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Things are about to get a whole lot messier on the Zombies front, soldiers. After receiving positive reports from our Moon team regarding the new Mule Kick, we've decided to start manufacturing the drink here on Earth.



Starting now on PS3 and Xbox 360, Mule Kick is available for purchase in every Zombies map, in addition to the other Perk-A-Colas. For the uninitiated, Mule Kick allows you to hold three weapons at a time for a truly aggressive and varied attack.


To commemorate this awesome addition, we're also releasing the Kino der Toten music video shown at the Call of Duty XP Zombies panel, featuring our four heroes in a montage of brutal survival action.





Now get out there and start racking up the kills. Head to the forums and start discussing the triple weapon loadouts you'll be using to dominate the waves of undead. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube, and be sure to follow Treyarch's Twitter feed (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Call of Duty Black Ops info.

You've fought through them time and time again. You know the layout, the fastest route to the power, and the best spots to hole up and defend when things start getting out of hand. With the arrival of Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection, prepare to wield more power against the horde than you ever thought possible. In addition to the aesthetic improvements the Black Ops engine brings to the classic maps, the Mystery Box is now filled with new heavy-hitting weapons.





Mystery Box Weapons Cache

Assault Rifles Launchers
FN FAL China Lake
Famas M72 LAW
AUG w/ ACOG Scope
Galil  CZ75 (Single and Dual Wield)
G11 w/ Low Power Scope Python

Sniper Rifles
SMGs  Dragunov
Spectre L96A1

LMGs  Shotguns
HK21 HS10

Special Weapons
Thunder Gun (Nacht der Untoten only)
Winter's Howl (Verrückt only)
Wunderwaffe DG-2 (Shi No Numa/Der Riese only)
Ray Gun
Monkey Bomb
Ballistic Knife
Crossbow w/ Explosive Tip


With the firepower behind Black Ops weapons, the box has become more important than ever before. The Famas and Commando in Nacht der Untoten, the HK21 in Verrückt, Calamity and Jane in Der Riese; the list goes on, and the potential to reach the high rounds is greater than ever before.

Work with your teammates to ensure that everyone gets access to the box. Especially in Shi No Numa and Der Riese where its location changes drastically, be sure to clear access and follow its path until everyone's up and ready to go. From that point, start piling up those meat bags so they'll never rise up again.



Pick up all four classic Zombies maps (Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese) along with Moon, the epic final showdown, in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Rezurrection, available now on Xbox LIVE, PC and PS3. Head to the forums to discuss strategies on all things Zombies, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and YouTube for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Rezurrection is now available for download on PC and PS3!*

The final confrontation against the undead horde starts now. First we'll clear them from Earth, using a brand new arsenal of weapons in the four classic maps that started it all: Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese. But it's not over then. Zombies have infiltrated the Moon, and it's up to us to put a stop to the menace once and for all.



In addition to all four classic maps and Moon, both PS3 and PC players get a free download of the Zombies soundtrack with purchase, and PS3 players will receive a Moon PSN theme.


Take the final stand and purchase Rezurrection now on PC and PS3. Head to the forums and start planning out strategies for all 5 maps, and follow Treyarch (@Treyarch) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info.


*If you ordered the Hardened or Prestige Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Rezurrection Content Pack can be downloaded free of charge! Check out our FAQ here.

Let’s hope you’ve been hitting those weights, soldier. We’re dealing with some high-power, heavy-duty firearms today. They may seem clumsy and hard to handle compared to other weapons, but learn to tame these bad boys and you’ll be mowing down the enemy team in no time.



Light Machine Guns are the powerhouses of Black Ops. Featuring large magazines with little to no drop off in effective range, LMGs are designed to deliver unstoppable firepower. These weapons do have their drawbacks, however, as they are heavy and will slow down your movement speed. They are also slow to aim and fire, requiring a concentrated effort with every move.


In general, you need to play a slower-paced game in order to be successful with LMGs. Move effectively with the game flow, setting up defenses in advance of oncoming enemies. Try and stick to cover, staying protected during the slow reloads. Check out the three class setups listed below for some suggestions on how to setup an effective LMG loadout.


Primary: HK-21
Attachment: Red Dot Sight
Secondary: CZ75
Attachment: Extended Mags
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Concussion
Equipment: C4
Perk Slot 1: Scavenger
Perk Slot 2: Sleight of Hand Pro
Perk Slot 3: Tactical Mask Pro


Killstreaks: Counter-Spy Plane, Napalm Strike, Blackbird


Combining the low-recoil HK-21 with a Red Dot Sight makes for one of the most accurate LMG setups in the game. Don't be afraid to send shots towards the enemy, as Scavenger will help replenish any lost ammunition. Use your Concussion grenades just as generously, calling out enemies behind cover that can be easily taken out by your high penetration bullets. Acquire targets more quickly with Sleight of Hand Pro, reducing the chances of getting taken by surprise while on the move.


Primary: M60
Attachment: Extended Mags/Grip
Secondary: RPG
Lethal: Frag
Tactical: Nova Gas
Equipment: Jammer
Perk Slot 1: Flak Jacket
Perk Slot 2: Warlord
Perk Slot 3: Tactical Mask Pro


Killstreaks: RC-XD, Napalm Strike, Mortar Team


When you absolutely need to hold a position, nothing compares to the 200-round capacity of an M60 with Extended Mags. Take it one step further with Warlord, allowing you to add a Grip to help stabilize continuous fire. Combine this selection with Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask Pro to give you the ultimate defense against all types of grenades. Throw Nova Gas at important chokepoints to stop the enemy in their tracks, and lay down a Jammer to ensure that enemies that do make it through are ill-prepared for your fury.


Primary: Stoner63
Attachment: Extended Mags
Secondary: Python
Attachment: Speed Reloader
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Concussion
Equipment: Claymore
Perk Slot 1: Hardline
Perk Slot 2: Steady Aim Pro
Perk Slot 3: Hacker


Killstreaks: Spy Plane, Counter-Spy Plane, Napalm Strike


This setup is designed for the player who wants Assault Rifle playstyle with LMG stopping power. The Stoner63's high rate of fire makes it a capable weapon in close range engagements. With Extended Mags upping the mag size to 60, reload speeds are less of a concern. This gives you the option to use Steady Aim for your second Perk, shrinking the crosshairs for a more effective hip-firing capability. Pair a small killstreak setup with Hardline, great for boosting your team's advance with near constant air support.


What are some of your best LMG war stories? Head to the forums to discuss your favorite tactics, and follow us on Facebook  and Twitter [@Treyarch] for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Pack your bags, soldiers, we're about to head out. Call of Duty®: Black Ops Rezurrection is launching worldwide for the PC and PS3 on September 22nd.



The walking dead have infiltrated our combat grounds in four different locations, amassing in the classic maps that started it all: Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese. Once those areas are secure, we blast off to the fifth and final confrontation - the Moon. Let's hope you're ready for this.


To kick off Rezurrection's release, we'll be running a Double XP Weekend across all platforms (PS3/PC/Xbox 360/Wii) from the 23nd to the 25th.


Rezurrection will be available for PC and PS3 on September 22nd. Visit the DLC page for more information. In addition to all four classic maps and Moon, both PS3 and PC players will get a free download of the Zombies soundtrack with purchase, and PS3 players will receive a Moon PSN theme.

*If you ordered the Hardened or Prestige Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Rezurrection Content Pack can be downloaded free of charge!

We're on the move and there's no time to waste, soldiers! These missions are coming quick, so make sure you have your loadouts together. What are you waiting for? Get ready for battle!





The Express playlist is designed for fast paced gameplay. Sorry Ghost and Second Chance users, you'll have to find other perks when playing in these matches. With that said, there are many other class combinations that will serve you well in these engagements.

Maps and game types are going to change with each battle, so it's important to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. To help get you prepared and ready for war, we've put together three class setups that hone in on specific proficiencies. Play to these strengths and lead your team to victory.



Primary: MPL
Attachment: Rapid Fire
Secondary: CZ75
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Concussion
Equipment: Claymore
Perk Slot 1: Hardline Pro
Perk Slot 2: Steady Aim
Perk Slot 3: Hacker

Killstreaks: Spy Plane, Counter-Spy Plane, Care Package

Strike fast, expose the enemy, and give your team an early advantage. Pairing Hardline with a low-killstreak setup, you'll have a Spy Plane up with just two kills, revealing every enemy position on the minimap. In objective game modes like Headquarters and Domination, this ensures that your team won't walk into a trap when engaging objectives.



Primary: Stakeout
Attachment: Grip
Secondary: ASP
Lethal: Tomahawk
Tactical: Concussion
Equipment: C4
Perk Slot 1: Lightweight Pro
Perk Slot 2: Sleight of Hand
Perk Slot 3: Marathon Pro

Killstreaks: Spy Plane, Counter-Spy Plane, Napalm Strike

With the speedy combination of Lightweight and Marathon, enemies and Spy Planes will have a hard time keeping up with you. Get into enemy territory and wreak havoc, pumping off one-hit shots with your Stakeout. When that first shot fails to kill, switch to your quick draw ASP or let go of a well-placed Tomahawk to finish the job. Let the opposing team know that every position is up for grabs, and nowhere is safe.



Primary: Galil
Attachment: Extended Mags
Secondary: RPG
Lethal: Frag
Tactical: Willy Pete
Equipment: Jammer
Perk Slot 1: Flak Jacket Pro
Perk Slot 2: Sleight of Hand
Perk Slot 3: Tactical Mask Pro

Killstreaks: SAM Turret, Napalm Strike, Sentry Gun


While your teammates flank and play the outskirts of the map, this class moves straight to the enemy to occupy key points. Flak Jacket keeps you moving through explosive damage, with the pro variant adding immunity to Napalm Strikes in open areas. Blind and confuse the enemy with your Willy Pete and Jammer whenever possible, allowing for stealthy positioning into key points. With the point secured, sit back and fire away with your Extended Mags-equipped Galil, a setup that grants LMG capacity with Assault Rifle maneuverability.


What loadouts have stuck with you through the Express playlist? Head to the forums to discuss your favorite tactics, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter [@Treyarch] for the most up to date Black Ops info.



This is it, soldiers! In celebration of both Call of Duty XP and Call of Duty: Rezurrection, we’re hosting an extended Double XP Weekend for all systems. Starting this Friday the 2nd at 10am PDT through Tuesday the 6th at 10am PDT, all those unable to attend the event can still follow the action live and rapidly rank up at the same time!





Visit callofduty.com/xp   to view our Livestream of the multiplayer world premiere on Friday at 11am, as well as the $1 million tournament final on Saturday at 6:30pm. While you’re at it, pick up Rezurrection, now available on Xbox LIVE® for 1200 Microsoft Points*, with info coming soon for PC and PS3.


*If you ordered the Hardened or Prestige Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Rezurrection Content Pack can be downloaded free of charge! Check out our Rezurrection FAQ  for further details.

What goes into designing engaging multiplayer maps? How is game balance addressed with so many available choices? How is it that millions of players can compete at a time without wrecking havoc and causing nuclear winter?



These and many more questions will be answered live at Call of Duty XP, as the top talent behind Black Ops multiplayer gives a sneak peak into the trials, tribulations, and incredible successes behind multiplayer development.


The Making of Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer


11am Saturday September 3rd

Game development war stories that can't be told in 140 characters or less. Go behind-the-scenes with the developers behind Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer.

Panel: Phillip Tasker (Senior Level Designer), Alex Conserva (Lead Programmer), Dan Bunting (Online Director), David Vonderhaar (LVL1 N00B)

Moderator: Geoff Keighley


Come prepared with your most burning questions, and get ready to soak up some knowledge.

For full details on Call of Duty XP, visit callofduty.com/xp.

Hacking Moon – Pro Tips

Posted by Bl@@dSt@n3 Oct 24, 2011

No longer content with the confines of Earth, our four heroes step foot into a greater frontier, the moon. And with them, believe it or not, an entire hoard of brain-eating zombies. There's a whole lot to explore here, as well as a variety of new tools to play around with. Of them, Hacker may be the least understood, a tool that drastically changes the flow of the match.




Once you hit the labs, check the various office desks for Hacker. New to Moon, the hacking device has a variety of uses around the space station. First and foremost, only one player can pick up Hacker, taking the place of their P.E.S. Hence, it's vital to be aware of your current environment. Stay in pressurized areas, and only go outside for brief periods of time to avoid choking.



Hack broken down windows to repair all pieces at once for 100 points. Just don't get greedy – hack the same window more than twice in a round and you're instead penalized 300 points. For max points, repair all but one piece and then hack.


Mystery Box

If you're not happy with the first weapon, you can hack for a second spin for only 600 points. If you don't like the second, hacking it refunds 950 points, as well as making the weapon available to your other teammates for a short period of time. Additionally, inactive Mystery Box locations can be hacked for a single spin at the cost of 1200 points.



Double Tap not turning out to be as useful as you thought? Hack any Perk machine that you've accessed (and you still own the Perk from) to return it for a full refund.


Wall Weapons

Hacking wall weapons causes the ammo refill costs to switch. Refilling ammo for the normal version of the weapon now costs 4,500 points, while refilling the Pack-A-Punch version is only as costly as the weapon's pre-hacked default ammo. This is incredibly useful, and obviously should only be used after Pack-A-Punching the chosen weapon.



Hack the Pack-A-Punch to gain 1,000 points and close the gates surrounding the machine for a short period of time. Warning: this is extremely dangerous if you don't have a way out when the gates re-open about 30 seconds later!


Power Ups

Don't like the power up that just dropped? Hack any dropped power up for 5,000 points to transform it into Max Ammo. Hack Max Ammo to create Fire Sale. Very useful in later rounds when ammunitions can become scarce at a moment's notice.



Open doors at only a fraction of the original cost. Hacking doors takes a very long time, and therefore requires that the player only hacks in pressurized locations, and has ample cover from teammates. Best done at the end of a round with crawlers holding off the next wave.



Sharing truly is caring. Hack another player to hand over 500 points. While the idea of giving up points might not sit well, consider that unprepared and ill-equipped teammates struggle in the later rounds, making it more difficult for the whole team to succeed.


And More…

These are but a few of the known uses and effects for Hacker. We're not going to give everything away, so get out there and experiment. You might just get blown away with what  you discover.



Pick up Moon along with classic Zombies maps Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Rezurrection, now available on Xbox 360. Head to the forums and comment below about your recent zombie experiences. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube, and be sure to follow Treyarch's Twitter feed (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Have your Juggernog handy, soldiers; reports are swarming in regarding a large undead presence heading straight for Call of Duty XP. In preparation, we've put together a full menu of all the Zombies related activity you can get your hands on.



Here's a rundown of what to expect:


Call of Duty: Zombies – Origins and Evolutions

Saturday September 3rd

Dig into the story behind the making of Call of Duty: Zombies, from its humble beginnings as a developer side project to the massive fan favorite that it is today.


Panel: Collin Ayers (Sound Designer), Reza Elghazi (Zombies Producer), Kevin Sherwood (Zombies Music Composer), Brian Tuey (Audio Director), Jimmy Zielinski (Zombies Creative Director)


Moderator: Major Nelson


Call of Duty Armory Zombies Display

Props on display from the recent Zombie Labs Rezurrection trailer, including the Wave Gun and prosthetic Crawler Zombie head.


Moon Competition

80 stations set up for Moon competitions. All participants receive a participation patch, and Prestige patches will be available for the truly talented Zombie killers.


Zombie Merchandise and Apparel

A set of six Perks-a-Cola stickers.



Never before seen Wave Gun T-shirt.



Fan-designed Perks-a-Cola T-shirt.



Zombie Labs hat



There’s sure to be a lot of untrained civvies here, so we’re counting on you to contain the undead menace and keep the horde at bay. We look forward to seeing you next weekend. Come prepared.


For full details on Call of Duty XP, visit callofduty.com/xp.

COD XP is coming up fast and Treyarch wants to see you there! In celebration of the upcoming event, we're hosting a Golden Ticket promotional giveaway. Each recipient of this special Golden Ticket will be granted free access to Call of Duty XP on September 2nd and 3rd*.


Follow these simple steps in order to participate:

1)   You must be 18 years of age or older.

2)   You must follow @Treyarch or @JD_2020 on Twitter.

3)   Tweet the following:“I want to win a Golden Ticket from @Treyarch to #CODXP in L.A. September 2-3! Here's how: http://www.callofduty.com/intel/497”





The giveaway begins immediately! Winners will be notified via Direct Message over Twitter with instructions on how to redeem the ticket. We've got several on hand and will let you know through Twitter when all tickets have been given away.


Now go throw up that tweet! Best of luck to you, and we hope to see you at Call of Duty XP, the first ever Call of Duty fan experience. For full event details, visit callofduty.com/xp

*Travel expenses not included.

Rezurrection Available Now!

Posted by Bl@@dSt@n3 Oct 24, 2011

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Rezurrection is now available for download on Xbox LIVE®.


This is it, soldiers. It's time to take care of these Zombies once and for all. A deployment of our most modern weapons have been delivered via Mystery Box to the four classic maps that started it all: Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese. And to top it all off, we're heading to the Moon for the final stand.





Along with all four classic maps and Moon, Rezurrection also comes with a free Moon Theme and full-length Call of Duty: Zombies Soundtrack! Simply visit the in-game Store through the Multiplayer menu and select FREE OFFER and ZOMBIES SOUNDTRACK to download the extra goodies.


Help push back the undead horde and purchase Rezurrection now on Xbox LIVE® for 1200 Microsoft Points*. Head to the forums and start planning out strategies for all 5 maps, and follow Treyarch (@Treyarch) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info. Stay tuned for more info coming soon for PC and PS3!


*If you ordered the Hardened or Prestige Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Rezurrection Content Pack can be downloaded free of charge! Check out our Rezurrection FAQ for further details.

This is it, soldiers! We've finally landed on the Moon, but those aren't Martians running at us. We'll have to put this grey rock to good use and take full advantage of the weapons and items at our disposal if we're to make it out alive. And while we're here, there are some things that need to be taken care of once and for all.



Cryogenic Slumber Party (75G) – In Moon, complete Richtofen's grand scheme.

One Small Hack for Man (5G) – In Moon, hack something.

One Giant Leap (5G) – In Moon, become trapped in the Receiving Area and free yourself through resurrection in co-op.

Perks in Spaaaaace (30G) – In Moon, purchase every Perk in one game.

Fully Armed and Operational (25G) – In Moon, acquire 3 Pack-A-Punched weapons at the same time.

Ground Control (10G) – In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.


Do you have what it takes to collect a smooth 150G in this final frontier? Find out when Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection hits Xbox LIVE first on August 23rd, with more info coming soon for the PC and PS3.

Plug your ears, soldiers – this missile site's about to get real noisy. It may be tempting to go straight for the silos, but our focus is on the bombsites. Pay close attention to the following strategies on navigating this tricky battlefield, or you could find yourself waiting in line for the next round.





Silo's long sightlines make for intense long-range engagements at the start of each round, but as action shifts towards planting and defusing at the bombsites, close-range battles around pipes and barrels will require sharp reflexes with quick killing weapons.

