• Tranzit EE richtofen (ps3)

    yo guys me and my brother are looking for two extra players for doing the tranzit ee on richtofens side. Unfortunaly we dont have a mic but we know the steps. We are on ps3. We'd like to do the ee THIS friday or satur...
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  • PS3 Zombies Story Run [3 players wanted, TranZit, Die Rise & Buried]

    So I'd like to actually do a run of all the main 'Easter eggs' on PS3, but none of my friends have a PS3. (Damn XBox purists!)   So I'm looking for some peeps to complete all the story maps with me. I just need ...
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  • BO2 zombie players needed.

    Looking for good players, Not got a mic & But I know what I'm doing, If you wont to play add my psn - Mateljgz   Chill people & No Rage Quitting! I normally play Burid but can play other maps as well, Ju...
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  • need help with tower of babble

    I am looking for 3 plays that know what they are doing and are good players add me on psn if you are up for it Phil_Sykes
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  • hey guys need 1 -2 ppl forblack ops 2 ee ps3

    Hey  We are looking for 2 people to do ee in die rise, mob of the dead. And maybe buried. So anyone up for it Saturday pm me on. Psn bizzergp    U need a mic and see a guide on YouTube ritchofe...
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  • Add me on PSN XTRA--FiZZY for BO2 zombies. Dagger and up rank only please

    Add me on PSN XTRA--FiZZY for BO2 zombies. Dagger and up rank only please
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  • Not getting blue eyes on zombies

    So i just noteced this last week, i have played zombies for the las 2weeks in a row and i saw that is het stuck on 4 lines so i just made a new account and i played for 6 days got a scull and it again stuck on 4 lin...
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  • PC, Shangri-la EE

    Looking for any players interested in doing the shangri-la easteregg on pc tonight around 5pm EST. If your interested, either reply here (I'll check back before I start.) or hit me up on my steam account. Steam Commu...
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  • Looking for experienced zombie players for Tower of Babble achievement

    I am looking for 3 players who are good at black ops 2 zombies in order to achieve the Tower of Babble achievement on Green Run Tranzit zombies with me. I would like to try to achieve this on Tuesday (February 5th) at...
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  • Looking for players Maxis EE Tranzit 360

    Looking for players Maxis EE Tranzit 360 Trying to complete the Tower of Babble Achievement GT:Haus49
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  • looking for players

    looking for players to do tower of bable achievement on xbox leave gamertag if interested
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  • Mob of the dead - Pop goes to the weasel achievement (Xbox360)

    Looking for two players to do the mob of the dead easter egg. Leave your gamertag if you are interested (must have mic).
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  • Need Zombies Players!!!!!!

    Im looking for 3 good players to get the easter eggs, achivements, and high round on all maps add me if your interested my gamertag is LilTrap918. (All players need mics)
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  • How to get Shotguns!! Updated

    So heres how it  works, Get to high rounds  consistantantly. K/d doesnt seem to matter that much but as you constantly go to higher rounds your K/d will improve unless you are being carried by good players ...
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  • 170 KPD still no shotguns  wtf!

    I guess I can now confirm 170 kills per down ratio does NOT give you the shotguns rank.  Does anyone actually know how you get it?  Frustrated because I played a bunch of solo games to increase my ranking qu...
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  • (Improved) *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

    Post your Black Ops II Zombies Wishlist, Ideas, Maps, Guns, Perks, Etc.     Have fun and be respectful of each others opinions!   My idea is to have a gun that turns a zombie into a human...
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  • CoD BO II: Shotgun level held up by warnings/complaints?

    Hi, I have CoD BOII zombies. My kills to down ratio is 170.  I'm like 3881 in the world for kills with close to 655,000 Kills.  I routinely play games to round 30 and my highest 4 person game is round 41 in ...
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  • Buried

    does anyone want to play zombies add me on psn Young-Assassin74
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  • What can i do to get shotguns?

    I have been playing bo2 zombies since day1. Unfortunately like most i did not know about the ranking system, so downs really didnt matter to me. i assumed it was based on your leaderboards for what rounds you made it ...
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  • What does this mean?

    I just finished a game of Transit with a friend and I saw him put a Buried navcard into the reader and it was accepted.Thats not what I'm asking about. I'm asking why there are blue lightning bolts coming out of my Tr...
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