• Disco-pop perk soda

    It would be just like Vulture-aid, it would be cheaper because you don't get money and ammo. So there's a Disco ball on the perk logo, the more consecutive kills you get, the brighter it flashes an faster it spins. Ev...
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  • (ps3) Looking for some people to help with easter eggs

    I am looking for some good zombies players to help me do ALL the easter eggs i know how to do all of them. all you need is a mic, be good at zombies and to add me on psn: V-Kill_Me_Now-V
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  • kino der toten on Black Ops II?

    I purchased Black Ops II off the shelf at FredMeyer, got it home, and the zombies included is Kino, not Green Run.   Did they change something?   Really wanted Green Run (but having fun with Kino anyway...)
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  • New Zombies Perk Idea ! (VERY GOOD IDEA #2) -CHECK IT OUT-

    Yo guys its Sonic again, I got a new perk idea for zombies that my buddy thought of and I want to share it with you guys. The perk is called "Power". this perk will allow a player to walk over a Max Ammo, Carpenter, D...
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  • if someone out there is trying to sell a used but not abused P3 for the low let me know

    if someone out there is trying to sell a used but not abused P3 for the low let me know
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  • Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

    I was just thinking about our four heroes last night, and I thought that they didn't have an ending most people wanted. For the few that read my Origins theory on how it would end, maybe Black Ops 3 will hold the answ...
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  • Looking for players

    Hey everyone, I'm Alexis I'm just looking for a few people that are down to play when ever Skill level doesn't have to be extremely high, just know what your doing And please have a mic, I enjoy having a nice convers...
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  • With the next Zombies will people be making the jump to the next gen consoles?

    Hi all just after some opinions.   Pretty sure most will make the jump to the next gen console when BO3 drops, if they haven't already, but just wanted to test the waters so to speak.   I have heard a few ...
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  • Origins Easter egg players needed.

    Must know what to do, at least skull rank, have a mic P.S If it's alright could I have the Ice Staff
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  • Call of duty zombies: New perks idea

    In this post i will suggest my ideas for perks (along with a comment). I hope you find these ideas interesting and dont forget to leave your opinion/ideas in the comments! This also merges with my 'Upgrading Perks' id...
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  • Tranzit easter egg  se necesitan jugadores

    Tranzit easter egg se busca gente
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  • xbox360 players for tzit easter egg

    hey my GT is : DjMira69. looking for some good players to help me with this achievement. ive almost through a few times it a while ago and im just playing again. let me know open to other maps too
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  • BO2 Zombies Kills/Downs Calculator

    I don't know if people play BO2 Zombies Still but this is a spreadsheet I made that automatically calculates your Kills to Downs ratio in Zombies. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory. Try it out if you want and let ...
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  • 7 more months

    I want to be at my best when this thing drops. Besides nightly runs to 25+, what would you all suggest we do to be at our zombie best when this b!tch unleashes??  I'm training/practicing with my son  every n...
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  • Need help with Origins easteregg black ops 2 [XBOX 360]

    Need 3 players to help me with the origins easteregg, need players who are: Good at zombies patient and are willing to run the last zombie whilst the steps of the easteregg are being done must know how to upgrade s...
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  • Need xbox 360 zombie players

    Need people that know what they're doing, and have a mic. We can play any map but tranzit.
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  • Buried Easter Egg players needed

    I need 3 players to play the Richtofen side of Buried. I don't have an headset, unfortunately, and headset is not necessary, but preferred. You need to live in a country wich has an time period of around UTC +1 hour (...
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  • Richtofen 'Translator' ?

    is there a way, to.. like... i'm going to make a horror 3d game, i really want to use like, richtofen's voice, is there a translator thing, that if you type something ,his voice will come?! i really REALLY like his vo...
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  • Zombie Ranking System Explained

         In this thread I will be explaining of what I believe how the ranking system in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 works.        First off, I would like to say thank you in ad...
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    I have been doing a lot of research for the Cod Blops 2 Zombies ranking system . First i will start with the tally marks because everyone wonders what's up with those things some days you have 3;4 and maybe 5. The tal...
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