On offense, the most important path to watch is straight up the middle through the C row, a popular route for defenders trying to rush your spawn. A single enemy that breaks into the D column can stop your team's entire attack in a hurry. Prevent this by posting someone at the second story window in D3 to take down these pesky opponents, and also to provide a bird's eye view on the enemy's early plan of attack.


Site A

Planting the bomb at Site A forces defenders into a relatively open area of the map. One great spot for watching the bombsite is the forklift at C2. With great cover from the middle path, defenders may just walk right into your crosshairs on the direct route to the bomb.

On defense, prioritize locking down C2 from the far side of the map. This will force the enemy to take a more open and indirect path, giving your team time to set up a solid defense. While climbing the tower may seem like a strategic play, its exposed base makes it less than favorable. You're simply better off on the ground, weaving between obstacles to get a jump on the enemy.


Site B

Site B rests right between two windows with a clear view below. Players with long-range weapons will find their skills best utilized at these two spots, with each downed enemy signaling another step towards victory. Keep exposure to a minimum, as the opposing team will often look to these spots first.

Attacking Site B is a difficult task, with the adjacent underground tunnel posing as a potential death trap for bomb plants. Throw tactical grenades at this position to root out enemies, and have at least one or two players clear this tunnel as a priority. If you can keep a lookout at the window long enough to see the bomb planted, enemy defenders will be at your mercy when trying to defuse.

On defense, the most important position to hold is the underground tunnel directly adjacent to the bombsite. To travel there, navigate to the silo at B3. A slight detour up the silo's staircase additionally offers a nice vantage point to defend against a potential rush at Site A.

Once you arrive at Site B, you simply need to wait for the attacking team to make their way down the hill. This area provides multiple positions against the enemy, from the corner directly next to the bombsite, all the way into the tunnel. Occupy a different position each round and the enemy will never know where you're lying in wait.



Pick up Silo along with Hazard, Drive-In, Hangar 18, and Shangri-La in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation, now available on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. Head to the forums to discuss your favorite S&D tactics, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Content Pack launches in less than two weeks! This 100% Zombies-themed pack comes paired with exclusive undead content, and we've listed the steps you need to take to claim these goodies.



Xbox 360 Owners

I'm a Hardened or Prestige Edition owner, how do I get Moon for Free?

If you have already downloaded the Classic Zombies Pack that came with the Hardened and Prestige Editions of Call of Duty®: Black Ops, fire up the game and go to the Zombies menu.  Select either SPLITSCREEN or XBOX LIVE and make sure you are using the XBOX live profile that you used to redeem the maps.  There will be a new menu option that reads "FREE ZOMBIES LEVEL."  Select this option and you will be allowed to download Rezurrection for ZERO points starting on August 23rd.  If you still have the code from the Hardened or Prestige Edition but have not redeemed the Classic Zombies Pack, you can use your code whenever you like, Rezurrection will still be free for you when it is available on August 23rd.

You can also acquire Rezurrection for free by re-downloading it from Marketplace or from the STORE in the MP menu on the 23rd.


How do I get my free Moon Theme?

Once Rezurrection has been downloaded, go to the In-game Store in the Multiplayer menus and select the tab marked "FREE OFFER." Presto, free theme.


How do I get my free Call of Duty®: Zombies Soundtrack?

Once Rezurrection has been downloaded, go to the Zombies menu and select "ZOMBIES SOUNDTRACK" from Splitscreen and/or Xbox Live.  Make note of your Offer Code in the pop-up window, go to the URL provided and enter your GamerTag and Offer Code.  The soundtrack will automatically start to download.



PS3 Owners

I'm a PS3 Hardened or Prestige Edition owner, how do I get Moon for Free?

If you have already downloaded the Classic Zombies Pack that came with the Hardened and Prestige Editions of Call of Duty®: Black Ops, simply go to the PlayStation®Store, or the in-game store, to download Rezurrection for free. There is no need to redownload the Collector's Edition Zombie maps, so your downloads will consist of Moon, the Moon Theme and the Zombies Soundtrack - all in one easy to find location!


I'm a PS3 Black Ops owner. How do I get my free Moon Theme and Zombies Soundtrack?

The Moon Theme and Zombies Soundtrack is included with your Rezurrection purchase on the PlayStation®Store or the in-game store. The Moon Theme and Zombies Soundtrack will be available for download upon purchase of Rezurrection.

We’d like to thank the community one more time for giving us the opportunity to make this happen. Your passion for all things undead made this possible! See you on the Moon when Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection launches for Xbox LIVE on August 23rd. More details coming soon for PC and PS3.




We'd like to thank the community one more time for giving us the opportunity to make this happen. Your passion for all things undead made this possible! See you on the Moon when Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection launches for PC and PS3 on 9/22.

They just won't go down! It's feeding time, and the damn zombies won't let up until they get their serving. As the weak fall to your hail of bullets, the more resilient push forward, shrugging off your meager attacks. We need stronger firepower, and the Pack-A-Punch is our gateway.



For those of you that haven't yet had the pleasure of wielding a powered up firearm, it's time you do something about it.


Turn On the Power

It has to be done. Without power, you can't get Perks, and you can't access the Pack-A-Punch. Without those, you're dead meat.

First, let's get you to the power room. Open up either path from the starting area, as the total point cost required to reach the power equals out to the same amount from both sides. The first opening runs 750 points. Whether moving toward the bridge or the ruins, the next available opening costs 1000 points and takes you into the underground tunnel system. Watch your timing when traveling underground, especially in the early rounds when you only have partial access. Your chance of surviving a mob in these tight corridors is slim.


By this time, it's a good idea to upgrade to a new weapon if you haven't already. Holding out for the AK74u/MP5k grants more lasting power in comparison to the MPL and PM63, but it's all down to the points you've earned. Upgrade, pull in more kills, and then push farther into the tunnels, opening up the next available opening for another 1000 points. From there (again on either side), simply follow the power symbol to the final, 1250-point access needed to reach the power wheels. Once you're there, pull both levers to get the water running and generating electricity.


Grab a Drink

It doesn't take long for the zombies to start pouring in. After purchasing your first weapon and turning on the power, you should seriously consider saving up for Juggernog as your next upgrade. The increased health prevents instant takedowns from combination attacks and gives you the extra second needed to escape bad situations. If you didn't see it in the second area, you'll have to open up the other side of the starting room to get to it.

Coordinate with your team to ensure that everyone gets the upgrade. The less you have to worry about your teammate's safety, the better you can concentrate on shooting down zombies and racking up points.



After grabbing Juggernog, it's time to start working your way to the first Pack-A-Punch upgrade. Depending on your preference and the match situation, now's a good time to pick up the weapon you'd like to upgrade, whether it's a wall weapon or a gamble from the Mystery Box. Of course, if you plan on going the explosive route by upgrading the M1911 to Mustang & Sally, you should definitely consider grabbing PhD Flopper first to avoid blasting yourself to pieces.


Talk with your teammates so you know when one or more players are ready to make the upgrade. Use a grenade to make some crawlers and seek out the raised platforms activated after turning on the power. Remember: the number of platforms you need to step on equals the number of players in your party.


When each player is in position, step on the separate platforms in unison to open up the staircase in the starting area and access the Pack-A-Punch machine above. You have until the spinning wheel reaches the top of the staircase until access is again closed off. Take your chosen weapon and 5000 points, switch to the upgrade, and start blasting away.

Those zombies aren't so tough, anymore, are they?



Pick up Shangri-La along with Hazard, Hangar 18, Silo, and Drive-In in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation, now available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. What are your preferred Pack-A-Punch weapons? Share your thoughts in the comments below and in the forums. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube, and be sure to follow Treyarch's Twitter feed (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Lift off into the ultimate Zombies epic with Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection, and be the first to launch into space for a new dimension of undead action!



This all-Zombies content pack hurls players into orbit with "Moon," the climax to the Zombies saga, as well as the most challenging and thrilling adventure yet. The undead shift in and out of sight, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Undead astronauts easily shamble toward their next meal, unaffected by the base's fluctuating gravity.


Arm yourself with a space-age arsenal of epic proportions, including the Wave Gun, capable of cooking zombies from the inside out, as well as the Quantum Entanglement Device, which taps into the theories of quantum mechanics to bless (or curse!) your battle against the undead. Along with new equipment and an all-new Perk for thrice the zombie-slaying fun, you'll have the tools you need to turn back the undead tide once and for all.


In addition to the final chapter, Rezurrection also includes:

- Four re-mastered levels from Call of Duty: World at War: "Nacht der Untöten," "Verrückt," "Shi No Numa," and "Der Riese," where it all began.

- An enhanced Zombies soundtrack including, three tracks never before available for purchase.

- A new Zombies "Moon" theme.


Those of you that purchased the Black Ops Hardened or Prestige Editions and already own the four re-mastered maps, the other contents in the Rezurrection content pack will be free, including Moon, the soundtrack and the theme.


For players that haven't purchased the Hardened or Prestige Editions, Rezurrection will be available for 1200 Microsoft Points. To commemorate release, we'll be hosting Double XP over Labor Day weekend. The Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection downloadable content pack will launch worldwide, first on Xbox LIVE on August 23rd, 2011.

Squeeze in tight, soldiers. The movie's about to begin and we don't have much time before this place goes up in smoke. Once the fighting begins, it's our job to make sure things don't get out of control. Protect the bombsites with your life and you can have all the popcorn you want.



Drive-In's tight map design makes it difficult for the attacking team to rush right in and plant a bomb in the opening moments. Combat erupts early and often, resulting in a constant tug of war to see which team can better overwhelm and distract the other.


Site A

Right in the middle of Drive-In's open expanse, the attacking team is forced to expose themselves to plant the bomb. While this gives defenders the advantage, prepare for the enemy to use every tactic available in order to secure the objective.


Willy Pete

As the most obvious form of concealment, attackers often employ the Willy Pete in attempt to cover their tracks. Many players toss the smoke and then race and dive to prone for extra cover. Grenades are the most practical counter. Toss to the side of the crate for the best chance to hit, as most players will hide behind either side of the long section for more protection.


The IR Scope, while less flexible overall, offers more precision, especially helpful against enemies using Flak Jacket. If you go this route, be sure to replace your secondary as quickly as possible for better survivability in close quarters.



While snipers will inevitably take to the high points to keep the middle ground clear, speedy run and gunners favor a less direct path, especially along the less used 4 column. Watch for flankers peaking out from the trailer in C4, or coming around from behind all along the D row. If they get the jump on you, they'll push you back into your spawn point and buy time for a plant. Be prepared and use a Tactical Insert if you're having trouble holding them back.


Site B

Where the A site requires a more tactical defensive approach, B favors fast and explosive skirmishes. The team that keeps up the pressure comes out on top, but there are a few things you can do to turn the tides in your favor.


Hunting Tactical Inserts

Tac Inserts are a favorite for any Demolition map, and the same goes for Drive-In. Luckily for you, there aren't many hiding places in the area. If you start noticing heavy use, switch to Claymores for a free kill when they respawn. If you'd rather not give up your own Tactical Insert, equip Hacker and destroy any you see to keep the enemy at bay.


Spreading Out

The battle for B doesn't have to be a line-to-line fight. Have a Lightweight and silenced SMG loadout ready to swarm the enemy side and start surrounding them. Use the arcade at C2 for cover and rush into the opposite building when there's a lull in the action.


Land some kills against unsuspecting attackers to buy more time for your allies to regroup and defend. The Ballistic Knife can be used to great effect here, especially helpful for fulfilling the Melee Kills requirement for Lightweight Pro.



Pick up Drive-In along with Hazard, Silo, Hangar 18, and Shangri-La in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation, now available on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. Head to the forums to discuss your favorite Demolition tactics, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter [@Treyarch] for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation is now available for download on the PC and PS3.


Deployment time, soldiers! Gather your gear and head to the transports. First up, we're heading to the "Drive-In." Squeeze in tight and don't let the movie distract you. After that, we'll split our forces between the experimental weapons labs at "Hangar 18" and the Soviet missile-ready "Silo." Once clear, converge on the luxurious "Hazard" and overwhelm the enemy forces so we can take a little R&R at battle's end. Enjoy it while you can. Reports of undead activity from the deadly and mysterious "Shangri-La" can no longer be ignored, so we're sending in a team to check it out.



To celebrate Annihilation's release, we're running a Double XP Weekend across all systems (PS3/PC/Xbox 360/Wii) from the 29th and lasting through Monday, 8/1 at 10 am PT.


Get into the fight and purchase Annihilation now on PC and PS3. Head to the forums and discuss your tactics for all 5 new maps, and follow Treyarch (@Treyarch) on Twitter and Facebook for the most up to date Black Ops info.

We're heading out to familiar territory, soldiers. Our target is a high end Cuban luxury estate, and the layout will feel very familiar to most of our veterans. But we're not there to relax – we're there to wipe out the enemy. Now listen up, here's the plan.

Surviving Hazard

Hazard's no stroll in the park, and you need to think about what you're doing before you get yourself killed over and over again. Initially, the long fairway and high watch points might make you think everyone's going to snipe, but that's not entirely the truth.

While long-range engagements will take place mostly on and around the fairway, the entire outside ring is filled with numerous obstacles and pathways open to speedy close quarters combat. It just so happens that most of the good sniping points are in and around these tight areas, meaning snipers must always be on alert for flanking enemies. We're going to take advantage of that.

Close Quarters Combat

If sniping isn't your thing, you're still in luck. Stick to the outer edges and use the available cover to get the jump on the enemy. Especially on the cliff side, there's a full grouping of rock formations to duck and weave through, giving you plenty of room to ambush enemy players. On the estate side, make use of interior spaces and move so that something in the environment is blocking outside view as often as possible. As always, check the radar to see where your allies are, giving a better sense of what paths are safer than others.

Let's look at some loadouts that work well with this playstyle. Mix, match, and customize as you see fit.

Loadout 1

Primary: Skorpion
Attachment: Grip
Secondary: M1911
Attachment: Extended Mag
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Concussion
Equipment: Tactical Insertion
Perk Slot 1: Scavenger
Perk Slot 2: Sleight of Hand Pro
Perk Slot 3: Hacker

The Skorpion works well on Hazard because of its minimal recoil. While you're not doing much damage outside of close range, the weapon's high accuracy lets you pinpoint further targets when needed, perfect for surviving Hazard's unavoidable mid-range lines. Coupled with the Grip, you'll have excellent handling and accuracy.

Sleight of Hand Pro snaps you to ADS rapidly, letting you react to emergency situations with ease. Even if you don't have the Pro version, you'll want to be quick with your frequent reloads. And for those times when even that takes too long, switch to the M1911 and finish off your target. Because you want to stick with the Skorpion, use Scavenger to keep supplied throughout the fight. Hacker both prevents sudden Claymore kills, and helps you spot snipers set up with Motion Sensor or Jammers.

Semtex and Concussion work well as offensive grenade options, with the Semtex's shorter fuse and Concussion's quick throw speed. Topped off with Tactical Insertion, you can keep open travel to a minimum, ensuring that you spawn in close quarters where you can easily sweep for snipers and other close range enemies.

Loadout 2

Primary: AUG
Attachment: Dual Mag
Secondary: Crossbow
Lethal: Tomahawk
Tactical: Concussion
Equipment: Tactical Insertion
Perk Slot 1: Lightweight
Perk Slot 2: Scout Pro
Perk Slot 3: Marathon

The AUG packs a punch, with Dual Mag keeping you better supplied through each respawn. The Crossbow gives you access to long-range kills against unsuspecting snipers for more flexibility in your engagements.

If the timing's right, use the Tomahawk to remain undetected behind enemy lines. A quick one-two with a Concussion followed up by the axe works wonders when you need to stay on the move without delay. Just be careful about stray fire from the affected target.

Because Assault Rifles hamper your mobility more than an SMG, use Lightweight to stay light on your feet, helpful when encountering other close range fighters, or just to get to a strong vantage point more quickly. Paired with Marathon and Tactical Insertion, you'll be able to plan your routes and get into the thick of the action with as little downtime as possible.

Lastly, some of you might wonder why we're going with Scout Pro when using an Assault Rifle. The increased speed you gain when deploying your Tac Insert, switching to the Crossbow, tossing grenades, and picking up enemy weapons ensures that you're always able to use the best tool for the job, without the worry of getting shot in the middle of an action.


Pick up Hazard along with Hangar 18, Silo, Drive-In and Shangri-La in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation, now available on Xbox 360, and for PC and PS3 on July 28th. What are your CQC Hazard tactics? Or are you a long-range player? Let us know in the comments below and in the forums. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube, and be sure to follow Treyarch's Twitter feed (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.

We're finally here, soldiers, and yes, Area 51 does exist. Unfortunately, we're not here to spot aliens. We've got highly classified tech that absolutely cannot fall into enemy hands, and we're the last line of defense to keep that from happening.

B Flag

Flying directly underneath the Blackbird's nose, the B flag is surrounded by attack routes on all sides. A and C are just as important, but B is where the action gets real hectic. There's no point in losing more soldiers than we need to, so let's go over our options.

Hangar 18

Placed smack in the heart of the map, Hangar 18 takes you straight toward B without sticking your neck out in the open. With three entrances into the hangar, however, there's usually a good deal of foot traffic.

The rear loading dock definitely gives a height advantage when fighting off enemies on the ground floor, and their obscured view over the top of the Blackbird gives a safe retreat as long as you watch your back on the other side. The aircraft's rear thrusters offer a great spot for Tactical Insertions, giving you the chance to recover from attack and regain possession of the flag.

Satellite Yard

Approaching the flag from the satellite yard opens you to potential attack from several angles, so it's best to know where to look to avoid getting shot the moment you show yourself. Directly ahead by the gas tanks, in the second story Materiel Command window, on top of the loading crate on the right, and on and around the Blackbird – all ripe for skirmish at a moment's notice.

On approach, check the radar for your teammates' location as well as enemy callouts. Take note of any skulls, as well, always a sure mark of enemy presence. Use this info to cut down the number of potential attack points. Lead in with grenades and cut in with a visual on the most high-risk location.

If the action's heavy, equip a long-range weapon and climb up the D3 satellite tower, giving a good overview of the flag and many of the defendable points around it. Depending on enemy density, this can be a great location to call in airstrikes over the field, keeping you out of harm's way as you bombard their defenses.

Materiel Command

Attacking from the Materiel Command and gas tanks reveals similar attack points as from the other side. If time is an issue, rush in straight from the tanks, taking time to check your corners before going for the flag. You don't have to worry too much about enemies blasting the tanks, as they take a lot of punishment before blowing up.

From the Command center, the second story window gives a close overview below, but you've got to be on your toes, as it's known as a popular attack perch. Likewise, a sneakier approach can be taken through the ground floor and out the side between the large crate and gated parking lot. From here, either rush around the crate for a flank attack or hop up top and start shooting below.

Race to the flag the moment you notice a lull in the action. It won't be long until reinforcements show up, and there's no telling when you'll get another chance.


