• Double XP did not happen again!

    So thru yet another Black Ops 2 double XP weekend, and again there was double nothing. Anyone heard when Treyarch is gonna fix this? Nukes were still 400xp, bullet hits still 10xp etc etc..   I PAID $60 FOR TH...
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  • Do you need CotD and Shangri-La EEs for Moon EE if you dont have CotD and Shangri-La bought?

    So ive been hearing that to do Richtofens Grand Scheme you need to do CotD and Shangri-La to get the golden rod and focusing stone. The thing is, i havent bought CotD or Shangri-La but when i play as Richtofen on Moon...
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  • looking for good zombie team for e eggs

    I am looking to do the trazite and buried e eggs, in need of a good zombie team one that pays attention to details and have mics.  I am really good at zombies i have over 400000 kills my gt is masts chiefa117.. O...
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  • Where are ASD?

    Where are the advance supply drops? they were supposed to go live today. Xbox recived them March 7th and today is April 7th, it has been a month. I have $40 to give to sledge hammer. So where are the ASD?!?!!?
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  • Tower Of Babble

    hey there, looking for some players to help me complete the tower of babble achievement on the xbox 360, know what to do to achieve this but just need some good players to help me complete it.   If you are inter...
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  • (XBOX 360) Looking for good zombie players with a mic to play with

    I am looking for good zombie players who work as a team and get all the parts together and get them built fast   I have a skull with knife and i am a good team player   All players MUST have a mic   ...
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  • Ps3 zombies end game easter eggs ( Tranzit, Die rise, Buried )

    I'm looking for 1 more player to complete the three easter eggs in Tranzit, Die rise and Buried to get the end game. I have them done, but I have 2 other players who dont and would like to help out a third or if you j...
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  • Players to Richtofen end game easter egg (Xbox)

    Looking for players to do the end game easter egg on Richtofen side. Have done this and all other easter eggs just need to open the light box. Will help others do the easter egg on Richtofen side. Must be mature and h...
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  • Treyarch can you reset my zombie stats please!

    I believe my zombie stats are glitched so Treyarch can you reset my zombie stats please! Gamertag is Absentgunner
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  • Please add a map to BO2 Zombies with the Green Run characters and children I will be happy to voice-act if need be

         I would LOVE this to be added.  It would be HILARIOUS they would be like "daddy I'm scared of the dark!" And you would be like "OK little adorable child let me turn the lights on".
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  • Black Ops 1 & 2 Easter egg run from Ascension to Origins.

    In a nerdy celebration of zombies Easter eggs, I would like 3 people with a basic knowledge of the main 8 Black Ops and Black Ops 2 maps (Ascension, Call of the Dead, Sangri-La, Moon, Tranzit, Die Rise, Buried, and Or...
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  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2: How to Level up in Zombies

    OK, let me start by saying this is my journey to get the dual shotguns and any information you can get from this thread I hope helps you on your road to dual shotguns. XD   A couple things to note this took me...
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  • Zombies Maps

    Hello I have got a few ideas on what maps for zombies in the future. Here are a few maps that I think that you should include for Black Ops 3 Zombies or Black Ops 2 map packs. Raid and Standoff. I think this will be r...
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    I have just recently completed EVERY SINGLE EASTER EGG on bo2. (maxis & richtofen) I am going to be hosting open lobbies for EVERYONE who is wanting to or having trouble completing easter eggs. I will do any map ...
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  • Mike Myers Black Ops 2 PS3 (mics)

    Me and my friend want to play Mike Myers on black ops 2 with some good people. My username is sledghammerd on ps3 so add me if you are willing to play. Btw, NEED MICS!!!! We dont want to play with people that dont hav...
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    Hey, my gt is: aglowchunk70603 on xbox 360 and i want to do the richtofen end game. I already have every easter egg done and all nav cards in their proper spots. I'm willing to do the RICHTOFEN END GAME if you: ...
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  • Origins EE ps3 team

    Hey, I have been looking for people who want to do this EE. Have mic, know how to do it. English or Spanish. If interested add me ( psn; SteelRic ) or send me a mesage. Thanks if you want to play !!
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  • Tranzit EE Need 2 More People (Richtofen)

    Need 2 More People To Do The Easter Egg Send Me A Message     Gamertag: HDxVisions
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  • Need players for tower of babble xbox *richtofen*

    My gamertag is cL Zombies and i have the shield emblem with the skull and knife and would like someone to do the easter egg with me thanks
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  • Problema multiplayer

    Salve , sono yuri gioco a cod bo2 da la sua uscita e da circa tre mesi non riesco più a giocare in multiplayer ... Ho una linea fastweb che viaggia a circa 4.5mdown/450k up... Riesco a giocare a tutti i giochi ...
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