...
  • Whats your favourit wonder weapon?

    No arguing pls. I am not asking what the best WW is i am asking which one you like using and why.   I like the Acid gat... coolest WW so far looks bad a55 and is a life saver.
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  • zombies EE ps3

    so the easter eggs apparently matter in bo3 and i still need to do them, so if u have the map packs and a mic please leave your gamertag down below. Mine is 'SickGamerSjoerd'. Hope to play with u soon
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