Pick up Hangar 18 along with Hazard, Silo, Drive-In, and Shangri-La in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation, now available on Xbox 360. Let us know how you handle Hangar 18's B flag in the comments below and in the forums. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube, and be sure to follow Treyarch's Twitter feed (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Good news, soldiers, we're deploying at the end of the month. Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation is launching worldwide for both the PC and PS3 on July 28th. Keep it down during the movie in "Drive-In," watch for snipers on the fairway in "Hazard," discover alien mysteries in "Hangar 18," and fight for missile advantage in "Silo." Join the original Zombies crew as they brave the mysterious and deadly "Shangri-La," a legendary shrine lost in an exotic jungle.



To help kick off Annihilation with a bang, we'll be running a Double XP Weekend across all systems (PS3/PC/Xbox 360/Wii) from the 29th through the 31st.

Annihilation will be available for PC and PS3 on July 28th. Visit the DLC page for more information.

Unlike Call of the Dead's open terrain, Shangri-La's narrow passageways don't give much room to maneuver, and dodging and weaving won't do you much good when the undead are rushing in from all sides.

Luckily, the map is littered with tools that, when used tactically, can help keep the horde at bay and give you the time needed to catch your breath and return to the offensive without getting overrun.




Punji Spikes

Lodged in the flooring of the starting area's two exits, these spikes shoot up whenever a player crosses the threshold, stopping anything in their path, living or dead. Luckily, they're not difficult to avoid. As long as you keep moving forward, the spikes won't shoot up in time to trap you. Each of the three rows activates and retracts three times before settling back in the ground, stopping zombies in their tracks and giving you time to create some distance from the pack.


Mud Maze

Leading to the bridge from the starting area, the mud maze forces you to choose between random pathing or a slow, plodding move speed through the muck. You can sprint and leap for a faster crossing, but prepare to move like a sloth upon landing. To avoid the trudge, step on one of the raised brick platforms sitting at each of the three entrances. Step on one and gates drop to either side, forcing you through a guided path.

Be cautious when traveling through here with zombies in the area, as the path directs you randomly, taking you to either of the two opposite ends, or even turning around and forcing you back the way you came. You can also just cut across in the mud, but your mobility will take a huge hit.

Fortunately, zombies get bumped down one move speed. While sprinters are merely reduced to a run, still outpacing your own speed, the combination of the nearby spikes and the mud can be used to slow down overwhelming numbers.





Hidden geysers spread through Shangri-La's cave network offer a quick ride to the surface. Step on one, wait a brief moment, and water shoots up, carrying you up and out of the cave. Any zombies on your trail will follow, but it can give you enough time to launch up and hightail away before they reach you en masse.


When water's not spraying up, you can also drop down the geyser holes from the surface, as long as you've already opened up the way below. One geyser sits next to the AK74u accessed from the dense jungle, the other near the pool of water spilling in from the waterfall.


Mine Cart

When you've got to lose the zombies on your trail, the mine cart offers an escape route that the undead can't follow you through. Located in the dense jungle, 250 points earns you a ride down and out by the waterfall. You have to already have opened access to the waterfall, reached through the cave entrance near the bridge.


Water Slide

Found on the outer ledge above the bridge, the water slide drops you near the geyser underneath the dense jungle, creating a rapid shortcut across the map, all for the price of zero points. Zombies can and will follow you through the slide, so you've got to be fast on your feet once you reach the other side. To activate the water slide, the power must be on, and you must have already opened access to the dense jungle's geyser.


Staying Alive

Using Shangri-La's tools to your advantage is essential to surviving into the later rounds, where areas can easily become over congested. Slowing down the horde or getting ahead gives you time to race to your next attacking position, recover health, and re-coordinate your thoughts for the next move.

When playing with other people, it's vital that you communicate your location as well as where you're headed. Leaving behind zombies with the mine cart won't help if you just land into the middle of another bunch, and shooting up Punji spikes only to block the ally behind leads to an unnecessary takedown.



Pick up Shangri-La along with Hazard, Hangar 18, Silo, and Drive-In in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation, now available on Xbox 360. We've only touched a small part of Shangri-La's many secrets. Share your discoveries in the comments below and in the forums. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube, and be sure to follow Treyarch's Twitter feed (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Check out Inside Xbox's latest Call of Duty Black Ops video as Design Director David Vonderhaar and Online Director Dan Bunting give an in-depth look at the new multiplayer maps included with the recently released Annihilation pack. See the maps in action and learn a bit about the map design process from two of the most influential names in the business.





Ready to try out the maps yourself? Purchase Annihilation now on Xbox LIVE® for 1200 Microsoft Points, and follow Treyarch (@Treyarch) on Twitter and visit the Black Ops Facebook page for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Annihilation Available Now!

Posted by Bl@@dSt@n3 Oct 24, 2011

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation is now available for download on Xbox LIVE®.


We're heading out, soldiers, the battle begins now! Combat reports are pouring in from four new locations. Gunfire explodes dangerously close to the experimental weapons labs of Hangar 18, movie-goers have fled as soldiers move in on the Drive-In, the Soviets are prepping for an attack from their Silo, and snipers are taking up position on the golf course in Hazard.

Worse yet, it's not just the living taking over new territory. Scouts have reported a large mass of Zombies in the mysterious Shangri-La, a legendary shrine lost in an exotic jungle. Re-unite with Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai as they brave deadly traps and solve dark secrets buried deep within the shifting walls of a long lost land.



In celebration of Annihilation's release, we're hosting another Double XP Weekend for all systems (360/PS3/PC/Wii) starting this Friday at 10 am PDT and lasting through Tuesday at 10 am PDT in commemoration of 4th of July.

Join the fight and purchase Annihilation now on Xbox LIVE® for 1200 Microsoft Points. Head to the forums and start planning out battle strategies for all 5 new maps, and follow us on Twitter (@Treyarch) and Facebook for the most up to date Black Ops info. Stay tuned for more info coming soon for PC and PS3!

When they're not tearing it up on the court, NBA stars Jason Terry and Rudy Gay are dominating in Black Ops. Fresh off winning an NBA Championship with the Dallas Mavericks, Terry's been waiting for another real challenge. While both players have proven their Call of Duty legitimacy, we're bringing them to the Treyarch studio to face off in a head-to-head Grudge Match to decide who has the most skills among two of the best NBA players in the league.


Grudge Match Screenshot


The competition takes place tomorrow, June 28th. To shake things up, Terry and Gay will test their skills on the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation DLC. The new maps will set the perfect arena to settle the score. Keep an eye out for plenty of press coverage.


Annihilation debuts on Xbox LIVE on June 28th, with more info coming soon for PC and PS3.

Once the horde starts coming, you won't have much time to think. You've got to react reflexively and carefully balance attack and evasion. If you want to remain a threat as the rounds go on, you need a plan, some idea of what you're striving for and how you're going to get there.


We've put together two setups, the Run 'n Gunner and Gatherer. Because of the randomness of the Mystery Box, we're setting up with mural weapons, a good way to perfect your chops without having to rely on luck. Once you get comfortable and figure out what you like, start gambling to mix things up a bit.


Zombies Screenshot 1


Run 'n Gunner

Weapons of Choice: The Afterburner (upgraded MP40), AK74fu2 (upgraded AK74u)

Suggested Perks: Juggernog, Stamin-Up, Speed Cola, Deadshot Daquiri/Quick Revive

Light weapons and Stamin-Up give you the speed to rush ahead of the pack and spin around for a devastating attack before turning heel and continuing the race. Deadshot ensures that your shots inflict maximum damage, and Speed Cola keeps you from getting caught unprepared. Juggernog is, of course, essential.


To save money, open up the path to the MP40 right away, take it as your first weapon, and then work on getting the power up. Once the lights are on, build up points and head back to the MP40, refill if needed, and then rush down and pick up Juggernog.

The AK74u can be picked up after opening up the Lighthouse, giving you a weapon reload on both sides of the map. Due to its large 64 bullet magazine size after upgrading, throw the MP40 in the Pack-a-Punch first, and start going to town.

Lastly, if accuracy isn't an issue, grab Quick Revive instead of Deadshot. The quicker revive timer plus Stamin-Up lets you rush to downed teammates and pick them up before getting overwhelmed from all directions. Once they're back on their feet, put some distance between you and the pack and whittle them down while your ally re-equips.



Weapons of Choice: Raid (upgraded Stakeout), Mustang & Sally (upgraded M1911)

Suggested Perks: Juggernog, PhD Flopper, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up

Go big or go home. Each shot counts, and your goal is to inflict as much damage as possible with every blast. The Stakeout can take out zombies in one hit through all the single digit rounds, and remains powerful shortly afterward. Mustang & Sally give you the firepower to blast back zombies when getting crowded, making PhD Flopper a necessity to avoid taking yourself out in the process.


The Stakeout is lodged in the shed behind the lighthouse, so you'll have to pick up another weapon to defend yourself while working your way to its location. Grab the MP40 on your way to Jug for a strong starter weapon, or gamble the Mystery Box if it starts off in the ship.


With Juggernog, the MP40, and the M1911 in hand, head for the PhD Flopper and then upgrade to Mustang & Sally. That should give you the power needed to handle the horde until the time is right to replace the MP40 with the Stakeout and grab Speed Cola to reduce painful reload times.

The Gatherer takes a little more time to get going, but with solid teamwork and quick reflexes, it more than pays off for the slow start in later rounds. Equipped with Mustang & Sally and Raid, you'll have the firepower to round the horde in circles and blast them into oblivion.


Zombies Screenshot 2


What tactics have you been using? Do you prefer to gamble it all on the Mystery Box, make decisions on the fly, or do you have set builds you strive for at every play? Let us know in the comments below, and head to the forums to discuss more strategies. Pick up Call of the Dead along with Stockpile, Zoo, Convoy, and Hotel in Escalation, available now for PC, 360, and PS3.

Turns out Shangri-La isn't quite the paradise we expected it to be. We're taking heavy casualties and it's time to send in more troops. While your survival is paramount, we need you to take care of a few secondary objectives. If we can't contain the horde here, there's no telling what will happen next.




Time Travel Will Tell (75G) – In Shangri-La, acquire the focusing stone.

Blinded By the Fright (30G) – In Shangri-La, kill a Shrieker zombie while blinded by it.

Zomb Disposal (30G) – In Shangri-La, dispose of a Napalm zombie without it harming any players.

Monkey See, Monkey Don't (5G) – In Shangri-La, get something from the monkeys.

Small Consolation (10G) – In Shangri-La, use the 31-79 JGb215 on each type of zombie.


Show us what you've got and grab a cool 150G in the process. Think you've got what it takes? Find out when Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation hits Xbox LIVE first on June 28th, with more info coming soon for the PC and PS3.

An arsenal of deadly munitions threatens the balance of war. A battle for dominance has erupted in the surrounding area, and it's up to your team to put an end to the conflict before things get out of control.



Stockpile Demolition forces a precise dance between two bomb sites, rewarding the team that best allocates their resources and manpower during the flow of the encounter. While there are always an infinite number of ways to approach the conflict, we've put together some basic tips regarding the two sites.




Point A


Because of its centralized location, Point A tends to gather a majority of the action. Defenders often hole up within the munitions building, sealing off the doors at C3 and D3 in attempt to lock down the area. Luckily, you can use this to your advantage against enemies that rely too heavily on keeping them shut.


Open a door and then race to a side entrance and ambush defenders looking for the intruders. Or, toss in a Tactical Grenade as the door starts to rise and then rush in and finish off anyone nearby while they're still helpless. Always check for second story defenders looking for a height advantage, and be sure to check the corners before sacrificing your life in a headlong rush to plant the bomb. Equip Hacker and/or Flak Jacket to avoid getting taken out by Claymores and grenades.



Keep your ears open for players operating the doors, but don't sacrifice a good defensive position in obsession over keeping them shut. There are other, non-sealable routes the enemy can take, and you're giving them a free shot if your sole attention is focused on operating the doors.

Don't think you have to be inside the building to defend. Many players tend to rush toward the main site as if nothing else exists around them. Exploit this and attack from a distance. Some popular locations include the walkway at D4, the second story of the B2 building, and the fenced in D2 front. As an additional benefit of steering clear of the main building, you can act as backup and rush in if the enemy team downs the front line and plants a bomb.


Point B


Because Point A often takes the brunt of the action, B is sometimes left under defended. This makes it a good first target in these situations. To avoid staying out in the open, defenders often take up position behind the C4 building, or ambush from within the D4/5 building. Expect enemies in the main building to peak their heads out the window overlooking B.


Gather a small ambush team to come in from behind and clear out any lurkers hoping for an easy kill. Once clear, send up a runner to go prone behind the site and start planting. Once the bomb's set, this can be a good opportunity to look for holes in A's defense (if it's not the first to go) as the enemy team pours out of the main building in attempt to defuse your efforts.



While the alleyway behind the C4 building and inside the D4/5 building act as good ambush points, you can bet that attackers will think of ways to catch you off guard. Equip Tactical Mask to better handle Tactical Grenades, and bring a Motion Sensor along to track players before they can get the jump on you.


Use the second story B4 balcony to catch players below. If you're inside the primary munitions building, stop by the window overlooking the B site now and then to keep an eye on runners moving in from the main road. Mobile classes should utilize the 4 column, giving the increased advantage of taking out players headed to either site. When all else fails, save up your Napalm Strikes, Mortar Teams, and Rolling Thunders to purge the site of large enemy strike teams.


Lastly, regardless of which side you're on or what site you're going after, never underestimate the usefulness of Tactical Insertion. Especially after the change in spawn locations after the first detonation, taking advantage of Tac Inserts can make all the difference in the final match moments.




Pick up Stockpile along with Convoy, Hotel, Zoo, and Call of the Dead in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation, now available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


Got any additional tips to help out your fellow players? Share your thoughts in the comments below and in the forums. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube, and be sure to follow Treyarch's Twitter feed (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.

The battle for domination rages on in Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation, launching worldwide for Xbox LIVE on June 28th, 2011. Annihilation adds four exotic multiplayer maps and an entirely new setting for unrelenting Zombies action.


DLC3 Art


Take the fight to "Hangar 18," located in the iconic military base Area 51, complete with experimental weapons labs, the SR-71 test hangar, and a disturbingly mysterious autopsy room. Pull up and get cozy with "Drive-In," a close quarters slugfest through a 60's American drive-in theater, classic arcade, and old school snack shack. Battle through the construction of a massive secret Soviet missile site in the multilevel "Silo," and then take off to a coastal golf course fit for a dictator in "Hazard," set on the cliffs of Cuba where stocked clubhouses and manicured fairways meet sand traps perfect for setting up ambushes.


Zombies return with vengeance in the mysterious land of "Shangri-La," a legendary shrine lost in an exotic jungle. Never before seen undead creatures lurk within a treacherous labyrinth of underground caverns. Step carefully through deadly traps and solve the dark secrets buried within the shifting walls of a long last land.


Get a sneak peek at the action with this Annihilation Multiplayer Preview, which includes information on the all-new multiplayer maps. Watch this debut video for your first look at in-game footage of Annihilation:


The Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation downloadable content pack will launch worldwide, first on Xbox LIVE on June 28th, 2011.

Zoo Domination – Pro Tips

Posted by Bl@@dSt@n3 Oct 24, 2011

We’re not here for the animals, soldiers; we’ve got a job to do. The place has been abandoned for years, and controlling the territory will greatly expand our influence in the area. Abundant with bottlenecks and vantage points, it’s vital to approach each flag carefully. Rush in and you’re handing your lives to the enemy.


Zoo Overhead Map



A Flag


A Monorail is open to attack from several angles, above and below, ready for ambush at a moment’s notice.

The above monorail track gives players a height advantage against defenders on the ground. Mid- to long-range weapons can get a hit all along the B3 track, giving you the advantage over unsuspecting players in the flag’s vicinity. Once clear, move in and drop down for the cap.

Check the B2 train car for enemies lying in ambush, and watch the tunnel at the edge of B3 for snipers covering the flag. Take the steps behind the train car and glance down the B3 bridge for incoming enemies. Swivel and look for attackers coming from the building at C2. Be vigilant, and you’re less likely to get ambushed.


The ground level offers a more direct path, but leaves you more vulnerable. Use your radar to pinpoint active enemies in the area, and be ready to fend off attacks from any angle. The crate in B1 is a popular defending point with a clear sight on the flag. Call in a Spy Plane before heading in for a heads up on any non-Ghost using defenders. Lead with a Tactical Grenade if you suspect resistance.


B Flag

Zoo Domination



Centered right in the middle of C3, the B flag is open to attack from all sides. At a junction between the other two flags, skirmishes frequently erupt in the area, as both B-focused players and those passing through engage each other in constant battle. Hug your corners and approach cautiously.

The second story C2 building window and monorail overlook are both popular cover points, either in defense or to clear the path for allies capping the flag. Expect a lot of movement along the C row as players rush through the area. Drop a Willy Pete to cover your tracks, and prepare for ambush when the enemy tosses their own. Toss your Lethal if smoke appears on top of the defended point.



C Flag


Caught between two popular sniping points, one located directly over the flag and the other looking from the D2 bear cages, players rushing headlong for C often go down before they know what hit them.

In this case, it’s best to utilize a flanking approach. Swing around the D5 entrance gates for a sneak attack on enemies perched above the flag, and then race up the ladder and knock out enemies in the distance. From the opposite end, race through the aquarium and into the cavern, taking out anyone perched on the ramp.

As another popular watch point, check the outcrop perched in the corner of D3. Once you’ve got your points covered, it’s time to race for the cap. Go prone and cover the direction with the least number of teammates. Ready your weapon and prepare to defend yourself.





Pick up Zoo along with Convoy, Hotel, Stockpile, and Call of the Dead in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation, now available on Xbox LIVE, PS3, and PC. Share your thoughts in the comments below and head to the forums to perfect your strategies!

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation will be available tonight for the PS3!

The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as fire opens up at a Hotel resort, enemy forces ambush a Convoy, battle erupts in an abandoned Zoo, and troops struggle for superiority over a munitions Stockpile. When you're finished with the living, take on the undead with horror classics Sarah Michelle Gellar, Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker, and Robert Englund as they slice and dice the Zombie horde in Call of the Dead.


On top of that, don't forget that we're running a Double XP Weekend for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, which also starts tonight and lasts through Monday at 10am PDT.


Stockpile Screenshot


Start your weekend off right and pick up Escalation now! Jump into the forums to start working out strategies, and don't forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter (@Treyarch) pages for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Lock and load, soldiers! We're moving out. Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation is launching worldwide for PS3 on June 10th. Fight to your last breath at a Hotel resort, overtaken Convoy, derelict Zoo, and weapons Stockpile. Team up with horror classics Sarah Michelle Gellar, Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker, and Robert Englund as they slice and dice the Zombie horde in Call of the Dead.


Convoy Screenshot


To celebrate Escalation's release, we're running a Double XP Weekend for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, starting Friday the 10th at 10am PDT and lasting through Monday the 13th at 10am PDT. Now get out there and fight!


Escalation will be available through PSN on June 10th. Visit the DLC page for more information.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation is now available for the PC!


