• Problema multiplayer

    Salve , sono yuri gioco a cod bo2 da la sua uscita e da circa tre mesi non riesco più a giocare in multiplayer ... Ho una linea fastweb che viaggia a circa 4.5mdown/450k up... Riesco a giocare a tutti i giochi ...
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  • Looking for zombie players

    I dont care if your good or not as long as you like to have fun then add me TitansCsj and lets have fun!
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    What's up with nothing happening after maxis tells your reincarnation is the key? We've just done it and we got up to that part bought the knifes upgraded them shot it in the buddah room and nothing happened. Also tri...
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  • PS3 Buried (Richtofen) Easter Egg and End Game

    Hey, I would like to play with three other players and get the Easter Egg and End Game for Buried done, and then possibly go for high rounds after. We can figure out a time when you contact me on PlayStation 3.  ...
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  • Origins: How to get podiums in the giants?

    So I've been playing origins quit a bit since it has come out. I've gone really far in rounds i literally have every item location and every puzzle memorized, up until one point that is. No matter what i do i just can...
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  • High rounds on Origins (xbox)

    Looking for some decent zombie players to go to high rounds tonight on Origins. Round 30+ Xbox.   GT:  I 8 MY PET ZMBY Message if interested
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  • Looking for help with maxis tranzit and maxis die rise (360)

    I already completed maxis buried , now I am looking for help with tranzit and die rise then I am looking to complete maxis end game on buried. I know the steps add me if you have a mic and know the steps: gamertag:...
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  • zombies any map

    Have to have a mic Gt is xzombieoutbreak
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  • xbox 360 Looking for players from the UK

    Not worried about rank or what map you prefer, just looking for players who won`t quit and have a mic   add me GT: DB Halcyon Days
    created by HalcyonDays
  • Maxis Easter Egg on Buried. Need One or Two More People. (Xbox)

    Hello, my friend and I are trying to do Maxis Easter Egg on Buried. We can't find one or two more good people to achieve this. If you are willing to help my gt is Missdropdead11. Thank you! (:
    created by xxxTROGxxx
  • Need Ppl for Origins EE/High Rounds

    Msg DestructiveMoe7  if you want and know how to upgrade all the staffs and know all the easter egg steps by heart and then we will go for high rounds after wards. Must have a mic and no squeakers!
    created by DestructiveMoe7
  • Origins EE/Upgrade staff glitch

    Okay, so i attempted to start the ee last night in splitscreen with another, never upgraded staffs before etc, we did it on easy, and first we made the wind staff, and upgraded it to the point it needed souls in agart...
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  • Looking for anyone to do Zombies Easter Eggs with.

    Me and my brother are looking for a few people to do the zombie easter eggs with. We want to do them all, for both Black Ops and Black Ops II, we have all the maps and mics. Just add red-wings13 if you want to do th...
    created by MrTravisL
  • Origins EE

               Does anyone want to try to do the Origins EE, I need a team of 4, I know how to upgrade all the staffs but lightning so that'd be a bonus if you know. Also ...
    created by Yankeephil
  • Black Ops 2 Origins Split Screen Problems!!! Plz read and help!

    Hi!!! Every time me and my friends play split screen we have issues with collecting the staff parts. When we pick up a part of the staff it wont light up the piece we just picked up in the inventory. For example, if t...
    created by Prizie
  • Die Rise EE PS3 (Richtofen)

    If anyones up for this Easter egg I'm sure as he'll up for it aswell, although on my headset, my mic is broken but hopefully it will be fixed soon, so I silly have to be bossed around. I can do every step, apart from ...
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  • 2 needed to complete origins Easter egg we know majority steps gt zigoosh online now

    ONline now
    created by ChrisM88
  • Origins Fun Challenge: Bunker Defense (Xbox)

    Hey guys, I thought of a fun little challenge to play in Origins. I decided to just call it, Bunker Defense.     You have ten rounds to get all set up with your friends and get everything that yo...
    created by TheBestOranges
  • Need 1 more for Origins EE Hurry!

    We are at the part where you have to push the buttons in the Robot guys. Past the Ultimate staff.   GT:X FILE5   Message me or add me Must know what to do for some of it and have a mic no noobz
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  • I have completed all puzzles in Origins. What next? Thoughts...

    I have completed all the puzzles in the crazy place. We moved on to the fuse boxes around the map and had a few of them short out but no luck finding a pattern or clues. Has anyone made it past this point or have any ...
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