• Are there any permaperks in Town on Green Run?

    Like the title says, are there any permaperks in Town on Green Run?  How do I know if I have a permaperk?
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  • Origins Players wanted with Mics.

    18+ skilled players, knows what they are doing.   GT: DBD Eclipse
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  • People who steal zombie kills in those precious first few rounds.

    You are scum of the earth.     Good day to you.
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  • What is the best strategy for green run town single player

    I need some help getting better at zombies i can get some really high amount or kills i think but i need some advice from people better than me
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  • Ps3 Zombie Player needed

    My two friends and I play zombies a lot and have beaten a few easter eggs but are unable to beat the 3 that require 4 players including Shangri-la. I know all of the steps, we just need a fun person with a mic to help...
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  • Are you disappointed with the lack of maps in BO2 Zombies?

    I'm a huge COD zombies fan like many other players, however I think that WaW and BO1 zombies are better(so far). The addition of Tranzit is awesome and I would like to see that style of zombies return with future maps...
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  • I'm not a Doorman!!

    Now, this hasnt really been a problem until recently for me. But there is an unwritten rule that whoever has the most point, opens the door. That, to me, is standard in a game of zombies.   But the last few gam...
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  • Zombie players unwritten rules for newbies and noobs.

    Playing with a bunch of randoms made me realize I should get a list of some rules that us fellow zombie hunters share when playing.   Example: when possible, always tell teammates and wait a few seconds before ...
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  • Is it rage quitting if???

    Your not the first to rage quit the game?   We have all been there, player A gets 1 down and quits the within a minute player B quits because the game dosnt count.   In my view  both have got 'upset' ...
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  • Making easter egg team for next cod + Zombie players in general (360)

    Hey, I'm looking for 3 players to make my elite easter egg hunting team for when the next cod comes out with zombies. I know i'm starting this early but the early bird catches the worm . Anyway if you want to be a pa...
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    Hello guys ,   im starting a zombie clan with some good skilled players with mic ps3 wisper me when u interested 
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  • Green Run Black Ops II =-MAJOR PROBLEM-=

    Hey, I have a problem to report to treyarch. I am not entirely sure if this is my system, or a major bug. For the past few days, I have been playing ALOT of Green Run. But in these past few days, I have spotted a prob...
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  • For what reasons will you leave bad gamer rep in this game?

    Like it says, who do you give bad gamer rep to in Zombies?   Personally, the first person to rage quit or otherwise leave the game without a good explanation is getting it from me.  As is anyone who uses ha...
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  • Origins zombie players wanted!

    18+ skilled players, knows what they are doing.
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  • The worst people to play with

    Here are the worst people to play with in Zombies: 1) Noobs I do not say it's their fault they are bad, but it stays annoying to revive someone constantly, just because he's too bad. 2) Map Noobs People who are ne...
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  • One MAJOR problem in Zombies

    Dear Treyarch,   I love you're zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 but their is one major problem you need to fix. PEOPLE BACKING OUT! I can almost guarentee myself everytime I join a game someone goes down and...
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  • Is Black Ops 2 Mystery Box The Worst?

    Seems like they did no thinking when they made decided what weapons should be in the box. First of all 5 pistols in the box like what the hell? The python and Executioner are basically the same weapon. S12 should have...
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  • Glitchers in Zombies

    What do you guys think of people who glitch constantly in Black Ops 2 zombies? Especially on Buried, Literally, every game I go into, there is someone glitching with the paralyzer or tramplesteen. I am surprised that ...
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  • Most spoken words in zombies "revive me, I have a raygun"

    Got a good laugh this weekend when a guy pointed out to me that the most spoken words in zombies are "revive me!  i have a raygun".  I paid attention and boy was he right.  Terrible weapon but the kids ...
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  • Black ops 1 EE's xbox 360

    Im looking for some people to do all of the EEs. I only recently bought the other three map packs for bo1. I've completed all other EEs in black ops 2 so I'm used to working as a team. please have a mic add or msg ...
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