The battle lines are redrawn and combat explodes across a luxurious Cuban Hotel, an ambushed Convoy, abandoned Soviet Zoo, and a threatening munitions Stockpile. Fight off the zombie invasion as the undead join with George A. Romero and threaten to dine on horror favorites Sarah Michelle Gellar, Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker, and Robert Englund in Call of the Dead, the latest chapter of the terrifying Zombies saga.




Redeploy now and pick up Escalation for $14.99. Jump into the forums to start breaking down the maps and searching for souls brave enough to weather the zombie infested Siberian hinterland. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@Treyarch)  for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Call of Duty Elite is just around the corner and we’re looking for beta testers! The Elite service has been built from the ground up with the sole purpose of enhancing the Call of Duty multiplayer experience to epic proportions, and we really think you’re going to like it. Just how will it do that, you ask? Check out the video for a glimpse at what’s coming –





Have we blown your effen’ mind? Elite will premiere this summer in a limited closed beta before launching with November’s release of Modern Warfare 3. For a chance to get on the beta invite list, head over to callofduty.com/elite and join up today!

Theater Video of the Week

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Each week, we’re going to select our favorite user-made Call of Duty video and post it to the Intel section. Whether it’s tactical, comedic, a display of utter dominance, or failure, we pick the video that’s sure to make your jaw drop and your forehead cringe.

This week’s video is definitely a cringer. Bear Afro, we feel your pain.





Use the in-game Theater to upload your favorite clips for a chance to get featured in our Video of the Week!

Escalation for PC, June 2nd

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Gear up, soldiers! Treyarch and Activision are happy to announce that Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation is launching worldwide for PC on June 2nd. Defend your territory at a luxury Hotel, ambushed Convoy, abandoned Zoo, and munitions Stockpile. Join horror classics Sarah Michelle Gellar, Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker, and Robert Englund as they fight for their lives in Call of the Dead, the latest chapter in the terrifying Zombies saga.



Escalation will be available through Steam on June 2nd. PS3 info coming soon.

Quiet on the set! We don't have all day here, and our shooting budget is tight. From the looks of it, this is the first time a lot of you have stepped foot on set. We can't have you running around aimlessly, so let's cover some basics and then get back in there and finish this thing.




The Director

Lugging a bunch of actors and equipment to a frozen tundra isn't an easy process, and it's gotten George a little on edge. He's real testy if you get too close - shoot him and he'll go into a rage. So keep your eye on him. The more you understand his tantrums, the better off you are dealing with him. Whether you decide to steer clear or open fire, watch that light!


The Shore



Shooting starts on the shore. Zombies climb out of the ground on either side of the bridge, and through the wooden barrier. It's integral to maximize your income in the beginning rounds, so plug a full 8 shots into a zombie's leg, and then finish it off with the knife. Get used to the area, and don't be afraid to retreat into the water if you start to get overwhelmed. Try not to freeze yourself in the process.


The Ship



It's no wonder someone ran ashore in this weather, especially with the lighthouse out of commission. There's a lot of room to move around, but you just might be able to find some juice to get this place back up and running. Watch yourself when navigating the tight corridors. If you really get in a bind, rush to the top and jump up to the zipline for quick access to shore. Or, if you've already opened up access toward the lighthouse, you can always hop on over there instead.


The Lighthouse



There's some racket coming from below, and once that beam starts shining, it just can't seem to keep a steady rotation. Rumors have leaked in concerning access to an underground passage, but as of yet they're unconfirmed. A zipline runs from the top of the building, but the crew just can't seem to get it up and running. This will definitely need some more exploring.




It's not every day you get a set like this, and we want you to make the most of it. We're not giving away all our secrets, so it's up to you to take these tips and see what's out there! Head over to the forums to share your discoveries with other fellow zombie players, and comment below to let us know how your takes are coming out.




Pick up Call of the Dead along with Convoy, Hotel, Zoo, and Stockpile in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation, now available on Xbox LIVE®.

M. Shadows - Game with Fame

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Get ready to challenge heavy metal titan M. Shadows, lead vocalist of rock band Avenged Sevenfold, this Monday, May 16th, from 6-9 PM Eastern Time on Xbox LIVE®. For a chance to take on the man behind the mic, send an invite or friend request to gamertag A7X GWF 360.




If his tour rig shown above is any indication, this should be quite a challenge. Be sure to download Escalation beforehand, and head over to the iTunes store to check out Avenged Sevenfold's "Not Ready to Die" single, created specifically for Escalation's Call of the Dead Zombies map.

Game with Developers

Posted by Bl@@dSt@n3 Oct 24, 2011

After ranking up over the Double XP Weekend and learning the ropes of the new Escalation maps, it's time again to test your skills against the developers themselves! Taking place on Wednesday, May 11th from 4-8 PM Eastern Time, Game with Developers gives you the chance to go head to head on Xbox LIVE® with the team behind the epic Black Ops experience.



To participate, click here and send off an invite or friend request to the listed gamertags. While you’re there, be sure to pick up the Escalation Content Pack to challenge the developers in the new maps. Visit the forums to start discussing strategies, and be sure to follow Treyarch (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Double XP Weekend

Posted by Bl@@dSt@n3 Oct 24, 2011

To kick off Escalation's release, we're opening up another Double XP Weekend across all systems. Additionally, in celebration of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Facebook page reaching 10 million fans, we'd like to show our thanks to everyone supporting us along the way by expanding the event's usual timeframe.



Starting this Friday the 6th at 10am PDT, and extending to Tuesday the 10th at 10am PDT, you'll have plenty of time to rake in all the XP you could dream of. Finally get your hands on the Commando, or soar through another Prestige run. Whatever your goal, you've got 4 whole days to get there with twice the speed!


Be sure to download the Escalation Content Pack to check out the new maps during the event. Escalation is currently available on Xbox LIVE® with information for other systems coming soon. Don't forget to head over to the Black Ops Facebook page to check out our 10 million-mark achievement. Thanks again for all the support, and get out there and pile up that XP.


Avenged Sevenfold, in collaboration with Treyarch, has created an original music track titled “Not Ready to Die” for Call of the Dead - Escalation's Zombie experience that assembles a zombie-carnage dream team to fight against a new and undefeatable zombie horde menace.


“Not Ready to Die,” the new single by Avenged Sevenfold, is now available for download on the iTunes store.

"Being able to collaborate with such talented artists and musicians was an absolute honor and thrill for everyone involved," said Treyarch Studio Head, Mark Lamia. "We think the fans are going to go crazy over it!”


“We're all huge fans of each other's work and have been talking with Mark and his team at Treyarch about creating something special,” said Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows.  “So when the opportunity came together to do ‘Not Ready to Die,' it was a natural fit.  We're stoked to be part of ‘Call of the Dead'.”

Escalation Available Now!

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Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation is now available for download on Xbox LIVE®.


It's packed with four brand new multiplayer maps and a new zombie map. Take on the opposition in a deserted Zoo. Battle through the casino in Hotel. Use the landscape to your advantage in Convoy. Take the battle into the Soviet heartland in Stockpile. And when you're done... get ready to take on the zombies in the frozen wasteland of Siberia with an all-star cast of characters in Call of the Dead.


On top of all of that, this weekend is going to offer Double XP to everyone who plays. Get Escalation, hop online, and start rocketing up the ranks.

Get a taste of Escalation in these two videos:





If you missed it, this video will get you up to speed on Call of the Dead:



And finally, check out this Inside Xbox look at Escalation:




Taste of Escalation

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Get a Taste of Escalation


Call of the Dead is coming! Will you survive?



Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation arrives on Xbox LIVE® on May 3rd, and it's going to ratchet up the Cold War paranoia to a whole new level. Today, though, you get a sneak peek at the action with this Escalation Multiplayer Preview, which includes information on the four all-new multiplayer maps. Watch this debut video for your first look at in-game footage of Escalation:





Escalation includes Zoo, Hotel, Convoy, and Stockpile, in addition to the all-new zombie map Call of the Dead, which comes with new playable characters. Gamble with your life in the intense poolside gun battles in Hotel, a swanky resort straight out of Havana. Use the tracks of the rusted monorail in Zoo to keep one step ahead of your enemies while taking them down from long range. Go back to a cleaner, prettier time in American history with Convoy, where a Soviet attack has struck right outside of Los Angeles. Stockpile drops you right into the Russian heartland, complete with a hidden cache of Soviet armaments and a siege situation. Tell us what you think on our forums, Twitter, and Facebook! Are you ready for this Cold War to heat up?

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation downloadable content pack will launch worldwide, first on Xbox Live on May 3, 2011.

Escalation contains 5 all-new exceptionally varied maps; featuring 4 Multiplayer maps and an epic Zombies experience with all-new playable characters.



In Multiplayer, battle it out in "Hotel", on the roof of a Cuban luxury hotel and casino against the vivid backdrop of old Havana; "Convoy" delivers intense, close-quarters combat at the scene of an ambushed US military convoy; "Zoo" takes you on a wild ride in an abandoned Soviet Russian Zoo, with danger at every turn; "Stockpile" pits players in a remote Russian farm town housing secret WMD facilities.


For Zombies fans, "Escalation" features a unique Zombies experience. We can't wait to take the wraps off of our new Zombies map, Call of the Dead, a very special creation for all Zombies fans.


Additionally, to celebrate the upcoming release, there will be a Black Ops Double XP weekend beginning Friday, May 6th.

A single shot shatters the cold wintry air. You’re down without a moment to react. There’s a good chance you’ve replayed this scenario more than few times while braving Discovery’s expansive battlefield.


Domination screenshot


Luckily, it doesn’t take long to start learning some basic rules of survival (don’t rush across the bridge at C3, always check for movement in popular sniping posts, use cover at all times…).

But we’re not here to talk about dying. We’re here to talk about sniping. Let’s go over some basics for would-be snipers interested in taking up the mantel.


Rifle Selection


Most snipers eventually settle on a favorite rifle, or two for different situations. While each choice provides unique characteristics, the options can generally be split between two categories.


The L96A1 and PSG1 favor force over stability, awarding one-shot kills more frequently in exchange for high recoil. Confident snipers that consistently land hits often prefer the additional power, but the extra time needed to realign shots can cause problems when facing more than one enemy.


weapon screenshotweapon screenshot




While far from weak, the Dragunov and WA2000 sacrifice power for a much subtler kick, allowing a faster and more stable rate of fire. While shots below the head don’t pack the same punch as the L96A1 and PSG1, the rifles’ extra stability allows quick follow-up shots to finish the job or rapidly change targets.

weapon screenshotweapon screenshot




Proper Equipment use arguably aids the sniper more than any other class, helping counter the ever-present threat of surprise attack. Let’s go over some of the more popular sniping choices.

Camera Spike – Best used by attentive, experienced snipers. Place the Camera Spike as far away as possible with the most threatening route(s) in view, giving you the time to swap to your secondary and take up a defensive position in a hurry


equipment screenshot


Tactical Insertion– Trade security for accessibility. Especially useful in objective-based game modes, insertion cuts out unnecessary travel time. To avoid giving your killer a free shot, place the insertion out of sight from your immediate post.


equipment screenshot


Motion Sensor – Very helpful to mobile snipers. Trade the details of the Camera Spike for a wider range of detection. Watch for enemies running Hacker Pro, and have a backup if it becomes a problem. Don’t leave it behind when changing locations.


equipment screenshot


Claymore – Great when posting in locations with a single rear entry. Position the Claymore around corners with enough distance to ensure its lines are hidden. Flak Jacket is commonly used, and cautious enemies often frag or disable Claymores. Have a plan when it blows and no death registers.


equipment screenshot



Perks, grenades, killstreaks and attachments offer more straightforward options, and your choices depend entirely on your style of play. More importantly, we should cover some basic rules of survival.


Unless you know your spot is secure and the enemy at long distance, you’re putting yourself in danger by staying in a single spot. As a sniper, you’re immediately on top of the enemies’ ‘to kill’ list. Once spotted, they’ll do everything in their power to flush you out.


Move when you’ve been spotted. Keep the enemy guessing by attacking from different angles. Replace your secondary the moment a more powerful close-range option becomes available. As your map knowledge grows, learn to snipe from all locations – throw off your opponent by attacking from unexpected areas.


Strike, move, strike, strike, move. The more random your attacks, the better chance you have of slowing the opposition and racking up killstreaks.


Popular Discovery Locations

Due to Discovery’s large layout, a clever sniper can react to any given situation and set up a perch in many different areas. There are, however, a few distinct locations to watch out for, whether you’re doing the sniping or trying to avoid getting sniped.


discovery overhead map


Location #1– C2-3

Two sniper-friendly buildings offer great visibility over the center of the map, as well as a limited view of the northern walkway. Snipers often post within these buildings to overlook the bridge at C3 and into C4. Watch for enemies in the adjacent building, as sniper battles often erupt between the buildings.

Location #2 – C2-D2

The perch located in the ice tunnel between C/D2 allows snipers to go prone and maintain straight visibility through the center of the map. As an ideal sniping location, expect enemies to flank from either side of the tunnel.

Location #3– B5

The balcony here offers a great view over the northern walkway as well as the C4 area leading to the bridge. Use the barrels for extra protection and keep an eye toward C5 to avoid getting flanked.

Location #4– C4 – D4

The two buildings and connecting walkway provide snipers with a lot of room to watch over large areas of the map. This also means there’s plenty of room for enemies to ambush you. Stay on heightened alert and pay attention to the flow of combat to best make use of the room available.


Combat Training

Test your options in Combat Training to find the sniping setup that fits your style. Learn the map, build up your confidence on some unsuspecting Recruits, and then take it to MP and practice, practice, practice!


First Strike

Pick up Discovery along with Berlin Wall, Stadium, Kowloon, and Ascension in Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike, now available on Xbox LIVE®, PS3™, and PC. Have some more sniping tips? Share your experiences in the comments below and in the forums. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube, and be sure to follow Treyarch’s Twitter feed (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.


Kowloon Domination

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One of the most intense matchups possible, Domination on Kowloon rewards the team that can best coordinate their tactics and balance objective play. Pouring rain, obstructed views, and snaking walkways force players to pique their attention and watch for attack from every angle.


Success relies on many factors. Through experience you'll discover the nuances for turning the tides in your favor. At Domination's core, however, proper flag capture and defense is the most important ability to perfect.



Flag A


Origin for the Spetsnaz, the A flag is surrounded two major thoroughfares coming from C3/4 and D2/3.



The alleyways running along C-E4 allow a less visible approach, but you might want to consider equipping a Hacker loadout to spot defensive equipment, most notably Claymores. While many players use the primary D4 path to rush the flag, you're leaving yourself open to attack from long-range defenders. Sneaking in from the edge lets you get behind the flag, giving you an upper handed flanking position as well as the ability to surprise any defenders holed up in the rear E4 building.


When approaching from mid-map, use the zip line from the C3 building for quick access to D3(after clearing the LZ!). Hug the walls, all buildings, watch your corners, and when all is clear crawl up to the flag's edge to start claiming ownership without leaving yourself open to attack.



There are several strong defensive positions in the area. The E4 ladder leads to an advantageous overlook – just keep an eye out for enemies approaching from D2 and the zipline. The rear E3 building lets you crouch for extra cover while keeping tabs on activity in C-D4.


Use the room you have to move around and cover routes on all sides. Expect enemies to try and flank you, using any cover available while advancing with explosives and rush tactics. Consider Lightweight to cover ground more quickly and flank enemies that spot you from afar.


Flag B


An eternally contested hot zone, the B flag presents the highest level of danger and promises continuous battle for mid-map supremacy. Capturing and maintaining control often leads to high casualties for both teams.




Situated between entry points on all sides, your biggest concern when approaching B is at what angle the enemy might be located. Call in a Spy Plane or plant a Motion Sensor to mark enemy positions, or lay down a Napalm Strike to clear the area and give your teammates time to rush in and set up a defensive position.


Always lead with grenades and then rush forward to finish the job and claim the territory. A Willy Pete can be used to great effect once the immediate area is clear, reducing the chance of long-range attack taking you out before the flag is yours.




Expect a slurry of incoming grenades. Increase your survivability by creating a defensive class with Flak Jacket/Tactical Mask, especially if you plan on holing up in a nearby building. Use Claymores, Jammers, and Tactical Insertion to disrupt enemy movement and retain zone proximity.

Take advantage of C3's upper ledge to fire down on enemies that breach your defensives and get to the flag. The more spread out you are and the tighter your stranglehold, the better your chances of keeping those points rolling in.


Flag C


Origin for the Black Ops team, the C flag is situated along the B route, just begging to be flanked.




If possible, grab a teammate and simultaneously attack from B2 and B3. Defenders often spread to the wings and watch for attackers moving in, so don't wait to reach the end before putting up your guard. The B1 building provides cover and a strong second story overview of the area before running in for the cap. When approaching from the other side of the map, the outer walkway leading into B3 offers a sneaky approach from the side.




Expect a lot of players to utilize the second floor B1 railing cover. You can often surprise these players by positioning into the A route, as they typically look straight over the flag. A well-placed Claymore at the B3 entry can block off a single attack from the building there, giving you time to scale the ladder in A2 and perch up high for a better view of the battlefield.


Learning the Map


At first a seemingly never ending maze, Kowloon's design becomes more apparent over multiple playthroughs, and map knowledge opens up a lot of possibilities when moving around and looking for the best route. Once you've attained familiarity with the environment, it's only a matter of time before you're a Domination wrecking force.

The wait is over! The highly anticipated Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike content pack is available now for the PC. Fight for the future of democracy across four all-new competitive multiplayer maps, including the Berlin Wall, Discovery, Kowloon, and Stadium. Jump in the shoes of Dempsey, Belinski, Masaki, and Doctor Richtofen as they fight for their lives in Ascension, the latest chapter in the horrifying co-op Zombies saga.




Join in the mayhem and purchase First Strike available now. Jump into the forums and be the first to participate in strategy discussions for all 5 new maps, and follow Treyarch (@Treyarch) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info.

PC Double XP Weekend

Posted by Bl@@dSt@n3 Oct 24, 2011

Boot up your PCs and get that trigger finger working! It’s about time to reap the rewards of our PC-Only Double XP Weekend, beginning 10am Friday PDT and lasting through 10am Monday PDT. Play the new maps, fly through those ranks, and amass a fortune. It's going to be a great weekend!





Hoping to get the most bang for your buck in Headquarters? Or maybe you’re a Search & Destroy tactician? Jump on the forums and let us know where you’ll bring the fight this weekend. Follow us on Facebook and Youtube, and keep up with Treyarch (@Treyarch) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info.

The Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike Content Pack launches worldwide for PC on March 25th. Battle for supremacy in four all-new multiplayer maps, including the iconic Berlin Wall, abandoned Discovery, towering Kowloon, and compact Stadium. Join Dempsey, Belinski, Masaki, and Doctor Richtofen as they struggle to survive in Ascension, the latest chapter in the terrifying Zombies saga.





First Strike will be available through Steam on March 25th at 10AM PDT. Pre-order now for a 10% discount. See you on the battlefield!

Beat Treyarch at their own game! On March 17th from 1-5PM PDT, the creators of Call of Duty®: Black Ops jump on the PlayStation®Network to challenge PS3™ players in all out head-to-head combat! Make the community proud and show Treyarch’s best and brightest just how tough you really are. Gear up and steel your nerves, they will be out to PWN!





To participate, send an invite or friend request to the listed PSN ID names. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to pick up the First Strike Content Pack to compete. Visit the forums to start discussing strategies, and be sure to follow Treyarch (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.



To mark the release of the First Strike Content Pack on PS3, we have posted a short trailer providing a different look at Ascension, one of five new maps in First Strike.


You can check it out here…



The Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Content Pack is now available for download on XBOX Live® and the PlayStation®Network.  You can follow us on Facebook and Youtube, and keep up with Treyarch (@Treyarch) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info.

The hugely popular Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike content pack featuring 5 all new maps is now available for download on PlayStation Network.   The battle explodes across all new competitive multiplayer maps - the iconic Berlin Wall, abandoned Discovery, towering Kowloon, and compact Stadium. And, for those dying to begin the next chapter in the suspenseful co-op Zombies saga, Ascension offers the largest map yet, introducing new weapons, transports, perks, and enemies.


To mark today's release of First Strike on PS3, check out this new music video which provides a unique look at the Berlin Wall map.


Black Ops's second Double XP Weekend hits PC, PS3™, Xbox 360®, and Wii™ this weekend. Get double the reward for your efforts, and watch that rank fly. Participate in the glorious mayhem starting approximately at 10am Friday PST and continuing through 8am Monday PST.



Prior to the weekend, be sure to download the First Strike Content pack for a double feature of new maps and increased XP!  First Strike is currently available on Xbox LIVE® and will be released on PlayStation Network on 3/3.  You can follow us on Facebook and Youtube, and keep up with Treyarch (@Treyarch) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info.

The wait is nearly over! Treyarch and Activision are happy to announce that the Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike Content Pack launches worldwide for the PS3™ on March 3rd. Battle it out in four all-new multiplayer maps including Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium, and Kowloon. Expand the cooperative fight for survival in Ascension, the latest chapter within the terrifying Zombies saga.



Berlin Wall










The battle for Democracy expands to new territories in less than one month! Visit the DLC page for more information on the First Strike Content Pack.

They've proven their programming skills, but how do they handle themselves in combat? It's time to find out just how talented the developers behind Call of Duty®: Black Ops really are with Xbox LIVE®'s Game with Developers event. Taking place on Tuesday, February 8th from 4-8 PM Eastern Time, Game with Developers gives you the chance to go head-to-head with the team that helped make Black Ops possible. Gear up, and don’t think for a second they’ll go easy on you.






To participate, click here and send off an invite or friend request to the listed gamertags. While you’re there, be sure to pick up the First Strike Content Pack, as the developers definitely want to battle it out in the new maps. Visit the forums to start discussing strategies, and be sure to follow Treyarch (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Black Ops’s first Double XP Weekend hits PC, PS3™, Xbox 360®, and Wii™ this weekend. Get double the reward for your efforts, and watch that rank fly. Participate in the glorious mayhem starting approximately at 10am Friday PST and continuing through 8am Monday PST.





If you’re on Xbox LIVE®, be sure to download the newly released Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike DLC for a double feature of new maps and increased XP! You can follow us on Facebook and Youtube, and keep up with Treyarch (@Treyarch) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info.

The dead rise again. The location - an abandoned  Cold War era Russian cosmodrome. Their target - the foursome of Takeo, Nikolai, Dempsey, and Richtofen. Lowered into the facility, the four soldiers can hardly catch their breath before a voice calls to them: "Help me, she's coming. The mechanism must be repaired."






You start out in a two-story  G-Force Testing Facility. A nearby giant centrifuge periodically spins; the zombies must have interrupted a cosmonaut testing his High-G tolerance. First order of the day - get the blasted power back on.


A large map that runs within and around the launch facility, Ascension is built with plenty of entries for the site's undead cosmonauts and scientists. Expect attack from all sides and every angle. Luckily, with a new map, come new toys. You're going to need these if you want to survive:


Stamin-Up - Drink this for an added spring to your step, letting you sprint for longer periods of time – and do so with heavier weapons, too. Perfect for outpacing angry zombies on your trail.


Sickle - Damn zombies laughing off your knife lunges? Pick up the Sickle to cut the laughter short.


Matryoshka Dolls - Consider yourself lucky when these pop out of the Mystery Box. And no, it's not a toy. Toss one out for a mean explosion that spits out more dolls…and thus more explosions.


These are just some of the new tools at your disposal. Just pray the launch sequence completes before those damn monkeys start blasting down from the sky. Watch your step when they do…and watch your perks.


Check your magazine and steel your nerves for available now in the Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike Content Pack on Xbox LIVE®

First Strike Available Now!

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The highly anticipated Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike content pack featuring 5 all new maps is now available for download on Xbox LIVE®. The battle explodes across all new competitive multiplayer maps - the iconic Berlin Wall, abandoned Discovery, towering Kowloon, and compact Stadium.  And, for those dying to begin the next chapter in the suspenseful co-op Zombies saga, Ascension offers the largest map yet, introducing new weapons, transports, perks, and enemies.


If you haven't yet seen what First Strike has to offer, check out the official trailer below:



If you're still yearning for more, view our in-depth Inside Xbox preview of the makings behind the competitive MP maps:



Join in the mayhem and purchase First Strike now on Xbox LIVE® for 1200 Microsoft Points. Jump into the forums and be the first to participate in strategy discussions for all 5 new maps, and follow Treyarch (@Treyarch) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info. Stay tuned for more info coming soon for PC and PS3. See you on the battlefield!

When they're not out breaking records and scoring touchdowns, superstar running backs Arian Foster and Maurice Jones-Drew are racking up kills in Call of Duty®: Black Ops. As competitive on the battlefield as they are on the football field, Treyarch and Activision are giving the two a chance to face off in a head-to-head Grudge Match at Treyarch's studio in Santa Monica, California.



To keep an even playing field, the running backs will be competing in the new maps offered in the upcoming Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike DLC. Talent and determination alone will decide the victor. The competition takes place on February 1st. Keep an eye out for plenty of press coverage and stay tuned to see who has Call of Duty bragging rights.


First Strike debuts on Xbox LIVE® on February 1st, with more info coming soon for PC and PS3.

Inside Xbox walks us through Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike’s four compelling competitive maps. Get detailed information about the creation of each map as Inside Xbox talks with Online Director Dan Bunting and Design Director David Vonderhaar. Guiding us through the most in-depth footage yet, Bunting and Vonderhaar describe the design process behind Kowloon's rule breaking design, Stadium's high-kill layout, Discovery's tense chokepoints, and Berlin Wall's iconic aesthetics.



Be sure to pick up First Strike when it first hits Xbox LIVE® this Tuesday, February 1st, with more info coming soon for PC and PS3. For more info leading up to First Strike's release, check us out on Facebook and Youtube. Follow Community Manager Josh Olin (JD_2020) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info.



Tighten your sights and gather up your munitions – the battlefield expands one week from today. Check below for more map footage from Berlin Wall, Stadium, Kowloon, and Discovery. Take your first look at Ascension, the next chapter in the horrifying Zombies universe. All five maps will be available when Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike hits Xbox LIVE® first on February 1st, with more details coming soon for PC and PS3. Sit back and enjoy:




Head over to the forums and start planning out your attack. Who's covering the bridge in Discovery? Will you dare brave No Man's Land at the Berlin Wall? Are Kowloon's zip lines worth the extra speed, despite the extra exposure? Will you keep your cool through Stadium's twisting paths? And what the hell are monkeys doing in a Soviet cosmodrome? For more info leading up to First Strike's release, check us out on Facebook and Youtube, and follow Community Manager Josh Olin (JD_2020) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info.

Combat erupts outside a vacant hockey stadium on the outskirts of the city. Tensions between the Cold War powers remain high, and the victor will revel in their enemy's demoralization. A mid-sized map designed for close-quarters mayhem, teams must fight tooth and nail in a maze of tight corners and deadly vantage points.



Entrance from the western turnstiles allows the most breathing room, with a nearby souvenir shop providing cover overlooking the entryway. Planters adorning the walkway give cover to enemies, while entry to the rink encourages heavy through movement from soldiers rushing in and out of the stadium's entrance.


Offices in the north test your level of alertness on the bottom floor and reward those who make it to the second with a view of the courtyard and beyond. In addition to the stadium's second story windows, it's in everyone's best interest down below to keep these vantage points clear - especially when battling in the central courtyard.



Don't let the beautiful eastern lakeside view distract you. This side of the map forces cramped movement and a three-entry weight room. Cover the doorways and attack soldiers weaving in and out of the maze. Expect SMG and Shotgun loadouts, and consider Flak Jacket to stand up against flying grenades and Claymores. Success lies in controlling the battlefield and keeping a level head. Stay cool and let your reflexes kick in. If you come out last, take some time to study the latest edition of Popular Weapons '73 - you can find copies all around the map. Just look for the Sentry Gun on the cover.


Gear up and get ready for Stadium when Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike first hits Xbox LIVE® on February 1st. Keep your eyes open as we cover more of First Strike's maps in the coming weeks.

The battle for control of Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall rages on in this mid-sized map set in the cold of German winter. Twisting streets and prosperous businesses line the West. Watch for snipers perched on balconies and behind the second story windows of Blume Bücher & Musik and Schulz Apotheke. Equip the Flak Jacket to survive the bombardment of grenades bursting in the small buildings. Expect blasts to be followed up with frenetic, close-quarters combat - shotgun and SMG loadouts will be particularly abundant on this side of the Wall.



Towering buildings in the East lend shooters a commanding view over the terrain, and their open layout encourages frequent group skirmishes. Cover each other's backs when moving through the distillery and count on heavy resistance and Claymore placement through Täglich Zeitung. Assault Rifles provide a great balance between the open road and overlooking buildings.


Run as fast as you can when crossing between the two sides. Automated gun towers shoot everything in sight. If they don't get you, you can bet an enemy soldier peaking over the border from a nearby building will. Danger lurks around every corner, inside every building, and on both sides of the Wall. The fate of democracy and the German people rests in your hands - defend it well or crush it under an iron fist.


Gear up and get ready to deploy to Berlin when Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike first hits Xbox LIVE® on February 1st. Keep your eyes open as we cover more of First Strike's maps in the coming weeks.

The battle for democracy rages on with Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike, offering four new heart-pounding multiplayer maps and a brand new zombie stage. Online Director Dan Bunting and Community Manager Josh Olin walk you through Kowloon, Discovery, Berlin Wall, and Stadium. First Strike hits Xbox LIVE® on February 1st, with more details coming soon for PC and PS3. Enjoy:



Head over to the forums and start talking strategy with your fellow recruits. You’ll need to be prepared -- this won’t be easy. For more info leading up to First Strike’s release, check us out on Facebook and YouTube, and follow Community Manager Josh Olin (JD_2020) on Twitter for the most up to date Black Ops info.


Treyarch is happy to announce that the Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike downloadable content pack will launch worldwide, first on Xbox Live February 1, 2011.  The pack will contain four all-new multiplayer maps including Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium, and Kowloon, as well as a new Zombie map called Ascension.


Listen to Major Nelson’s podcast starting at 29:10 to hear the first details on First Strike!

MP Options & Audio Settings

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Multiplayer Options 


We’ve come to the end of the Intel pieces on this week’s major update. We’ve discussed the new offline Practice Dummies, Dolly Cam editing feature, and the addition of over 400 new Contracts


We hope you’re enjoying the new features, and we want to finish off the week with a guide on how to get the most out of your Black Ops multiplayer Options, including some that you may not even know existed. 


Load Multiplayer by Default 


For the many gamers who spend the majority of their time online competing against others, this option allows you to launch the game directly into multiplayer as soon as you boot the disc. This is a great option for players who want to get into the action as fast as possible. With this week’s update, the option is now available on the PS3! 


Audio Settings 


With Black Ops, we introduced new audio controls that let you customize sound levels to match your home setup. We recently sat down with Treyarch’s Audio Director, Brian Tuey, to discuss these new settings for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and he gave us an in-depth explanation of how they work. Heads up: this contains techno-speak! 


Every user has a unique home audio setup, so it’s important to spend a little time configuring your settings for the best audio experience possible. Black Ops uses an in-game compressor which alters volume at different ranges to adjust the sound mix according to your chosen options. The game shipped with the most common default audio settings, but they’re not universal for every player. If you haven’t adjusted your settings, you may not be getting the most out of the game’s audio. Play around with various combinations of the options below to determine which configuration is best for you! 


Listening Level 


Listening Level can be toggled between “Quiet” and “Loud” settings, which determine the game’s dynamic range. Dynamic range is best described as the difference between loud and quiet sounds. The louder you crank the volume, the more dynamic range you want because you’re able to hear subtle sounds more clearly. When you have the volume turned down low, however, it is difficult to detect subtle differences between sound effects and you will probably want less dynamic range. 




This setting only engages the compressor during extremely loud sequences to prevent clipping. Having as much dynamic range as possible provides the most open and natural sound, since you hear everything from loud to subtle sound effects very clearly. This setting is best for listening to the game at higher volumes. 




The Quiet setting adjusts the game’s dynamic range via the in-game compressor by giving a boost to quiet sounds while keeping loud sounds at the same volume. This makes it easier to hear subtle sound effects when playing at softer levels. This setting is best for listening to the game at lower volumes.     


Speaker Setup 


Speaker Setup can be toggled between “Theater”, “TV”, and “Surround Headphones” (note the different labels used on the PC below). Each setting affects the game’s EQ to create the optimal sound mix for your unique setup.   


Theater (On PC: Large External Speakers) 


This setting creates a flat EQ, resulting in all sounds coming out at their natural levels without boosting effects at any range. When using Theater + Quiet settings, however, there is a slight bass boost.   


TV (On PC: Laptop / Small External Speakers)   


This setting gives a slight mid-range boost for a more balanced listening experience. The dialogue volume is also increased, regardless of the Loud/Quiet setting, because the TV option does not use a center channel. 


Surround Headphones (On PC: Headphones) 


This acts as an in-between setting as far as the compressor is concerned, reducing the game’s dynamic range more than Theater, but less than TV. The EQ gives both a boost at the high end and the very low end. Many headphones are mid-bass heavy, so adding a little more power to the high end helps balance the audio. 




We hope the call-outs to some of these lesser known settings will allow you to configure your game for optimal enjoyment. Now get out there and start racking up those kills! Keep the feedback coming on the Forums, Twitter and Facebook. We’ll continue to listen to your suggestions and concerns so we can maintain the best experience for our fans. Happy hunting!  

Yesterday, we covered one of the new features included in this week's game update: offline Practice Dummies. Today, we're digging into the Theater's new editing feature: the Dolly Cam.


One of the most frequent requests from COD filmmakers has been to get more control in the editing of clips in Theater. The Dolly Cam feature lets you set up camera markers around the environment at different points in the timeline of the match. The camera automatically and seamlessly moves between each marker at a speed set by you to provide more fine-tuned control over camera movements and playback speed. Let's take a closer look at how to use this new feature with a brief walkthrough below.


Using the Dolly Cam

When you start a film in Theater, your default perspective is 1st person view. Using the indicated button, you can switch to 3rd person and Free Camera views. While in Free Camera, a new display now appears over the timeline that allows you to toggle between “Free Roam Mode”, “Edit Camera Mode” and “Dolly Camera Mode”. Free Roam was previously the only functionality available while in Free Cam, but now you can switch to Edit Camera Mode to place camera markers around the map or Dolly Camera Mode to preview your camera edits. More on Dolly Camera Mode in a bit - right now, let's start placing some cameras.





When you place a camera using Edit Camera Mode, a preview window pops up in the upper left corner, much like the window you see when a Camera Spike is planted in the game. When editing clips in Theater, this window displays the camera's perspective as a preview of what you'll see at that point in the timeline in your edited clip.


When you move away from the marker and turn around to look at it, you'll see a camera model along with information about the marker. The top number indicates that camera's position in the timeline. Only one camera can exist at each point in the timeline, so this number represents the order in which the camera appears in the linear playback of your clip. The bottom number indicates the film time when that camera's view will occur.


Setting up Multiple Cameras

Now that you've got your first marker set, let's put down another. You can't have two markers at the same spot in the timeline, so fast-forward a few seconds and choose a second location to place another marker. After you've place it, move to the side so that you can see both markers. You'll notice an orange line connecting the two - this is the path the camera will follow as the clip plays.

Now look down at your timeline. There will be two yellow lines that represent where your markers are placed in the timeline. Rewind to a point just before the first marker and hit play while in Edit Camera Mode. You will see the camera move between the markers from a third person perspective. Now, rewind back to the same point before the first marker, switch to Dolly Camera mode and hit play. You'll see the same camera movement from the viewpoint of the camera, as it will appear in your final clip.





We've only created a path between two markers, but up to 50 can be placed within a single clip! Your path will continue to grow as you place more markers. You will notice that the path between two markers isn't a straight line. The game automatically determines a curve on the camera's path to prevent the camera from making jerky movements as it moves between each marker.


NOTE: You will not see your markers when you switch back to Free Roam Mode or to 1st Person / 3rd Person modes. If your markers suddenly disappear, you've likely switched modes.



Edit Camera

Move in close to a camera marker and a yellow circle appears around it. The button to “Insert Camera Marker” will change to “Edit Camera Marker”. Using the indicated button to edit your camera marker will provide you with a contextual menu of options to control speed, reposition the camera, or remove the marker. Each of these options is described further below.





Speed Mode

Speed Mode sets the speed that the clip will play back in the segment between the current marker and the next. This affects the playback speed of the clip, not just the movement speed of camera. If the speed is set to 4.0x, all playback will occur at 4 times normal speed. The default speed is 1.0x and can be adjusted anywhere from 0.1x to 4.0x.



Playback speed is controlled with standard timeline controls rather than speed settings placed on the camera marker.



Playback speed starts at the setting of the current camera and gradually speeds up or down until it matches the setting of the next marker.



Playback speed is set at a fixed rate along the path from the current camera marker to the next.


Dolly Camera Mode


When you switch to Dolly Camera Mode, playback will occur from the perspective of the dolly cam as a way to preview your edits as they will appear in the final clip. While in Dolly Camera Mode, a notification in the upper left corner displays the current speed and camera number in the timeline. You can also see this info in the preview window while in Edit Camera Mode.




We encourage all our budding COD film directors to give the Dolly Cam a try. This powerful feature puts a high degree of finessed control in your hands, and with a bit of practice, you will be able to make some truly amazing clips.


Visit us again tomorrow for a look at our next feature addition: over 400 new Contracts!


Keep the feedback coming on the Forums, Twitter and Facebook. Your comments are always appreciated, and truly help us provide the best gaming experience possible.

New Contracts!

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Continuing our coverage of the features included in this week's game update, today we're talking about the 400+ new Contracts that have been added to the rotating list.


For those still unfamiliar with Contracts, they are in-game time-limited challenges that you purchase with COD Points. Fulfilling a Contract's requirement within the time limit earns you more COD Points and potentially XP! The riskier the Contract, the higher the payout. Contracts rotate in and out of the list over time, so there will always be new challenges to undertake.


Contracts are a great way to increase your currency intake and test your abilities. They have been a huge hit with the community, and since launch there have been a ton of requests to increase the number and variety available.


Over 400 New Contracts

Included with the game update are over 400 new Contracts, a fresh list guaranteed to challenge newcomers and veterans alike. These new Contracts come in varying difficulties, from “Ruthless,” fulfilled by earning 2 killstreak rewards, to “War Incarnate,” where you need to get 15 kills without dying.

A new batch of Specialist Contracts will focus on kills gained while using specific perks. They can be as basic as “The Magician,” where you need to get 80 kills using Sleight of Hand, or as specific as “The Detonator,” where you need to get 5 kills using C4 with the Flak Jacket.


Hardcore game mode fans will be excited to know that several types of Operations contracts now include Hardcore modes. Get rewarded for your dominance with Contracts such as “HC TDM Gladiator,” achieved when you finish in the top 3, three times, or “HC FFA Abomination,” achieved when you finish a match with a K/D ratio higher than 3:1.  


We hope these new Contracts will further encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and try weapons and modes that you don't normally play. Each day brings a new set of Contracts to the table, so be sure to check in daily!


Come back tomorrow for a guide on some of the lesser known multiplayer options, and keep the feedback coming on the Forums, Twitter and Facebook. Your involvement helps us make our games even more enjoyable for the community!


DATE:  December 11, 2010


It has come to our attention that former S.O.G. and Op-40 operative Sergeant Frank Woods was recently presented with the "Character of the Year" award at the 2010 Spike VGAs.  This places the Agency in a precarious state of affairs due to the acclaim and public visibility this decoration brings to Sgt. Woods and, by association, peripheral operators working within the Special Activities Division and other black operation units. 

Please find enclosed a highlight reel of Sgt. Woods's accomplishments during the Dragovich incident, which was used as testimony for the aforementioned honorary. 



As you can see, the heroics of Frank Woods, though not in question, bring to public light far too many of the events that occurred between April 1961 and February 1968.  Recent HUMINT provided a transcript of an eavesdropped conversation between Sgt. Woods and an associate of his by the name of James C. Burns following the events of 11 December 2010.  Below is an excerpt of said transcript:


BURNS:  Frank, my man, the big winner, BMOC.  How's it feel to be famous now? 

WOODS:  How's it feel?  Well let me fill in the blanks for you, friend.  [Drinks beer; slams bottle on table.]  My face on the TV.  My name in the papers.  Yeah, they pretty much blew my op status straight to hell.  Why don't they just shoot me in the balls next time?  Less painful.  But, I would like to thank my mom, my agents, and Treyarch for all their support in helping me win this award.  If it wasn't for mom's genes, I'd never be able to grow a 'stache like this baby. 


In short, Sgt. Woods is well aware of the blowback involved with his sudden notoriety and is less than pleased with these developments despite his sardonic thanks to the contrary.   Recommend full and immediate suppression of any and all media references to Sergeant Frank Woods.  He is an extremely valuable asset and we cannot afford to have him compromised at this time. 



Ryan Jackson
Special Assistant to ADDO/SAD


New Patch, New Features!

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Over the past month, we’ve been collecting feedback from the Call of Duty: Black Ops community, and we’ve been hard at work on a game update that continues to improve the online experience for our fans.


Today, that update was released on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The full list of changes and additions can be found here for the PS3 and here for the 360.


In addition to tuning gameplay and addressing issues voiced by the community, we’ve added a few new features we think you’re going to love:

  • Over 400 brand new Contracts
  • Practice Dummies (aka, AI bots) in offline Local Split Screen
  • A new camera editing mode in Theater called "Dolly Cam"
  • "Load Multiplayer by Default" option for the PS3

Over the next few days we’ll be releasing Intel pieces detailing each of these features, along with a few other helpful tips to make the most out of your gaming experience.



Practice Dummies in Split Screen


One of the most popular features new to Black Ops is Combat Training, where players test their skills against A.I. that we call Practice Dummies. This mode is great for players who want to improve their MP skills in a way that does not impact their rank progression or stats in their public profile. It’s also a fun way to play MP cooperatively with your friends to see how you stack up against the game’s A.I.


Since launch, there have been countless requests to have the same option to fight against Practice Dummies in offline play, and we’re delivering on those requests. Whether you’re playing solo or split screen with friends, you can now fill the match with A.I. enemies for a deeper offline MP experience.

Navigate to Multiplayer > Local > Split Screen and choose either Team Deathmatch or Free-For-All as your game mode. Select Edit Game Options and you’ll see the ability to add Practice Dummies to your match. Adjust their Difficulty from Recruit up to Veteran and start the match.


We hope you’ll enjoy this addition! Come back tomorrow for an in-depth look at the Dolly Cam – a new Theater editing feature that gives you more power to create seamless, dynamic videos with highly finessed camera editing controls.

Dead Ops Arcade

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Intent on escaping capture, you break free of your restraints to search for a way out. Stumbling through the dimly lit interrogation room, you discover a functional computer terminal. Without a clue to guide you, you enter the first command that comes to mind.




Dead Ops Arcade. You and up to three other soldiers fight in pursuit of the Cosmic Silverback, tracking him through a gauntlet of arenas filled with traps, treasure, and waves of flesh-hungry zombies. Unless you want to end up as chow before hitting round 10, we suggest you read over some essentials to get you started.


First, your basic assault rifle holds an unlimited number of rounds, and you don't have to worry about reloading. Open fire and don't let up. Get that down and you're off to a good start.


Then there's your status indicator --



Soldier Icon - These are your remaining lives. One hit and you're down, so don't take them for granted. And don't stop paying attention after losing them all!  If you're playing with other people, you have a chance at stealing one of their lives in order to get back in the game.  Be advised, a life-stealing cool down period occurs after doing this. If you die while the cool down is still active, or if none of your teammates have additional lives to spare, a revive bar will begin to drain. If your remaining teammate(s) are still alive when it completely depletes, you'll come back from the dead (but not as a zombie, don't worry). You can also respawn when your teammates move into the next area…if they make it.


Bomb - Bombs clear the surrounding area. This is an invaluable asset when you don't want to compromise your position and zombies are closing in from every angle.


Speed Boost - Dash forward, knocking down everything in your path. Cornered by a horde of zombies?  This is a great tool for escaping from a bad position and relocating to a safer area. Keep in mind that you dash in the direction you're facing, which isn't necessarily the direction you're moving. Be careful not to set yourself up for defeat by dashing into a trap or another group of zombies.

Score - Pick up treasure and kill zombies to raise your score, simple as that. There are two types of treasure - Normal (coins, gold bars, silver bars, etc…) and Rare (gems). Rare gems move your score multiplier more than the normal treasure. The multiplier boost you receive is directly related with the size of the gem. The larger the gem, the more your multiplier bar fills. And as tempting as it can be, never run for treasure if it's going to get you or your team killed.


Score Multiplier - The bar below your stats fills whenever you pick up treasure. Fill it up and your score multiplier increases. You earn an extra life every 200,000 points. The higher the multiplier, the faster you'll rack up lives. Get killed and your multiplier is reset to x1.

Special Weapons - Weapon pick-ups come with a limited amount of ammunition that drains over time; but the more you use it, the faster it drains. The ammo meter below the score multiplier indicates just how much ammo is remaining before your special weapon resets to the standard assault rifle.


Always keep an eye on your soldier. With so much going on at any given point, it's normal to get disoriented, often resulting in a frustrating and avoidable death. Conserve your Bombs and Speed Boosts, but don't be stingy with their use, either. You'll pick up more along the way. If your team has good timing and communication, you can always request a bomb drop when things start getting ugly.


Avoid touching the traps! Watch the columns - when the green light is on, the trap is off; when the red light is on, the trap is active. While guiding zombies into the electrical columns results in their death, coming into contact with them yourself will also end yours.



Set up crossfire whenever possible and don't lose your cool. Each new area presents another level of challenge and you've got a long way to go before reaching the end. For now, just concentrate on staying alive. With a bit of practice, the Room of Fate will be a regular stop during your Dead Ops Arcade matches. And that's when things start to get really interesting.


How's your Dead Ops Arcade experience been so far? Still trying to figure out how to break free of the straps? Can't figure out who that damn monkey is? Head over to the forums and discuss your thoughts with the rest of the community.

Zombie 101

Posted by Bl@@dSt@n3 Oct 24, 2011

You may not sweat under heavy fire, but a lot of recruits have been freezing up under the gaze of the undead. It's time we shake the panic from your head with some valuable advice every soldier should know before encountering the waves of brain-eating zombies.

First off, the point of Zombies is to stay alive as long as possible. You're not getting out alive, so the goal's to go down fighting, and fighting hard. In order to do that, you need better weapons. Weapons cost points, and you accumulate points by killing zombies and fixing barriers. Not too difficult, right?



The zombies come in waves, with a short breather between rounds. There are four possible zombie entrances in the first area of both Kino der Toten and “Five”, as well as two possible weapon pickups - a single shot rifle or double-barreled shotgun. To purchase one, approach the weapon's wall mural and pay up 500 points.


In a co-op game, each person should cover an entryway, and communicate at all times! Let your teammates know if you start getting overwhelmed. You never know which way they'll come from, so one person might get swarmed while the others are just waiting around. Once the zombies are clear, go up to the barrier and repair. This earns you points and holds back the next set of approaching zombies, in turn giving you more time to shoot and stab.



Every hit rewards you 10 points, but the reward earned for the killing blow depends on how it's delivered:


Body - 50 points
Headshot - 100 points
Knife - 130 points
Grenade - 50 points


Knife kills clearly earn you the most points, so take advantage of the zombies' low health in the starting rounds to knife them down. Just don't try to keep it up for long - they can take more damage every round. As for grenades, while they net you the lowest number of points, they can be a lifesaver when a mass of zombies is headed your way. Use them freely. You get 2 every round and a full load with Max Ammo.

And that brings us to drops. Every time you kill a zombie, there's a chance that a pickup will appear:


Insta-Kill - Just like it sounds. One hit, one kill. Lasts 30 seconds.
Bomb - Pick up this bad boy to instantly incinerate all the zombies around you.
Double Points - All point rewards are doubled. Lasts 30 seconds.
Max Ammo - Completely refill all of your ammunition, including grenades - except for your current clip, so make sure everyone reloads before activating it.
Hammer - Instantly repair all barriers.


Eventually, you'll want to move from your starting location. We'll get into more details with that later, including perks, upgraded weapons, and route choice.

For now, concentrate on the basics. Communicate with your teammates, rack up kills, and don't go down without one hell of a fight.

Got some great Zombies tips to share? Head over to the forums and discuss.




Register now and become a part of the Call of Duty: Black Ops web community. Discuss your thoughts and strategies with other recruits on the forums, respond to Intel posts, take on missions, and get access to premium media and content.


For even more info, check us out on Facebook and Youtube.

Call of Duty: Black Ops has received a tremendous critical reception from journalists around the globe, garnering numerous perfect scores.  Check out the reviews:


“A Masterpiece”
- New York Post


“5 Out of 5 Stars"
- GamePro


“10 Out of 10"
- The Telegraph


“The Gold Standard”


“10 out of 10”
- PlayStation The Official Magazine


“A Stunner”
- Gametrailers.com



If you haven’t played Black Ops yet, make sure to pick up your copy here.

Jimmy Zielinski sheds a bit more light on the mystery behind Zombies, but may provide just as many questions as answers for all you Zombie fans...

Q:What has your role been in the development of Call of Duty: Black Ops?

I am the lead animator for Black Ops and the creative lead for our "Zombies" mode. As lead animator I get to work with experts in warfare (Major John Plaster and Sonny Puzikas), designers and programmers to come up with various new enemy types and AI behaviors (which I truly had a blast doing this time around) as well as manage a team of extremely talented animators who create all the assets needed to flesh these ideas out and bring the game to life as something the fans can play. As creative lead on Zombies, I (and many others) really get crazy with ideas and game play…I mean really crazy…come on, Zombies? Nothing is out of reach for this mode.


Q: There are few foes in this world that are as universally loved as Zombies. How has the development of this mode been different from the Black Ops campaign and multiplayer modes?

There really are no limits that we impose on ourselves while coming up with ideas for Zombies, aside from preserving the core Zombies game play experience. There is no "reality" aspect that we have to uphold in any way. The sky, and perhaps multiple dimensions are up for grabs.


Q: What new surprises can Zombie vets expect from the return of the undead?

As always, Zombies is a mode about discovery and survival, so certainly people can expect more of this. Existing fans and new converts can also expect the unexpected when it comes to Zombies, like new boss enemies that can take out the whole team, and map design that can entrap you. There are lots of other surprises we don't want spoil for you...



Q: What's been your most memorable experience in the months leading to launch?

One of our programmers, who scripted a certain boss enemy in zombies ran from what he thought was his own monster…but it was not even a powerful boss but rather a standard zombie during a typical, fairly early, round…it was just a zombie…but he exclaimed with great excitement "He's on me! He's on me!!…I have him, everyone else run!!!" to which we all (the rest of the team playing) replied "dude…calm down its round 5 and it's just a zombie" Lots of laughs were had by all.


Q: What about the Call of Duty series and Black Ops in particular appeals to you, and how did you become a member of the team?

I have been a part of the "Call of Duty" franchise since I joined the team responsible for "Finest hour" back in '04. The opportunity to work on Black Ops, and have it set during the Cold War era was exciting.  It was a very creative environment for all of us. With "Black Ops" we got to create a new fiction in a new era for our studio. It was quite a change from the WW2 history books that were our guidelines for so many years.


Q: Anything in particular you'd like to say to all the Black Ops fans out there?

I would actually like to ask them a question. Can someone please explain to me where the zombies come from? And who is Samantha? I am so confused...


Featured in the Black Ops Launch trailer, Gimme Shelter is the ideal song to launch the most anticipated game of the year.  Call Of Duty:  Black Ops needed a song that is as epic and timeless as the game itself.We are thrilled to work with the Rolling Stones classic hit.


Buy it now on iTunes



The objective is in sight, but your backup’s been taken out and there’s no time to wait for reinforcements. Two defenders carelessly wait by the capture point, but a third more carefully covers the flag from a balcony above. You need something that can take out the grouped soldiers.


Enter the Valkyrie Rockets.



The Valkyrie Rockets killstreak is accessible after 7 kills. Activate it to call in a Care Package drop with a launcher and two rockets. Equip the launcher and move to an open position. Now things get interesting.


After launching a rocket, you retain control over its trajectory. It travels at high speeds, but it’s got a lot of mobility. Swerve around obstacles and over rooftops. Enemies are highlighted for easy kills. If you need to cover ground quickly, the rocket even has a boost function, plus a manual detonation trigger for extra power and control.



The Valkyrie Rockets killstreak is particularly effective when defending objectives from a distance. Blasting an enemy off a Domination point or a flag, or quickly clearing enemy headquarters is vastly more satisfying with the Valkyrie Rockets. Use their mobility to surprise enemies and prevent your targets from retaliating.


How will you use the Valkyrie Rockets? Will you save them to defend and assault objectives, wait for groups of enemies to open themselves up to fire, or simply let loose into the open skies, guiding the rocket across the map and into the enemy lines?


Head over to the forums and discuss.



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The anticipation has been building, the wait nearly over… but where exactly will you be when Black Ops releases on November 9th?




Join one of the biggest launches in history by attending a Midnight Opening on the night of November 8th to be one of the very first to get your hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops.  To make it easy for you, we’ve created a handy Midnight Opening Locator .  Just enter your Zip Code, Submit, and the nearest participating retailers will show up on the Map (US only).  Click on the blue dots to get more info about the stores near you and click on the “Directions” link in the right column to find out exact directions.


We’ve also provided phone numbers so make sure to give your nearest store a call to confirm their participation.


We anticipate some pretty large crowds for these Midnight Openings so make sure to Pre-Order your copy of Black Ops to ensure you take a copy home with you.


So definitely check out the Midnight Opening Locator and be one of the first to play Call of Duty: Black Ops!

Black Ops Launch Trailer

Posted by Bl@@dSt@n3 Oct 21, 2011

Check out the Official Call of Duty: Black Ops Launch Trailer, which highlights some of the best action moments from Black Ops. Watch and whet your appetite for the game’s release on November 9th. Enjoy!





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We’re very excited to bring you this Exclusive Interview with Anna Donlon, Senior Producer on Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Wii.  She has some great information to share, including details about Wii Multiplayer and Online Co-Op!


Q: What has your role been in the development of Call of Duty: Black Ops?

I am the Senior Producer for Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Wii.

I’m responsible for managing the Call of Duty Wii projects developed at Treyarch.  After joining the studio in 2005, I moved onto the Call of Duty Wii team at the start of Modern Warfare: Reflex and have been working with the same dedicated developers ever since.


One thing I love about working at Treyarch is the commitment that the studio has had to the Wii platform.  We have a dedicated team that works on Black Ops, and it is our goal to create the best Wii FPS experience possible.


Developing a game as big as Black Ops, while staying as close to the source material as possible is complex and challenging, Our community has come to expect a full and robust Call of Duty experience on the Wii, and to stray from that would be a disservice to them. 

During the project, we spend a lot of time figuring out what the Wii player wants out of their game. And each year, we up the ante.  We push ourselves and we push the engine to its limits.  And then when that’s done... we push a little more.


Q: So, why should the Wii players be excited for Black Ops on the Wii?

Well, let’s start with the basics.  We’re giving the fans the full single-player storyline, with huge maps and an amazing story that I think will really blow them away.  We’re also back with 5v5 multiplayer, all maps and all game modes, including the newly introduced Wager Matches and Contracts.

But, like I said, we pushed things a little harder this year, and can now confirm that the Wii version will have online Co-Op.  We’re doing this through Black Ops’ new Combat Training mode and of course... ZOMBIES.  That’s right, 4-player Co-Op Zombies will have its debut on the Wii this year.

There was one day on the project where we were playing Zombies and I was yelling at my Associate Producer, Aaron Roseman, from down the hallway to come Revive me (which I’m sad to admit he has to do quite often).  It quickly became clear, as we screamed back and forth at each other, that we had to have headset support for all of our online modes.  That’s why the introduction of the Headbanger Headset to this game is so exciting to us.  It really takes the online experience in both Multiplayer and Zombies to the next level on the Wii.


And then there’s the Classic Controller Pro.  Don’t get me wrong, I love playing the game with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, especially after I customize the controls to my heart’s content.  But once we started supporting the Classic Controller Pro, I was hooked.  Now I find myself switching back and forth between the two depending on my mood and what game mode I’m playing.


There’s a bunch of other new features that we developed this year as well.  We’ve created a new "Allies" system that allows you to invite recent players to be your allies for text messaging, game invites and more without a need for code exchanges.  We have more player customization in Create a Class than ever before and we have enhanced party privacy options for players who want to set up their private matches with a little more control over who they allow in.


Q: What’s been your most memorable experience in the months leading to launch?

There was an evening we were at work pretty late and four of us decided to jump into a Zombies match, headsets and all.  We were all pretty tired, and ready to go home, but after a few rounds, we couldn’t put it down.  Out of nowhere, I hear Matt Kimberling (Technical Director on the Wii) yell out, "The Wii players are gonna freakin’ love this!"  And we all knew he was right.  It was the missing piece of the puzzle on the Wii, and an accomplishment we’re all pretty proud of.


Q: Anything in particular you’d like to say to all the Call of Duty Wii fans out there?

The game is awesome on the Wii.  We made it for you guys.  Enjoy it!  And I’ll see you online!

Listen up, soldiers. Operations begin tomorrow. There's going to be a lot of combat right off the bat, and we want to make sure you know what you're doing. We've listed a few fundamental tips below that you should practice and internalize. Nail them and you're on your way to becoming a truly deadly operative.




Combat Training


Fire up Combat Training and use the AI difficulty settings in Combat Training to your advantage. Put the AI on Recruit when you want to learn the ins and outs of a map, or when you're experimenting with a new loadout. When you're feeling more comfortable, bump up the difficulty and concentrate on improving your reflexes and finding your loadout's strengths and weaknesses. Invite your friends into Combat Training to try out new tactics. Start with a lower difficulty and then see if you can hold up against Veteran AI once you've got your strategy down pat.



Know Thy Map


The importance of knowing the maps can’t be overstated. Taking a minute in Combat Training to understand the overall layout of the map, typical spawn locations, and where objectives are located in game modes such as Domination will really save you a lot of heartache.  Understanding how players typically flow through the map will help you anticipate where you’ll have conflicts instead of being surprised and typically killed. So learn the maps!



Discovering Your Style


Having trouble deciding how you want to play? There's a big difference between close-quarters SMG skirmishes and long-distance sniper battles. Each one requires a completely different style of play and mentality, not to mention very different loadouts. Play it safe and pick up an assault rifle. As the most flexible weapon class, you can start to get a feel for your style of play. If you find yourself running and gunning, you might want to try purchasing an SMG. If you prefer to hold back and time your shots, take the sniper route. You might even end up sticking with the assault rifle for its flexibility and mid-range domination.



Rethinking Loadouts


If you're having trouble with a loadout, think before scrapping it and starting from scratch. Consider each piece - perks, weapons, attachments, equipment, grenades, and your three killstreaks. Do they compliment one another. Using Scavenger? Maybe you should replace that Red Dot Sight with Extended Mags to best utilize the constant influx of ammo you're receiving. Getting frustrated by players knifing you while sniping? Consider equipping the Camera Spike to help watch your back. One or two adjustments can oftentimes spell the difference between a good and a great performance.



Custom Classes


Use your Custom Class slots. Always take into account the game mode you're playing and various roles you'll be required to take. Because you can never tell what the next map will be, it's always a good idea to have at least one short-range and one long-range capable loadout. You really don't want to get stuck in Nuketown with sniper rifles, and a nice LMG can really help tear up enemy teams in Cracked. Ghost and Ninja are great for concealment when attacking enemy objectives, but you're going to want to switch to a loadout with Flak Jacket and Second Chance when defense is needed. The harder you are to kill, the better chance you'll keep your objective safe. Keep a variety of options available, and remember that you can always switch classes during a match.





The benefits of communication can't be stressed enough. Keeping your team informed increases your effectiveness tenfold. Announce enemy positions, plan your killstreaks with your teammates', cover each other. If you haven't spoken up before, get online with a friend and get comfortable talking during a match. New strategies and tactics become possible when you've got others to battle alongside with.

Now give us your thoughts and start getting ready. Good luck, soldiers. We'll see you in the field tomorrow.


I’m Josh Olin (aka JD_2020), Treyarch’s Community Manager on Call of Duty: Black Ops. Today, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the features that Call of Duty: Black Ops will deliver fans when it launches on November 9th. A number of these features are ones that I think the community has been wanting for a long time, which is why we’ve worked really hard to deliver.. So let’s get started!



Multiplayer Online Split-Screen Support


Let’s get started with what I believe is the most unknown, yet confirmed, aspect to Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer -- the online split-screen support we’ve re-introduced to the franchise! This applies to both the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3.

The Facts:

  • You can connect a 2nd controller and bring a Guest online (i.e. "JD_2020" & "JD_2020(1)").
  • Guests can rank up, earn unlocks, etc -- all Guest progress goes away once signed out.
  • (Xbox 360 only) You can bring a 2nd, Gold Xbox LIVE account online!
  • (Xbox 360 only) Both players with full online accounts can rank-up while playing split-screen, as if on two separate consoles.



Custom Games Editor


Allow me to introduce the Black Ops Custom Games editor! Private Matches have never been this customizable. Players will have the ability to structure their games at all new levels of granularity. From variables as simple as Time Limit and Score Limit, or as deep as which weapons, Perks, and gear is available. You want a Pistols Only match? Make one! No longer do custom game modes rely on the "honor system".

Furthermore, any Custom Game you create and configure can be placed in your File Share, for friends and the community-at-large to browse, download, and enjoy. You just might create the most addictive new game mode of all time from the comfort of your own living room!



In-Game Friends List


We’ve integrated a built-in Friends List into the in-game User Interface. You’ll be able to browse Recent Players, Friends, navigate their File Shares, Recent Games, Combat Records -- all within this in-game menu system designed to streamline the social process within the game. Sending game invites and joining Friends’ games has never been simpler than in Call of Duty: Black Ops.



Regional Matchmaking & Party Privacy


Call of Duty: Black Ops will support regional matchmaking filters on a global scale. So, no matter where you’re at in the world, you will have the ability to specify whether you want to match with players from other geographical regions, or only those local to you. This will make communication and lag a much less intrusive variable on your gameplay experience.

Additionally, given Black Ops will support joining games in progress via an even simpler built-in in-game Friends List interface, we’ll allow a Party leader to lock down his lobby to Invite Only, Friends Only, or even Close it altogether if he wants to be in complete control over who enters and exits the Party Lobby.



Emblems Do NOT Reset with Prestige


This one is pretty cut-and-dry -- a frequently asked question is, "Will my kickass emblem I spent hours perfecting be lost when I prestige??" The answer is, "NO!" -- Emblems are one of the only aspects of Black Ops MP that do not get a full reset upon entering Prestige. Things that will reset when you Prestige are: XP, COD Points, Challenge progressions, Loadouts, etc.

So that’s just a few of the lesser-known components to Call of Duty: Black Ops MP, officially confirmed in one location! What I just described applies to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC -- except for the Split Screen Online play, Regional Matchmaking, and Party Privacy. That’s just 360 and PS3.


For more information regarding Black Ops, and all the new features included in Multiplayer, head over to our official YouTube channel at http://YouTube.com/CallOfDuty and watch all the different trailers we have highlighted the game. Additionally, follow me on Twitter at @JD_2020 for more news and updates.

Drop your linen and start your grinnin’ all you Prestige and Hardened Edition zombie slayers out there.  Straight out of World at War and upgraded for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Treyarch brings you the four Zombies maps that brought the zombie apocalypse to the Call of Duty world!   What’s the rundown?




For those of you who pick up the Hardened or Prestige Edition, you’ll receive the original Zombies maps Nacht der Üntoten, Verrückt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese from Call of Duty: World at War and its subsequent DLC map packs.  The dev team went the extra mile to upgrade these maps with the amazing graphical and audio improvements that Black Ops brings to the Call of Duty franchise. 

And it doesn’t stop there.  


Dive to prone to avoid those meat-bags’ deadly swipes.  Listen to Tank Dempsey and his band of zombie exterminators rattle off their killer one-liners in Nacht and Verrückt (you may recall, they didn’t debut until Shi No Numa).  Pop open the Mystery Box for a plethora of – wait for it – some of the deadliest weapons that Black Ops has to offer!  You read that right – AK-74u’s, M-16’s, RPK’s, Spas shotties – and those are just the tip of the iceberg.  Now you can roam the asylum, swamp, and factory and fend off those maggot-sack hordes with some serious firepower.   Need a little more oomph in the later rounds on Der Riese?  Activate the Pack A Punch machine and upgrade your Black Ops weapons into some of the most devastating weapons the Call of Duty franchise has ever produced. 


So grab the Hardened or Prestige Edition to add 4 more Zombies maps to the full Black Ops co-op experience.   And for those of you who missed out on the original World at War Zombies maps, this is your chance to see what all of the Zombies buzz is about. 

Now jump into the forums and let’s discuss Zombies strategies.  How many rounds can you survive…?

You’ve got enemies swarming the objective, and there’s not enough backup to take them out. You’ll lose the battle if you don’t cut off access and lock them down quick.


Call in the Napalm Strike, soldiers.



The Napalm Strike killstreak can be called in after 5 kills. Choose a target and direction on the map and we’ll send one of our pilots straight overhead, dropping a load of hot napalm right on the target area.


Not only will the initial drop take out anyone unlucky enough to get caught in the blast, but the napalm will also continue to burn, incinerating anyone foolish enough to get too close.



This is especially useful in objective-based game modes where you’re either being overrun, or the enemy is on top of the objective and there’s nobody around to deal with them. Call in a strike and you’re chances of getting in there and setting up a sound defense improve greatly.


We get in there fast, too, so the enemy won’t have much time to react and run for cover.


How will you use the Napalm Strike? Will you shut down enemy routes, burn the objective directly, or simply let lose and wait for the numbers to pile up?


Head over to the forums and discuss.





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We've got another great interview for the Call of Duty community.  Here's an in-depth interview with Adam Rosas, Treyarch's Lead Cinematics Animator and Motion Capture Director.  Find out how all the awesome cinematics in Black Ops came to life.


Q: What has your role been in the development of Call of Duty: Black Ops?

I am the Lead Cinematics Animator and Motion Capture Director. As the Lead Cinematics Animator, I, along with a group of amazing animators, was responsible for all in-game storytelling scenes, acting scenes and unique level vignettes.


On Call of Duty: Black Ops, the story and the way it was told was a main focus and I worked closely with writer Craig Houston to insure the animation and story department were on the same page. We knew that in order to tell a deeper and more compelling story, our game characters needed to show emotion better and have more fidelity to their performance.


In order to increase the animation quality we developed a few new techniques to bring our characters to life in a more believable manner, two of which were Full Performance Capture (FPC) and Tension Maps. FPC is a technique that captures body and face motions while recording the actor's vocal performance all at the same time. This is beneficial because previously we would record in three passes (body motion first, then record sound, then animate the face) and FPC enables us to capture all at once, thus maintaining the actors' quality of performance.


Another breakthrough technique, Tension Mapping, was developed to show character lines on the faces such as crow's feet, forehead wrinkles and the creases around the mouth and nose. These lines help define the emotional state each character is in, and add to the believability of the performance.

Directing Motion Capture on Call of Duty: Black Ops was a blast, but it was not without its challenges. Being that Motion Capture involves scores of cameras tracking the actor who is wearing a suit with tiny reflectors, a typical Motion Capture stage is very barren with very little “props” allowed on stage. I would set the scene for the actors and describe the action coming and going from the scene to help them understand the action and find the appropriate motivation. It's very important I understand the design and story progression for each level in order to be able to answer any question the actors may have and properly describe the scene. I was fortunate to work with talented actors that brought so much emotion and quality to the scenes. We also worked with amazing stunt and physical actors that understand game development well. Every actor gave 110% every day and the ones that were new to this process did a great job opening their minds to a new “stage” that is game development.


Q: You brought on US Army Major John Plaster and former Soviet special forces operative Sonny Puzikas as consultants. How did they assist with the game's look and feel? Did they add any motion capture to Black Ops?

Meeting Major John Plaster and Sonny Puzikas was an absolute honor and pleasure. They both have unique perspectives and approaches to combat but it made for a fantastic juxtapose between the two. Meeting with them gave us an authentic perspective of battles, psychology and tactics.

Major Plaster didn't suit up for motion capture but he did give us an insight to the amazing men he served with. These soldiers were the best of the best and were very intelligent, quick thinking tacticians with extraordinary discipline. They had a strong bond and trust in each other that truly inspired us all. Major Plaster's insight and stories gave me a better idea on how to direct the actors on stage. Being able to paint a picture of motivation and background from both his perspective and the MACV/SOG stories gave the actors' performance a quality of authenticity. The emotions the actors were able to tap into was due to having an understanding of Major Plaster's world.


On the cinematic side, Sonny Puzikas played a key role in helping us understand the actions and motivations unique to Spetsnaz which, in directing the actors, aided me to paint an appropriate picture. Sonny's input on Russian Special Forces helped me establish a good basis for the mentality needed for the actors to fill the more unsympathetic and mysterious roles.


Q: The story of Black Ops deals a lot with psychological warfare. What was it like capturing scenes focused on the battles within the characters own minds? Did the use of Full Performance Capture make that process easier?

When getting inside the mind of a character, the challenge is for the person playing the game to feel what the character on the screen is trying to portray. To make this connection possible, Full Performance Capture (FPC) was essential in telling our story.


FPC enabled us to capture every detail that the actor was feeling for these psychological and emotional scenes. As described earlier, being that we did not have to break the action into three parts, we could get to the depth of the scene and focus on game play mechanics so that our players feel they are completely immersed.


Q: What's been your most memorable experience in the months leading to launch?

A memorable moment for me was when I played our game in its entirety for the first time—I got caught up in the excitement! For a while, there were many components and levels being developed in parallel and the game was not completely assembled. But when the levels and all their components were stitched together, I was able to play the game from beginning to end and I got lost in the fun. I felt honored to be a part of something so special. The brotherhood and camaraderie the team shared as we got closer and closer to the end was inspirational. Yes, the intensity and stress increased as we got closer to the finish line, but this team has an amazing bond and because of this, every day you could see significant growth in the game.


Q: Anything in particular you'd like to say to all the Black Ops fans out there?

This one is for you. We never lost sight of our audience and we worked hard to create a game that is compelling, fun and long lasting.

You’ve seen the trailer and you know what you’re up against. Wager Matches are all about taking a chance at increasing your total COD Points, but fail to perform and you might find yourself scrounging for currency.




While One in the Chamber and Sticks and Stones test your skills with limited resources, you’d better be good with every weapon if you hope to make the top three in Gun Game and Sharpshooter.


The Gun Game

Start out with a basic pistol. After every kill, you get a better weapon. Take someone out with the pistol; you’ll be loading up the shotgun. Blast an enemy with that and you’re rolling out an SMG. From there, things only get better. Get knifed and you’re set back one tier. Progress through every tier to get In the Money.

To reach the top, you’re going to have to widen the gap between you and your opponents as quickly as possible in the early stages of the match. It’s tempting to find a strong position and play it safe against players running by, shooting them from an angle or slashing them to upset their progress.

Always keep in mind, however, that if you’re hanging back, other players are racking up kills and getting stronger and stronger weapons. Then again, it’s more difficult to watch your back while running and gunning, leaving you open to crossfire and knife attacks. Success depends on your ability to utilize each weapon tier and adjust your strategy accordingly.




All players start with the same randomly selected weapon, and only that weapon. The chosen weapon for everyone cycles after fixed amounts of time. Each kill earns you a perk, and stringing kills earns you a score multiplier. Die and you lose both.

Because everyone’s using the same weapon at all times, take into account not only the best strategy for each new weapon, but also the strategy you can expect your enemies to adapt to at each cycle. If you cycle into sniper rifles, you might be better off taking cover near the top of a stairwell, taking out the assured flood of soldiers rushing to high ground. SMGs all around? You can bet there’ll be a lot of running and gunning. Join in the fray or hold back and gun down inattentive players.


Initially, everyone’s on the same playing field, but the more uninterrupted kills you get, the more powerful you become and the more valuable your kills are.

  • 1st kill: Sleight of Hand Pro
  • 2nd kill: Lightweight Pro
  • 3rd kill: Steady Aim Pro
  • 4th kill: 2x scoring multiplier


While you may all have the same weapon, these perks give you a decided advantage over freshly killed players. Die and you’ve got to start all over again. This makes it especially important to know when to attack and when to defend. Luckily, not all is lost if you start to fall behind.

Sharpshooter ends with a Bonus round, where all kills are worth twice the number of points – 4 times if you’ve got the multiplier running. Build up your multiplier and hold out for the Bonus round. If you can stay alive long enough to get some kills during the final moments, you’ll likely come up from behind and get In the Money.


How will you manage the balancing act? Will you take your chances and run and gun, hoping to rack up a lot of kills in a short amount of time, or will you stalk the map, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike?


Head over to the forums and discuss your strategies.



Register now and immerse yourself in the Call of Duty: Black Ops web community. Discuss your thoughts and strategies with other recruits on the forums, respond to Intel posts, take on missions, and get access to premium media and content.


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COD HQ is very happy to bring this exclusive interview to the Call of Duty community.  We were able to sit     down with Black Ops’ Design Director, David Vonderhaar, and get his thoughts on Black Ops, designing         multiplayer, and a little bit about his history with the Call of Duty franchise.

    Q: What has your role been in the development of Call of Duty: Black Ops?


    I am the game design director for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    My focus has been nearly exclusively on the multiplayer game. On a day to day level, my responsibilities       have me spending my days working on game features and systems design.

    This ranges from everything from the game economy and unlock systems, the Theater feature controls,           Wager Match play testing and refinement, weapon review, game mode and spawn system set-up, core           movement like diving to prone or mantling, user interface and experience (UI, UX) and a lot more.

In this role, you answer a lot of questions. "How are we going to (Insert Item Here)?"

As a designer, it is your job to have a vision and communicate to the development team how gamers will interact with game systems and features. You prototype those ideas on paper, in the game editor, or in script. You test those ideas with co-workers and fans of the game, and then work with engineering, art, animation, and sound departments to bring those ideas to life. Once implemented, you then tune and finesse those features.

As the design director, the job gets a little broader than any specific feature. You have to make (sometimes unpopular) decisions about the game design in the best interests of the entire game.

Q: Black Ops is bringing a lot of new features to the Call of Duty multiplayer experience, from a brand new currency system to Wager Matches, character customization, an emblem editor, and a Theater mode for match replay. What was the main inspiration behind these ideas? Were they designed in tandem or were new ideas adopted over time?


Each one is inspired by something different.

The currency system concept was born from an idea that we wanted to give players more control of their play experience. We had been unlocking content when you level up for three games. We always liked that system, but we also knew we wanted and needed to do something new.


Wager Matches were born from a simple brainstorming conversation about what you do with money. You could use it to try and make more money betting on yourself (where Contracts came from) or you might try and make lots of money gambling it on games of skill. We are big poker players. Wager Matches were born from this very simple concept that if Black Ops was like a tournament poker game, what might it be like?


Character and weapon customization is something the fans had been asking about for a very long time. We thought we finally had some good ideas about how to do this in a faction based game, that wouldn't minimize or trivialize the role of the factions.

These ideas definitely influence each other even if they are not designed in tandem. For example, once we knew we were going to have a game economy, we knew that we were going to need lots of things to sell in that economy to keep it interesting. That's why you purchase images, layers, and backgrounds in the Emblem editor and why there are so many of them available.

The entire process is extremely iterative and collaborative. You don't have to be in the design department to participate. A good design starts off as a fairly simple concept that can be prototyped quickly. We usually know nearly right away if the idea is going to be fun. If it's fun right away, then it is usually worth fighting to get the kinks out the design that come up along the way. If a good percentage of the team believes in the idea, you get excellent execution and polish.

Q: The Call of Duty series is renowned for its excellent multiplayer. What’s been your greatest accomplishment?


Whenever you try and do something new or tweak or modify something that people know and love you are always under a lot of scrutiny at all levels. Our greatest accomplishment as a design team was having faith that some of those "crazy" ideas like a game economy and fake gambling your fake currency in Wager Matches were going to be engaging and fun for people.

In the end, everyone was very much in sync about what the vision was and what the game was supposed to be when it was done. It sounds simple, but this is a really hard thing to accomplish.

Q: What’s been your most memorable experience in the months leading to launch?


About a week before the September 1st MP reveal event Dan Bunting (Online Director) and I toured the Science Center (where the event was held). The scope of it was mind numbing. I remember going home that night in awe of what kind of show Activision was going to put on just to reveal the MP portion of the game.

September 1st was a beast of a night and I'll never forget it.

Q: What about the Call of Duty series and Black Ops in particular appeals to you, and how did you become a member of the team?


I became a member of the team when I put 40,000 COD POINTS in an envelope and slid it under the door of Mark Gordon (Treyarch CTO) office. He then allowed me to be hired through waving his magic wand over in the general direction of the HR offices.

I've been involved since Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, so this is my 4th Call of Duty MP game. Every year the stakes get higher, the resources get better, we get better as game makers, the team is maturing, and the audience for the game is still growing yet we still have a lot of energy and feel like we plenty of places we can take the game.

Q: Anything in particular you’d like to say to all the Black Ops fans out there?


Stop yelling at me! The hardcore fans will get that joke.

This is just the start. We worked hard to make the best game we possibly could for our fans, and are committed to supporting the game after launch.


The Black Ops Single Player Trailer just aired during this week’s Jets-Vikings NFL game. In case you missed it, or simply are not a sports fan, we’ve brought it to the COD HQ just seconds after airing on national television! This one gives you a glimpse behind the curtain of the story behind Black Ops. Enjoy:



With a new Call of Duty comes a new Prestige Edition. While last year’s Prestige Edition set the bar high, the goal is always to ratchet that bar even higher. For Black Ops, our number one priority was to provide a Prestige Edition that was something we felt the fans would appreciate and that made sense for Black Ops.


With that in mind, we turned to the game for inspiration. We asked ourselves, what from the game would make a kick-ass Prestige item? We explored a TON of ideas, but the clear front runner was one of our new Killstreak Rewards, the RC-XD remote control car. The in-game version allows you to remotely pilot an RC car armed with explosives and chase down enemies (one of the most satisfying Killstreak Rewards in Call of Duty to date!). But that brought us to our next challenge: since putting an explosive device on the car was out of the question (obviously), what could we do with to bring the RC-XD to life?

First and foremost, the car had to look and feel authentic – like the one you see in Black Ops. The designers of the car left no stone unturned replicating the in-game model, even going so far as to add “battle detail” on the car as if you picked it up straight off the MP battlefield.  The frame, the colors, the wheel caps, the undercarriage - even the tire tread - are all faithfully reproduced in painstaking detail.  We went with multi-textured plastics and paints to give the car a more dynamic look. There was no greater validation of this than the look of amazement when we showed the MP team at Treyarch their Killstreak Reward in real life.



Second was making sure the functional RC aspects of the car itself were of equally high quality. Given the variety of RC cars on the market, quality was a huge concern with the team.  We wanted to make sure the car itself was fun to drive, just like in the game.  Everything from the steering, suspension, throttle, acceleration, and responsiveness was vetted by a team of RC car experts. We went with digital vs analog components to help deliver a driving experience more consistent with hobbyist-grade RC cars.  High grade plastics were also used to help ensure durability, something that is especially important given all the electronic components going into the car. The end result was a pistol-grip controller with variable acceleration, 4-wheel independent suspension for improved handling, hi-low speed controls, digital proportional throttle and steering, and up to 200 ft. control range.


Finally, the car had to have something that set itself worlds apart from other Collector’s Editions (and RC cars) out there.  Again, going back to the game, we looked at how the car was used in MP, how players would find a hiding spot before remotely driving their car to run down unsuspecting enemies.  We then asked ourselves – how cool would it be to run “surveillance” on unsuspecting friends and co-workers?  The answer is “very”, so we gave the car a camera and a microphone that feeds live video and audio over a 2.4 Ghz wireless signal to an LCD screen and speakers embedded in the remote controller. Using the LCD screen in the controller, you can remotely drive the car from the safety of your cube and eavesdrop on co-workers down the hall – just don’t tell HR



Let’s not forget everything from the Hardened Edition is included as well. We re-created the Black Ops emblem in the form of a high grade, limited collector’s medal, complete with display case. We’ve made a full outfit for your Xbox Live or PS Home avatars based on Woods, one of the key characters in the game. For our zombie fans we’ve brought over ALL 4 zombie maps from World at War: Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese – now playable in the Black Ops engine with fellow Black Ops Prestige and Hardened owners, and in addition to the new zombie maps already included in Black Ops.  And of course there’s the game which comes inside of our premium SteelBookTM case, which is a must-have for any Call of Duty collection display.



Add all of this together and you get our biggest Collector’s Edition yet – something we sincerely hope our most hardcore fans will enjoy!

We're pleased to bring COD HQ registered members a weekly giveaway leading up to the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops! First, let’s start with the prizes that are up for grabs…


Prizes: (Official Rules)




  • You must be a registered user of CallOfDuty.com (aka COD HQ)
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must reside within the United States of America


Yes, it's a bummer for the UK and other territories… It's a legal thing - we're sorry!

We will be picking winners at random starting next week. We’ll do a drawing each Monday of every week leading up to Black Ops' release on November 9th. Winners will be first announced via Twitter (follow @JD_2020), followed by announcements on COD.com and the Black Ops Fan Page. Additionally, the winner will be contacted by e-mail so you won’t miss it!  Make sure to register now!


Prestige Edition



Hardened Edition



Black Ops Hoodies




Black Ops T-shirts



3D Reports for Duty

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Get ready for a new kind of war, soldiers. Call of Duty is entering the 3rd dimension.  That’s right, Black Ops will be playable in stereoscopic 3D on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.





“Development of stereoscopic 3D began as an R&D project, but once we saw what the technology brought to the Call of Duty experience, what a great fit and how immersive it was, we knew that we had to develop it for Black Ops," says Mark Lamia, Studio Head of Treyarch. The high-octane action and diverse locations you experience in Black Ops are perfect settings for an incredible 3D experience. “Aiming down the sights of your weapons, flying in helicopters, rappelling down mountains, and moving through highly detailed environments are just some of the awesome experiences you will have in 3D with Black Ops,” says Lamia.


"Call of Duty: Black Ops is available in stereoscopic 3D and with the touch of a button, players can enable or disable in the single-player campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies," added Lamia.


The new 3D option on Xbox 360 and Playstation®3 can be used with 3D-ready HDTVs and shutter 3D glasses, while the Windows PC version is NVIDIA® 3D Vision®-Ready. For more information check out the FAQs at callofduty.com/3D.


Experience Black Ops in 3D at launch on November 9th.

Listen up, soldiers. You’ve all got your own style, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t be reflected in the field. Let’s brief on the huge amount of personalization features you’ll find in Black Ops.





COD Points give you the freedom to create your own soldier from head to toe. Browse through a huge selection of face paints to help blend into the environment or strike fear into your enemies, and purchase weapon camo to match the uniform that your Perk 1 slot determines.

Customize what you see looking through the Reflex or Red Dot attachment with over 40 different reticles, 7 reticle colors, and 6 lens colors. Once you’ve got your weapon set up, emboss your clan tag on the gun and purchase the ability to add on your emblem, as well.

With over 180 emblem backgrounds to choose from, as well as full manipulation of over 480 emblem images, the choices for your identity are limitless. Your victims will know exactly who’s coming after them when they see you take them out in the Killcam.

What will your style be? Will you create a soldier that strikes fear in your opponents, or will you goad them into a false sense of security with a friendly appearance? Will you save your COD Points solely for new equipment, or would you rather look good while shooting?

Get those creative juices flowing and jump to the forums for discussion.





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They’re back and they’re hungry! You’ve been asking for more, and here they are. Zombies are making a return to Black Ops.

Combat the undead and fight for your life in the harrowing four player cooperative mode, using a multitude of weapons to keep the blood-thirsty zombies at bay.  Treyarch has taken great care to craft an awesome zombie experience, so zombie fans should expect a nice surprise in Black Ops.  If that’s not enough undead play for you, the Black Ops Hardened and Prestige editions include all four zombie maps from World at War!

Hungry for more? Can’t wait for November 9th to get your zombie-killing fix?


To satiate your Zombie hunger until Black Ops launches, you can now purchase World at War’s final challenge, the infamous Der Riese, on both the iPhone and iPod Touch for only $4.99. To ensure you’ve got the full portable zombie experience, Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, and Shi No Numa are all included with your purchase of Der Riese. That’s four incredible maps for the price of a sandwich.  Check out Call of Duty: Zombies on iTunes here .





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Train. Train. Train. If you want to be the best, you’ve got to know your stuff – your maps, your equipment, and your abilities. Hesitate and you’re done for.




Welcome to the new Combat Training mode, soldiers. Strengthen your skills in Free-For-All or Team Deathmatch on any multiplayer map against a full set of Practice Dummies. Practice alone or train with other players online. The experience and currency you earn in Combat Training is saved separately from your online multiplayer soldier, but everything you unlock remains within the mode.

Combat Training is a great resource for all player levels.

New players and those typically interested only in single player can jump in to learn the basics of the multiplayer experience and get a feel for different loadouts. Familiarize yourself with the maps and evolve your fighting strategies before joining competitive play.

Veterans can use Combat Training to their advantage, as well. Work out new strategies and fine tune loadouts without affecting your kills/death ratio. Nail down formations and team chemistry with your clan, and choose the maps you need to work on to get a better sense of spawn points and player flow.

Happy hunting.





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Ante up, soldiers! Wager Matches test your nerves and can make or break you. In each of the four Wager Match types (One in the Chamber, Sticks and Stones, The Gun Game, Sharpshooter), you bet that you’ll be among the top three players at the end of the match. Succeed and increase your COD Points. Fail and your hard-earned currency is lost to the top players.

For more info on Wager Matches and the COD Points currency system, check out our first Wager Match post: One in the Chamber.





Sticks and Stones

You’ve got a Crossbow, a Ballistic Knife, and a Tomahawk. Earn points for every kill. Get hit by a Tomahawk and your match points reset to zero. Humiliation at its finest. Be one of the three players with the most points at the end to get In the Money.

First off, don’t think the Ballistic Knife and Tomahawk work the same. The knife is faster and more accurate. Aim for the head and you’ll hit the head. Be sure to land a hit, because you only get two shots. You’re going to have to perfect its shooting ability, too – running around and knifing people may be satisfying and a sure way to get under someone’s skin, but you earn a lot less points for melee kills.

The Tomahawk, on the other hand, requires a little more finesse. You have to take trajectory into account. The farther away your opponent, the higher you need to aim. It takes some practice, but it’s well worth it. Just don’t forget to pick it back up.

And then there’s the Crossbow, loaded up with four explosive arrows. Keep in mind that hitting an enemy won’t kill them right away – there’s a brief pause before detonation. While there’s nothing they can do to save themselves, they can still take you down before exploding - so don’t stand around after firing. If you know an enemy is coming, plug one into the corner. With good timing, the detonation will blow them apart as they make the turn.

Come November 9th, what will your tactic be? Will you concentrate on racking up as many points as possible, or will you show how crafty you are by using the Tomahawk to reset everyone’s hard work? Post your strategy in the forums and get talking with the other recruits to fine tune your tactics.




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During the multiplayer unveiling event on September 1, a few of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops features discussed were the currency system and the brand new game mode Wager Match.  As part of our series on Black Ops multiplayer, we dive deeper into these features here.  Check back here in the coming days for more updates from the September 1 Multiplayer event.  You can also get a full overview in the Inside Xbox coverage



COD Points

Let’s talk about COD Points, your Black Ops in-game currency. Let’s clear up the difference between unlocking and purchasing loadout options.

You still unlock items, abilities, and customization options through leveling up.   You’re still gaining experience, but you’re also earning COD Points at the same time.    Let’s use specific examples to see how this works.  For perks, when you reach level 4, all perks become available for purchase.  When you unlock Killstreaks at level 10, they all become available for purchase.  And when you unlock great new features such as Custom Reticles, they become available for purchase for all guns.   This lets you purchase what you want, when you want it. Just make sure you have the money.

Can’t wait to throw on an ACOG Sight on that new Commando assault rifle you just purchased? No interest in the Red Dot Sight? Skip right over it. No need to grind for kills. Save up your money and purchase the ACOG Sight instead. Can’t wait to demolish your enemies with the RC Car killstreak? Make it your first purchase after unlocking killstreaks.

This is just a sample of the options you can explore and purchase, but we’re not giving away all of our secrets just yet.


Wager Matches

First things first, if you haven’t already seen the Wager Match Trailer, check it out below.



With Wager Matches, it’s not just your life you’re fighting for anymore, but also your bank account. In each of the four Wager Match types (One in the Chamber, Sticks and Stones, The Gun Game, Sharpshooter), you put down money that you’ll be one of the top three players in the match. Succeed and your bank account reaps the benefits. Fail and you’re out whatever you put in.


One in the Chamber

Three lives. One bullet. One pistol. One knife. Take down an opponent and you get another bullet.

Rhythm is the king contender in this Wager Match. Anticipate enemy movements and expect side-to-side motions in an attempt to dodge your shot. When it comes down to knives, approach it like a boxing match. Goad your opponent into striking, dodge, and then go in for the kill. Smart counterattacks prevail over blind aggression, so get your timing down and you’ll be rolling in the dough.

How will you approach One in the Chamber? Is dueling your style, battling your opponent in a high-tension face-to-face skirmish? Or would you rather wait and watch for the perfect moment when some unlucky soldier’s back is facing you, going in for the kill and stocking up on ammo? Perhaps you’ll wait for a fight to erupt and then take down the winner when they least expect it, only to disappear again and wait for another chance.

Head on over to the Forums to discuss strategies.  And be sure to check back soon as we shed more light on each of the new Wager Matches.



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Multiplayer Revealed

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On September 1st, we held our highly anticipated, global hands-on multiplayer press event in Los Angeles. At the event, we introduced a variety of new features to expand on Call of Duty’s awesome multiplayer experience.  Check out one of the videos that was presented at the event to learn about Wager




Along with Wager Matches, we introduced several other new features.  Customize your character and weapon to levels never before seen in a Call of Duty game.  Create the perfect insignia in the new Emblem Editor.  Direct epic gameplay videos in Theater Mode.  And much more.  You can check out event coverage on the Call of Duty: Black Ops facebook page   or stay tuned for more in-depth information about these new features and more on www.callofduty.com.



Do you want to be a part of the Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Event?  We'll be sharing a TON of great info with the press & community about Black Ops MP on September 1st, but we'd like to hear some of your burning MP-related questions.  Simply ask your questions in the comments below, on our Facebook Page, or via @JD_2020 on Twitter. For the most commonly asked questions, we'll be fielding them at the Multiplayer Event, and will promptly provide answers here on CallOfDuty.com/BlackOps - So ask away!

Today, we unveil the Hardened and Prestige editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops! Embedded below is a video introducing the RC-XD killstreak reward, which features in the Prestige Edition of the game:

Hardened Edition:

- Call of Duty: Black Ops full game
- Premium, special-edition SteelBook™ case
- Limited edition Black Ops collector’s medal w/display case
- 4 additional co-op maps not included in the standard edition of the game
- Special Black Ops Xbox Live or PlayStation Home avatar outfit

Prestige Edition:

The Prestige Edition is what every hardcore Call of Duty fan needs. It includes everything in the Hardened Edition, along with a real remote-control vehicle modeled after the in-game RC-XD killstreak reward! The RC-XD’s features include:

- Video & audio sent wirelessly to remote transmitter (200 ft. range)
- 2” backlit TFT 220 x176 color screen built into RC controller
- Digital proportional steering and throttle
- Independent suspension
- High and low speed settings
- Custom pistol grip style RC controller
- Display stand

The RC-XD included in the Prestige Edition is a fully functioning surveillance device that is remotely controlled and transmits wireless video and audio back to the RC controller in real time. Every detail is modeled after the in-game RC-XD killstreak vehicle.

Both the Hardened and Prestige editions are in limited supply, so pre-order your copy today!


14 New Screenshots!

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We’ve just added 14 gorgeous new screenshots to the Media section which show off the kind of power the latest Call of Duty engine has to offer in Black Ops! Sample image below (click to see more).



At the beginning of each project, the team at Treyarch digs in and goes to work on engine enhancements with a focus on supporting the demands of the new environments and gameplay for our next title. For Black Ops, it was important to the team to have incredible photo-realistic lighting, huge draw distances, explosive destruction and effects, and mind-blowing character details.

We completely re-tooled the lighting system from soup to nuts, integrated texture streaming which makes levels like “Payback” possible, and provided our artists the tools and platform they needed to create stunning characters with detail down to their pores! We also went big overhauling the physics, jungle, water, and fire tech – the list goes on and on. You can see what we’re talking about from our gallery, but no screenshot even comes close to what you’ll be experiencing November 9th 2010!

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A few weeks ago, Treyarch flew more than a dozen COD community leaders out to the studio to preview Call of Duty: Black Ops, and bring back their impressions to their various sub-communities. Dan Amrich of OneOfSwords was in attendance, and put together this video wrap-up of the event for your enjoyment!


New Black Ops Trailer!

Posted by Bl@@dSt@n3 Oct 20, 2011

The official Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer has arrived! This extended 90 second trailer is available first, exclusively on Black Ops, and is comprised entirely of in-game footage. It should set the scene we at Treyarch intend to capture this year with Black Ops.



If you're not already a member of Black Ops be sure to register now; there will be plenty more exclusive content for registered members this year, and the sooner you sign up the better ;-).

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Treyarch’s worldwide reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops will air on ESPN during the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals on May 18th 2010. This is a brand new, never before seen trailer that consists entirely of in-game footage.

You can catch the promo commercials on ESPN beginning tonight, and of course be sure to tune-in to Game 2 on Tuesday, May 18th for the worldwide reveal trailer for COD: Black Ops.

Watch the Debut Tease Trailer now if you haven’t already, but it’s not nearly as comprehensive as what’s airing on ESPN – the reveal trailer on ESPN is brand new, and has a ton more in-game footage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops!

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We at Treyarch are excited to reveal our latest development – Call of Duty: Black Ops! Check out the teaser trailer below, and be sure to head over to CODBlackOps.com as more details begin to unfold!

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